Import Cheap Customized USB Flash Drives From China And Sell For Great Profit


It is difficult to comprehend the hidden riches that one can make from the sales of branded USB flash drives. Nigerians love items that are personalized and they are willing to spend more to brand products to their tastes.

Depending on location and nature of clients, you can sell original customized (with preferred logo/text printed on it) 8GB USB flash drive Nigeria within the price range of N1800 – N2700. This same piece can be purchased from US or China at an average price of $4  amounts to N680 (4×170 = N680). The average weight of a piece is 0.02kg, average shipping charges per kg is $4.8 and clearing fee is #280 per kg.

($1 = N170)
==> 100 pieces of USB flash drive at $4 per piece will cost N68,000
==> Cost of shipping 100 pieces at 0.02kg weight per piece is N1,632
==> Cost of clearing 100 pieces at 0.02Kg per piece and N280/Kg will amount to N560
==> Total cost incurred: N68,000 + N1,632 + N560 = N70,190
==> Selling 100 pieces at N1800 per piece will give N180,000
==> Profit: N180,000 – N70,190 = N109,000

branded usb flash drive in pictures

The company you’re buying from will customize for you. During the purchase, you will send the
design you want and it will be printed on the flash drives you ordered for. Talking of source, you can get in China using online stores like Aliexpress and Alibaba.

One can get high demand for USB flash drive as souvenirs from political parties, establishments, schools, religious organizations etc. If the target is an organization, you can always get small quantities as sample if need be. One can also sell to the general masses.

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