Fix Disapproved Adsense Account - How To Resubmit Adsense Application

Are You Rejected by Adsense? Fix it Here 

I will like to deal with Adsense related problems in this article. So many people has been trying to get AdSense approval for 8months or even a year plus but have always get unfavorable reply from AdSense despite the easy simple steps posted on my other blog on getting AdSense approval where I also talked on how long does it take for google adsense to approve.

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How to resubmit adsense application
If you know your blog is due for AdSense approval but you are always rejected, post in the comment box the message you received from AdSense and your blog url so that you can be advised on how to resubmit google adsense application.

google adsense
NOTE: This is not a blog reviewed thread it is for those whose blogs have been rejected for adsense approval although they are eligible for AdSense approval. For those who have been approved share your experience with newbies who want to know how long does it take for google adsense to approve you?


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