How To Make Money On Youtube: 4 Steps To Earn Online From YouTube

How To Earn Money From YouTube

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I have shared numerous methods to earn online and making money on YouTube is one of them. YouTube Partnership is one the smartest ways to earn money from YouTube. This program allows uploaded videos to be linked to Adsense accounts such that owners of such channels make money from YouTube when viewers click on ads.

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How Do People Make Money On YouTube?

You may want to ask me. 'How do you make money on YouTube?' Well, I have highlighted all below. You can start making money on YouTube in four steps.

==> capture and upload interesting videos on YouTube
==> promote your video to get lots of traffic and views
==> YouTube invites you to become a partner
==> you make money off YouTube by displaying adverts

Check the criteria for YouTube Partnership HERE.

Some of the issues with the partner program are that you need lots of videos and views as well careful planning when selecting a theme/niche for your videos.

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Do you come across adverts when watching some videos on YouTube just below the video title or by it side? Those adverts are served by advertisers on Google and you the uploader of the video then earn money from YouTube when your visitors click on them. The only down side is that YouTube Partnership Program is not available to all countries. Nevertheless, there are still many ways to make money on YouTube without being a partner.

Make Money On YouTube Without Being A Partner
If your videos are well optimized for SEO, targeted traffic that comes from search engines can be directed to your affiliate sites. As long as the products you promote are relevant, you can be sure of make money from affiliate marketing. I have an affiliate account with Amazon Affiliate and I am currently making money with YouTube traffic from the tech tutorial videos I uploaded.

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I have discovered that you don't need to have hundreds of videos in your channel, a single video that goes viral is enough to make your channel popular and bring in thousands of views. What I use is a url shortener to create a link to my affiliate page. When people enjoy videos they watch, they may click on this link, get redirected to my website and end up buying through my affiliate link.

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How much money can you make on YouTube? how are you making money on YouTube ? Share your ideas to encourage others.

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