Top 10 Most Profitable Small Businesses To Start 2017

Best 10 Lucrative Small Scale Businesses And Opportunities in 2017

There are many small money making investment and business opportunities that you can start in 2017. Today, many salary earners are looking at becoming their own boss by starting a business enterprise. So what are the best small businesses and investment opportunities with low capital start up and high profit in returns?

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While some ideas are new on this list, others have been there since 2016 even from 2011, 2012, 2013,2014 to 2015. The most profitable types of small businesses are those low capital business ideas that focus on providing products and services that are more of a necessity than need. From economic trends, these business ideas are generated by top industries with the best net profit margins.

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10 Most Profitable Small Businesses

In this post, I'll be showing your some very profitable small businesses with a low start-up cost. What is the most profitable small business to start? Well, that question is difficult to answer. Rather, I have listed the top five small capital business ideas first.

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Top 5 Most Profitable Small Businesses: Lucrative Business Ideas with Low Investment
1. ==> Cleaning Business: Providing dry cleaning and laundry services, garage and pantry clean out, windows and blind washing, tile polishing.

2. ==> Ice Block Making: Production of ice block cubes and bars for icing drinks in parties or for industrial use in low temperature preservation, sales of freezers, blast freezers and cold rooms, frozen food business

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3. ==> Business Consulting: Convert your skill into money. Set up a business helping people start and manage their investment using your experience, consulting for fish and poultry farm start ups, plantation farming business consultant, consulting for oil and gas investing.

4. ==> Livestock Feed Supply: Become a distributor and retail supplier of livestock feeds, poultry and fish feeds as well as supplements. Open an sales outlet close to farm aggregation and settlements.

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5. ==> Affiliate Marketing: Make money from diverse affiliate programmes relevant to your niche. Pascal of NaijaTechGuide made N1 Million Naira just from Konga Affiliates only.

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6. ==> Fitness Trainer: Open a weight loss outfit, weekend body building and exercise programs, sales of gym and exercise equipment, body building training and fitness seminar and tutorials.

7. ==> Importation Business: Buy cheap unlocked phones, android tablets, camera, power banks and laptops from China and online auction sites like Ebay and Amazon. Sell them with nice returns using this awesome business idea with low investment and high profit.

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8. ==> Automobile Shop: Repair mechanical, electrical and body work faults in vehicles, sales of automobile spare parts and fittings, training of automobile technicians

9. ==> Web Design: Design and develop websites such as e-commerce stores, forums and blogs, install monetization programmes and manage clients scripts, hosting and database. This is one of the best small business with low investment.

10. ==> Sales Of Stationery: With no substitute for the varieties of textbooks, exercise books, writing materials and other stationery that are needed every time students go to school, building a business around this need is a great investment decision.

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Starting profitable business ideas with low investment involves some reasonable amount of capital. For people who are on a low capital start-up budget, they should look into most successful business to start that would employ more of their skills and talents rather than those business ideas that would need large amount of financial investment to start or manage.

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I hope you benefited from my list of top 10 most profitable small businesses to start in 2017?


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