Secret Fish Feed Formula To Raise Catfish To Adult Size Weighing Over 1.5Kg Within 3 Months 2 weeks

From experience, it is possible to rear fish to attain the specified KG within the specified period of time. Please note however that it is not every fish in the pond that you stocked that will give you 1.5KG but some of it will be around that.

The key factor is the first stage in the fish life. To me, the first stage is the stage they eat floating feeds(from fingerlings). You need 0.8mm and 1.2mm (56% crude protein) to boost their growth.

You can't make use of floating feeds to get to that level. You can only make use of local feeds to achieve that. Farmers should ensure that they let their fingerlings eats of 0.8mm and 1.2mm very well. For example; if you stock 2000 pieces give them 2 bags of 0.8mm, 2 bags of 1.2mm and a bag of 2mm before moving to local feeds.

There is no special charm. The best floating feeds for NOW is Coppens however you are only to feed your fish with enough 0.8mm, 1.2mm (because it is 56% crude protein) and just one bag of coppens 2mm before moving to local feeds. I feed my fish with floating feeds for a month. Max is 28days before changing to local feeds.

Formula 1: Fish Meal 72% (Danish Brand) 40, Toasted Soya 20, GNC 20, Biscuit 20, Premix 1KG, Lysine 1KG, DCP 1KG, Salt 1KG, VitC 200grams, Molasis 6 Size 2mm(starter or indomie size)

Formula 2: Fish Meal 35, GNC 20, TS 20, Biscuit 25, Premix 1, Lysine 1, DCP 1, VitC 200grams, Salt 1KG, Molasis 6 Size 2mm

The essence of the formula two is to reduce the cost of production. FM is the most expensive ingredient. From the above..the two things that changed is FM and Biscuit. I removed 5KG of FM and added 5KG to Biscuit.

In addition to the above information, do not change the size of local feed formula to 4mm, continue with 2mm....that is another place farmers makes mistake because most of the fish in the pond can pick 4mm then they will jump to 4mm instead of considering the small ones that cannot pick it. So, in order to make the small ones grow very well, you need to continue with 2mm.

You are to use the formula two twice.

My 17 days old fingerlings are now post Juvenile,,, it will surprise you to know that they are still eating 1.2mm. It is not because they are too small but because I want to boost their growth and eating culture from the scratch. The feed is very small for them but if u see them, they can pick 3mm coppens conveniently.

Some farmers will say it is wasting of money but that is just my secret. If you want to get good result, I insist go for fingerlings and from a known source and try out my formula.

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