Become A Satellite TV Installer: Make Money Installing JOYTV, DSTV, MULTITV, FTA

How To Become A Qualified Satellite TV Installer

Many professionals need DSTV installer jobs. Asides acquiring the raw knowledge and experience, it's good you attend some dstv installation schools where you can get accredited installation training to become a qualified satellite technician/installer.

Satellite TV installers carry out a lot of installation jobs on various sites. They prepare, install and test satellite TV and broadband equipment as well as cable/paid TV. If you are interested in working with Dishes, LNBs, Decoders and other satellite equipment pieces, you can train to become a satellite installer.  This business does need not need you to spend a lot time in school. In fact most professionals have only diplomas and professional certifications of training. This because experience which is the key to getting installation jobs for your business can only be acquired through practice.

Learn How To Become A DSTV Accredited Installer, Set Up A School To Give Satellite Installation Training.

Some skills are necessary if you want to become a professional satellite installer include sound mathematical skills, keeping up-to-date with new technology, good colour vision and not being afraid of height

When setting up your satellite installation business, a robust knowledge of business administration is needed. This will help your business market effectively and grow a large database of loyal clients. Yo will also need to partner with retailers of electronic devices and satellite installation equipment so as to promote your brand.

satellite dish position setting

Requirements To Become An Accredited DSTV Installer: MYTV, DSTV, GOTV, MULTITV, FTAs, DAERSAT, FLYTV, VSAT

To apply for a license to become a qualified and accredited DSTV installer, you must have a registered business outfit, operating fully from your own premises for not less than 12months with update VAT records, functional emails and fax facilities. Your installation team must have their own set of recommended installation equipment and your company must have done at least thirty DStv installations.

Read more about it and download the application form HERE.

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