How To Customize And Edit Blogger Mobile Template

Customize And Edit Blogger Mobile Template - Blogger Mobile View

How to customise blogger mobile template - Blogger mobile template customize
Since Blogger came up with the mobile template option, it is now possible to customize a blogger mobile template. With a knowledge of CSS, you can customize your template and edit blogger mobile view to your taste. You can choose which widget you want to appear in the mobile view and which ones should be displayed on both blogger desktop and mobile templates.

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Do you want to make your blogger blog mobile friendly? You have various options such as using default blogger mobile theme, using a responsive blogger template or even creating a personalized app for your blog. This post is a free guide to blogger mobile template customize.

How To Edit/Customize Mobile Template On Blogger - Widgets
The primary widgets that appear on the default blogger mobile template include:

1. Header

2. Blog Post

3. Page List

4. Adsense

5. Profile

6. Attribution

There are three ways to control whether a widget shows on blogger mobile template or not.

mobile='no'   - widget hides on mobile

mobile='yes'  - widget shows on mobile

mobile='only'  - widget shows on mobile only, not on PC view

The defaut widget code/tag for Popular Post widget is:

If you want to hide this widget on mobile view, simply insert the mobile='no' property just before 'title' as shown in the text and image below.

Change 'no' to 'yes' if you want to show the widget on mobile template and to  'only' if you want to restrict showing it to blogger mobile template only

To activate any change you make in Blogger mobile theme, you will need to enable custom template for your mobile template. You will need to activate custom template for your mobile template, as it may not show any changes if you are the using any of the default template.

Click on the Template menu in your blogger dashboard, the click on the customize. Click on the gear icon below the mobile template as select custom. Save the settings as shown in the picture below.

 blogger mobile template

Now go to Template, click on the gear icon below the mobile template and set it as shown in the screenshot below.

It is advisable that you Preview the custom template before you finally click on the Save button. In my next post, I'll be sharing on how to customize blogger template with Photoshop. 

Did you succeed in making your blogger blog mobile friendly? Share your experience below.

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