Article Marketing Strategy

Article Marketing is the process of distributing articles to sites across the web. Many of these sites will specialise in article publishing. Why are they on our radar - the usual reasons:

quality backlinks - the most important sites have high PageRank
search engine ranking - many articles will appear very high in search engine results (the publishers are doing your marketing for you)
traffic from your articles to your websites
re-syndication of your content to other websites - increasing backlinks
building your profile as an expert in your field
So, it makes sense. The problem (again!) is it can be time-consuming. You need to have an effective article marketing strategy that focuses efforts where you will get maximum returns. We can break the article marketing into 3 main areas:

finding content
creating content (and multiple versions of it)
submitting to article directories

1 - Finding Article Content

I dealt with this on my finding content for websites page, with a short section on the Instant Article Wizard. So, not a lot more to say.

2 - Creating Content for Articles

ezinearticles Before you start, you should read the editorial guidelines at one of the major sites, to gain an understanding of what they are looking for and what isn't allowed. I would suggest Ezinearticles Editorial Guidelines.

Here are some of the key points:

they want articles to be unique (we'll come back to this shortly), well-written and consisting of "tips, strategies, techniques, case-studies, analysis, opinions and commentary". Keep quotations to a minimum.
the list of MUST NOT's is extensive but can be summarized as:
no PR, advertising, adult, libelous etc
content must not be "ripped off" from the public domain or one already submitted (just in case you forgot to be 'unique'!)
article TITLE - Capitalize First Letter of Each Major Word and must relate to the content
KEYWORDS - they actually stress that you use them and focus on the first 3-4 words of the title
AUTHOR NAME - a person not a company
only ONE account per HUMAN
ARTICLE BODY - allowed to use bold, italics, underline and bullets - but that's about it in terms of formatting. Think VERY BASIC TEXT! No images.
LINKS - maximum of 4, including the Resource Box where you include your details. Maximum of 2 links to your websites (any that you benefit from). Links only to webpages - not files
include the http in links and anchor text must relate to the article content - ie don't just use your keywords out of context
SUMMARY - every article should have a 2-5 sentence summary of not more than 200 words; the summary is text only with no blatant self-promotion
choose appropriate CATEGORIES AND SUB-CATEGORIES and ensure that anything related to internet marketing is in "Internet and Businesses Online" and nowhere else
AFFILIATE LINKS can only be to the top-level of the domain name eg - but not
Top Tips for Ezinearticles

Use Keywords in Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Be Remarkable - create content that people will want to tell others about - imagery, humor, top tips etc

Create an Intriguing Resource Box (tell me more!)

Tease - don't give them everything - you want them to visit your sitePhew! A lot to get through but you will save yourself a lot of time in the long run by digesting these rules.

As with Yahoo Answers and other high quality sites, the major article sites are extremely vigilant over matters such as multiple accounts and duplicate content. [avoid getting banned!] For this reason, many article marketers focus only on the top 10 article sites and try to establish a strong reputation on these sites. Ezinearticles has hundreds of expert authors with over a hundred articles published. And there is certainly an argument that there are quickly diminishing returns once one moves out of the top 50 sites.

Despite this, there are others who continue to claim success from a shotgun rather than a rifle approach. But can you imagine the time involved in creating a brand new article for each and every site that you submit to? If you are to follow this article marketing strategy, you need a tool - an article spinner. This is software that facilitates the re-writing of articles in such a way that they pass duplication tests.

Creating Multiple Versions - Article Spinning Software

Article spinning software takes a core article and produces several 'unique' articles based upon it. Unique in the sense that the articles would not be flagged as duplicates by article sites. As you can imagine there are many terrible spinners that produce atrocious results. Some simply use synonym replacement without any contextual intelligence. Thus a phrase such as "search engine optimization" becomes "find machine improvements" - not good for your credibility.

When spinning it is important that there are clear changes to:

first paragraph
resource box
Although there are stand-alone spinners available, there is much better value to be had by buying a combined spinner and submitter. This is discussed on the Article Submission Software page. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let's firstly consider what our approach to Article Submission should be.

3 - Article Submission

Having researched and created the content, the next stage is: Article Submission. That deserves a page all of its own. (and, of course, with its own page, metatags, title and keyword content, it will rank better in the search engines!)

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