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How To Start A Gym Fitness Centre For Body Building And Weight Loss

How To Start A Gym Fitness Centre For Body Building And Weight Loss

In Nigeria and especially in growing urban cities like Ibadan, Lagos, Abuja, Calabar and Portharcourt, there is an emerging problem of obesity common among the woman population. This issue has reduced the expected life span to barely over 50 years of age. Based on the lifestyle of an average Nigerian, many people find it difficult to stay committed to fitness programmes on a personal basis. The need to subscribe or register with a fitness centre or gym has opened up investment opportunities in this area.

Starting a fitness centre involves getting a space such as a large room and furnishing it with exercise equipment and gym facilities with an instructor in place. Many people also make cool cash buying and selling fitness products and equipment as well as manuals, books and videos on weight loss trainings.
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Most of the fitness centres I've visited in Ibadan are equipped with facilities such as dumbells, weights, thread mills, exercise bikes, Ab wheels, table tennis tables, swimming pools, skipping ropes etc. There are also some who focus on basically exercising the body without the need for equipments. Before going into fitness training business, you will need to work with fitness instructors and body trainer (gym coach) who are experiences in the different types of weight loss and body building exercises that a group of people can do together as a team. This is because most people get inspired to exercise more they see others busy too.

If you succeed in satisfying the fitness needs of people who register with your gym, your business will benefit from referrals from them.


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