Article Submission

Having researched, created and possibly spun (created several versions) our article content, as discussed on the Article Marketing Strategy page, the next step is Article Submission.

First a some basic principles:

quality is more important than quantity - the quality sites, with human editors, are exponentially more valuable; many submissions to smaller directories are a waste of time - they don't get indexed and nobody uses the sites as resources
your articles will not get indexed by Google if they are similar and, if the article sites suspect that their rules are being broken, all your articles may be deleted
too many submissions with the same backlinks will suggest spamming and will harm your rankings
Article Submission Strategy

article marketing submission strategy

My suggested approach is to adopt both a highly-targeted and broad approach:

research your article

write your article

submit and get your primary article approved by one or two of the top article sites

spin it

drip submit to other sites over a several week period (so that there is not a sudden explosion in backlinks, suggesting spamming)

By following this article marketing strategy, you will:

gain credibility from the high traffic quality sites - and so more traffic to your site
generate quality backlinks
build additional backlinks at a reasonable pace
not have to work too hard creating content!
Automating Article Submission

All submission is tedious. If you are only submitting to 1 or 2 sites, then perhaps it is bearable. Beyond that and you read my overview of Article Submission Software. You can still remain white hat and greatly increase your marketing effectiveness. or services.

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