Zara Franchise Cost and Startup Opportunities And Business Plan


Zara Franchise Opportunities

Have you heard about Zara franchise business?  And do you know what its mode(s)  of operation, focus and scorecards look like?  Relax! This article will explicate the pros and cons of Zara franchise business and some other beneficial things you ought to understand  in that regard.

What is Zara Doing?

Zara’s first store was established in 1975 in Corunna, Galicia, Spain  by Amancio Ortega and RosalĂ­a Mera as a brand of inditex group which stands as the largest apparel retailer in the world.

This first store displayed some  low-priced products of popular but  higher-end clothing fashions but in a short time, Ortega opened many shops throughout Spain and by 1980s the designs were changed to suit the current  fashion trends and thereby become what was known as “instant fashion”  which was aided by deployment of ICT and employment of groups of designers.

With  sure trending sets of eye-capturing clothings, Zara began to expand in 1988 beyond Spain as it moved to  to Porto, Portugal. According to,  in 1989, Zara moved to United States, and to France in 1990.

During the 1990s, Zara expanded to Mexico in 1992, and to Greece, Belgium and Sweden in 1993. Zara in the early 2000s established its first stores in Japan and Singapore 2002 while  Russia and Malaysia received Zara in  2003.

China,Morocco, Estonia, Hungary and Romania first got their own stores established in 2004 as the Philippines, Costa Rica and Indonesia welcomed it in 2005, store in  South Korea began operation in 2008, while Zara expanded to India, South Africa and Australia In 2010, 2011 respectively.

With its vibrant online boutique that started in  September 2010, in Spain, UK, Portugal, Italy, Germany and France  many countries  such Austria, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg were launched to enjoying the same services just two months behind Spain and others.

In 2011 and 2013, US,  Russia and Canada got their respective online stores while Mexico, Romania, and South Korea   received  Zara’s online stores in 2014.

Zara Franchise is a lucrative investment considering the fact that this franchise companies is establish in almost every country around the world. Present in over 70 nations worldwide, Zara has more than 900 stores in its network currently.

Franchising: The Meaning

Franchising  is one business type with unique characteristics and structures. The International Franchising Association (IFA) describes franchising as “ method for expanding a business and distributing goods and services through a licensing relationship”.  “What does that suggest?” one may inquire.

In franchising business, a person or company that grants the license to a third party for the conducting of a business under their trademarks is called franchisor while a person or company who is granted such a license to do business under the said trademark and trade name is called franchisee.

Importantly, the franchisor does not only provide the franchisee its trade name, products and services but all necessary business tools such as: site selection and development support, operating manuals, training, brand standards, quality control, marketing strategies and business advisory support.

In business world today, there are over 120 diverse industries using franchising route as their business format.

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Whether you are in the UK, USA, Canada, India or Singapore, before you consider partnering with this established franchise company, there are some thing you need to put in mind.

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One of the key things you should bear in mind when starting a new franchise business is how profitable it is going to be. You should be able to project your percentage profit from how much you are planning to invest. Have you asked yourself if you have enough capital to start a Zara franchise? Do you have the necessary requirements to open up a Zara franchise retail outlet?

Zara’s Irresistible Products Packages

Zara stores focused on men's clothing and women's clothing, as well as children's clothing as spelt out by clothing trends in vogue. However, Spain serves as a main centre where clothing is processed and distributed.

And due to  its vastness, good logistics and well-organised workforce, Zara releases new designs latest every two weeks and thereby produces over 450 million items per year according to (The Economist, 2015 on “ Fashion Invasion”).

Does Zara Franchise Business Stand Out?

Franchising is fastly becoming a trend nowadays and as Zara’s 2,100 stores located across 88 countries, this franchise business remains one of the franchise companies who are present almost all around the world.

Without doubt, Zara is one of the best companies to buy one’s franchise inspite that some businesses offer the rights to those who wanted to own  a franchise as well (as explained above¬¬). And If you want to be a part of this growing franchise company, you have definitely made a wise decision.

Become Your Own Boss of Zara Franchise Business

The first issue to consider whenever you wanted to open up a business is whether it is highly, averagely or poorly profitable.  And that takes one to determining the exact percentage expected as profit during the planned period of time.

Similarly, one should  consider his or her investment and be sure of having reasonable amount of money to start Zara franchise as the cost may not be affordable to all intended franchisee.

Though, Zara franchise business as a lower start-up cost than others, however, the charges varies depending on a particular location one intended to invest, but nothing less than $80,000 is required.

The franchise fee is around $30,000 while while the equipment, furniture and fixtures are put at  $50,000. Another important aspect of Zara franchise business is that there is a royalty fee of 5-10%  and an advertising fee of 0.3% of the total revenues to  be paid.

While royalty fee is the portion of the profit which accrue to the franchise company, the advert fee is meant for promotional and marketing services. No matter what price paid,  it is nice to experience have business with this type of franchise company.

Joining Zara Franchise Business: The Benefits

“How could I join and or of what benefits would my joining be?” some may ask. Don’t bother, first get yourself ingrained in the above modes and models of Zara franchise business explicated above.

Then contact any Zara corporate office in your country or from a nearby country, or better use Zara’s online communication platform. If you know any Zara store or franchise in your country, you can contact them as well.

What to benefit are tremendous. Remember that Zara franchise business model is ca carved within the slogan “ High fashion at affordable price”. Then Zara always boast of low prices for its ever-gorgeous designs and also work quickly on feedbacks received from several store managers all over the world.

With that, Zara franchise business adopts flexibility principles to adjust whatever complaint received from its customers.

Take note of this again: Zara franchise business provides full access to corporate services, such as training, human resources, and logistics at no extra cost to  all its franchisees. To return up to 10% of merchandise purchased.

No other franchise company offers up to that! Yes you can confirm that too and  in your overall assessment, you will definitely discover that Zara franchise business worths partnering with.

Do you know that Zara franchise usually begins to reap profit at the end of first year? That is not a fallacious statement at all, and profit sure for you too!  If there is (unusual) debt accrued on the start-up cost, that would be definitely be recovered not later than  the end of the third year.

Can you now use relevant Zara office contact details and apply for the Zara franchise? Kindly do and it is going to be a memorable, wise and lucrative idea and action if taken.

In conclusion, this article focuses on franchising business with a special attention on Zara franchise business that was established in 1975 in Spain but now spread to about 88 countries of the world.  It was explained that Zara franchise business deals with clothing, apparel and cosmetics.

It is also shown that becoming a franchisee is premised on some factors and background knowledge on modus operandi and scorecards of the franchisor.

Zara franchise remains one of the world best, no doubt. In 2015, it was ranked 30th in  on Interbrand's list of best global brands in terms of its product lines, product affordability, excellent distribution mechanism, international expansion, unfailing logistics, training offered, excellent feedback to customers, human resources management, highly experienced workforce and designers, affordable start-up cost to  become a franchise especially, timely delivery,  varied modern and in-vogue designs, access to return merchandise purchased among others.

The cost of this license is first thing you must know as an intending franchisee of Zara. Zara is present all over the world so the cost of the franchise varies from place to place. On the average, be prepared to shell out around $30,000 and the about $50,000 for the cost of acquiring facilities, equipment, furniture and fixings. This makes your initial capital requirement stand at around $80,000. You should also note that getting a Zara franchise comes with a royalty fee of 5-10%. This fee is a percentage of your business profit that is paid to the franchise company annually. Your business will also be charges an advertising fee of about 0.3% of your total income.

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Although these charges so not appear high compare to some other franchise companies but still, you should take them serious as return from the business is also very high. Starting a Zara franchise business is a good way to go if you are looking at investing in a lucrative business idea. To have the necessary peace of mind that enables business to grow, you should look for affordable insurance plans for your business if the franchise company does not provide you with one. Ensure you go for reliable and reputable insurance company so that you can get the best insurance policy cover available at affordable rates.

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To clear any doubt that you may have concerning opening a Zara franchise, you may need to talk to investors who are present Zara franchise owners. You can get a lot of start-up experience, experience working with the franchise company as well as information regarding income generation and business promotion.

Hope you have caught what Zara franchise business is and is up too, as well as what you too could start doing from now.

If you need business plan for your Zara franchise business, you can download free samples of business plans here.

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