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Poultry netting is made by weaving or welding steel wires together, then hot-dipping it in zinc (galvanizing it) to protect it from rust. poultry netting is a stiff product, but you can bend it by hand, cut it fairly easily with a pair of wire snips, and attach it to your frame or posts with 3/4″ galvanized poultry netting fence staples. Once bent into shape, hardware cloth holds its shape well. Avoid using poultry netting staples from a hand-powered staple gun. They rust easily, and if/when they slip out, they will get pecked at. Galvanized poultry netting staples shot from a pneumatic staple gun, on the other hand, work great.

Poultry netting maybe because of its name, this is what most people think to use first on their coops. It’s made of thin wire woven together to create hexagonal openings. It’s relatively cheap but rusts quickly. And while it will keep your chickens in, it won’t keep the raccoons out. . . . Chicken wire could work fine as a poultry netting fence for a daytime yard, where you can keep a watchful eye on your chickens. Some people use this on the upper parts of their coops/enclosed runs to save money. Just keep in mind that if a rodent climbs up there, it too can get through the poultry netting openings.

Poultry netting for poultry use or fish farming, we have in stock different types of poultry netting for poultry and other uses. Do you need poultry netting for fence, fish pond or other uses or you know who needs it, please contact us. There are different type of poultry netting in stock for wholesales. Our products include durable poultry netting, security poultry netting, poultry netting fencing and poultry netting mesh panels.

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