10 Examples Of Viral Marketing Ideas & Techniques That Work - Sample Viral Ad Campaigns

Sample Viral Ad Ideas & Examples - Best Viral Marketing Tips And Techniques

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Creating a viral marketing campaign is a task many marketers have continued to study. This is partly due to the impact of viral marketing which cannot be easily overlooked in the successful promotion of a business. The seller generates more sales from increased buyers interest that is completely captured. This is the one of the best advantages of viral marketing.

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Has your business gone viral online? Have you patronized viral marketing companies without success? Are you still losing money to that viral marketing agency? If you think by attaching viral ad ideas like a faux or controversy to promote poor quality product would achieve the desire effect, you need to think over it again. I'm ready to show you some viral marketing campaign ideas for small businesses and big investments.

One of the core dreams of every business owner is to make their brand popular and famous. The more known your product/service is, the more customers and patronizes you will have. The larger the base of your customers and clients, the more successful you will be. Entrepreneurship has a lot of do with selling (i.e. making people buy what you've to offer). And of course, people won't pay for it if they never know about it. Therefore, the importance of marketing.

Many people believe the most difficult thing isn't coming up with an idea for a business- but the most difficult thing is persuading people to pay for the idea. And of course, there are different types of marketing out there. However, one thing I observed is that the more people your brand gets to, the more customers you should have.

Therefore, since there are some marketing methods that will only limit your brand to a particular spot, we want to talk about some marketing ideas that can make your brand get viral (i.e. get spread than usual) Is it really possible to get your brand spread widely and fiercely like when a fire burns a dry bush? Many firms had achieved this feat- you can do so too. Here are 5 viral marketing ideas for you.

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Here are some cool viral marketing ideas you can apply today.

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What Is Viral Marketing And How Does It Work?

The popular question is; What is a viral advert? Viral marketing involves sharing ideas containing marketing message about purchasing a product or service at a rapid rate. A lot of ideas and products go viral on the internet, from funny videos to stunts to popular sayings and new products. Whether you hire a PR firm, create videos or share Twitter and Facebook posts to online viral, if your viral marketing campaign ideas are lacking the element of brand, it is not viral marketing.

Most viral marketing tips work better when achieving brand awareness and promotion. Popular products that have benefited from internet viral marketing include Facebook, Shoprite, Toyota, Whatsapp, Tecno etc. I won't be discussing any of these brands and how they went viral. Rather, I will be exposing you to the fundamentals of creating a viral marketing campaign using proven viral ad ideas.

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Below are the best ways of viral marketing. 

List Of 5 Best Viral Marketing Techniques That Work

Here are my top viral marketing examples:

Are you recording any success with that viral ad agency? Well, below are the best five viral marketing that have been tested to work over the years.

1. Go Unconventional
Allow creativity when creating a viral marketing campaign. Think beyond the normal marketing techniques. Putting your products in a supermodel's hand while she stares at the camera devoid of emotion is one of the worst viral marketing examples. Samsung strapped LEDs unto Sheep to promote the big switch to LED TVs. This cool viral marketing idea is the driving force behind over 20 million views of that particular internet viral marketing video..one of the most effective ways of viral marketing.

2. Engage Reality
This is an effective sample viral marketing ideas. The brain behind many successful viral marketing campaign is engagement. People tend to respond better to any advert that draw them into itself. Even if your product or service is not human-inclined, using human reaction to depict the product strong points works. People love it when they see themselves in your ads.

3. Market With Extreme Product Use
Showcase extreme product use to spike buyer's interest in a boring product or products that have been marketed over a thousand times such that people are already used to it. BlendTec used their blenders on all apple products, videos games, DVDs etc and this weird promotional video had not choice but to go viral. No doubt, using extremism is one of my best viral marketing techniques

4. Reward Customers With More
Create promos to give customers some of your products at no cost if they can perform simple addictive tasks. These tasks must be designed in such a way as to keep customers coming back. A popular viral marketing examples is the Pepsi's FutBolNow campaign. You are rewarded with a free drink if you can a certain score in a soccer challenge video game that is installed in front of the dispensing machine. This video game tracks your movement to judge how well you can juggle a soccer ball. You will agree with me that this is one of the most effective viral marketing campaign ideas as the cost of a can of drink far is nothing compared to the attention that is drawn to the dispenser because of this game.

5. Create A Weird Partnership

This is one of the best viral marketing ideas. Develop a partnership with products outside your niche. This has a way of generating a buzz that benefit both partners. When the TV show teamed up with UC Irvive to offer online courses on Zombie Apocalypse, both partners recorded massive success. It is not only about financial returns. A smaller less known brand may increase it's acceptance and popularity but teaming up with an established brand.


Videos are getting more and more popular and many people love watching videos on the internet. As you should know already, videos had made many things and people popular and famous- and brands are not excluded.

On your website (it is necessary you should have one), try to put videos there. Put up videos that explains how your product or service works. Put videos of you speaking. Don't forget to make the videos shareable (and encourage each viewer to share too)

From another perspective, the use of videos to get your brand viral will never be complete if we didn't mention YouTube. Yeah, many brands had capitalized on videos to get their offers viral. You need to have an official channel on YouTube.


Social media networks are very powerful tools in terms of marketing. Social media networks give one the chance to reach the whole world. With social media networks, you might be somewhere in Europe, and people in America and Asia and Africa will get to know about your product/service.

See facebook. Facebook is no longer a mere social media network that allows people chat with those they know- but a strong marketing tool. You should have an official page on facebook (and a facebook group too). With facebook sponsored posts, you can easily get to lots of people. You just ensure that you make your sponsored posts shareable. And when people continue sharing your post, their own friends will get notified- and many people keep seeing you.


Let us go offline a bit. When we talk about getting your product/service viral, we aren't looking at the internet only. There are some offline marketing gestures that can help your brand get seen by lots of eyes. Doing this particular idea can get your brand popular in your immediate environment and even beyond. Here is how it works.

First of all, you need to have a relationship with other business owner in your community. Then, you will put their banners in your own business building, while they do same to you. So, if you sell men's clothing, you persuade the restaurant owner to put your advert banner in his store, while you put his in your building too. Then the gym center, the provision store, and it go on.


Wise firms are utilizing the power of affiliate. With affiliate, people from different places will use different mediums to promote your brand- thereby making you go viral. When people know they could make cool money by partnering with your brand, things will get easier for you (take a look at a brand like teespring, take a look at a brand like Amazon, and the rest)

When you offer a splendid product/service, watch how some bloggers and social media influencers in your niche will likely promote it for you without you paying them a dime for advert.


Google actually deserves being on the list because it can make your brand go viral (and had made many brands go viral before). You either use strategy, or you use money.

Right now, you should know that it is beneficial to have a blog for your business and to have a seo optimized site. Millions of people uses Google search; and if you stand right, Google will bring a crowd to your crowd without you needing to pay a dime. Alternatively, you can pay some little money to Google for your brand to be shown in the first page when someone search a related keyword with what you offer.

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I have shared with your five good examples of viral marketing ideas for small business that you can use for any type of product or service. Apart from advertising with the product's quality, consumers love to feeling of  being part of your products. While trying to get your ad viral, you should avoid tampering with the core message as this can reduce the impact of viral business marketing. Getting carried away while losing focus of the message is one of the numerous disadvantages of viral marketing that is not properly designed.

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