How To Make Money From What People Need In Nigeria


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If you want to run a successful business empire, you can do so as long as you can keep providing what people want. This is because people will always want something. Human wants are simply unlimited and that can keep you in business if you make the smart move.

To avoid confusion, I suggest you narrow your choice of business down to
==> Would you like to go into manufacturing or production of goods?
==> Would you prefer to go into trading (buying & selling)?
==> Would you like to offer services?

What do people want?
You need to have a good record of what people want within your market. How do you get to know what the market wants before providing it? Most people tend to enter the market quite late after there is already a huge competition but if you can get into the market early by providing the resources, you stand in a better position to make the most money.

Let me instances of how to understand what people want and successful businesses that are providing them:
==> People want to be able to go to a bank without queueing. Now this keeps ATMs in business
==> People in Northern Nigeria probably need more water than the south due to the intense heat. Now this can keep water providers in business
==> Students in higher institutions need past questions. This keeps photocopiers with past questions in business
==> A lot of young people want to gain university admission. This keeps tutorial centres and private universities in business
==> The world is getting hotter. This keeps Cooling businesses like Iced blocks, A/C, freezer and Solar product providers in business
==> There is a higher population of unmarried people now in Nigeria than ever before. Now this keeps sites like Facebook relevant and is an big opportunity for dating agencies to startup in Nigeria

What to do to make money from opportunities
==> You need to be quick to identify them so as to make to most money and even dominate the market
==> You can also get into an already crowded market and still succeed by adding your own style or brand to it
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Just identify what people within your circle are seeking for or need, be able to provide it and you will make a lot of money if you add a bit of mathematics and economics to it

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