Business Ideas For Teens

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Top 20 Small Business Ideas For Teens

Are you interested in starting your own business as a teen? Do you need investment opportunities suitable for someone of your age-group? What do you enjoy doing?

Here are some business ideas that any teen who wants to start his/her business should give serious thought.

==> Making custom greeting cards
==> Providing bicycle repair services
==> Set up an mini importation business from home
==> Make money running errands
==> Cleaning out garages and warehouse
==> Web design and development
==> Making custom bags, purse and shoes
==> Bead making and wire works
==> Blogging
==> Making Soap, paint. cream etc
==> Interior decoration
==> Plantain chips making
==> Planning events and carols
==> Customizing T-shirts
==> Starting a laundry business
==> Reselling used materials like books, clothes
==> Make-over services
==> Cake making and catering services
==> Graphic designing
==>  Reselling data and recharge cards

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What problems did you encounter in starting a business as a teen? What do you have to say to other teens who are interested in starting a business too?

Please Share it! :)

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