Forever 21 Franchise - Why You Should Not Waste Your Time

Forever 21 Franchise - Opportunities, Locations, Application Requirements And Cost Fee In Dubai, Pakistan, Indian And The Middle East + Business Plan

Forever 21 as a business was created by Do Won and Jin Sook Chang in 1984 after they moved from South Korea to the United States in 1981. Forever21 headquarters is situated at LA, California. According to Forbes in 2014, Forever 21 made close to $4 billion in revenue and was awarded the 122nd largest company in the USA.

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The average dimension of most Forever 21 departmental store is 40,000 square feet. However, it's funny to know that the 'first' store was less than 1000 square feet. The largest unit of Forever 21 locations is adjudged to be around 150,000 square feet.

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Forever 21 department stores offers varieties of wears such as clothing, shoes and other fashion accessories especially for women. The rate at which this franchise opportunity boomed attracted lots of investors who want to partner with Forever 21 company as franchisees.

For those that think the name of the company related only to females who want to continue looking young or younger like 21, I can tell you that Forever 21 businesses offer more. Their products cuts across age or gender whether your are 21 years old, less than 21 years or even above 21. The company creates a platform where stylish fashion items and wears are offered for sale at affordable rates for men, women, young and old ranging from lingerie, footwear, cosmetics to handbags.

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Forever 21 franchise has expanded to different locations across the world numbering over 500 including Canada, Australia, USA, India, China and other Asian countries. The company has a online store dedicated to purchases made over the internet. This allows Forever 21 customers to buy from the shop from any part of the world.

Forever 21 marketing has been strengthened over the year especially social media campaigns. From Twitter to Facebook, Forever 21 increases it's exposure for more brand awareness and online purchases.

At present Forever 21 is still expanding, opening up new branches in different countries of the world. For instance in 2010, Forever21 launched its New Delhi store right in the heart of India as to be able to draw closer to its Indian customers.

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How Much Does Forever 21 Franchise Cost?
The big question is Does Forever 21 Franchise Cost? Because the accounts and figures of this franchise looks promising, many prospective investors are interested in becoming Forever 21 franchisees because of the great business opportunities. Sadly, this business is not available for franchising for now. The company does not consider the brand a franchise yet because it is still working on a lot of models and technicalities. Hopefully, Forever 21 should start considering opening franchising opportunities to people after they must have perfected their processes.

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