3 New Ways To Make Money From Nairaland

New Methods For Making Money On Nairaland

Nairaland is the most popular Nigerian website. It is an online forum where Nigerians interact and discuss issues under various topics, such as politics, technology, romance, business, and many others.

According to current Alexa traffic rankings, Nairaland is one of the top 1000 most visited website on the internet, attracting millions of visits every month. Owned by Oluwaseun Osewa, Nairaland was launched in 2005, and it presently has over 1 million registered members.

Aside interacting with each other and discussing their topics of interest, some smart Nigerians are making money on Nairaland in different ways. Whether you have been a regular visitor on Nairaland or not, you too can start making money on this high-traffic online forum; provided you offer products or services that are targeted at Nigerians.

Here are few methods to generate income from this large marketplace:

1. Post Targeted Ads
Nairaland has a system for rendering ads on specific section of the boards. With a minimum deposit of #10,000 into Seun Osewa's account, you can direct traffic to your sales page, Facebook fanpage or even your thread on Nairaland. I always advise that you study the sections you are interested in to know how busy it is, as well as the peak of activities in there. Good thing is that you can change sections and pause ads even while your ad campaign is running.

2. Start A Blog On Nairaland

If you have a particular business idea that works for you, you can write an ebook or create a tutorial video about it. Now here is the catch, Nairalanders have easy access to free information, guides and tutorials that are shared on the forum liberally, so creating a thread/topic trying to market your tutorial or ebook may be useless. The question is what do you do? People are more likely to buy your materials when you teach what you understand and practice. Start a topic about that business idea, give people free tips, encourage other professionals to contribute to your thread. Let your thread grow into relevance. After establishing authority in this field, you can then introduce a 'complete' tutorial to them by posting the link to your webpage or inserting the link in your signature.

 3. Offer Free Consultations

I can't overemphasize the power of free/bonus offers to creating a market for your product/service. If you are into selling android device for instance, you can start a thread discussion and solving android problems. Offering services relating to your main idea free will give you the needed authority/recognition to introduce your own product/services.

Let me conclude by giving you these tips. Always ensure that you insert relevant keywords in your topic title. Many people use google to search for threads on Nairaland. I for example search Nairaland through Google using 'site:nairaland.com SEARCHTERMS' so as get nigerian-oriented solutions to my questions. For instance if I were to open a thread to sell fish farming ebook for instance; I would make sure This search-related keywords are in my topic: FREE, FISH FARMING, GUIDE, TUTORIAL, MANUAL etc. Don't forget most people put FREE when googling for materials/solutions..lolz.

I hope you gained one or two things. If you are making money on Facebook, feel free to share your methods with us.

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