Low Cost Business Ideas And Opportunities With High Profit

Low Cost Small Business Ideas With High Profit

Best 5 Low Investment Businesses With High Returns
Are you desperately looking for low cost business ideas and high profit small businesses to start today? Well, don't be in a hurry because very soon I'll name low capital business ideas which you may be interested in investing in. In this post, I have tried to summarize five low investment business opportunities that you can tap into even from home. So what kind of small business is profitable? Read through these most profitable small businesses to start in 2015.

List Of Top 5 Profitable Businesses With Low Investment And High Profit
Some investors do not believe you can invest low capital and reap great profits. They estimate returns from how much you invest. Well, this is not always true. There are many low investment businesses you can start  from home with little or no initial capital. See some of these low cost businesses to start.

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The business idea discussed here is a small capital big profit business. In other words, you don't need to break the bank to start up the venture as each one is more of a less investment more profit business. What do I mean? You make high returns on your investment although you have invested little capital. It is also worth noting that most low-cost business ideas need some level of expertise to survive and thrive. Though you do not need much funds to start them, you will need to acquire the necessary skills to drive such businesses.

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Whether you are in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa or Nigeria, I have outlined some low investment business opportunities that you can start today:

Low Investment High Profit Business Ideas

1. ==> Make Overs
Make overs such as face make ups, manicure and pedicure, gele tying etc, is a lucrative low capital investment business. Many young ladies go into this business even from school. If you have the expertise to give unique touches and beauty make up, you will always get clients through referrals. This is because ladies often ask questions when they see cute makeups on their friends. Anybody can start this business after going through the training even without necessary looking for loans as beauty makeup is a business with low capital start-up.

2. ==> Snacks
Commercial baking of snacks from home is a good example of a low capital high profit business.  You can bake and sell to either targeted customers like school children, office workers during breaks or open an outlet/shop where people can come to buy. The materials for this business are not costly to acquire.
Nevertheless you need a decent level of baking skills. If you are interested in low investment high return business ideas, making snacks like doughnuts, scotch eggs, chinchin, mince pies, fish pies, sausage roll etc, is a very nice opportunity to grab.

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3. ==> Security Outfit
You don't need much money to set up a security guard company that would be involved in the training of able bodied young men and women for supply to companies and banks as security agents. This low capital high return business is what has build wealth empires for many people across the world especially retired military and paramilitary personnel like man o war, police, civil defence, customs, immigration, army etc. Most establishments do not have time to start recruiting and training security personnel. They contract this service out to private security outfits. With a good business plan, business management skills and military experience, you will succeed in this low investment high return business.

4. ==> Pet Care
I have shared three low cost business opportunities so far and I'm moving to the fourth one: PET CARE. Do you know you can make money when you care after other people's pets? Most busy workers are afraid to leave their dogs or cats alone at home especially when these pets are sick. Some other persons are looking for animal care homes to put their rabbit, hamster, pig etc for the meantime while they are away on holidays. With a knowledge of animal care, veterinary medicine or animal management (behaviour and handing), you can set up a pet care home. People who share great affection with pets are willing to pay much to ensure their pets' welfare and safety.

Child care or babysitting is another related business with low capital and high profit that you can start if you have the necessary experience and are located in areas where pet care is not blooming at present such as in Nigeria and most parts of Africa.

5. ==> Business Consulting
Have you managed a business successfully in the past? Do you have the require experience to start a business or manage one profitably? I'm delighted to inform you that you can repackage that knowledge ans set up a consulting service. For instance, of you are knowledgeable about agribusiness such as poultry business or fish farming, you can start consulting for people who are interested in going into this line of business. The sweet thing is you don't need to invest millions of dollars to become a business consultant in a chosen field. My only recommendation is don't preach or recommend what you have not practiced. That's sheer dishonesty. Indeed, business consulting is a low investment business with high profit. I'm a living witness to this fact.

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I hope you have picked one or two ideas from this list of low capital/investment high return businesses. What business idea do you think has low investment with high profit? Share.


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