How To Get A Grip Franchise: Cost, Startup Requirements and Opportunities


Get A Grip, Inc. is a family-operated and owned nationwide franchise organization that was founded in 1999 with its headquarters located at 11840 Cochiti S.E. Albuquerque, NM. They are into refinishing of tile showers, bathtubs made of porcelain; work on countertops made of marble, the repair and refinishing of cracked or worn fiberglass bathtubs.

Now ranked at #316, Get A Grip Inc. has been featured on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list of franchise companies both in the United States of America as well as Canada and have been franchising since 2007.

The Get A Grip Franchising LLC started when Ryan Dillard, who was on holidays, paid a visit to some of his family relations in Albuquerque. It was during this visit that he came across a method of restoring countertops or bathtubs that were worn without removing them from their positions.

Ryan also saw the possibility of reaching out beyond the immediate locality with such knowledge and how it would help people. So, when he got back home to his parents Cub and Sharon Dillard, he told them about his discovery and the business potential hidden in such a venture.

He was able to convince them about the profitability, and they all moved away from their homes in Texas down to Albuquerque in New Mexico to start Get A Grip. Currently, Get A Grip is known as a prominent force in the resurfacing industry and have more than 30 locations spread around the country and is still run as a family business.

Their sustained growth every year has proven that they are indeed leaders in the industry, as they have been able to save the homes, the time and the money (that would otherwise have been spent on replacing or remodeling) of business owners using their established business model.

There is no end to the class of people or businesses that Get A Grip caters for; for potential customers could be those that have or operate motels, hotels, resorts, apartments, commercial facilities, condominiums, churches, schools, hospitals, institutions, airports as well as factories. This is what makes owning a Get A Grip franchise a profitable business.

Individuals or groups of people interested in owning a Get A Grip franchise do not need to have any previous experience in the resurfacing industry.  The franchise fee costs between $25,000 to $70,000 and the term of agreement and renewal are five years.

Included as part of the package that comes with the franchising opportunity, is a comprehensive business system that will help you to set your franchise in motion. Since Get A Grip seeks to provide quality and concentrates on delivering the best products and services that are friendly to the environment, new, safe as well as inventive, the company would not expect less from its franchisees.

The franchisor also offers high-class products for the business which are all registered trademarks and also provide the materials and equipment that will be needed when your franchise is called upon to work on countertop surfaces or for resurfacing laminated cabinets.

Other products offered by the franchisor includes the patented repair system, bio inlay, eurostone, ottesey (which is a unique spray system used to create a distinctive design and texturing). No royalty fees are required.

The franchisor also offers a hands-on and on-site training program for two weeks along with the complete set of equipment and systems for full operations of the business. Available are operations manual, franchise programs, useful how-to-network materials, photographs and press releases as well as constant technical support, steady guidance, and account support.

Since the franchise is a business model that can be operated from home, the required number of employees that will be hired is not more than two or each of the franchise units. If you desire to be a dormant franchise owner, the franchisor is ready to accept you because one hundred percent of Get A Grip franchisees are operators or owners. The network of Get A Grip franchises and dealers number up to thirty in seventeen states in the country.

The training program is also available at the headquarters, and the continuing support will be rendered via telephone lines that are toll-free and the internet.

They will also handle anything that has to do with security as well as safety procedures and field evaluations or operations. Additional marketing support includes an online website and manuals for operations.

So ensure you perform your due diligence before becoming or starting your business. Visit owners of franchises and talk to them, learn from their mistakes and get relevant information that will make your rise to fortune as effortless as possible.

5 Lucrative Franchise Opportunities Under $10k

List of Profitable Franchise Opportunities Under 100000

Franchising, as a business type, has garnered impressive spread and success over the last several decades. This is because Franchising has the inherent attribute of being replicable, as well as having been tested and tried, in different nations of the world. Emphasis has recently been placed on seeking franchising businesses with the least start-up costs.

Franchise For Sale Under 10000 Dollars
The threshold has been fixed at a maximum of 10,000 USD, although there exists a few franchising industries with an entry cost a little above that threshold amount of 10,000 Dollars. The overall initial investment comprises startup costs, including franchise charges to machinery purchases, leasing of property, training programs, as well stock inventory costs.

The following Franchise businesses come under the 10,000 USD categories:


3 IN 1 Snack Franchise

The investment needed to open a 3 in 1 Snacks Franchise starts from 4,000 USD. This initial franchise fee of 4,000 USD grants the franchisee the right to operate a business under the 3 in 1 Snacks brand.

  • Breakdown of Costs
  • Initial Investment:  From 4,000 USD 
  • Initial Franchise Fee: 4,000 USD
  • Royalty Fee: 2-5%
  • Advertising Fee: Not available
  • Duration of Agreement: 3 to 5 years

A All Animal Control Franchise

A All Animal Control is the pathfinder and pacesetter in the Nuisance Wildlife Control sector, offering excellent customer services and delivering topnotch performance for value. Boasting over 33 locations servicing 22 states in the United States of America, our team of wildlife experts possess  the technical  know-how and  the  requisite resources to undertake   commercial sized  projects while also servicing  other categories of  clientele.

A All Animal Control  was the first to deploy  the cutting edge  Total Wildlife Control System. This system offers a   pinpoint program for a  thorough  resolution of human/ wildlife conflict of interest  in the most considerate means permissible. The franchise structure  of A All Animal Control is suited for  college  and high school graduates, wildlife conservation experts and individuals with an interest in wildlife.

The investment that will be required to start a A All Animal Control Franchise starts from $7,500 USD.

  • Break down of Costs.
  • Initial Investment: 7,500 USD
  • Initial Franchise Fee: Not available
  • Royalty Fee: Not available
  • Advertising Fee: Not available

Aloha Hotels Franchise (Chain of Hawaiian Hotels)

 Aloha Hotels is committed to providing unequalled customer service to enhance every visitor’s experience. Aloha Hotels strives to provide friendly, qualitative, professional and efficient service to guests and tourists.

The investment required to open an Aloha Hotels Franchise starts from 1,000 USD, and depending on the size desired by the franchisee, it could rise considerably.

Breakdown of Unit Costs

  • Initial Investment: $1,000-$100,000
  • Initial Franchise Fee: Not available
  • Royalty Fee: Not available
  • Advertising Fee: Not available

Ballon Café Franchise

This franchise is a less than 10k USD franchise that caters to individuals and businesses that want to be part of a confirm business system that comes with running an independent business.

The benefits of Ballon Café Franchise include the following:

The franchisee can professionally cater to customers that do not have a retail outlet.
The franchisee can communicate with customers and receive orders by phone irrespective of their location.
The flexibility to  enter and exit the franchise
No retail store rent are required
The franchisee does not incur expenses such as signage setup, price tags, etc.
Reduced payroll expenses and in some case, none at all.
The franchisee bears  lower inventory inputs
The franchisee can enjoy home-based business tax deductions.

  • Break down of Unit Costs
  • Initial Franchise Investment: 8,000 USD
  •  Franchise Fee:  6,000 USD
  • Royalty Fee:  60 to 200 USD per month.
  • Advertising Fee: Not available
  • Duration of Agreement: 5 years
  • Renewal Fee: 1,000 USD
Beauty Call Franchise (Mobile Beauty Parlour)

This under- 10,000 USD franchise offers a splendid opportunity for individuals to own their businesses, utilizing the business prospects in the wedding and event sectors.  The potential franchisee will also be able to call upon the expertise of other freelance artists, who run their own beauty parlours.

The franchisee enjoys the following bonuses working under the Beauty Call Franchise:

Flexible work hours, as many wedding and events take place over the weekend.
Low start-up costs, that promises a handsome return on investment.
The franchisee enjoys comprehensive business contacts and leads  made available from the Head office
The franchisee enjoys advertising and business consultancy services for free.

The investment needed to start a Beauty Call Franchise is 5,300 USD. To become a franchisee, you have to pay a franchise fee of $5,300 which grants you the right to operate under the Beauty Call name.

  • Breakdown of Unit Costs
  • Initial Investment: 5,300 USD
  • Initial Franchise Fee: 5,300 USD
  • Royalty Fee: 1,800 USD annually
  • Advertising Fee:  5% to 16%

How To Start A Recruitment Agency Business

Starting An Recruitment Agency Business

With the rise in the unemployment sector, you will realize that a lot of people are looking to venture into various businesses to improve their standard of living. In contemporary times recruitment agencies are created to curb the rising rate of unemployment in the society.

Start staffing agency business
Starting a recruitment firm business can guarantee a source of second income for you, and by connecting companies that has vacancy with job seekers. To ensure that you build a cordial relationship and continuous partnership, you will have to scrutinize and thoroughly examine employment seekers to ensure that they meet the requirements of your clients.

If the need be, you will need to register with them as a recruiting agency and they in turn inform  you when here is need to hire. In this post, I will be giving a few tips on how you can start a recruitment agency of your own to help curb the unemployment problem

How To Start an Employment Agency Business

Pick your Niche

To startup an employment agency business, first you need to pick a field that you think would work for you, this you can decide by observing your interest and building upon it, it could be Agriculture or Banking and finance. Whichever you decide to venture into, you must realize that every industry has its staffing needs and these needs should be your number one priority when you recruit.


In this part of the world, no one is taught how to start up a recruiting agency in school. This is the reason why it is a necessity to first learn all there is to know about recruitment agencies. The information you will to gather most importantly would be, what recruitment agencies do, how they work, how to build a customer line, how to make profit or should I say, the employment business plans available that make for certain that there is profit in this sector of business.

Skill development

One requirement to run a recruiting agency is to have the ability to identify raw talents when you see them, and different people with different expertise from diverse places are the people you will be dealing with. Therefore you on your part will need to be sound in mind and understand to succeed in this sector


This is a venture that is capital intensive, and to be able to run the recruiting company successfully, there has to be reserve money for payment of your staff, having enough cash to cover business expenses and advertisement of your business. This is to say, you need to be financially prepared before venturing into this any employment business model.

Study and Comprehend What Is Legal for the Business

Find out if a business license is required. Consult your local government agency for requirements.
Find out about laws related to advertising for employees.
Learn about taxes and the rates required. Get to know the amount and due dates of payroll and income taxes.
Research on legal requirement related to insurance.


Location is one major factor for your business and this will be determined by the branch or field you want to venture into and this on the other hand is dependent on your target market. While choosing a location but into consideration how profitable it would be to open up this business at whatever location you’re considering,

Create a Marketing Plan

You need to create a recruitment agency business marketing plan and strategy, you need to make a list of clients and prospective client, and this selection can be done based on the industry your recruiting firm focuses on. You can create contact by making calls, writing and sending mails to prospective companies, placing of  advert in newspapers, magazines and online job sites.

You need to design a good logo to show how serious and sincere your agency is, a website is also required to help with marketing, business cards, and provide newsletters that would be able to send to your clients to help them have enough information about your agency and what you do generally.

Employ Recruitment Staff

It is obvious that this business cannot be run by just one person handling every department, which is why employing the service of others who are specialist in the field should be one area you have to also work on in the business.

To run a recruitment agency business successfully, you should look out for individuals who would in their departments help you build your business and have tremendous increase in profits and also a boost with clients also. You would need staff that specialized in administrative work, staff that has superb communication skills, also staff in accounts. All of these are necessary to help build your business and guarantee its success.

3 Easy Online Jobs For 16 Year Olds At Home

3 Profitable Online Jobs For A 16 Year Old At Home (Boy, Girl, Student, Teen, UK, Phillipines, USA etc)

Apply for free online jobs for 16 year olds
If you are a parent, you will agree with me that having your teen asking you for money all the time can be frustrating. It is better if your teens have a job from where they can make their own spending money and learn work ethics while they are at home.

Though, it may be difficult at times for them to find online jobs, it is in this part that adult have upper hand. There are wonderful opportunities available that teens can take advantage of.  It is no doubt that our everyday lives have been made a lot comfortable and easier with the introduction of the internet.

With the help of the internet, it has been possible to purchase product online from the comfort of our home, get important news, communicate with different people around the globe, and promote products. The internet has also made it possible to start up an online business by simply staying at home.

Based on statistics, 30% of people that surf the net are teenagers and most of the sites visited by these teenagers are Facebook, twitter, Instagram, yahoo, etc. Thereby, spending most of their time browsing on these social networks, it is possible for these kids to make cool cash from online jobs.

The first and most important qualification you need to start a job online is a good computer skill. There are numerous online jobs available for any teenager, in which the teenager can choose from. For example, a teenager who is very good at typing very fast and can make research on the internet about different topics can apply for writing jobs.

If a 16 years old kid can be very good at copy and paste, then, data entry jobs will be a perfect venture for him or her. Another important factor to be considered for online jobs is your accessibility to a fast and stable internet. Without this, it will be very difficult to handle any online job.

Actually, young teens like jobs that will be fun, enjoyable, less stressful, easier, informative, educating, etc.. There are many works out there for teens to take up.
Below are the lists of online jobs available for any teen to take up:


Survey online jobs are among the best (if not the best) jobs available for any teenager. This is because;

  • They are free.
  • They are easy to do.
  • They can be done at your free or leisure time, whenever you want.
  • They are rewarding and fun.

These are list of survey online jobs available for teenagers that have been used for many years now. One good thing there is that they are free and legitimate to join. You will be required to put in your email address which will be used to confirm your subscription. They are:

1. Global test market
2. E-poll survey
3. Valued opinion
4. Smart panel

Among all these activities they do, they are found browsing social networking sites. Though this might be helpful, but teenagers shouldn’t waste their time browsing these social networks. They should be encouraged on how to utilize maximally, their time on the internet.

Involving themselves on different online jobs is very helpful. This can be in two ways. First, it will make a teenager an expert in handling computers as the world is going technological. Secondly, it will help the teenager earn some extra cash. Thus, making teenagers self dependent and sufficient.


Many teens love listening to music. Why not use this opportunity wisely and get paid from it. This job does not require any special skill at all, and you just have to listen to music online. This is done like this; you listen to a music, and you get paid between the range of $0.05 and $0.25 per track reviewed.

In this type of business, you will be able to make money based on several factors including your quality of review, membership rank, and the length of review too. Most of these type of business payment methods are been done via paypal.


There are so many websites where teens can complete some assignment like reading of emails, clicking a link and view it for at least 15 seconds, and there are some that all you need to do on the site is to watch advertisements online.

The age required for this is at least 13 years. There is money up for grabs in taking short surveys, downloading their mobile app, and scan Wal-Mart items. There are many other online jobs for teenagers, and you just have to look them up on the internet.

How To Make Money By Listening To Music

Make Money Online By Listening to Music Online: Sites, App, Application

Earn Money By Listening To Music Online
How possible is it to make money by listening to music? I mean, people make money by making music not listening to music. We all listen to music if not every day, then quite often, we don’t get
paid, and in fact we do not expect to get paid for listening to music.

We all are looking for a means to make some extra cash and listening to music might just be what you have been looking for. There are some websites that pay people to listen to some songs that have been done by either upcoming artists or already made artists and then they will be expected to drop reviews on the song they have listened to or give their ratings on the song.

The job is basically to listen to music, drop a comment or review and start making your money. Although you might not get rich from listening to music, but it sure is a very easy way to make some cash.

To many people, music is a way of life and a means by which they survive. Making money by listening to music is a source of income that might not be much but may serve as a side income which will go a long way.  There are several websites that promote this new form of making very easy cash and they include;

Inbox Dollar

This is a site that previously used to run an online paying program that pays people to and click read advertisers email but they just launched a radio station and would pay you to listen to the station. The only requirement is to sign up for free and listen to the station and get paid. You are paid based on how long you listen and how genuine you review about the station is.

You get paid 6 cent per hour to listen to their radio station. If you can maintain 8 hours a day listening to their radio station, you will be making $120 a year. Remember, it’s a side income.

Slice the Pie

This is another website that pays you for listening to music. Is website started in 2007, and is said to be the largest music review engine. You are only required to listen to a song for 20 seconds, and do a review on the song after which is what determines your pay and your payment is also tied to the usefulness of your review.

One good thing about this website is that you have the opportunity to cash out your earnings at any time or invest them both of which are majorly your choice. You begin to earn at least $2 per review and how good you determines if you get a raise of not and you can watch your earnings increase to $20.

Hit predictor

This site rewards you for listening to music through points which are not redeemable as cash but they allow you purchase items like CDs and headphones. You are expected to comment on the songs you listen to and rate them to increase your points and also increase the value of your redeemable prizes.

Music Xray

This is a website that pays you some cents to listen to music and does not require and comments or ratings. All you do is listen to a song for 30 seconds and get paid for doing so. Which make is easy although the pay is not much, it adds up quickly, and I must say that this is not a business but a means to make some extra cash.

Song people

Although a UK based website, it is open to everyone. This website accords you direct interaction with the artist and then you are to listen to the song and get paid by giving the artist your genuine rating for the song.

Radio royalty

On this website you listen to music and are able to watch the videos although this is entirely your choice as an individual. You begin to accumulate points and this points are being transferred to your credit card or online wallets. Listening to music is not easy in anyway but it can be fun.

Unique rewards

On this website, you are required to listen to fresh and upcoming track, this is a means of advertisements. On like other sites, the website that not require any review or ratings of any sought.

You see that money can actually be made by listening to music, although the earnings are not huge, they have various needs they can meet and it also is a learning process and can help reconstruct the music industry.

How To Get Paid Online Without Paypal - 4 Paypal Alternatives To Receive Online Payment

Paypal Alternatives For Receiving Online Payment Fast - Top 4 Online Payment Alternatives to PayPal

How to pay online without paypal account
Online entrepreneurs in some part of the world are finding it difficult doing online business smoothly because almost all business sites that pays, only pays via PayPal. I have been receiving several messages from readers of this blog asking me what other payment option are available that one can use to get paid money online apart from PayPal.

If you landed on this blog because you are also having such issues and that was why you choose to read through this post, you have not made a mistake. In this post, I will be sharing with you several ways you can get paid online without PayPal.

It took me lots of research to find out possible ways one can get paid online without hoping on PayPal or having to open an unverified PayPal account with false details so one can use it for online business.

How To Make Money Online Without Paypal 
It is a well-known fact that PayPal is the most popular online payment services in the world that help to send and receive money online. But other competitive payment system has started making waves recently and I will be sharing the most trusted and legit means to make and receive payment online in this post.

List of 4 PayPal Alternatives for Your Online Business


Formerly known as AlertPay, this is an online payment processor just like PayPal, it does everything PayPal do. Many online businesses that pay freelancers or affiliate marketers now use Payza to make online payment.

You can get paid using Payza and you get the freedom to transfer your money straight to your bank account whenever you want. It is free to sign up. You can either open a personal or business account, both account can accept credit card from whosoever does not have Payza account.

That means you don’t have to bother yourself if your client has a Payza account or not. This Payza is available for members from almost all countries unlike PayPal that has restrictions for reasons best known to them.


After struggling years with PayPal and their verification procedure every few months and their high transaction bills, I moved to Payoneer that has also gained more ground just like PayPal.

One thing I love and which I think they will continue to do is that, when you sign up with them, you will be given $25 for free. But, you won’t be able to cash it until your account amount to a minimum of $100.

Another is, you get shipped a Payoneer MasterCard to your house for free too. So, if you want to withdraw your earning, you just visit any ATM that has the logo of MasterCard on it, and you can withdraw your cash without coming online or selling it to online merchant who buys it at their own low price thereby robbing you of your hard-earn money.

Signing up with Payoneer automatically gives you a US based account where you can receive money through check. So, I ask you, which do you think is a better way to pay online, PayPal or Payoneer?

Western Union or MoneyGram

At first, I was not open to this payment system because I taught that the only way to send money is by going to the bank. I never knew someone can send money via Western Union or MoneyGram online.

I can remember a client of mine who told me that he does not have any cash on his PayPal account that he would have love to use but will accept any other means. Then I never had Payoneer or Payza. This was actually my first method I used back then to get paid online without PayPal.

I had to search on Google and found out that someone can get paid online by sending money via or This sender can make the transfer using a credit card or make the transfer from normal local bank you or straight to your account.

Do you need to sign up to get paid? No, only the person sending the money that is requires to sign up before sending the cash. So, you can also use this method to get paid online without PayPal.

Skrill (Moneybookers) 

This online payment company is also gaining huge rise recently. It is free to sign up and also easy too. It members are mostly U.K and other Europeans countries because it is favorable for them.

After Payoneer, Skrill is the second most popular alternative to PayPal in terms of online payment transactions. The good news is that, this payment company is accepted by many top sites. That means, getting paid online is made easier. And with time more and more service provider’s sites that offer services for freelancers will start using it.

So, here you have it. Stop stressing yourself over opening a PayPal account, and it’s not worth the stress. A company that doesn’t feel your pain doesn’t deserve your time. I just gave you alternatives to getting paid online without PayPal and they are all free to sign up.

What are you waiting for, choose one and sign up today. Don’t keep your online money hanging in the hands of your client because of PayPal. See you at the bank!

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities in Tennessee


Do yon need business ideas to make money in Tennessee? Tennessee is one of the most business-friendly states in the United States of America. Dependable sources like CNBC and Forbes have carried out research and have created a ranking structure based on the quality of living standards, transportation, logistics, as well as the costs of running businesses in Tennessee.

As stated by Forbes, Tennessee is the 13th most business-friendly state in the country whereas CNBC, using its ranking system positioned the state at number fifteen. Although congestion is a thing of concern for entrepreneurs and business owners, projects that will lead to the expansion of roads as well as other plans to make commuting easier in the nearest future are in the works.

These projects, when completed, would minimize traffic congestion and make traveling easier within the state of Tennessee. Businesses across various industries will thrive better as transportation logistics would be almost ideal. Materials or products will be shipped easily to wholesalers or retailers as well as from outside the country and would arrive their destinations on time without unnecessary delay.

Starting a business in Tennessee is one of the greatest ideas one can ever have in the sense that Tennessee is one of the few states in the country that do not impose any tax on personal income.
The state of Tennessee will not tax the proceeds that flow to you from your startup business. This implies that you will have more capital to invest in enhancing your business.  In general, Tennessee has one of the most inexpensive tax burdens in the whole of the United States. The tax burden is low due to the combination of ‘no state property’ and ‘no state personal income’ taxes.

There are many small businesses one can startup in East Tennessee, and most of them can be operated from an office set up at home, thereby cutting some of the startup expenses as you will have no need to rent an office space or recruit many staffs.

You can also transform an existing business in TN by taking it online; in so doing, your business becomes recession-proof as it will not be affected by any slowdowns in the local vicinity.

Here are some of the business opportunities in Nashville Tennessee that one can take advantage of:


1. Owning a Business Franchise: One of the businesses you can start up with is to own a business franchise. The biggest benefit from such a venture is that you don’t need to start your business from scratch as you will be riding on the shoulders of giants.

That is, you won’t have to go through the awkward phases that most start-up entrepreneurs pass through such as procuring brand recognition, the creation of tried and tested processes and systems that enhance the smooth running of the business on a daily basis, acquiring customers and building a profitable and working marketing strategy, etc.

2. Opening Online E-commerce Stores: It is a known fact the e-commerce business has enjoyed tremendous success in the United States. Growing by more than sixteen percent annually on average over the past six years, and estimated to increase to near $15 billion in U.S. revenue in 2016.
Although there are big players like and others already in the industry, there’s always room for one more on the internet. You may decide to build an e-commerce website that sells only female shoes, or a site that sells only children accessories.

3. Installation Services: About 99% of Americans own a television, and at least 30% possess a home theater system. This tells you that a lot of Americans spend quality time in front of the TV, and this is an indicator that starting an installation services business will thrive in Tennessee.

There are presently no industry leaders in this niche, so there is more than enough space for entrepreneurs to start up a business in the market. For the past five years, revenue from this industry has been climbing steadily at above four percent annually on average and was said to have exceeded $12billion at the end of 2013.

To stay on top of the market would entail you being always informed and taking advantage of emerging technology.

4. Game Development: If you are good at coding, or can get someone to create good online games and you pay them off, this is another profitable business to start up in TN. A lot of people spend lots of time on social media, thanks to smartphones and mobile gadgets.

Users of social media play lots of games that are embedded in the social network. The recently released Pokémon Go has experienced more than 15 million downloads within a week! That is enough to tell you that this niche is not going away anytime soon.

So, that is it. Choose any business model in Tennessee that you’re comfortable with and the sky will be your starting point.

6 Lucrative Business Ideas and Opportunities in Saudi Arabi

Profitable Small Business Opportunities  and Investment Ideas in Saudi Arabi

A business varies as the location varies. A successful business in Gambia might not be successful in Saudi Arabia. Have you being thinking of a business you might want to venture into in Saudi Arabia?

I have here few business ideas in which you can venture in as a citizen of Saudi Arabia;                       
List of the Best Business Ideas in Saudi Arabi


If you are a Saudi Arabian and you've being wandering all around in search of cool jobs which you can venture into, being a construction contractor is a nice business. Bridges, roads, towers, buildings among others are parts of your specialization.

If you discover, you have the talent, skill and professionalism ethics in the field of construction, then you can go for Gold. To start this business, you need to be skillful enough to tackle any form of constructions and buildings that comes your way.

Build on getting some cool cash aside, since you need to invest. Build your connectivity with the government agencies and tycoon, so as to get more customers and as time goes on your business in your setting will rake in more cash as dreamed.                                                                    


You as a person aspiring for a business idea, here is a cool option for you. Believe me, healthcare business booms a lot. This is because most people fall sick in terms of change of weather, intensive temperature and others, so your firm can be their safe cave to run into.

Though it depends on how you handle the business and treatment. Build a firm that can accommodate people, with different segments of scientific researches, test rooms and laboratories.

Before you can do this, you must have a prerequisite pattern of treatment and ability to run a healthcare center. Get some token to build your center, get due license from the government agencies.

Be original, show people you know the scope. And you will see your business moving high into the next level with simultaneous income.                                                                                    


Many ladies love new and flashy wears and accessories. As an Arabian, be determined to attract the minds and body of all the citizens around you. You are to engage in a work of day to day provisions of services and goods.

Women and ladies loves to shop for new things and through this, you can gain their rapt attention by providing their demand as at when due. Men of fashions also love the suit and trousers that make them look good and that’s what makes you the real giant in your field.

If you are the type that has passion for fashion, then this is a cool business idea for you. Get a token amount of money and site your shop in a marketable environment, buy new and durable materials for sales and be ready to get your needed cash as a master in the field of fashion.                                                                                


Many landlords want someone who can stand for them in the presence of their client who are their customers. You can own a firm that will rock the world of their irresistible demand.

Walk your way out of the mates of idleness and be an agent. You will make money from the owner and the buyer, but what determines this, is the degree and level of bargaining.

You are to site your office at a marketable place pertaining to your field. Print out forms of guideline. Be current and be connected to owners. Mount a board to show the new orders and places. Meeting the government agencies will be very important depending on government policies and conditions.

Be determined to create mutual links between the sellers/owners and the buyers/renters. And as time goes on, you will see yourself rocking the world of agent and making your money skillfully.                                                                      


Basically as raw foods are very important so is processed food so much more important in Saudi Arabia and that is why food is unique. Without food, the body won't work effectively and efficiently. You can open a store/shop for selling processed foods like crackers, bread, vegetables, salad, and among others.

As this business is quite extensive, so is the scope of its high demands. If truly you will make it in the field of food sales, you must have knowledge in the field to avoid selling fake and dangerous products to people's health.

To start this business, get a shop in a marketable environment, buy durable and accommodating commodities, so as to gain the heart of customers and consumers. Be prepared to face the challenges and as time goes on,  you will laugh last earning the cool cash.                                                          


If it is a must to build houses then there is a must to buy building materials. As a citizen of Saudi Arabia, you must note that many buildings and constructions is sprouting every day. So in this case you must be determined to sell the necessary demands of builder.

Basically cement, bricks, tools among ambiguous materials can be your specialization. Be ready to sell your new and durable products at the needed time. Get a token to start, invest in it and be full of vision that it will surely become the high-ranked of all business ideas.

9 Best Online Money Making Ideas and Opportunities For 2016

9 Great Internet Money Making Ideas

Best ideas for online money making
Anyone can venture into an online business once you have all it requires. An online business is less risky compared to other businesses where you invest, and the business owner can work from anywhere and also has the chance to reach more customers.

Some of the basic requirements of an online business are: an essential website, maintenance know-how, skills to communicate and operate both internet and online resources basically for research and communication purposes. Working online can either make nice passive incomes or small fortunes.

Some of the great online money making ideas that can land you a spot online and generate money are:


(1) Ecommerce: You can create your own ecommerce store. Delivery is not a problem anymore in Ecommerce since we have drop shipping.

(2) Online tutoring and Seminars: Tutoring is highly needed and demanded by people and they don't really care if the tutoring is online or not, therefore you can be an e-teacher who teaches online and conduct seminars.

To do this work, it is necessary to be an expert in the area or field of knowledge you want to base your teaching on. You can sign up on sites like and Tutor Vista to be a tutor and you can also transmit seminars and lectures. This business really makes money because several people like university and college students are ready to pay highly for excellent tutoring.

(3) Social Media Consultant: Large business firms and corporations usually hire consultants to be in charge of their social media basically because the people in the firms and corporations are too busy to manage their social media platforms themselves. The social media consultant's major responsibility is to steer the firm's social media in the right direction to follow in terms of implementing schedules, ideal tactics and posting content that has to do with their target audience.

(4) Building Apps: New and creative apps are now in high demand for smart phones everywhere in the world. Countless apps are now used by people and this is an idea you can venture into because it is very lucrative and involves little money in building apps. Also, you don't have to spend money on shipping or storage which makes your profit high. Once you build very good apps then you are good to go.

(5) Blogging: If you have the passion for writing whether in some certain subjects or generally then this is the best idea for you to make money. You will create and launch your blog where you will be posting various things about the subject your blog focuses on and ensure you know what you are writing very well. Your blog may focus on funny stories, inspirational stories, emotional stories, motivational stories, newsworthy events, etc. In blogging, you don't start getting huge amount of money when you start rather it starts from small amount and the money grows as traffic grows.

(6) Writing: If you can't create and manage a blog probably because it seems overwhelming and demanding then you can write for other blogs and sites if the passion to write is there. You can also write e-books which require very low investment because you don't need to pay for printing or shipping. You can also be a copy editor if you have strong language skills, you will write articles that will be read and edited by webmasters.

(7) Freelancer: Here, you don't focus on only one particular thing but rather have variety of clients who you will help to get paid. You can offer bids, proposals and ideas to firms and companies from which they select what is favorable to them and you will get your money.

All you need is the ability to come up with great ideas and write very well. You can write contents, create graphic designs, entry of data, programming, and so on.

(8) Working with Advertisers: If you have a website or blog then you can sell a part to advertisers who wants to advertise and you will be paid hugely once your target audience clicks on the page. Most times, the number of people who click on the page determines the money that will be paid to the owner of the blog or site.

(9) Selling Photos: If you love taking pictures and have passion for it then you can make money from it by collecting unique and good images to sell to people. In the world, there are countless people that buy pictures once it is beautiful and unique. There are several sites that provide incentives for people who take pictures at their spare time to make money from.

Working online might not be your primary source of income but it also comes in handy being one of your sources of income.

How To Expand Your Business Without Money

Great Ideas To Grow Your Business Without Spending

Low Cost Small Business Expansion Strategies With Little or No Money
Are you a business owner and you are thinking of expanding your business but the issue is that there is no available cash at the moment? Everyone is familiar with the fact that establishment, or acquiring of business requires money. It’s no doubt. One might be limited to strict spending when one wants to start a business but this does not mean that one will have no other options if you want to expand your business without franchising.

There is a possibility that one can start a business with very little or no money. It just takes the right combination of work ethics, ability to relate, doggedness, skills, and marketing know-how. These are steps/things one can do in order to expand business without using money.

Engage Your Employees

Your employees are not slaves, and they are one important factor if you really want to expand your business without cash in your hand. One characteristic of a leader of any company or organization or association is his ability to stabilize and give confidence to his employees during time of unrest.

A leader should be the stream of motivation to the employees. One thing you should not do is to stay behind closed doors, If you stay behind closed doors, it may raise fear and suspicions. It is advisable that you remain honest with the challenges you face, but just continue remaining optimistic.

Nevertheless, when the job markets suffer, it affects also productivity. It is the leader’s duty to be able to balance the situation. If not, either of the extremes can be dangerous to productivity.
Doing this, you increase your employees hope and confidence in you, and in return, they work with all they’ve got to ensure your hard work and the business succeeds.

Engage Your Customers

This is one of the best ways of expanding your business without involving money because customers are the life-blood of any business. I don’t mean literally engaging your customers here. What I mean is getting to know your customers and getting them to know you.

You can do this in different ways. Take a survey on your customers to find out if they are enjoying your services. After all, your customer’s health drives your business health. Be caring to them.
Show them that you care, inquire on the ways you can help them. You can even go as far as organizing seminars for them. Invite experts and professionals in the field who can educate them on important things they need to know.

Be humble when approaching your customers, and spend time in listening to them. Be proactive. By doing all these, you not only create a relationship with them, but you also encourage them to patronize your business more, and give you feedbacks on how you can satisfy them better.

Lead With Balance

To expand a business without money, it is more beneficiary to lead with balance, especially during harsh economic times. Strangler rarely maximizes their business’s growth potential. Do your best in staying balanced irrespective of any economy or business waves. There are always beneficial opportunities for growth during times like these. Be watchful to possibilities and stay open.

Speed Up Your Flow of Information

We are in the information age and one need to be fast and alert to whatever information that can help in growing one’s business. Examine the condition of the micro economy and your specific industry.

Firstly, think of three things that your business needs to make money. Afterward, proceed to getting the data into a report. Update information as fast as you can and regularly.

Compare these facts to the things your marketing and sales people are telling you. Question their assumptions, work with them and modify projecting, based on the facts. With these information in your hand, be proactive and decisive. With this, you can be sure of increasing the growth of your business.

Protect Your Balance Sheet

Protecting your balance sheet is another sure way to expanding your business without money. Difficult economies push many businesses into a typical condition which affect revenues leading to negative cash flow and operating losses which in turn produces a weak balance sheet and lack of ability to invest.

As it necessarily becomes important to avoid the cycle, one must look oneself in the eye and be honest with oneself about the state of one’s business. If your sales people are incented to introduce poor credit business, it might mean shifting your sales commission to reward cash flow and not revenue.

Do not let this happen. In protecting your balance sheet, follow the simple rule of business capital which is, “do to your vendors the way your customers do to you”.

[SAMPLE] Employee Vehicle Parking Policy and Procedure Template

Employee Vehicle Parking Policy Rights, License, Permit - Procedure For Staff Car Parking

Policy brief & Thrust
Our employee vehicle parking policy is structured to outline our parking stipulations for employees and guests. The criteria for the allocation of parking space to employees and the rules governing the use of such parking spaces, are enunciated below:

This policy applies to all employees who are responsible for company vehicles, and/or drive vehicles in the course of carrying out company business, and the stipulations cover employees engaged on permanent, temporary or contract basis, including interns and volunteers.

Policy Objectives
The company will administer guidelines with regard to its parking space as it affects employee vehicle parking predicated on the following:

* The criteria and process for allocating  employee vehicle parking spaces.
* The management and running  of  employee vehicle parking spaces.
* The maintenance of a safe, secure and clean parking lot.

Upon engagement, all regular full-time and part-time employees are allocated a parking space. Barring the first few days of employment, employees are not permitted to park in the spaces allocated to guests and visitors.

All employees are mandated to display their parking permit as stipulated when parked in the Company’s vehicle parking lot. The parking permit must be seen on the rearview mirror with the number placed inside out. Motorcycles will be given a sticker to position on the front fork.

 If an employee’s parking permit is not properly displayed on his/her vehicle or such a vehicle is not parked appropriately, an announcement will be effected publicly announcing   the license plate number of the employee vehicle and the corrective action to be taken by the responsible party.

A time frame of ten minutes will be permitted for the correction of the infringement. If no corrective measures are implemented within this stipulated grace period, the vehicle will be towed by management.

The Company’s parking set-up will not be held accountable for any damage or theft caused to any car, or contents thereof, while parked in the official parking garage or on company parking space.
Criteria and Procedure for allocation.

Fully-engaged employees or employees contracted on night shift duty are permitted to submit just the singlerequest for a parking spot. This request is expected to be submitted  HR department, facilities foreman or other responsible official, who will in turn  determine  the  requested spot should be granted  or not by assessing certain criteria.

They are as follows, with order of importance reducing downwards:

1. Employees and staff that are physically challenged( permanent or temporary; this group also covers pregnant women)
2. Executives and management staff.
3. Employees who have company cars under their jurisdiction.
4. Night shift  employees.
5. Employees who commute together.

The parking spaces will be allocated based on the above priority criteria until exhaustion.

The company may, at its discretion, assign a park permit corresponding to a particular spot that may require  the payment of a fixed amount  per year.

Space for parking vehicles that are engaged for the execution of company’s business and operations (e.g. trailers) will be reserved and may be removed from the regular employee parking space.
 Visitors/Guests will be directed to park at stipulated spaces that will be properly indicated.

Running of Parking spaces. 
Parking spaces are permanently beneficial to the employee. They can be withdrawn, at the discretion of the company, at any point in time; either due to disciplinary action or to the needs of people classified as high priority.

 Each employee is entitled to a single parking space and such a designated space or allocation cannot be transferred to another employee or individual.

This policy does not cover off-premises parking. However, employees are not allowed to:

* Obstruct exits and entrances.
* Obstruct loading/unloading of company cars and machinery.
* Occupy spots designated  for visitors during work hours
* Park at spaces  designated for the physically challenged.

  If a vehicle is left un-operated for more than a period of thirty days, it may be taken away and the employee who owns the vehicle will be required to foot  the bills for storage and removal
  The benefit of parking space will experience cessation termination of employment.
Maintenance of parking lot.

The company mandates employees to endeavor to maintain a clean, secure and safe parking space just as they would their office spaces. The following rules are in force at any point in time:

* No littering is permitted.
* Drivers/employees  must strictly observe all stipulated driving codes and  guidelines when entering or exiting the parking lot. Employee vehicles caught speeding, turning carelessly or driving irresponsibly will be sanctioned appropriately.
* Employees must  regard  the property of other staff.
* Employees are only permitted to carry out maintenance /repair work on the vehicles in the event that such vehicles cannot be started.

Disciplinary Consequences
Any employee who parks his/her vehicle  in unauthorized or prohibited spaces or  disregards laid down rules and regulations regarding  employee vehicle parking policy will receive a warning and a note of caution. Repeat offence will suffer the consequence of a retraction of parking benefit.
If the employee persistently disregards the dictates of employee vehicle parking policy or in instances of serious infringements, such employees may face disciplinary procedures leading up to and inclusive of termination of appointment.

Hungry Howie’s Franchise Cost, Profit and Other Opportunities

Hungry Howie’s franchise Profit, Fee, Ownership Information, Average Sales, General Reviews

How did Hungry Howie’s franchise start? James Hearn, in 1973 converted a hamburger shop into a carry-out and delivery bistro known as Hungry Howie’s. The size of the bodega was about 1,000 feet square and was situated in Taylor, Michigan.

The sitting president of Hungry Howie’s, Steven Jackson, started his career as a delivery man for Hearn. He came up to Hearn in 1976, and they held a discussion about going into partnership as well as how good it would be to open another Hungry Howie’s shop in Southgate, Michigan.

The partners would later on, in 1983, award their first Hungry Howie’s franchise in Auburn Hills, Michigan. With just about six hundred franchises that are fully operational in various locations across the United States, Hungry Howie’s is known for its Flavored Crust pizzas in eight different varieties, calzones baked in the oven, bread and salad as well as chicken wings.

When you decide to purchase a Hungry Howie’s franchise, you stand to gain a lot regarding all-encompassing training, marketing as well as sales support plus the company name.

These benefits are more than enough to launch your business off the ground which is why the best way to start a business is to buy a franchise instead of trying to strike out on your own. You would have saved yourself lots of time and money, and you will be able to take advantage of the brand in getting your feet wet.

So what are the processes to follow if you want to buy a Hungry Howie’s franchise? Follow the steps as outlined below:

1.    To open a Hungry Howie’s shop, you will need financing. You may raise the cash yourself, and the amount you will need for the purchase also depends on the location you want to use as your site. The fee for the franchise is just twenty thousand dollars, but you should expect to spend between one hundred and seventy-two thousand dollars to over and above four hundred thousand dollars.

The amount is this high because of the location as well as the facilities to be put in place. Also covered by this sum of money is advertising costs as well as costs for insurance.
According to the regulations set by Hungry Howie’s management, you ought to possess a net worth of nothing less than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars with about eighty thousand dollars in liquid assets before investing in a Hungry Howie’s franchise.

2.    Get in touch with the management at the central headquarters of Hungry Howie’s. You will get to meet with the franchise reps who will answer any questions you may have and also see to it that you receive all the required forms to aid you in the purchase of the Hungry Howie’s franchise. The company reps will likewise, help you to fill out the forms in case you get stuck somewhere.

3.    You need to provide authentication that the location you have chosen as your site for the Hungry Howie’s Bistro you plan to open is a suitable location. Because Hungry Howie’s is not in every state of the federation, you may have to verify with the company to know whether or not, your state has received approval.

The organization also forbids the opening of a Hungry Howie’s franchise near an existing one, so search for a location that does not have a Hungry Howie’s pizzeria. If you find out that your site is not available, then get in touch with the company to find out more about locations that are available and readily approved.

4.    This step is where you undergo a drawn-out process of filling the application form for the franchise. This process is long because not only will you fill in your personal details; you may have to provide lots of financial facts and figures. If you need to get hold of financing to pay for the franchise, you need to include this fact as you undergo this form-filling process. Although Hungry Howie’s do not handle the funding aspect, the organization can help you to acquire funds from trustworthy lenders.

5.    Specialists from the franchisor can also assist you in determining the perfect location for your Hungry Howie’s franchise, and that is if they accept you as one of their franchisees. They can also help you in building, renovating or modifying an existing building to suit the taste of the franchisor.
The experts will also aid you in areas that have to do with advertisements/promotions and help you to prepare for a formal opening of your Hungry Howie’s franchise as soon as it is ready to launch.

How To Start A WareHousing and Distribution Service


What is a Warehouse? A warehouse can be defined as a commercial building for the storage of assortment of goods. Many groups of people use warehouse. Customs, manufacturers, importers, exporters, transport businesses , wholesalers make use of the warehouse in storing their products. The warehousing and distribution servicing business has proven to be a great investment to those looking for investment.

A warehouse does not necessarily need to be acres wide instead, spacious enough to hold anything your customers may want. Some warehouses hold large products like boiler parts, luxury cars, etc. while some others hold small products like auto spare parts, microchips, etc. many customers who sell products like bicycle parts, light fixtures need warehouses where they can store and have huge supply of them.

It is wise to accommodate customers whose goods can fit well into your warehouse, but don’t try to contain more than your warehouse can actually handle because it might disrupt your customer’s operation.

It is also wise to situate your warehouse in places far from your place of residence but close to other industrial building so as to enjoy external economics of scale. This place you are locating should be a place where customers will be able to access them.

Warehouses are usually characterized with large plain buildings equipped with ducks for loading and unloading trucks. Though, it depends on what your company is producing, it is best  you locate your warehouse in places like seaports, airports and railways.
 Entrepreneurs have numerous opportunity when starting a small warehousing business. It is not new to us that some independent contractors do not have the required space for storing some or most of their products. The options available to them may be big warehouse facilities which might be quite expensive.

On order to minimize cost, it is advisable to determine the type of products you want to store such as books, paper products, electronics, so as to determine the building size you need. Many business owners discover that the warehouse and distribution service is a good way to conduct business.
Although, starting a warehousing and distribution service company requires huge capital to purchase warehouse facilities and properties, hire people who will work in the warehouse industry, purchase machinery to use, employ officers who will ensure the smooth running of the warehouse industry.  These are the steps to take in starting up a warehousing and distribution business.

GATHER START UP INFORMATION: The average amount to start up a warehousing business here in ranges between N200,000 to N500,000. It is also advisable for one to make deep background information concerning warehouse industries before embarking on your venture.

Start by searching the yellow pages in your area for warehouse companies. Also, visit their website in order to determine the types of customers they serve and types of services they offer. It is necessary to call different warehousing companies outside your city as they are the companies that are most likely to discuss issues or pitfalls to avoid during starting.

Pay these warehouses visits so as to understand how the operations work. Differentiate your service from the competitors and create your own niche, target small businesses that may need warehouse services , such as small book distributors.

ACQUIRE THE REQUIRED LICENSES AND EQUIPMENT:  It is advisable you register for a ‘doing business’, if you are thinking of using a fictitious name for your business. These forms can be acquired from your city administration office or country of residence.

Normally, the fee for application ranges from N5,000 and N10,000. A large part of your investment will go towards some equipment like forklifts, shelving units, freezers, refrigerators, crates, shelves, inventory software and computers.

The inventory software will help you in keeping track of storage items. You may need a truck if you get into distribution aspect of the business.

HIRE EMPLOYEES: If you offer distribution service, hire employees that are well experienced in logistics. Logistic professionals are very good in arranging track and shipping products to their destination point. They also oversee items entering the facility, as they are the one responsible for tracking when products enter the warehouse.

As a warehouse owner, employ an experienced shipping and receiving person who will assist checking items in as they arrive. This person can set up specific locations in the warehouse where storing each client’s item can be done.

Many warehouses label their sections with letters A to Z. Hire employees who will physically operate forklifts and lift items in your warehouse facility as well.

OBTAIN CUSTOMERS: In doing this, it is necessary you advertise in a good trade publication like ‘THE BOOK SELLER’ in which clients are most likely to read. Call on small businesses in your area where they sell the products you seek. Present these services to them , explaining all the benefits you can offer.

Leave business cards with different business owners who may need a warehouse for storing their products. Create websites while promoting it through local online yellow pages and search engines can be done.

Chick-Fil-A Franchise Cost, Opportunities, Profit and Selection Process


One of the most successful chains of fast-foods in the United States of America is Chick-fil-A with over one thousand five hundred locations across thirty-nine states in the U. S. The company, growing from seven hundred million dollars achieved massive sales that totaled up to about five billion, eight hundred thousand dollars in 2014.

This, according to QSR Magazine, is the largest amount of sales ever recorded for any brand of pizza within the country. By sales, Chick-fil-A is the eighth-largest fast-food chain and the second largest quick-service chicken bistro in the United States.  The amount of sales each restaurant generates surpasses that of other fast-food chains nationwide.

Chick-fil-A is family-operated and therefore privately-owned fast-serve brasserie that specializes in dishes based on chicken. Truett Cathy opened a restaurant which he named The Dwarf Grill as far back as 1946 in the town of Hapeville, Georgia. He later founded Chick-fil-A in the 1960s and 1967, began to open eating places in shopping malls.

Chick-fil-A offers something for everyone in its large menu; from salads and wraps, breakfast selections, desserts to its prototype chicken sandwiches, Chick-fil-A is in a class of its own. This fabulous restaurant stresses the importance of family in its menu, and its sound Christian principles have made Chick-fil-A very attractive to American citizens nationwide.

Chick fil A began franchising in 1987 and had its headquarters based in Atlanta, Georgia. It's primary business is to develop chains of local quick-service bistros with a specialty in providing boneless breast of chicken sandwich.

Chick-fil-A also offers to license occasionally to potential Chick-fil-A licensees with access to sites such as workplace, schools, airports, universities, hospitals as well as other related locations to sell its branded products.

Chick-fil-A receives over and above twenty thousand inquiries annually from individuals who are interested in the franchising opportunity. From these franchisee candidates, Chick-fil-A selects from seventy-five to eighty new franchisees every year.


To apply as a franchisee is very easy. Interested candidates are obliged to submit a form through the website of the company explicitly stating their interest in buying a Chick-fil- A franchise. The company will, in turn, get in touch with the candidates and schedule an interview. The organization may also decide to grant interviews to the candidates’ family and friends as well as business partners.

As a franchisee, you are expected to run a franchised Chick-fil-A brasserie business that specializes in the quick-service provision of boneless breast of chicken sandwiches. Selected franchisees are supposed to indicate the type of retail outlet they intend to run, whether it’s a drive-through or a full-service restaurant.

Chick-fil-A, every so often leases and subleases restaurant grounds to operators and the terms under which the leases and subleases are granted varies and also depends on the location of the restaurant.
This means that Chick-fil-A handles all startup expenses which consist of real estate, the construction of the restaurant as well as the acquisition of the necessary equipment. The lease attracts an ongoing fee of fifteen percent of sales as well as fifty percent of pretax profit that is remaining.
The cost of being an owner of a Chick-fil-A franchise is just ten thousand dollars only – it was formerly five thousand dollars – and franchisees are not required to meet certain net-worth thresholds or possess a specific amount of liquid assets. Franchisees or operators must take part in a preliminary training program.

The training program, which takes up to about four to five weeks, usually takes place at the Chick-fil-A’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, although the length of the program, as well as the location, may vary once in a while.

Apart from the initial preparation, Chick-fil-A intends to organize conferences and seminars periodically, though it is not a necessity. Follow-up support is also provided for franchisees and licensees.

One of the specifications required for those who desire to operate a Chick-fil-A restaurant is that the eatery must be closed on Sundays.  Another obligation to observe is for franchisees to get dynamically involved in the activities of the neighborhood where they work and live.

So how much do you make from a Chick-fil-a frachise? The franchisee is given the right to manage or run one Chick-fil-A Licensed Unit at a particular location which is also one of the franchisor’s Licensed Sites. The franchisee will not receive an exclusive territory, whether it is expressed or implied and the permission that is granted to operators subject to the Operator Agreement is limited solely to the franchised Chick-fil-A business site. The operator may, however, have to compete with other Chick-fil-A franchisees or operators as well as from outlets the Chick-fil-A control, either directly or as affiliates.

How to Start a Hospital Business

How to Start a Hospital Business

Health care is one of the basic needs of every individual, and everyone has at one time or the other required the services of a medical personnel or establishment (hospital, clinic, pharmacy, nursing home, etc).

Most countries have more population than the currently established hospitals can cater for, and so most hospitals are over-stretched, and with the population growth, there is the need for more hospitals.

Starting a hospital business is very capital intensive and requires a lot of planning to accomplish. You will also need to get the necessary permits from the various regulatory bodies and the government of the country or state you hope to establish the hospital in. You also need to determine the capacity of the hospital you want to establish, and whether it will be a multi-specialty, specialist, or general hospital.

Here are a few things you should put into consideration when starting a hospital business:

Hospital Location

Choose a location that is easily accessible to people in case of emergencies. The area also needs to have a good transportation network and infrastructure, and should be situated close to or in an area with high population density. Also worth considering is the number of hospitals in the region you have chosen as you may not be able to pool in as many clients if your hospital is situated too close to another one.

Real Estate

Land for the hospital can be purchased or leased and the hospital building must conform to the standards set and agreed on by the medical, technical, and environmental regulatory bodies of the country and locality of the hospital. A lot of documents such as land deed, architectural plan need to be approved by the relevant authorities. If you wish to purchase the land, then you have to consider the systems for medical waste disposal, infection and disease prevention, parking space, and others. You will be given an occupation certificate when all formalities have been cleared.

Medical Equipment and Facility

Medical equipment is a major part of starting up a hospital business and a lot attention should be given to it. Every piece of equipment must be standard, top-notch, and in top form always so attention must be paid to the quality of equipment acquired as the lives and health of your patients could depend on it. Equipment procurement may be costly especially if it has to be imported as custom duties and taxes may apply. It is worthy of note that the kind of hospital will determine the kind of equipment and facilities to be use. For example, an orthopedic hospital and a pediatric hospital will have different needs and facilities.

Power and Water Supply

Electricity is essential to running of any establishment, more especially a hospital as majority of the equipment run on electricity, so provision must be made for backup power in case the local power supply fails as may be the case especially in developing countries. You do not want to face a power outage when a critical procedure is being carried out.

Water is also essential in the running of a hospital for various purposes. The water needs of the hospital should be calculated and this may vary greatly depending on the size, capacity, and requirements of the hospital.

Sewage and Biomedical Waste

A waste disposal and drainage system should be properly planned into the construction of the hospital. You may also need to obtain permission from the relevant authorities in order to install incinerators which are required to dispose of body parts and other medical waste.

Workers and Members of Staff

Healthcare is a highly sensitive and competitive business, and quackery should not be tolerated if you want your hospital to stand out among its competitors. Always hire and invest in employees that re not just qualified and good at what they do, but also have a passion and commitment to deliver quality healthcare to patients. Apart from medical personnel, you will also need engineers, technicians, receptionists, wardens, security, cleaners, and others to ensure smooth running of the hospital.

Permits and Licenses

Various permits and licenses have to be obtained from the state and local government councils, and medical regulatory bodies and associations at different stages of the business especially at inception.
This will give your hospital the legal grounds to operate freely. Among such licenses are: Fire license, which is necessary to show that a hospital will not cause loss of life or damage, and a health license which authorizes you to give healthcare to patients.

Management and Marketing

A management team has to be set up to handle the running of the hospital. This team is responsible for setting up policies, hiring and payment of staff, among other responsibilities necessary for the hospital to operate smoothly. A marketing team is also necessary to coordinate with other medical associations, manage the hospital’s public image, and create avenues for generating revenue as well.

Starting a hospital is a complex venture and requires a lot of careful planning and consultation.
The above stated points should give you an idea of what is involved. You will need to draw out a detailed business plan and follow a lot of guidelines, obtain various certifications and approvals. It may take a lot of time and effort, but it will be worth it in the long run.

How To Make Money From Friends


Are you tired of boring jobs? Do you think there are ways you can make money by spending your time around the people you like best? Yes, you can. You will all agree to me that making money is a very good deal.

In spite of the hard economy, there are many ways a teenager can make money. All that is required is to have that brilliant idea and a free time. Making money from friends seems to be cooler, easier, flexible and more safer than trying to get a loan from the bank.

However, adding money into friendship if done hastily without proper consideration and planning, can be a recipe of disaster. Before you consider asking your friend for a loan, first confirm if this is the best option. Make sure you treat the process with the precision it deserves and do what you can to keep your friendship and cash flow in a happy place. These are ways to make good cash from your friends.

TRY SETTING UP A YARD SALE: It will not just make you rich or give you a decent living, it will bring that fast cash for you while also helping you unload accumulated clutter. There are many benefits involved from partnering for a yard sale with friends.

Firstly, there will be benefit that will accrue from a large network of people who will help in marketing and promoting the events to family and friends and around the neighborhood so as to increase the number of visitors.

Secondly, when the sales is over, you will have hands to help in loading up all the leftovers so that they can be cart off in a donation drop.

STARTING A BUSINESS TOGETHER: There are many businesses you can start with a friend that will yield more profit to you. You can start a restaurant, moving company, day care company, etc.

The list is endless. The more important message that needed to be sent in regard to this is that if you want to start up any business with your friends, you must have a meeting, discuss your passions and strengths and toss ideas for potential companies that you can start together that will bring happiness.

SELL YOUR THINGS: This may look simple at start but there are ways to it. You might become a wholesaler, a middleman, or you sell your old stuffs.

Become a Middleman: If your friend wants to purchase an item but does not have the required money to do so, you can cash in on the opportunity. This is how you can cash in on this opportunity, for example, If you have the money and you truly trust that friend of yours, you can buy the item and resale it to your friend at an increased but reasonable price so as to make your profit from it.

Become a Wholesaler: This is how this works. If you have any friend who has this financial weakness, for example, purchasing different brands of clothing, frequent smoking, eating junk food daily, then, this is for you. Whatsoever the financial weakness is, go out and get those products or items he likes buying. Once you have acquired them in bulk, you inform him that you have those products and you want to sell them to him at his convenience. From this, you will make your money.

Sell your Old Stuffs: Though simple, this often gets lesser attention. It may be a textbook, a lawn equipment, a vehicle, a tool and so on that you do not want to make use of anymore or are tired of using them or are not good anymore. Why not try selling them to those friends of yours whom you know want them and will take care of them very well.

RENT PROPERTY: If you are a type of person that is ambitious who have been able to save a lot of money or born into a very rich family, then, you could invest in a rental property or even in a condo and then, rent them out to any of your friend who might be in need. It is best you know who is the tenant than renting it to some random person. That is why it is advisable you rent them to your friends.

SELL YOUR SERVICES: This does not imply any unethical thing as there are some people with dirty minds. By selling your service, I mean selling the things that you are very good at to your friends which they can benefit from.

Some fast ideas that come to mind when thinking of things like these are tutor, repairs, manual labor, consulting, cleaning, washing, or even helping your friends set up a blog. By engaging in one or more of these, you can make money for yourself from your friend(s).

OFFER CLEANING SERVICE: It is unarguable that many people do not like anything concerning washing or scrubbing. Even some of our friends too. Why don’t you just cash in on this opportunity by offering your friend a cleaning service like cleaning, washing, or scrubbing for him or her.

How To Open And Verify A Paypal Account in Nigeria


PayPal is one of the most reliable and most secure online payment platforms that have been around for quite a few years. Domiciled in the United States of America and owned by eBay, this online payment platform is notorious for limiting funds of users who do not adhere strictly to its rules and regulations. There are countless tales of people especially in Nigeria, who have experienced the restriction hammer of PayPal, a majority of PayPal accounts with lots of funds in them.

Nigeria was one of the countries that PayPal blocked from using their services several years ago. This was because some unscrupulous Nigerians used the payment platform to defraud many innocent people on eBay years back.

But after a series of petitions from well-meaning Nigerians who need to use PayPal in their daily online activities, as well as users who desire to make or receive payments to or from clients who have PayPal as their only payment options, PayPal officially became available in Nigeria on Tuesday, 17th of June, 2014.

However, the lifting of the embargo is not complete, for Nigerians who use PayPal can only send funds to foreign PayPal accounts and not to accounts owned and used by Nigerians within the country or to perform online payments for goods and services abroad. As at today, PayPal has not yet allowed Nigerian users to receive or withdraw funds.

This has made many Nigerians seek alternative means of creating PayPal accounts that will not only enable them to receive funds from foreign clients but will also allow them to withdraw funds earned for work done or completed for clients abroad.
This strategy is fraught with risk as PayPal restricts such accounts upon discovery no matter how much funds are in the accounts and to recover such restricted accounts is close to impossible.

Having and operating a PayPal account has lots of benefits: you will be able to pay online for services or products on platforms like Fiverr, for downloadable eBooks or physical books which can be shipped to Nigeria. You can even pay for packages of software or mobile applications, plugins for your WordPress site, blog themes, website design services, etc.

There are several procedures which you can employ to create and own a PayPal account with peace of mind and be able to use its functions right here in Nigeria. One of such methods entails that you have a relative or a friend that you trust living in the United Kingdom or the Unites States or in any of the countries where PayPal allow users to withdraw funds.

All you have to do is to ask such a person to help you in creating a PayPal account in their name that is if they do not own one already. Since they would be opening the account in their name, they would be able to provide any document or ID papers readily each time PayPal demand for them. It gets easier if that relative or friend of yours owns a bank account in any of the banks in that country for this makes the process of verification of PayPal accounts faster and straight forward.

Once the PayPal account has been successfully created, you may request for the username as well as the password to the account, log in and use the account from Nigeria anytime you desire to use their services. Of course, the chance that PayPal will notice the change in IP is very high and may request for scanned copies of identification documents to authenticate the user and tighten up security. This hurdle could be scaled quickly if the person signed up using their personal details and address instead of yours.

But what if that relative or friend of yours always owns a PayPal account? That means he/she may not be able to create a second account using their personal details as PayPal does not approve of such actions. So what do you do?

Well, all you need to do is to send your money to their PayPal ID. Your friend or relative will then proceed to withdraw the money and send it to you here in Nigeria using the services of Western Union Money Transfer or MoneyGram. This is one of the most effective methods used by Nigerians nowadays to receive their funds.

But what if you do not know anybody that lives outside the country that will help you create a foreign PayPal account? This alternative is popular amongst merchants who buy and sell PayPal funds in Nigeria.

All you will need to do is to pay for a dedicated VPN (virtual private network) service which you will use anytime you want to have access to your funds on PayPal. You can adjust the VPN to any country of your choice where users can use the full services of PayPal. This will fool PayPal into believing that you reside in such a country, and as long as you don’t perform any suspicious activity using the account, you will be safe from the hammer of PayPal restrictions.

Best Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Austria


Doing business in Austria is a very good idea. Do you live in Austria and you are looking for some businesses  to start up? Look for them no more as I bring to you different businesses you can start up. Do you know that in this 21st century you don't need large capital to startup a business? All you need is a profitable business idea and a little cash, and everything will turn to gold.

Before starting up any business in Austria, you need to know what type of business is good for you. You may prefer a service delivery business to selling product. This is one thing you should know first before venturing into any business.

Business in Austria is not for the chicken-hearted, you must have some certain qualities inside of you to be able to scale through the struggling stage of businesses. These qualities include:

1. Patience: This is one important quality an entrepreneur that want to start a business must have. If you're planning on starting a business in Austria, then you should be able to have patience to watch your business as it grows. Things don't just happen the way you read it in books.

2. Persistence: Never give up is one word everyone who has built a business from scratch will tell you. Many startup entrepreneurs easily give up and move to another business or go get a job when they don't see improvement at the initial stage of their business. Have the persistence to continue growing your business, so you still can have a success story to tell others who will be coming behind you.

3. Courage: Courage to go against what you fear is important qualities for business success. The competition in Austria is very high in terms of some business niche. But that should not make you not to go for what you know will make you financially free in the future.
So, as I am done with the qualities of a successful entrepreneur, below is a list of businesses you can start in Austria.


PRODUCTION OF ORGANIC PRODUCE: Selling and producing vegetables and fruits that are free from chemicals, can be very lucrative if done the right way. This results from the fact that many people are becoming more health conscious and are more aware of health risks in taking food that are not free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

So, starting up a local farming business which strictly adopts organic methods of cultivating vegetables, sauces, fruits, and local delicacies. You will definitely have a big hit business as different people will come from different places just to purchase your product. Doing this type of business, you can opt for selling products that are labeled officially as organic. But some people often forgo the large amount involved in doing the official labeling.

CONSTRUCTION: If you are someone with good knowledge of woodwork and carpentry, don’t let that skill wash away without you exploring it as this is an ideal venture for you to embark upon.
In some rural areas, homeowners might not have the required skills needed to put up structures they need for their business or residential purpose. Therefore, starting up a small construction company will inevitably bring that long aspired income to you.

SELL EGGS: Eggs are rich in protein and are highly sought after in Austria especially those from grass-fed chickens which are now sought after by most groceries and specialty shops. You might think it requires a lot of land space to set up, but it does not.
Starting a poultry business in Austria or anywhere in the world does not necessarily require large acres of land. Notwithstanding, state laws are to be critically checked to know if the requirements are to be met without much difficulty.

CLEANING COMPANY: Do you know that you can make good money from operating a cleaning company in Austria? Many people like neat and tidy environment but not everybody has the required time for it. If you are the type who likes cleaning, have the time for cleaning, and need more income, then this is for you.

There are many people out there who do not have time for cleaning their houses and are in dire need of someone to help them. In need of this, they seek for cleaning companies that can offer the services for them at a considerable and reduced cost. You will agree with me that most cleaning companies charge high or slightly above normal fees for services like this since everybody wants to make more money.

As a smart entrepreneur, you can cash in on this opportunity. You can do this by advertising yourself (through handbills, posters, billboards, etc.) to them (the people looking for cleaners) telling them of the service you render. Your advertisement should be followed with the prices you charge which should be reduced and lesser than those charged by other cleaning companies so as to attract customers as nobody will want to waste money.

12 New Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Colorado


There are several businesses in Colorado you can be involved in which can either be a one man business or partnership. Colorado is one of the best states for businesses.

These business ideas are as follows: 


(1) Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services: The citizens of Colorado love to dress well and look good to portray good personality but have limited or no time to do their laundry, therefore rendering laundry and dry cleaning services to these category of people is a good business idea. There is chance of huge profit making because these people are ready to pay large amount for it.

(2) Pet Care Services: Coloradans really love pets and also love rearing pets, and they spend large amount of money to care for their pets in terms of food, pet related products, veterinary care, pet related services and so on.

(3) Smartphone Repair Services: Millions of smart phones are sold in Colorado every year which keeps increasing as people find smart phones more favorable than computers and this has also led to an increase in the demand of repair services for these smart phones. So, this prove smartphone repair to be a lucrative business idea.

(4) E-commerce: Coloradans usually buy the services and products they need on the internet and this has made the e-commerce industry to be more valuable, important and significant. In doing this business, you need to focus only on Colorado state and few products which can later be expanded to other states and other products.

(5) Fitness Coaching and Services: The issue of health in Colorado is now so serious with the issue of risk in overweight, several Coloradans are looking for products to slim down or coaching class where they can loose weight.

(6) Copywriting: As many businesses realize the effectiveness of copy writing, many businesses are in demand of copywriters and this is a huge profit for anyone who can write a good sales copy that will elevate a product sales and bring profit for the marketer.

(7) Restaurant Services: This is a very profitable business in Colorado because the state is full of several businesses and the people working need to eat to survive as other people also eat to survive. They want to eat but cannot prepare the food themselves due to their busy schedule of their work, they therefore turn to restaurants for food to eat. Even when the economic is bad, restaurant business still thrives.

(8) Coaching and Consulting Services: This business is basically for people that has years of experience in a particular field of study and has achieved greatness and success in it. He or she can serve as a coach or consultant for people who wants to follow their footstep by knowing more about the field of study and how to succeed in it. You can be a coach or consultant in any field but the most selling fields are; business, finance, investing, relationship, weight lost, starting an online business.
If you are good at any of the services listed above then you can position yourself as a coach. You don't need any certification to get started.

(9) Daycare Services: In Colorado, there are several working class women with tight and busy schedule which hinders them from giving adequate care to their kids, this adequate care can therefore be paid for once they find a suitable and trusted person to take care of their kids. Mothers who should be at home caring for their kids can no longer stay at home due to the bad economic and financial state, they are ready to pay to ensure that their kids are taken good care of.

(10) Designated Driver Services: You can either work as a designated driver who picks and drop people off at their destination or have an organization where you employ people to work as designated drivers with you making profit from it.

(11) Marijuana Selling: Since it is now legal to sell and buy marijuana in Colorado, Denver precisely, it has become a thriving and profitable business. It is a business that will surely bring about huge profit and the business owner doesn't loose any money in doing this business.

(12) Home Cleaning Services: Cleaning of homes and business organizations is a business that also thrives in Colorado, people especially those working in business organizations are ready to pay any amount of money to ensure that their various homes and organizations are neat and impressive. In their homes, you can wash plates, clothes, mow the lawns, flowers, wash cars, arrange books in the library, and sometimes, you might be required to cook based on what you both agreed on to make profit.

For all the business ideas in Colorado State listed above, you should decide on which one to do and then do a very thorough research on the particular business idea because you need to have full knowledge of what you want to embark on. You must know things that can stand as setbacks and hindrances and how to proffer solution to them.


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