Make Money From Customized Greeting Cards Personalized For Christmas, New Year And Valentine

How To Create Hand Made Greeting Cards For Money

Many young people make cool money building personalized greeting cards customizing it to the taste of the customers. A greeting card is one of the major ways people send appreciation and wishes. If you can develop yourself in the artistic and creative skills needed to make these beautiful greeting cards, you have the potentials to make hundreds of dollars especially during festive periods.

The freedom to customize size, colour, design and wordings make this business a very lucrative one as most people now attach more value to greeting cards that are designed for them only instead of just getting them one for the stores.

I will now highlight four steps you can take to set up your own customize greeting card business.

1. Learn The Ropes: Before you start the business of customizing cards, you need to be equipped with the technical information and experience. This knowledge can be acquired from tutorial videos and physical apprenticeship which you can arrange with an expert weekdays or during weekends. You need to be armed with the types and prices of different plain and cardboard papers, adhesives, glitters, water colours and tempos, glitters, rose petals, cutting instruments, calligraphic pens etc.
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sample pictures of customized greeting card 

2. Be Creative: To succeed in the business of selling of customized greeting cards, you need to give people reasons why they should come for your own products. Though you have now acquired the skills needed for the job to be down, it is your sole responsibility to see what you can do differently. Ensure you invest more designs in card template layout, lettering, wordings and colour interplay. This will compel your clients to come back from more as they know you have more to offer.

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3. Get A Reliable Supplier: Cards are made from different materials put together. It is important to get a supplier who is very much dependable. Such dealer should be able to supply you the materials at competitive prices. To prevent disappointment which may spell doom for your business, build a list of suppliers so your business can move on if a supplier disappoints or is not available.

4. Location And Promotion: Your location is important to the success of the business. For valentine cards, you will make more money if you site your business within or around a tertiary institution instead of a farm settlement. So of the things you can do to promote your business include: always leaving contact information on your products, taking samples to market around offices and schools, giving discount to people that refer others to you, advertising using online and offline media, broadcasting pictures of your work on your Facebook Fanpage, Whatsapp and BBM etc.

Hot: Make Money From Customized Greeting Cards Personalized For Christmas, New Year And Valentine

Believe me you can make cool money from his business. A small customized card which you can build with just 450 Naira cost price sells for nothing less than #2000 per one. Prices of medium and giant ones range between #3500 - #30,000. Now that I have exposed this profitable business venture, I hope you will take conscious effort to start. You can ask me questions by posting a comment below and sharing this post to help others get access to it.

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