How To Create Information Products That Sell Online Fast


One of the numerous ways Nigerians like myself make cool cash off the internet is by selling information products. You may want to ask, ‘what are information products?’

These are products that are created specifically to supply information to end users. They are designed in such a way that people are willing to pay for them because these products supply information that solves their problems.

Examples of information products include manuals, tutorials, e-books, pictures, history, maps, videos and so on. They are usually files you create on your computer and sell in softcopy or hardcopy formats. To make money, you can sell on Snapdeal or Flipkart

It is worthy to note that to venture into this business, you will have to be good at using computers. The first step is to identify what people are really looking for. You can visit popular online forums to gather ideas. You will then have to create your own e-files. Tutorial manuals can be created in .doc, .docx or pdf formats while videos may be created in .3gp, .mp4 or .avi formats.

catchy information products cover design

Assuming you discover people are searching for detailed business plan for setting up poultry farming business or a feasibility study/report on fish farming. You can go ahead and create a comprehensive guide on these topics using Microsoft word and then convert it to pdf or other formats and then upload it to your website, email or passworded file hosting sites. Now is the time to start marketing. When interested people pay for your product, all you need do is to send it to their email address after payment has been

attractive ebook cover design picturePayment for your information products be received through bank deposits or payment by online transfer. The products can then be sent through email attachments or direct download link on your website.

So many people are recording success in this business, selling e-books and videos. Just find a hot product to sell. If your product goes for N1500, selling 100 files a month earns you N150,000 from the comfort of your home. This business is one of the best internet business ideas as most bloggers make more money from selling information products than from publishing ads. I have made some pretty cool cash too in the past few years.

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