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How To Come Up With New Business Ideas

Ways An Entrepreneur May Come Up With New Business Ideas

How do I come up with a new business idea? If you are part of those who are thinking of how to come up with a good business idea, here are the thoughts of the nine entrepreneurs that we interviewed on the subject of getting a new profitable business idea.

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In coming up with new business ideas, the key is to be attentive so as to be able to provide solutions to people's needs. We don't often recognize that as these problems arise, we should be developing solutions which are potential businesses to them. Remember that it is easy for anyone to be aware of a problem but business men provide solutions to these problems.

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How To Come Up With A Great Successful Small Business Idea

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Bribe People with Starbuck

Visit a Starbucks near you and bribe then with free coffee so that they can chat with you for five minutes. Write out all of your investment ideas and ask them to pick their top three out of the ideas. You will finally get the list of the most lucrative ideas in that community.

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Make a list of things you need

Think deep, and make a list of the top things or services you need.problems or needs you have in your life. Then start to create a business around the idea that will affect the most number of people.

Study what other businesses are doing

Most people want to start with a new business idea, but you can also start by improving on other businesses products and services.

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Review lucrative products on Amazon

Research for a product that its customers are stable and then produce a product that complements it.

Study your current customers

create a survey that involves one-question, and send it via email to your existing customers in exchange for a bonus like, a discount, or free membership. The question should be an open one, for example, "What's the biggest problem you have with (insert your product, service, or topic)?" When you know the problem the solution is in view.

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Package your research well

One of  the most lucrative businesses is providing information. If you have a research that is not popular, like a new business method, you have to package it well for people to become interested. It is not a bed of roses but it is for those who are prepared to work hard.

Interview a potential customer

It is actually interesting to walk up to a potential customer and ask the person if he/she could pay for your service or product if produced. If the answer of most people is positive, then the business is viable in that area.

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Make notepad your companion

I used to believe that it is possible for me to remember even the smallest details from memory without writing them down. It is a very wrong believe as it will be better to write down things where ever you go for easy access later. Great businesses stem from great marketing strategies, and as we think of thousands of ideas daily, how would it be like to make each idea a reality.


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