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Make Money Selling Domain Names (Strategies) – Basics Of Domain Name Flipping

Earning money through buying and selling domains
Registering .com domains and putting it for sale online using domain name auction sites such as Flippa is one major ways people make money online. Purchasing a domain name is easier that getting it sold. To buy and sell domains for profit in popular niches such as health, mobile, small business and other competitive areas requires extensive research. Before you can have bidders and watchers on your listings, these people would have understudied your domain to know whether it carries the potential they are want. A popular question asked by internet entrepreneurs is ‘Can you make money selling domain names?’, How do i sell a domain name?

buy and sell domain names

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Make money buying and selling domain names – buy and sell domain names for profit
Domain names are solid investment just like investing in stocks. Buying domain names to resell is risky and so if you venture into this business with the aim of making fast cash, you are in the wrong market. The essence of this post is to open your eyes to the strategies involved on how to make money buying and selling domain names. You will also learn some basics of domain name flipping in this domain name flipping guide

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How to Make Money by Buying and Selling Domains – Domain name flipping guide

Buying and selling domain names for big cash profits – domain names for sale
While looking to buy or generate domain names for sale, dig deep for generic names. DNs such as or do very well in search engines as such companies directly to such names are willing to part with very huge amount of dollars to buy such from you. Another tip is to avoid stealing company’s name or trademarks. Registering such can attract legal action in your direction when trying to sell your domain name. Don’t attempt to register or as such names are trademarked.

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Can You Make Money Selling Domain Names?

Buying and selling domains for profit
While many established domainers or resellers buy up hundreds of domain so as to increase and chances of getting premium domains for sale, don’t forget that yearly renewal of such investment items come with a price. As a beginner, you should just stick with putting a few domain names for sale and gradually work your way up. Domain flipping business is not for the weak, many domain investors have ended up turning their domain names into full content sites for the purpose of reselling them and recouping their investment. Patience is one key virtue I emphasize while teaching the basics of buying and selling domain names 101.

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