Important Ideas On How To Run A Poultry Farm Business

In any business you want to start it is advisable to begin in a small form this will enable you gain experience especially as a novice or a beginner. poultry business is a lucrative business as you know eggs are on high demand. hotels needs it, snacks producers needs it,good for household use and even recommended by doctors. so you can see the huge customers in need of it. i will advise you to start small maybe with 300 birds. if you buy lets say 100 broilers and 200 layers birds. haco birds lays big eggs while broilers grows fast for table use. here are some tips on how you can start in a small form. you need
-a piece of land
-a structure to prevent rain,cool, humid weather, snakes and others things from destroying your birds
-a veterinary doctor
-a good knowledge of how to prepare your birds for survival
-a generator i pass my neighbour or even maybe kerosene stoves
-a source of clean water.

This business has techniques of handling it but is very simple. 200 birds can give you about 6 crates of eggs every day and if able to breed your broilers maybe 100 birds especially during the season period, you sell each for between 2k and 2.5k. so you can see how lucrative the business is.

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