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How To Start A Barbing Salon Business

Setup A Profitable Barber Saloon Shop
Starting a barbing shop in Nigeria is a way to make money anywhere there is decent male population. Because you see a lot of these barbing shops around does not mean everyone is making money from it. Apart from the need expertise, you need some other factors to give reasons to people why they should prefer your shop to others.

For instance, in many towns across Nigeria especially in cities like Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Benin and Port Harcourt; many youth set up barbing saloon business to create wealth through self-employment.

Location is one major key you must get right if you want to make money from this lucrative investment. Areas like densely populated streets, busy road junctions, inside male halls of residences in higher institution, around campuses etc are hot cakes when it comes to selecting a location for your barbing salon shop.

Investment Opportunities In Barbing Business

Barbing styles and shop nigeria
The fact that cost of setting up a barbing salon is not that intensive opens door to numerous ways you can make additional income through this venture. Some of these include:

==> sales of clippers, shaving sticks, shaving powders, aftershave, sporting waves cream, shampoo,

==> sales of music and video CDs, magazines, sports newspaper, perfumes, watches, cufflinks and other  'male' items etc

==> offering PS3 for playing soccer and video games at affordable rates.

As long as you offer satisfactory services and treat your customers right, your barbing salon business will grow through referrals coming from existing customers.

One of the major challenges that will face your business is the issue of power supply. Using generating sets/generators will come with additional cost of generator purchase and fueling. This translates to higher charges for barbing services when there is no light from PHCN. For instance, a haircut that should cost you N100 if there is light can cost you up to #250 if the barber runs the business on gen. Not everyone is armed with the high cost of operation on generator so you should factor in the average hours of electricity supply received in that area before choosing a site for your business.
barbing shop in Nigeria

The strategy to survive in this business is to stay focused. Find a way of doing the same thing most people are doing in a different way. Package and re-brand your facilities and add additional ventures as these can attract potential customers to your main business.

List And Cost Of Barbing Saloon Equipment
Here is the average price of materials/equipment needed to start a barbing saloon excluding the cost of renting a shop.

==> 2 rotating chairs #10,000
==> 1 Long bench: #5,000
==> 1 Long table: #6,000
==> furniture and fixing: #10,000
==> 2 4x8ft wall mirrors(front and back): #20,000
==> 2 standard clippers: #6,000
==> 3 cover clothes: #1,500
==> methylated spirit, powder, aftershave, shampoo, sporting waves, brush, combs
etc): #12,000
==> Standing fan: #10,000
==> generator: N15,000
==> sterilizer: N12,000
==> carpet: N3,000
==> wiring and fluorescent lights #5000
==> wastebin #800

Do you own a barbing saloon? Are you interested in opening one? Drop your questions and comment below.


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