Embed Youtube Video In SMF Forums Without A MOD In 2 Mins!

How To Embed Youtube Video In SMF Forum: HTML/BBC Code To Insert Youtube Video In SMF

For some time, I have been receiving some complaints from admins of smf forums who are unable to post videos from Youtube directly to their forum. This has prompted me to come up with this guide on how you can easily embed Youtube videos in SMF forum.

How To Embed Youtube Videos: SMF Forum Embed Youtube Video Tutorial

The first thing you need to do is to acquire the URL link to the Youtube video you want to display on your SMF board. To get this, all you should do is the right click on the video and copy it's url location or copy the entire html to embed it from which you can the filter the Youtube link.

From the url of the video you copied, you should see something like this:


From the html embed code you copied, you will see something like this:

(iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/P0FIrk5fy8?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

For these links to work perfectly on SMF forums, you should make certain modifications to the video URL.


In this url for instance, replace “watch?feature=player_embedded&v=” in the URL with “v/’ then the new YouTube URL becomes


The next step is to insert the new url in a flash tag and then put the overall code in your forum post. Here is what a flash tag looks like: [flash][/flash]

The complete code to publish in your post would look like this:


For this tweak to work, your forum must be enabled for flash. You would be surprised that not all smf forum owners enable flash because of the small security risk it poses.

First you need to check if the SMF forum has flash enabled, not all smf forum owners enables this because it poses little risk to the forum.

If you want to enable flash in your SMF forum posts:

Here is a way Enable flash in posts

Navigate to your Forum Admin dashboard ----» Admin ----» Posts and topics, then to ----» Post Settings ----» Embed flash into posts.

Be informed that embedding flash in forums come with some security risks. Please don't ask me for the full list of risks because I don't even have a single one here...lol.

Embedding YouTube videos in SMF doesn't come with risks. If you insist on using a mod to display Youtube videos in SMF, a popular mod called AEVA mod makes the process a lot easier.
Below is how the video will appear in your SMF forum post:

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