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Ambush Marketing Strategies: Advantages Disadvantages

The merits of practicing ambush marketing in any industry cannot be over-emphasized, because most people get interested in products through this. The simple word "ambush" is mostly associated with negative and aggressive procedures that even the government discourages. You may want to know the meaning of ambush marketing, and here it is;

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Ambush marketing is a marketing  used method which entails the company riding the coattails of an event but not paying for the sponsorship. Let us use the case of the Super Bowl as an example. Imagine Pepsi pays to be the main sponsor at the bowl, then if coke surrounds the stadium with adverts related to the event that Pepsi sponsored. Coke would get lots of publicity even without sponsoring the event.

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The merit is crystal clear, as Coke takes advantage of an event to increase traffic. The people that argue that this would be unethical are very wrong. Using events to promote one's product is ethical, and Pepsi the sponsor gets numerous privileges that Coke will not get.

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The advantage of ambush marketing to the consumer is that it makes the competition fierce. And when the competition is fierce, the prices reduces as seen in common ambush marketing examples in India.

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