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How To Produce Dettol Soap, Antiseptic Cream, Liquid HandWash Formulation
Quickly, I will like to define An antiseptic as any chemical combination or solution that helps or has the ability to prevent infection by preventing the growth of micro-ogarnisms. I have explained earlier in our germicide lesson that some bacteria are harmful while some are helpful.

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These bacteria are every where, I mean everywhere. Wherever you find human beings, you find them. They are said to be 'micro' because they are so small that they can't be seen with the unclad (Unclad) eyes. So, our effort here is to get rid of the harmful ones.


So how do I make Dettol?
Hence, our focus in this dettol production process will be on how to mix or combine our chemicals in the right proportion to help us learn how to make dettol liquid handwash.

Composition of Dettol (Antiseptic Ingredients)

Chemical Materials Needed in the Preparation of Dettol (Concentrate)

1. Texapon
2. Pine oil
3. Phenol
4. Chloroxylenol
5. IPA (Isopropanol)
6. Dettol colorant
7. Water

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You notice some of the active chemicals used in the production of dettol disinfectant (and germicide) are also mentioned here.


Materials And Quantity Needed For Production Of 1 Litre Of Antiseptic (Dettol Formula)
(Using tin milk cup as our measuring ingredients for making dettol)

1. Texapon................1/2 tin milk cup of texapon
2.Pine oil................1 tin milk cup
3. Phenol.................1 tin milk cup
4. Chloroxylenol..........1/2 tin milk cup
5. IPA (Isopropanol)......2 tin milk cups
6. Dettol colorant........As desired or quantity that will give you the exact color of dettol (brown yellow).
7. Water..................3 tin milk cups

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Chemical composition of Dettol ingredients in percentage as follows:
Texapon.............. 5 0/0 percent
Pine oil.................9 o/0
Phenol...................9 o/0
Chloroxylenol........4.5 0/o
IPA (Isopropanol)......12 o/0

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PROCEDURE (Steps in Dettol Production Method)

To produce dettol disinfectant: method of preparation of dettol

Step 1. Turn the texapon into an empty bowl
Step 2. Add the pine oil and stir properly
Step 3. Add the phenol and stir also
Step 4. Add the chloxylenol and stire properly
Step 5. Add the IPA (isopropanol) and stir thoroughly
Step 6. Finally, add water to the content and stir properly.
The colour should be the last thing to add. Just dissolve the colour in water and add slowly till you obtain your desired colour.

Now, you have just produced your own Dettol antiseptic. Go and buy dettol no more!

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