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How To Make Ankara Bag, Purse, Shoes And Other Accessories

 How To Make Ankara Accessories: Bags And Shoes, Clutch Bag, Button Earrings, Cake, Jewelry, Bangles, Earrings, Necklace In Nigeria

Ankara Accessories Do It Yourself (DIY) Free. Material. Training. Videos. Learn. Online. Tutorial. Manual.

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How To Start Ankara Product Making Business In Nigeria

The essence of this post is to ignite your passion about starting your own business by producing trendy Ankara-customized accessories like bangles, earrings, bow tie, neck piece, hair piece, rose, petals, phone pouch, notebooks, purses, tote bags and box bags. You will learn how to make beautiful fashion accessories using Ankara African print.

pictures of ankara customized materials

Here is a free guide on making Ankara earrings:

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ankara earringsThe following materials will be needed (see pictures underneath):
==> Earring
==> Bangle
==> Brush
==> Gum
==> Adhensive (SuperGlue)
==> Ankara material

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Personal Training Ankara - Ankara Accessories Training 2014-2015

==>1. Remove the plastic from the metals base using a needle.
==>2. After applying gum at the back of the plastic, cut out a piece of Ankara fabric and place the earring on the material.
==>3. Trim out excess fabric. Remember to leave 1/2 an inch as allowance.
==> 4. Apply gum with a brush on the inner sides of the plastic and fold the excess fabric inside. Smooth out creases from the edges.
==>5. Put gum on the metal base of the earring. Make sure the gum does not have contact with the gold edge
==>6. Fix the plastic part firmly inside the metal base.

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how to make ankara products in  pictures

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