Why Selling Fairly Used Clothes, Second Hand Shoes And Okrika Bags Is A Profitable Business


Starting a second hand wears reselling business in Nigeria is practical way to make cool money. Many young and unemployed Nigerians are making cool cash from this silent investment.

If you doubt me, below are some of the reasons why you should give investing in fairly used clothing items a serious thought.

==> Many people are happy to get durable designer wears at lesser price not bothering whether it has been worn before.

==> The desire to look good among youth and middle age population despite tight budget has made selling second hand clothes, shoes and bags a lucrative investment.

==> There is a popular belief that fairly used wears last longer than new ones as they are generally more durable.

okirika bend down select market

==> People have the liberty to choose different grades of clothes and shoes according to the size of their purse.

==> You need little capital to set up an okrika business. Fairly used wears attract it buyers. You will spend little or nothing on marketing and advertisement.

==> You can easily move your goods from place to place. The second hand wears business is mobile. You can sell used clothes and shoes from place to place; schools, offices, roadsides, churches etc.

==> Due to the high demand for clothing items, there is a huge ready market for okrika wears. Investors can decide to sell to people online or through physical contact. You will be surprised that some boutiques even buy these products especially grade A ones.

==> After food, clothing is the next important man's basic need. There is great returns on okrika cloth business which doubles during festive seasons.

==> Success in fairly used wears business needs no education or technical skill. With the determination to succeed and perseverance, you are good to go. One key secret to success in okrika cloth business is to monitor trends in fashion and your customers' buying pattern.

==> There is great future prospect in this business. Many Nigerians have made millions selling used wears and many people will still make wealth from it. All you need is to be well informed before starting okrika business.

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