The presence of ethanolic extract in the feed of Clarias gariepinus shows increase in the egg size (diameter).This shows that the ethanolic
extracts of Garcinia kola seeds possesses promising infertility property which can be exploitedin fish seeds production under hatchery condition. It is therefore recommended that the dietary
concentration of ethanolic extracts of Garcinia kola seeds between 0.25 and 0.59kg feed can be tolerated by Clarias gariepinus and may be included in the diets for fertility enhancement
because this will minimize the total dependence on synthetic drugs as fertility enhance

Other study in man, has shown that Garcinia kola helps man with infertility, with improvement in male fertility especially sperm characteristics. This might be as a result of biflavonoid and
xanthone in the plant. These compounds are protein anti oxidants which are capable of increasing the production of oestrogen,
the key hormone involve in the production and maturation of eggs in the ovary.

The wood is either a light ('white limba') or with dark stripes ('black limba' or 'korina') hardwood. Used for making furniture and musical instruments and prized for its workability and excellent
colour and finish. The most famous example of its use in guitars is when it was used by Gibsonin producing their now highly sought-after Flying V and Explorer guitars in 1958. When finished
in a clear coat, 'White Limba' results in an attractive light golden colour.

The root of the plant is sun dried for two weeks after which it can be grinded and mixed together with other ingredients like maize, soya bean, groundnut cake

It is only EXPERIMENTALLY recommend to use Terminalia superba root to induce breeding on gravid female of Clarias gariepinus, but care should be taken on the inclusion level because of the higher concentration of saponin in the roots than in any other part of the plant.

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