Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Top 10 Biggest Forums On The Internet And Their Worth In Dollars

Top 10 Biggest And Most Popular Online Forums

How many forums are there on the internet? Well, I can't really say. The fact is that the number of communities online is huge and the range of topics covered by these discussion forums is virtually inexhaustible.

Online forums are the best form of social gathering on the internet. Many successful forum owners have been able to build business empires around people's desire to interact and find solutions to problems. I have collated a list of the top 10: biggest, most popular and most successful internet forums in the world. These internet forums may not use the top 10 forum softwares or the top 10 forum designs yet these biggest internet communities are generating millions of dollars every year.
top forums
Top 10 Forums Sites
==>                   $26,820/per month
==>                   $32,220/per month
==>                    $59,130/per month
==>            $86,535/per month
==>            $151,830/per month
==>          $187,560/per month
==>                            $257,907/per month
==>                    $425,349/per month
==>                  $565,680/per month
==>             $1,230,890/per month

Do you have other forums you think should be in my list of the biggest online forums. Share in the comment section below.


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