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Service Marketing: 5 Unique Characteristics of Service Marketing .PDF .PPT

Your goal as a entrepreneur is to successfully market your goods and services. This post contains 5 unique service characteristics and marketing implications for a successful business startup and expansion.

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Below, I'll be showing you about 5 major unique characteristics of services or classification of services with examples.

5 Characteristics Of Service Marketing - Marketing Characteristics Of Industrial Goods
==> Preservation Challenges
==> Insubstantial Nature
==> Problems Of Consistency
==> Business Is Indivisible
==> Momentary Ownership

Characteristics of Services - Service Marketing Characteristics Example
Some characteristics of services marketing pdf ppt essays have been highlighted in the post below.

1. ==> Preservation Challenges
Problems of preservation is one of the major characteristics of service products that is highly discouraging. Some services are much more perishable when compared to physical products. Take for instance an inter-state transport company. I know you are wondering how this business could be more perishable than dairy or fresh flower products. Most service products cannot be preserved like physical goods that can be returned and even offered for sale again. If the transport company fails to sell all the seats on that bus, sales that should account for the empty seats is irreversibly lost.

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2. ==> Insubstantial Nature

A powerful advantage of physical product is that it can be displayed in stores, shelves and warehouses for people to examine before making purchase decisions. If you look closely at most service products, for instance banking service, you cannot assess, touch or see any product so buying decision can only be formed from recommendations, past experience, outlet design and even verbal conviction.

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3. ==> Problems Of Consistency

Companies producing physical products have taken special efforts to ensure that the quality of their products so not vary with noticeable margins. You can be sure a bottle of Pepsi may not taste different significantly over a period of years but businesses offering services rely heavily on human factors - the skills of those delivering the services, so the consistency of service quality cannot be guaranteed.

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4. ==> Business Is Indivisible
One unique characteristic of service marketing is that separating service provider, service consumption and service consumers is extremely difficult. You cannot take a 'photography studio' home for consumption and you need a barber to be present physically to have the service delivered. Consumption of most service-oriented businesses is usually at that point of provision. This has a way of influencing production operations, small marketing strategies and channels of distribution.

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5. ==> Momentary Ownership

In conclusion, another property of service product is that clients do not take total control of the product. Ownership is just transferred within a stipulated time. What a customer pays for is to get access to use such service within a limited time. You are allowed to take away a canned food that is purchased at a mart but same does not go for a businesses offering hotel rooms or ATM services. You can lodge over the weekend or withdraw money respectively quite alright but you are not permitted to lay total claim to such products.

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