25 Small Businesses You Can Start With Less Than 50,000 Naira In Nigeria Today

25 Small Business Ideas Requiring Less Than 50,000 Naira To Start

Business ideas for less than 50000
Though they need other sources of income to complement whatever they make monthly, many people still find it difficult to start a business of their own. Sometimes, it is not a matter of indecision or lack of business ideas but the huge capital requirements needed to successfully start and run such businesses.

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This challenge faced by many prospective entrepreneurs motivated me to compile a list of feasible small businesses you can start with 50,000 Naira or even less.

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In this post, I have listed some low cost businesses ideas that may not require a start up capital of more than 50,000.

==> Customized Poythene Bags Printing Business
==> Sales Of Mosquito Repellant Patch
==> Chin-chin And Plantain Chips Making
==> Pop-Corn Business
==> Liquid Soap Production And Paint Making
==> Producing Shaving Powder
==> Production And Sales Of Air Fresheners
==> Zobo Drink Production
==> Snail Farming Business
==> Edible Mushroom Farming
==> Starting A Mobile Barbing Venture
==> Backyard Goat Keeping
==> Recharge Card Distribution And Call Centre Business
==> Blogging And Affiliate Marketing
==> Laundry And Foodstuff Delivery Service
==> Consulting For Small Businesses
==> Fingerling Production
==> Private Coaching
==> Make-up Artistry

==> Sales Of Used Books, Okrika Clothes, Shoes And Bags
==> Office Supplies
==> Ankara Fashion Accessories, Beads And Hat Making 
==> Movies DVDs Rental Business 
==> Sales Of Honey
 ==> Mini Importation Business

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Small business ideas under 50000
I'm not promising you millions from these businesses from a start. I have just exposed to you business opportunities that you can grab even with that little fund at your disposal. Starting and developing any business idea into a wealth empire requires time, creativity and experience.

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Startup business ideas for less than 50000
Are you still looking for job, recently sacked or planning for retirement? You can go through this list and pick a suitable business idea to work with. Adequate planning, determination and developing a comprehensive marketing plan are needed to ensure that this start up does not fail in your hands. Not everyone must start businesses with millions, you have to learn to crawl before walking and walk before flying. Do not despise the days of little beginnings.

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I wish you good success.

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