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10 Oil And Gas Business Ideas And Investment Opportunities

How To Start Oil and Gas Business In Nigeria PDF - Investment In Nigeria Oil and Gas Sector

How to go into oil and gas business in nigeria
The oil and gas business in Nigeria is currently the backbone of Nigeria's economy. Funds from the export of crude oil is used to run the government, drive the economy, pay civil servants, put up infrastructures etc.

How to make money from oil and gas business in Nigeria

Are you interested in how to make millions in oil and gas business in Nigeria? You can only understand the great wealth in this business venture when you check out the lifestyles of employees in oil and gas companies, not to talk of the investors themselves. Oil and gas as a business may sound big but in reality, there are lucrative small scale investment opportunities in the Nigerian oil and gas sector. No matter your kind of person or the size of your pocket if you look critically, you will still discover small scale oil and gas businesses in Nigeria that you can start.

How to make money from oil and gas business in Nigeria
How much do i need to start oil and gas business in Nigeria? If you are passionate about investing in oil and gas business in Nigeria, I will recommend that you look into small scale ideas in downstream oil and gas business in Nigeria where most people have the financial capacity to start. The midstream and upstream sectors demand huge capital and great technical skills. Consequently, you find only multinationals and big indigenous companies in these sectors. This guide will reveal to you investment ideas on how to get into oil and gas business in Nigeria.

So how profitable is oil and gas business in Nigeria? See 10 lucrative oil and gas business ideas in Nigeria below.

petrol filling station pictures

List Of Top 10 Oil and Gas Business Opportunities in Nigeria

1. ==> Build An Oil Refinery: Well, this business is not for the 'faint pocket' You need great funds to set up an oil refinery which will run into millions of dollars. What you can do is source for loans or partner with other investors to generate the required capital. The working basis of this business is to get crude oil here, refine yourself and sell locally to dealers or export to surrounding countries.

2. ==> Importing Fuel: This business is the secret to the wealth of many big men in Nigeria. As part of the requirement, you must have a tank farm or group of filling stations where the imported products would be stored before you start fuel importation business.

3. ==> Equipment Leasing: If you cannot raise enough capital to go into oil exploration, drilling or refining business, you can set up a firm that lease out equipment used in the oil and gas sectors. Such equipment include

4. ==> Oil Servicing: With the required technical expertise and equipment, you can come together with other investors to set up oil servicing company to start providing maintenance and servicing for installations used in the oil and gas sector.

5. ==> Set Up A Filling Station: Thousand of investors across Nigeria make cool cash by building petrol filling stations. If you can get your location right, you are guaranteed a continuous flow of wealth from this classic example of profitable oil and gas investment opportunities in Nigeria.

6. ==> Petrochemical Refining Business: This involves going into the production of petrochemicals from crude oil such as

7. ==> Domestic Kerosene Business: The truth about kerosene supply business is that you can get kerosene at cheap price from NNPC. This is the secret of most dealers and filling station owners. These people make great returns on their investments due to the huge difference in the cost of buying and retailing kerosene.

8. ==> Petroleum Haulage Business: Due to the high demand for petroleum products in different parts of the country, transportation of these products has open a lucrative investment opportunity for Nigerians. This business is all about the use of tankers to distribute petroleum products with transport charges ranging from N30,000 to N300,000 depending on the distance to be covered and the capacity of the truck.

9. ==> Diesel Distribution Business: If you ask me, I will tell you there is hidden wealth in the sale and supply of diesel. I know some guys who supply diesel to school and company plants as well as telecommunication masts and I can confirm they are doing really good.

10. ==> Oil And Gas News: You can make money sharing news and information on latest developments, investment ideas, petroleum business challenges, entrepreneur interviews etc through online and offline means such as blogging, publishing periodic magazine, creating an oil and gas job portal, starting TV shows targeting the oil and gas sector. This is a perfect online oil and gas business in Nigeria for everyone.

It is also worthy to note that you will require licensing for most investment opportunities in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. Make sure you are duly registered to avoid problems from task force.

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Shun Oil bunkering and Pipeline Vandalisation!!!

Are you interested in how to start oil and gas business in Nigeria? Are you currently into any? Do you need an oil and gas business plan in Nigeria. Drop a comment below.


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