10 Super PPC Ad Copy Ideas That Increase Marketing Performance

Creative PPC Ad Copy Ideas and Strategies That Boost Sales

Pay Per Click (or Paid Search Advertising) is part of what is known as Search Engine Marketing. And together with SEO, they are the major ways to target people using search engines (which is mainly Google and Bing) to find answers to their questions or general information (or even products to buy). With it, just as the name implies, you as an advertiser only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Though over the years, the model has evolved and PPC campaigns may now use other pricing models such as CPM (pay per thousand impressions). The general idea about PPC is, it allows you to reach targeted audience fast.

Writing PPC Ad Copy That Delivers – PPC Ad Copy Examples

Pay Per Click advertising is actually important for an online business success. In fact, it can be said to be a necessary component for a complete and successful digital marketing campaign. But it’s quite unfortunate that many small business owners keeps underestimating the benefits of ppc and thus, keep missing out on a big opportunity to grow their online businesses fast in a profitable manner.

Actually, you can’t fake PPC copy tips. Yeah, to manage paid advertising on the search engines can be quite tricky, and many advertisers don’t effectively capitalize on Search Engine Marketing opportunities. And, one way you can make a big difference in paid search campaigns is with ad copy. And we’ve got tips for you.

1. Write Specific Ads For Specific Keywords:
According to statistics, we were told that visitors are more likely to convert to sale or sign-up (or any other type of conversion) when they see queries they’ve keyed into the search engines in ones actual ad copy.

2. Catering Ad Copy To Different Buyer Needs:
As a business owner, you need to know that buyers are motivated by different factors. Thus, you need try different buyer needs in ad copy to discover where you are getting the most hit for your money.

For those who are price sensitive, simply try ads with prices. For those looking for reassurance, you can try mentioning 24/7 support. And so on and so forth.

3. Appropriate Tone
Ensure you use the appropriate ad tone for your audience. If you are selling children’s items like toys, your ad copy can sure be lighter (and be more playful in tone) compared to if trying to sell to say business executives.

4. The Buy Cycle:
As many products and services are out there, there are also several buying stages. At the beginning of the cycle, searchers are said to may be looking for general information and product reviews. And at the end of the cycle, they may be looking for return policy and or where to make a secure purchase. Consider all this.

5. Analyze Paid Search Results:
In the PPC system, you need know that Click Through Rates and conversion figures are the main hit as long as your focus is to generate sales. It is being said that with higher Click Through Rates, advertisers do get lower PPC prices which can obviously gave a notable impact on the ROI (that is, Return On Investment).

6. Ensure PPC Data is Statistically Significant:
Walking a similar path to ROI and CTRs, advertisers can at times get what can be tagged conflicting data. At times, ads might show a high CTR and low conversion rate, or vice versa (but you want both high). Thus, inconclusive data means ad tests have not been running long enough (and you will continue to run tests until results become conclusive).

7. Ad Copy Keywords To Landing Pages:
If it is possible, ensure to have the keywords in your ad copy to also appear on your landing pages. Your landing pages are pages people go to when they click on your ads. It is said that keyword continuity (between search query, ad copy, and words on the landing page) helps searchers feel they’ve get to the right place.

8. Keep Testing Ad Copy:
Test, test, and don’t stop testing. Test different Ad headlines, different offers, and even different buy words. Don’t stop testing PPC ad copy!

9. Spend Time Creating Good Ad Copy:
Creating something fantastic might not come out of the thin air. It actually takes time to generate good ad copy. Therefore, ensure you give copywriting the time it deserves.

While drafting, ensure you determine differences between you and your competitors and also write ads with different tones.

10. Think Outside The Box:
Ensure you don’t draft a bland copy. Think outside the box, and bring on something excellent.

In conclusion, creatively utilize this tool, and get the best.

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