Problems of Capital In Poultry Farming

Insufficient funding of small-scale poultry has limited the spate of development of the industry in south western Nigeria. This has often caused low level of production output in the industry. In this study therefore, the extent of micro-financing in small-scale poultry business was investigated. The sample consisted of 214 small-scale poultry farmers who were selected through multistage sampling technique.

For the poultry farmers to be fund secure they needed to improve on their level of education, years of experience in poultry farming, number of poultry birds and total annual expenditure.

Interest rates on loans obtained for poultry keeping should be moderate and affordable while the quality and quantities of input facilities such asfeeds, drugs and vaccines and water should increase. This is a major challenge to policymakers and operators of credit institutions such as banks and cooperative societies.

Finally, as more funds were made available to the small scale poultry farmers at minimal costs, the level of output in industry will improve.

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