Start Pure Water (Bottled/Satchet) Production Business In Nigeria

How to Set Up A Pure Water Production Company in Nigeria

Pure Water as portable water is commonly referred to in Nigeria is a consumable product of high demand. The market is huge because there is no alternative to water which is consumed by millions of people on a daily basis. The rate at which empty pure water sachets litter our roads and public places is a concrete proof that pure water business in Nigeria is very lucrative.

Pure water business in Nigeria is very profitable. Although this business requires good amount of capital and strong marketing plans, you can recover your initial capital within a very short time.

Why You Should Invest In Pure Water Business

pure water picturesBuying bags and sachets of pure water is one of the safest way to get water since the government failed to provide pipe-borne water to several cities across the nation. Apart from this, there is an increased need to provide portable hygienic water to the exploding population. Water, being an essential commodity that must be consumed daily with no regard to one's financial class, ethnicity or religion, which is the core material of this manufacturing business is readily available and cheap.

Develop A Pure Water Business Plan
It is important that you put together a pure water business plan. Cost analysis, research, profit and pricing margin, marketing plan are some of the key issues you should prepare in your pure water business plan. Your business plan can be used to secure loans, attract investors, plan for expansion etc

Get An Outlet For Your Business
Whether you are going to buy a fresh plot of land and build a facility there or you just want to rent a bungalow to start your business, you will need to look carefully into where you locate your pure water business. Whether you are interested in starting pure water business in Lagos, Ibadan, Calabar, Abuja, Kano, Imo, Portharcourt or in any city in Nigeria, don't choose a location where the cost will be too high or site your pure water business in a place where the under-population will result in poor sales.

Construct A Bore Hole And Storage Facilities

Sink a borehole to provide continuous access to water for your business. Overhead Storex or GPee tanks can be constructed to store water before purification and supply to your distillation unit.


Install Distillation Machine
Reverse Osmosis, simple distillation and ultra filtration are methods that can be used to purify water in pure water production. Ultra Violet Filtration is the most commonly used in Nigeria by small to medium scale pure water makers. It cost very little compare to the others, less than N100,000

Purchase An Automatic Sealing Machine
Another important equipment which is the engine of your production line is Automatic sealing machine. You need just one but if you are planning for a very high volume production, you will need like two or three but on a normal production, one is very okay.

Acquire A Distribution/Supply Truck
Don't compromise the quality of your truck. A truck that breaks down every time will end up killing your business because you will continue disappointing your customers. A good tokunbo Mitsubishi Canter or Toyota Dyna truck will serve the purpose of supplying bags of pure water to your customers well.

Get NAFDAC Number For Your Pure Water Factory
This is one of the most difficult stages in pure water production business as getting NAFDAC approval involves a lot of procedures and protocols. You will need to visit NAFDAC office for the requirements, procedures and application forms involved. Approval from NAFDAC only comes after due processing and inspection of your production facilities which can take between 3-6months before your business/company is approved and certificate with NAFDAC number issued.

These are basically what your entire water production line involves. You can use the comment form below to ask me questions.

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