How to Start Haulage Business In Nigeria

Set Up A Haulage Logistics Company in Nigeria

Do you want plan starting a trucking or haulage business in Nigeria as well as setting up haulage logistics companies? Are you in need of a business plan or proposal on haulage business?

Haulage means the transportation of goods from one part of the country to the other. Haulage services is rendered using vehicles that is capable of lifting much quantity of goods at a time. Such vehicles are: tankers, trailers, cranes, tippers, trucks, etc.

Some of the products that can be transported through haulage services are: Petroleum products such as Kerosene, Liquefied natural gas, Premium motor spirit, Engine oil, Diesel, and any other related petroleum products. Consumer goods from the manufacturing companies. All consumable goods such as foods and drinks from the manufacturing plants to the distribution or retail destination.
Sand and stones from the dredging sites and quarry sites to the construction sites. Building materials such as cements, woods, irons, ceiling boards, corrugated sheets, and
every other construction materials of these kinds. Containers from the seaport to the final destination or from destination to the seaport.

Often times, I smile when I read about what people post about haulage business especially in a country like Nigeria. Some people just wake up one day and decide to invest into haulage without learning the technicalities involved.

Many investors are lured into this business by haulage managers who promise them outrageous weekly or monthly returns from their trucks.

Ensure you have answered the following questions before going into haulage business in Nigeria

==> What type of truck is good for petroleum and goods haulage?
==> What features/qualities do you look for in a vehicle to be used for haulage?
==> How to employ a driver for haulage business?
==> How do you tackle the problems of driver and mechanic?
==> Where and how do you get haulage jobs often?
==> List of haulage companies that pays well in Nigeria
==> How much does most haulage company pay daily, weekly and monthly as returns in Nigeria?

Different types of haulage trucks used for haulage business include dump truck (tipper), flatbed truck, container box truck, tanker truck.

model of truck and tipper types for haulage business in Nigeria

Any truck you decide to buy must be strong enough for our bad roads and maintenance must be cheap. The spare parts should be affordable and readily available. Please avoid Nigerian used trucks if you don't want to kill your business. I recommend you go for new or Grade A one Tokunbo Mack, Iveco, DAF, MAN and Scania trucks. The engine must be in very sound condition as well as the injector.

From my experience, DAF 95 truck is good if the back is going to be container body as it travels fast, is durable, does not consume too much fuel as well as parts and mechanic are available.

The contribution of drivers to the success of haulage business cannot be over emphasized. Drivers are indispensable. You should take your time to hire a driver with the right mentality. Some driver can sell off your drunk and run away, connive with truck mechanics to replace good parts with bad ones, sell part of the goods/petrol/diesel on the journey or lie that the truck is faulty. Verify your driver's contacts and address. Let his guarantor know the implication of what he/she is doing.

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