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At its most basic level of functionality, article submission software will automatically login to the accounts that you have created at article sites and will then submit your article. We need it to do more than this if we are really going to save time.That is what the software below does.

Combined Spinners and Submitters

Unique Article Wizard

Unique Article WizardIf you are looking for an almost completely automated approach, Unique Article Wizard is the market-leader. It requires some manual adjustment at the end of the spinning process but in all honesty I would not use any spinning software that claimed to be completely automatic.

Well that was short and sweet!

But the benefits of Unique Article Wizard extend far beyond merely spinning - it also:

submits your spun articles to hundreds of article sites
submits to your own blog using a WordPress plugin - thus you are keeping your blog ticking over without actually having to create new posts
submits to a network of other blogs
allows you to schedule submissions - set-and-forget
UAW-Firepow-ReportDownload this free report to learn more about how Unique Article Wizard can be used with WordPress Blogs. It also advises on how Unique Article Wizard can be combined with FirePow.

Automatic Article Submitter

This software both spins and submits. Here is the level of automation:

automatically creates and confirms article directory accounts
submits to high quality directories and into the correct category
creates pen names to manage submissions
analyses articles for keyword density
allows scheduling and varying of which directories are used for submission
automatic article submitterThis is article marketing almost on auto-pilot (there will always be the need for some human intervention (eg CAPTCHA forms) on some sites - but the software provides you with all the details). It can even post to your and blogs!

I have to admit I came to this software late. What stood out when I researched it more deeply is how positive experienced marketers are about the skills and support offered by the developer, Milan Kosanovic.

Automatic Article Submitter comes with a full money-back guarantee and is a one-off payment.

The next couple of programs are from David Tang. The first, Article Post Robot, offers a much lower level of automation. The second, Article Drip Robot, offers similar functionality to Automatic Article Submitter but on a subscription payment model.

Pure Article Submitters

Article Post Robot

article post robot article submission softwareOne click submission to over 400 sites and mailing lists (and you can add to the list if you wish) whilst automatically rotating title, summary, body and resource from the spun articles that you provide. This is a very good product for the "broadcast" element of your article marketing strategy.

Find out more about Article Post Robot.

Article Post Robot is a one-off purchase and offers great value for money but it has one drawback: targeting 400+ sites in one submission round is likely to attract attention. You can, of course, select fewer sites but submitting in batches of 10 or 20 will involve you in more work. Fortunately, APR has a big sister ..

Article Drip Robot

article drip robob article submission softwareNot the sexiest of names, but it does describe the key feature of Article Drip Robot - it "drips" or submits your article, automatically, according to a schedule that you decide. But Article Drip Robot adds even more to the Article Post Robot feature list:

submit to the category lists used by individual sites - many automated tools use their own internal categories - wrong category = rejection
register accounts from within ADR (and you can register multiple accounts; a black hat approach - your choice whether you choose to do so)
automatically checks the PageRank of article sites to help in deciding which sites to target
extensive reporting of your submissions
There are currently over 120 quality sites on the ADR list.

Unlike APR, Article Drip Robot is subscription software. You pay a monthly, quarterly or annual fee (this remains fixed for as long as you subscribe) and there is a 7-day trial available for a few cents per day.

Brad Callen's Article Submitter

Brad Callans Article submitterBrad Callen has produced automation tools for many aspects of SEO. Brad Callen's Article Submitter, like most of Brad's software, comes in 2 versions - free and Pro. As I say elsewhere, the free version will show you what the software can do, but its real purpose is to get you to upgrade to the Pro version. That means that you'll see a decent product working (no point offering a trial unless the product is good) and you will get a few nags to upgrade. (You will also get some emails. You can unsubscribe at any time. Actually you will usually get some interesting tips along with the sales pitch.)

There are videos on the website to give you an idea and Brad certainly has a legion of faithful followers. So well worth a try!

Article Submission Services

There are also services. The prices are substantially higher than the software options but if you anticipate article marketing being the cornerstone of your internet marketing strategy, then it may be worth your while exploring further.

At ArticleMarketer, the service includes:

"Real, live humans eyeball each article before it's sent out, as part of the Diamond Assurance™ review. This is another way you can rest assured that your articles meet publishers' guidelines. Along the way, you'll get great advice to help make your article marketing campaign more successful. Improve your chances for publication!"

The comparison table below is from the Article Marketer service website.

article services comparison

Visit their website for more information on ArticleMarketer.

Whichever approach you adopt, don't forget to leverage the RSS feeds and to bookmark your articles.

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