Richest People in The Whole World – Top 10 Billionaires List

Top 10 Richest People in The Whole World

Who is the richest person in the whole world?
I have compiled a list of the richest person in the whole world. These wealthy billionaires from different countries across the world have been ranked based on their estimated net worth.

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When we wake up everyday to go to school or work, our underlying drive for most day to day activities is to become rich and successful. No matter your current financial status, you will always see people behind and ahead of you. So in this post, I will be giving you profiles of Forbes richest people in the whole world. However, these people should not be taken as the 10 richest men of all time. So, who is d richest man in d whole world for now?

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List Of The Top 10 Richest Man In The World

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Top 10 Richest Man list

1.  William Henry Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Date Of Birth: 28, October,1955
Birth Place: Seattle, Washington, United States
Education: Lakeside School, Harvard College
Business Type: Software company
Net Asset: $79.2 billion

2. Carlos Slim Helu
Carlos Slim Helu
Date of Birth: January 28, 1940 (Age-74)
Birth Place: Mexico City, Mexico
Education: Civil Engineering
Business Type: Chairman of Telmex, America Móvil, Samsung Mexico and many other
Net Asset: $77.1 billion

3. Warren Edward Buffett

Warren Edward Buffett
Date Of Birth: August 30, 1930 (Age 83)
Birth Place: Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Education: Columbia Business School
Business Type: Textile industry
Net Asset: $72.7 billion

4. Amancio Ortega
Amancio Ortega
Date of Birth: March 28, 1936 (Age-77)
Birth Place: Province of Leon, Spain
Education: Not Found
Business Type: Spanish global fashion giant Inditex, Zara
Net Asset: $64.5 billion

5. Larry Joseph Ellison
Larry Joseph Ellison
Date of Birth: August 17, 1944 (Age-69)
Birth Place: East Side, New York City. USA
Education: University of Chicago
Type: Software, Oracle
Net Asset: $54.3 billion

6. Charles Koch
Charles Koch
Age: 79
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, MIT; MS, MIT
Business Type: Oil pipelines, refineries, building materials etc, CEO, Koch Industries
Net Asset:$42.9 Billion

7. David Koch
David Koch
Age: 74
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, MIT; MS, MIT
Business Type: Oil pipelines, refineries, building materials etc, Executive VP, Koch Industries
Net Asset: $41.9 Billion

8. Christy Walton
Christy Walton
Date of Birth: 1955 (Age-59)
Birth Place: Jackson, Wyoming, United States
Education: Not Found
Earning Type: Inherited, Walmart,
Net Asset: $41.7 billion

9. Jim Walton 
Jim Walton
Age: 67
Earning Type: Wal-Mart, Chairman and CEO, Arvest Bank Group, Inc.
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, University of Arkansas
Net Asset: $40.6 Billion

10. Liliane Bettencourt
Liliane Bettencourt
Age: 92
Source Of Wealth: L’Oreal
Net Asset: $40.1 Billion

Top 10 Wealthiest Men In The Whole World
Though it’s difficult to say who is the richest person in the world ever, Bill Gates still retains his number one position as the current richest man in the whole world. What is your view about this list of the top 10 most richest person in the whole world? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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