Best Small Business Ideas And Opportunities In The United States

Profitable Small Business Opportunities In The USA

Starting A Business in USA: List Of Good Top Ten Small Low Cost Investment Opportunities In America
Do you live in the US? Are you interested in setting up a business in the United States Of America? Do you want to find out latest new business opportunities and good investment ideas in the United States? Then this post is clearly meant for you.

The US is one the most sophisticated economies of the world especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. The country operates a capitalist mixed system of economy that is solely powered by private investments. Apart from holding the title for the country with the biggest scale of import, the United States of America also has a large consumer base for most products.

Doing business in the USA is recommended for any investor looking to start serious business. This is dues to the ease of accessing capital and human resources as well as the relatively stable political and economic climates as compared with some other regions of the world.

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Like in other countries, starting a new business in any state of the US is risky and requires adequate planning. There is need to carry out an effective market survey and analyze contributing factors to the fluctuations in demand and supply before thinking of turning out products and services when investing in the united states of America.

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Now that the US economy is gathering strength again, if you want to start a new business there are several investment opportunities you should consider. Also several factors should influence your choice of business ideas to start with. These include size of demand, prospects for expansion, relative stability against recession and political influences among others.

business ideas in the us

In this post, I'll be sharing with you some of the most profitable investment opportunities in the United States of America, including business ideas specific to different states.

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Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada Las Vegas, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

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Good Business Ideas And Opportunities in the United States of America

Top 10 Business ideas + Investment Opportunities in the United States

1. Internet Marketing

Many companies have discovered that neglecting the internet will make them lose a fair share of the market as the number of people looking to buy products online increase on a daily basis. There are visible evidences to suggest that businesses are making more sales over the internet now.

This is why most business owners now set aside funds to promote their products and encourage sales via online routes. As the online marketing industry continues to expand, you can make money by assisting other businesses make sales and promote their brands on the internet.

2. Pet Care Business

Every year, billions of Dollars are spent on pet care by dog owners and other pet owners in the US. This business continues to expand in prospects such that it has provided profitable investment opportunities for people who love pets.

If you love pets and find it enjoyable taking care of them, you can look into this business opportunity. Good thing is you do not have to own a degree in Veterinary Medicine before you can start this business as you can go into partnership with someone who does.

3. E-Commerce Store

Like the first point I mentioned up there, many people are feel safe buying items over the internet. This change in behavior has a ripple effect by increase the prospects of e-commerce business in America.

Though you may have to start small, adjusting your catalogs to products and services most sought after, setting up your personal e-commerce store where you can offer products and services for sales is the way to go as a smart internet entrepreneur. E-commerce is a cool business idea in Colorado.

4. Game And Social Apps Development

Like the phenomenal game, 'Temple Run' created a couple, there are numerous ideas that can be translated into gaming experience for the teeming American youth. Game and social media app creation is a way to make cool money as an investor in the tech industry if you can roll out an idea that works.

Apps development is one of the best home based business ideas for teens and adults in California.

5. Open A Restaurant Business

People will eat, no matter what the economy is saying. This is why setting up a restaurant in the US is a recession-proof business you can start any day. Are you thinking of launching a new business idea for women?

Restaurant business is very lucrative and easy to start if you can do your findings well. This is one unique business ideas most moms can start even from home in New Orleans.

6. Environmental Consulting

“Green Revolution” is a popular phenomenon going on in the US right now. Businesses are hiring consultants to advise them on how to reduce the rate of emission and discharge of poisonous substances from their production operations as well as in processes that protect the environment.

The business of environmental consulting has been projected to increase in prospects by almost 50% by the year 2018.

7. 'Green' Products and Services

Products that minimize harmful impacts on our ecosystem are now in high demand. This is because of the increasing awareness for Eco-friendly products and services resulting from several 'green' revolution campaigns and policies going on.

Water conservation, environmental consulting and reducing pollution are some popular areas you can focus on to generate green business ideas in the USA.

Another trend with wide impact is the increasing demand for Eco-friendly products and services. Not only is this trend increasing the demand for “green” homes and revolutions, but it also drive business-to-business demand for services such as environmental consulting (discussed above) and water conservation.

8. Healthcare For Seniors

It is common truth that a large proportion of the Americans are above 60 years in age This unilaterally translates to an increase in the demand for health care and products that are directed at making old age enjoyable and convenient for these seniors.

Are you currently working in the healthcare industry? Wisdom demands that you start thinking of starting a business in your line focusing on this lucrative business ideas in Texas and other states.

9. Setting Up A Security Personnel Outfit

Providing private security services to residential and business facilities as well as properties is one way to make money in the USA. Asides the issues of gun shooting, increase in the rates at which crimes are perpetrated has made security agencies a lucrative investment in the US.

Until there is a significant drop in the level of unemployment, people especially youth would continue to commit crime resulting in a corresponding increase in the demand for security personnel. Do you love to protect people and properties?

Do you have a background in military or paramilitary training? This is one of the highly recommended small business ideas in California and other states in the USA today.

10. Transportation Business

Haulage, transportation and logistics is one the best business opportunities in the USA over the next ten years. The need to move goods and people from place to place is always high making this business a profitable one.

Believe if you can play your cards well, this is a recession-resistant business opportunity that you can start if you have the huge capital requirements.


The United States is a country to be proud of. She not only has one of the largest economies in the world, but she is also a huge country in terms of development. America is indeed, God's own country.

Now, owning a business in the United States is advisable because it can be termed 'a good investment'. Many factors had been considered by experts before a country as USA could be endorsed as a country one can have a good investment by running a business therein.

When we consider and talk about such vital factors such as the availability of human resources, the ease of accessing capital in the country, and even the stable economic and political conditions the country is known for, we can't be encourage people to invest in United States.

Should we even talk about the fact that America has a high consumer spending rate? The United States is even currently regarded by some as the world's largest importer of products- which means, the country is a 'fertile soil' for business.

If you are interested in running a business in USA and you need ideas, here are 5 nice business ideas you might want to give a chance.

       1. PET CARE

Americans loves pets a lot. It's a kind of habit and culture being passed on to the next generation, from one generation. And as proof that this business idea is a nice one to be taken seriously, it was reported that Americans spent over $40 billion dollars on pet care in 2012. Isn't that splendid?

This venture keeps showing sign that it will remain being a lucrative one. You know, it has being enjoying tremendous growth over the year, and remember I said it is becoming a kind of culture handed over to the next generation.

Therefore, this will go more smoothly for folks who love pets and would love creating a business venture with them. Though you can partner with someone who has got a degree in Veterinary Medicine, you don't need to have a degree in Veterinary Medicine before venturing into this.


One of the things that can be admired in many Americans is their affection for the wellbeing of people and things. And that is why presently, they are being conscious of the wellbeing of the environment. You can actually take advantage of this and make money.

Many Americans, being civilized, now understand the not-quite-pleasant effects of combustion chemicals (and even fuels) produced in industries (and also homes). Therefore, industries and individuals are hiring environment consultants to give them advises that centered on how they can protect the environment in regards to reducing the rate of emission of noxious substances.

What you simply need is acquiring knowledge and positioning yourself in a right manner.

A nice tip that can help you emerge as an expert in this is you familiarizing yourself with eco-friendly products and services. And of course, you can earn additional money by selling these eco-friendly products since their demand has increased.


Security business is big business. Yeah, all over the world, security business is a lucrative business. And of course, that is why in the budget of many countries, security usually takes the hugest allocation. And the major factor that made security a necessity in major in so many societies-including America- is continuous rise in crime.

The fact remains that crime will continue rising so long these two things are present in the society: Unemployment and Greed. The American government is trying her best in reducing the rate of unemployment, but the issue of greed is an individual thing. Many individuals are embracing crime due to their greed, therefore the demand for private security services keep increasing.


Generally, the health niche is a lucrative one. And in the U.S, there is an increasing demand for health care products and services aimed at the elderly ones. If you want to invest in America, look into this.


Food business is a lucrative one, even in third-world countries. And in a country like America, restaurants are doing quite well as they employ 10% of the total U.S workforce.

All over the world, irrespective of how harsh the economy is, people must eat. That is the strength of a restaurant business. And combined with the fact that many Americans doesn't have time to cook at home, restaurant business is a nice business idea you should give attention to if you want to run a business in America.

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