King Solomon Wealth: How Much Was Solomon Worth?

King Solomon Wealth Today

King Solomon's riches surpasses most of the wealth seen in recent times. His wealth places him conveniently among the top 10 richest men of all time. This is the unarguable the wealthiest king in history.

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How Much Was King Solomon Worth?

Now, let's calculate how much was solomon worth during his time as compared with today. According to biblical records, King Solomon's annual salary was pegged at 666 gold talents. A talent of gold converts to 34.5Kg which then translates to 1109 troy ounce of gold. An ounce of gold worth $960. From the calculations, King Solomon's was paid $760 million per year. Also considering that he was in power for 40years. That's more that thirty billion dollars as King Solomon net worth! King Solomon's wealth also encompasses his investments, properties and assets such as houses, land and horses.

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How Wealthy Was King Solomon?
Today, Solomon's net worth should be something around $100 billion. As a wise king employing the best solomon wealth management, 700 wives and 300 concubines must have had draining effects on his riches. Nevertheless, when looking through the list of richest people in history Solomon rich and wise is a force to reckon with.

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