3 Fast Selling Products In Nigeria Without A Single Advert

Three No Ad Products Fast Selling Products in Nigeria Today

==> Garri: Garri is produced from grated cassava that is then smoked. This food is a fast food delicacy for everyone especially the common man. Garri does not need any serious marketing. This is because buyers are usually the ones looking for the product. Well, you may introduce some marketing idea where competition is intense but asides this, Garri business does not need any serious advert.

==> Ponmo: This delicacy is processed from animal hides and skin. Ponmo is consumed in many parts of the country. You will be shocked that in some canteens, the cost of buying ponmo is way higher than beef. This is due to the high preference for this product. I have never come across any advert for this product but I can assure you, it sells fast.

==> Okrika: Okrika is the term used in Nigeria for fairly used clothes, shoes, belt, bags and other accessories. These second hand products come in various grades: Grade A, Grade B, first Grade, 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade. The truth is that Okrika business does not need advert. Feel free to visit Katangwa, Cotonou, Togo, Seme, Aswani, different road side stores to confirm that okrika materials sells well.

fast selling products in nigeria

Other products that sell fast without a single advert include: 
==> St Louis Sugar
==> Recharge Cards
==> Suya
==> Kerosene
==> Tiger Generator (I-Pass-My-Neighbour)
==> Eggs
==> Dunlop bathroom Slippers

ponmo in Nigeria pictures

Do you know of any product that sells without much marketing? Share.

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