Business Ideas In Nigeria That Require Very Little Or No Capital

Top Best 10 Low Cost Business Ideas In Nigeria: Business To Do In Nigeria With Little Capital

Business to do in Nigeria with little or no capital
The prominent fact that Nigeria is faced with a very high rate of unemployment should influence her citizens (especially the young ones) to begin thinking outside the box. In terms of bringing money into one’s pocket, one just needs to be smart and find ways to make a living, amidst the numerous challenges that are visible in the country.

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What business can i do in Nigeria with little capital? Many people already realized that the solution to solving the problem of staying jobless and having nothing to do, is to start their own business. Nevertheless, they are faced with another problem: CAPITAL! They strive passing over the hurdles by approaching options like borrowing money from banks and family members. But alas! The banks are asking for ridiculous things, and family members claimed they don’t have money!

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Thus, here’s a list of 10 business ideas to start in Nigeria that require no buoyant start-up funds. In fact, they can be launched in less than one week. These businesses can be approach by anyone with the required skills. It doesn’t even matter whether one is a graduate or an undergraduate.

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Here are 10 small business to start in nigeria with little capital.

1. Fixing Computers/Software Installation: When talking about great businesses ideas in Nigeria that one can do with little or no capital, fixing computers should never be underestimated.

We are in the computer age, and Nigerians are embracing technology more and more. Talking about computers, it seems, for every new computer manufactured, ten crash and a hundred more need repairs. One can limit one’s expertise to software installation and routine maintenance services like formatting. One can even concentrate on repairing and changing of components alone as this is one cool business you can do in Nigeria with little capital.

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You can learn the skill, and depending on how fast you can learn, begin repairing computers for people, within a very short period of time. In fact, you can even learn on your own via the internet. On YouTube, there are lots of videos available for this.

2. Home Lesson Tutor: As Nigerians, we all know that exams like JAMB, WAEC, GCE and others, are always around the corner. And guess what, no student want to fail!!!

Everyone of us should know one or two secondary school students living around our streets, or that attend our places of worship. It’s as simple as identifying the subjects one can teach, talk to their parents and offer to teach their children for some hours every weekend or after school depending on one’s availability.

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One can charge as much as ₦1000/hour depending on the subject, child’s age and location. All you need do is to get better on the subject(s), present yourself well (you can tell the parents about your own WAEC/JAMB score or university GPA) and get as many students as possible. Trust me, this ideas is one hot small scale business in Nigeria with little capital.

3. Baby Sitting: Do you need a small business in Nigeria with low capital? Nowadays, It’s very common to find women who work far from home and have to leave home early. They most likely keep their children at a day-care centre where they are one of many. Smart people can see a need begging to be filled here.

If you know one of those ‘very busy’ parents, you can walk up to them and offer to watch their children after school for them, till they get back home. This business is perfect as you can run another project/business/job during regular hours.

N.B: Due to the rate at which children are being maltreated and kidnapped by those their parents put in their care, you need to be a trustworthy person. You need to convince them as to why they should trust you.

4. Website/Blog Design:
This is one profitable business in Nigeria with little capital. New blogs and websites are put up on the internet hourly and many of them look crappy. With a good eye for colours and design and with some researches and practices, you can begin to design websites and blogs for people.The internet provides numerous business to start with low capital in Nigeria. All you need do is dig.

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Good news is that you don’t need to be a ‘guru’ in coding before you can take up this money making idea. There are many pre-made blogging and website platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix etc. that come with themes you can easily edit and personalize to taste. You can take a free design course on free online resource sites like Alison or Coursera, and begin practicing in a free time.

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Advertise your services on your social networks, start with your friends and you are in business.

5. Managing A Company’s Social Media Accounts And Blogs:
You know, in today’s computerized world, ‘little things’ could be opportunities that could fetch one lots of money. One of such ‘little things’ is ‘wasting your time surfing the net’

Among the numerous opportunities the internet has to offer is managing social media accounts for companies. Many big companies employ high prolific social media managers they pay thousands of Naira per month. But what about small companies?

Many small companies have redundant social media accounts and blogs and are failing to engage their customers. They can’t afford to employ a social media manager or use digital marketing software. All you need is to love social media, know the tricks for establishing brand presence on social media and be willing to learn something new. The company provides their content (or you create for them) and you help them post, share, engage their customers and establish a strong brand presence.

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6. Promotions: As I said earlier, ‘little things’ can now fetch one money in this global village of ours. Do you know some individual are making money with Facebook and twitter by simply promoting and advertising something for people?

If you have over 4,000 Facebook friends, 100,000 twitter followers, 1000 BBM/WhatsApp contacts, you can help promote events, businesses, trainings etc and charge at least ₦500 per post/broadcast on each social network.

7. Online Sales: Bill Gates once prophesied that in a short while from now, all business would be online or completely out of business.

Talking about selling online, you don’t need to start your own unique online store. There are several online ‘marketplaces’ you could sell your stuff either for a small fee or completely free. The advantage of using an online marketplace is that these ‘markets’ usually have the much desired publicity that would ensure your products reach your customers faster than you could ever do it yourself.

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Simply look around for things that are scarce in the ordinary ‘offline’ markets. It might even be products in the trader’s shop next door. Take a snapshot of the product and advertise it on the online marketplace (whichever you choose). When an order is placed for if, simply ship it from your neighbor’s store! This type of business is obviously one business you can do without money!

8. Deliveries/Driving: No one is saying you must be hooked with a ‘big man’ you will be driving around, who is the one that will determine how much you take home per month. This is what we are saying.

You or your family may have a car currently that is a liability to you guys. Now, why not volunteer to drop off the kids in your estate? Or, those small schools in your vicinity that can’t presently afford a school bus, why not go and talk business with them? You can even approach a company tight on budget and offer to be an independent delivery man for them at a fee.

9. Blogging: I want to believe you already know what a blog is. And I want to believe you already know the ways it can be used to make money.

Though this is a business one can do with little or no capital, but when it is brought up as a money making venture, the first image that first comes up is Google Adsense. Well, for your information, that’s just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to making money at home without cash. You could sell adspace directly to advertisers, sell a service, advertise banners of local businesses etc. The opportunities are basically limitless.

But I don’t have a laptop yet? You can start with an Android phone!!!! Yes, just set aside some little money for data subscriptions.

10. Laundry: Many people don’t have time to wash their clothes, and they won’t mind paying others to do it for them. Instead of not having something to do, why not consider this? Between, many things we think are ‘degrading’ are actually profitable. Just have the right thoughts!!!!

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Are you looking for businesses that can be done in Nigeria with little capital? Here you are. Do more researches. Pray to God to help you. And, do something!!!!!!

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