Site Selection and LayOut of Poultry Pen Housing Location

· This is a very important point to be considered before establishing a commercial poultry farm.
· The sitting of houses should take advantage of topographical features which will favour air movement.
· Records of local wind speeds and direction should be studied to ensure the best orientation to take advantage of prevailing wind i.e. the house should face away from the direction of the prevailing winds and storms in order to avoid rain and wind drought.
· Sites should be planned to avoid obstructions of air movement by other buildings.
· Avoid areas where there is heavy concentration of livestock activity. If this is not possible, choose a place swept by the prevailing winds before the latter reach other farms.
· The best locations are reserved in descending order for: layer breeder stock, future laying pullets, layers and broilers.
· Avoid sites prone to water logging; houses must be on a ground high enough to provide drainage and should be protected against the danger of floods, i.e. they should be located on well-drained sites.
· The site should be accessible from an all season; motorable roads to enhance delivery of feeds; removal of poultry products and wastes.
· A steady source of water and electricity should also be considered.

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