Ad Sense: Google Ad-Sense Tricks To Earn More

Ad Sense: Making More Money From Google Ad-Sense Ads

Many Google Ad sense publishers are often disappointed when they login into their accounts. Some make less than a dollar per day from poor CTR and woeful CPC. This can be very frustrating even after writing on high CPC Adsense keywords!

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Because of the important role played CPC in jacking up your ad sense earnings, I will take my time to share with you some tips that may help increase the number of clicks on your ad-sense ads.

Improving your CPC involves putting yourself in the shoes of your blog visitors and enhancing factors that may compel you to click on ads. This strategy is what I term 'increasing your "Ad Sense"

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AD SENSE - Optimizing your Ads For Clicks

Some factors that may compel your blog visitors to click on ads include:
- visibility (distinct ad location and colour)
- relevance
- non-ad appearance (ads blend with blog)
- catchy/compelling ad titles

ad-sense google adsense ad sense10 Tips To Increase Your "Ad Sense"

==> Make sure your ad background colour blends with that of your blog

==> Ad text colour and font must be closely related to what you use on your blog.

==> Reduce the number ad units to a minimum of two and maximum of three.

==> Place ad-sense ads on major heat areas that visitors usually notice such as below post title, after post body, under blog header, on the right side column etc.

==> Restrict ad impressions to only post page especially for text ads. This means making ad sense ad display on post page only.

==> Avoid link ads as they usually have low CPCs

==> Block any ad category performing poorly from ad sense account dashboard.

==> Avoid obtrusive ad sizes especially before post contents as this can be annoying for readers. Ensure you always include image options for ads units.

==> Create custom channels for all blocks of ads and monitor their performances.

==> Research and research. Don't stop tweaking.

The secret to increasing earnings from ad-sense is research. There is no rigid strategy. Continuous ad tweaking and monitoring performance are the keys.

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