Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in British Virgin Islands

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is an overseas territory that swear allegiance to Britain. The country's currency of transaction is the US Dollar. It is made up of five main Islands which include Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jon Van dyke along with other smaller islands.

The British Virgin Islands boasts of a number of business ideas that can be turned into lucrative ventures. They include the following:

List of Great Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in British Virgin Islands

1. Financial Services Consulting

The financial sector in the British Virgin Islands accounts for 51 percent of the total revenue of the government. Many financial houses and banking corporations have a presence on British Virgin Islands.

The opportunity exists for you to form a Financial Services accounting firm and tax services firm. You will need to have proficient knowledge of financial accounting procedures and processes. In addition, you will need to able to spot investment opportunities for your clients, both local and international.

Your business will receive a great boost if you create an online presence, where potential clients can reach you from all over the world. Engaging competent staff will be one of your first and most important tasks as the business owner.

2. Agriculture

The British Virgin Islands has a long history of engaging in agricultural practice. Recent statistics put the contribution of Agriculture to the economy at over 48 percent of revenue.  The crops that are grown in the country include fruits, vegetables and sugar cane. Animal farming centers on Livestock and poultry.

You can choose to start a single-holding farm venture or you could engage in mixed farming. You will receive support from the Government of British Virgin Islands with regard to modern farm growing practices and access to improved seedlings. The land acquisition laws are firm but flexible as they are welcoming to applications for agricultural practices.

You could apply for agricultural grants in order to procure the needed equipment to run your farm.

3. Labour Recruitment Agency

The British Virgin Islands is heavily understaffed. The total population of the labor force in the country is estimated at 13,000. Out of this number, over 50 percent are migrant workers.

You can cash in on this opportunity by establishing a labour recruitment agency. You will help intending immigrants obtain all relevant documentation, visas and work permits. You will have to be aware of exiting labour laws and immigration policies of the government of British Virgin Islands.

Your business will flourish further when you are able to merge the needs of your clientele with the qualities and skills of the migrant worker.

4. Tourism Agency

British Virginia is home to a large number of individuals that come over to tour the landscape and explore the scenic beauty of the country. Virgin Group Boss, Sir Richard Branson owns property in the country and spends some holidays there.

Notable tourists' attractions include the ruins of St. Philip's Church, Tortola which is an important historical ruin. Another is The Baths, located at Virgin Gorda.

You can provide tourists with the complete holiday and relaxation experience. The services you will provide will include visa application and processing, hotel accommodation booking, guided tours, History and Geography lessons, foreign currency exchange transactions amongst others. You will need competent hands to help with catering to your customers.

Your business will experience more patronage if you can set-up an online platform where you can receive requests from potential clients from around the world.

5. Boat Building

This business is a derivative from the tourism industry. A popular activity among tourist is boat cruises and yachting.

You can work with tourist agencies and the government to provide these boats. You will either have boat-building experience or engage the services of boat-builders. Your designs may be custom-built or you could just produce in mass.

6. Souvenir Production and Sales

A lot of the tourist that visit the British Virgin Islands usually like to depart with pieces of items and gifts. These gifts range from necklaces to hats and to local fabrics.

You can be of value to this set of individuals when you can provide affordable and qualitative souvenirs and gift items. You may need to engage the services of a master crafts man, who can meet the requests for customized items.

You will need to have a lively marketing team, to engage with the general public.

7. Real Estate

Owning a property in British Virginia is becoming the trend amongst the well-to do. The real estate market is also getting attention from the middle to lower income class, who go for structured payment plans for property.

You can be a real estate broker, matching the needs of potential customers with the type of accommodation that is available. Your people-negotiation skills must be decisive as you will be bargaining across both sides of the demand-supply divide.

You could also sell items like cement, nails, steel rods et al in order to augment your revenue. You could also take your business up a notch by engaging in the installation of solar panels and renewable energy systems.
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Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Bolivia

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Bolivia

Are you moving to Bolivia soon and you are wondering what business ideas in Bolivia to venture into? Do you reside in Bolivia and currently looking for business opportunities to invest in? Have you been wondering what business idea to invest in in Bolivia?

Do you work in Bolivia and you are looking for a little side business to go into? Have you been wondering what business idea in Bolivia would take you to the next level, if your answer to any of the above is a yes, then this article is just for you.

Bolivia is a country in South America and it is bordered by Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Peru and Chile. Bolivia is a gorgeous country with tremendous potential for growth and development. Its business culture is one that reflects a blend of ancient and modern cultures. Bolivia is just one great place to do business.

So, what business ideas in Bolivia are just right for entrepreneurs? The following are some business ideas in Bolivia…

List of Unique Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Bolivia

Aerobics Center

A wonderful business idea in Bolivia is an aerobics center. This business idea in Bolivia is an amazing business idea because to start it, you do not necessarily need to have the experience or the qualifications required to do aerobics training.

All you simply need to do is either lease a location that has been specifically set up to operate as an aerobic center or set up your own aerobic center from scratch which would have different rooms full equipped with all the equipment needed for aerobics training. These rooms will be rented out to qualified aerobic trainers to conduct their aerobic training classes.

You could also make this business idea in Bolivia stand out by creating a section for selling snacks and drinks as well as books and any other items related to aerobics training.

Craft Store

Have you got that love for crafting? Are you interested in helping others create their own craft? Then opening your own craft store is just the right business idea in Bolivia for you. You could decide to sell crafts or craft design or a combination of both as this business idea in Bolivia is one with so many opportunities that would yield great profit.

To run this business, all you need is a great business plan, a good location, capital and wonderful crafts and you are good to go.

Wedding Photographer

Becoming a wedding photographer is another business idea in Bolivia. So many weddings are conducted each day in Bolivia and the services of a wedding photographer is always in high demand. This business idea in Bolivia is a great one because you do not require much capital to startup.

You could start with just a camera, print flyers to advertise yourself, paste and share them and start getting customers. So, if you have got that love for photography, you can take perfect shots, then this business idea in Bolivia is just right for you to invest in.

Event and Party Planner 

Another great business idea in Bolivia to invest in that is bound to yield great returns in investment is an event and party planning business. Everyone loves throwing a good party, but sadly very few know how to or have the time for it.

In Bolivia and pretty much everywhere else, people throw parties to celebrate birthdays, weddings, reunions or conduct meetings, seminars, and the likes every single day. This is why this business idea in Bolivia is one that would definitely thrive.

Trucking Business

Another great and profitable business idea in Bolivia is trucking business. Trucking business involves the process of transporting goods or possession from one place to the other. You could decide to transport goods from factories to customers in different cities or from wholesalers to retailers etc.

This business idea in Bolivia is one which not only requires just being a good truck driver but also a good business manager. To startup and succeed in this business idea in Bolivia, you will need the right equipment, good customers and the perfect price to charge your customers. You could start up with one truck and grow to buying more.

Prepackaged Vegetarian Food Business

As the number of vegetarians increase in Bolivia every day, a great business idea in Bolivia is sale of prepackaged vegetarian food. So if you are a vegetarian, or you know how to cook vegetarian foods, then this business idea in Bolivia is just right for you.

It is important to get the necessary permits from the local health board before starting this business. You could also offer services such as catering, gift baskets, lunch delivery others.

RV Rental Business

Yet another great business idea in Bolivia is an RV Rental business. An RV rental business involves renting RVs to customers to take on vacations, field trips, camping or any other trip. Have you got that RV you do not make use of all the time? Then start renting it out and earn real cash from it.

To startup, it is important to consider a system in place for repairs if anything happens to it, insurance coverage, how many people your RV can contain etc.

So there you have it, great business ideas in Bolivia for serious minded entrepreneurs.
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Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Bermuda

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Bermuda

So, you have decided to establish a business in Bermuda but you do not know how to go about the whole process? This delightful country that is associated with the feared Bermuda Triangle offers a lot of opportunities and incentives for your entrepreneurial forage.

Due to the small size of its population, it currently has the highest per capita income in the world, pegged at 91,447 USD. With no known natural resources, Bermuda is an import dependent nation.
You can pursue the following business ideas and opportunities in Bermuda:

List of Booming Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Bermuda

Real Estate

The demand for housing by both citizens of Bermuda and foreigners has pushed the cost of individual housing units to record highs. As at 2015, the cost of providing standard accommodation was averagely put at 1 million USD. This is as a result of the high income that Bermudians earn and other factors such as the influx of tourists and expatriates.

With such a premium placed on housing, for both private and commercial use, you can set up a real estate agency to cater to this need. You can either resort to building housing units to sell or lease, according to the purchasing powers of your clients or you can serve as a broker between sellers and buyers.

In the event of a sale or lease, your agency can then be paid a commission from the transaction. You will have to register your business with relevant housing authorities as well as obtain relevant building and construction permits. It is also important that you engage competent staff and marketers, who will help search for clients.

Financial Services Consulting

Bermuda has achieved the reputation of being a friendly financial haven for top banking and investment organizations. This is as a result of the country’s lenient laws that are low on personal/company income tax and returns.

In the light of this policy stance, you can set up a Financial Advisory firm to help provide assistance to entities that seek to invest in the country. You will facilitate business and networking meetings, help to obtain business permits/registration as well as give counsel on what business portfolios will provide good returns for one’s investment.

You will have to possess demonstrable knowledge of financial regulations and methodologies, and provide proof of successful investments made in the local economy. Your expertise will also prove useful to locals, who may require your services in making informed business decisions, as regards which areas of the economy they could invest their funds in.

Tourism Agency

The tourism sector is the second largest industry in Bermuda; it accounted for over 45 percent of the revenue earnings of the Government in 2015. It is estimated that over 500,000 people visit Bermuda every year. This large influx of people means that there is increasing demand for a gourmet of services.

You can set up a Tourism agency to take advantage of this business opportunity. You will provide a plethora of services that will include the provision of visa procurement and registration services, hotel accommodation and booking, foreign currency transactions, tour trips and guides, History and Geography lessons, boat rides and hiking expeditions as well as other custom demands.

You will need to partner with the regulatory tourism board in the country, as well as obtain operational licenses for some of the activities you will be organizing. The engagement of competent hands will be an important task for your business at the initial stages.

Acquiring necessary gear and equipment can be carried out in phases and will depend on the demand for the related service.

Provision of Good Drinking Water

Bermuda suffers from a shortage of clean drinking water. The only source of fresh water in Bermuda is rainwater and a stipulation from the Government mandates that residents collect this form of water whenever it rains.

This challenge provides an excellent opportunity for you to set up a water purification company. You can provide the financial contribution, while you partner with technology companies who will provide the expertise for water purification.

You can look at sources for water treatment such as sewage and waste water. With a good feasibility study, you can attract investment for the setting up of the water treatment plant. You will need to engage the services of skilled manpower and ensure that your business has access to affordable and stable power supply.


Bermuda is a country that comprises a mix of many nationalities. Not only does the country receive hundreds of thousands of tourists per year, many foreigners  reside and work in the country.

This presents an opportunity for you to set up a restaurant, to cater to the needs of these individuals and even the locals.

Your business will seek to provide meals that capture the essence of the culture and way of life of Bermuda. You will need to obtain approvals for the venture, from relevant health and safety boards in the country. You could also incorporate providing intercontinental dishes as well, in order to cater to the needs of those that want a feel of their home countries.

Your business will have to hire competent cooks and have a good understanding with local suppliers of your food stuffs and other ingredients.

Try as much as possible to make your dining area as amiable and as relaxing as possible.
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Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Barbados

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Barbados

Are you planning on starting a business in Barbados? If yes, you are not too far from shoveling the great opportunities that follows entrepreneurs doing business in Barbados.

Barbados offers a number of attractive business opportunities and you can pursue the following business ideas in the country:

List of Reliable Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Barbados

Sugar Cultivation

The climate of Barbados supports the growing of sugar cane plant. The variety of the plant grown in the country is very tasty and commands huge interest and patronage on the international market. The export of sugar cane has remained one of the top foreign exchange earners for the Barbadian Government.

You can pursue the establishment of a sugarcane farm to exploit this opportunity. The Barbadian Government has intensified efforts at maximizing the gains from sugarcane planting; hence you will receive regulatory support and resources such as farmer’s grants, access to improved disease-resistant crop variety as well as other incident assistance.

Your list of requirements will span acquiring the necessary equipment/farm machinery for mechanized farming, obtaining relevant permits for allocation of farm land as well as engaging the services of competent staff.

Tourism Agency

Barbados falls under the Caribbean belt of countries that operate Tourism industries that contribute enormously to the local economy. In 2015, tourism contributed over 60 percent of the revenue that accrued to the Barbadian Government.

The tourism appeal of the country is wide-ranging. For starters; Barbados is host to a rare breed of monkeys called the Green monkey. It is also home to the four species of nestling turtles. Added to this mix are vast stretches of pristine beaches, clear blue waters, coral reefs amongst other beautiful landmarks.

Music also plays a prominent part of the tourism sector in Barbados. Rihanna, the top international musical act is a native of the country. In addition, Barbados host the Crop Over Festival, a large socio-cultural festival that showcases the country’s food, culture, music and way of life to thousands of visitors each year.

You can take advantage of this opportunity by setting up a Tourism Agency/Consultancy. Your main patrons and source of revenue will be tourists and locals who will seek assistance in hotel accommodation and reservation, airline ticket procurement, visa application and processing, tour guides, yachting and snorkeling, History, language and Geography lessons amongst other custom demands.

You will receive assistance from the regulatory tourism board in Barbados. For your business to hit the road, you will need to register your business legally, obtain necessary gear such as boats, survival jackets etc., as well as engage the services of competent hands.

You can boost your business’ reach by setting up an online platform where people interested in visiting Barbados can make inquiries and actually book for the kind of service they require.

Senior Citizen Care Agency

A combination of a growing economy and cultural practices that engender a healthy lifestyle has resulted in the average life expectancy is put at 74 years. For males it is put at 72 years and fro females, at 77. This figure puts Barbados and Japan at the top of the table for countries with the highest number of centenarians.

What this translates to is that there is a growing need for these elderly ones to be attended to. You can start a Care agency for the aged. You will look to provide services such as assisting seniors keep medical appointments, helping them take medication on time, tending to their pets amongst other custom needs and demands.

Your business will flourish once you can build up trust and reliability. It is also very important that you engage the services of competent hands, which should also include the employment of a professional medical care giver, if you do not have such training.

Financial Services Consulting

Barbados is home to a number of global financial houses and banking institutions such as J and T Bank and Trust. These institutions are attracted by the presence of tourists and the emerging business opportunities in the country.

You can take advantage of the activity in the financial services sector by establishing a Financial Advisory firm. You will require proficient knowledge regarding international finance, harnessing investment opportunity and stock brokerage.

Your financial advisory can serve as bridge between international angel investors looking to take advantage of the opportunities in The Barbadian economy. You focus for the locals will be to assist citizens invest in identified and emerging opportunities in the local economy.

A functional website will be a boon to your operations, as your services will be accessible by the international community.

Real Estate

Barbados is focusing on providing adequate housing for its citizens and foreign nationals who work or visit the country. Enormous resources are being apportioned towards strengthening the construction industry in the country.

You can set up a Real Estate Consultancy Firm to cater to this need. You can decide to build hotels, resorts and other holdings for rent/lease to tourists. You could also delve into the building of facilities to support the working class community in Barbados.

Your consultancy can decide to also engage in linking sellers/builders of housing units to buyers, where you earn a commission from the lease/sale of the properties.
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Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Suriname

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Suriname

If you are thinking of starting a business in any country, Suriname is the best place for your business. Suriname is a country in the Northern South America and it is officially known as Republic of Suriname.

It shares land borders with Guyana, French Guiana and Brazil. Suriname has an economy that offers many good things to foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

The government have been doing everything possible to make Suriname's economy sustainable for both the locals and foreigners that has business there. Some of the target areas the government wants to improve on are: agriculture, tourism, technology, infrastructure and so on.

Suriname's investment outreach is a global one; it was formally focused on Europe. Even though Suriname is the smallest country in South America, it is blessed with natural resources that are the main share of the country's export business.

Those natural resources are: gold, oil and bauxite. Suriname's economy that keeps growing, its geographic location, tax exemptions and fiscal backing make sit a very good and ideal place to invest or start a business. Some of the business ideas in Suriname are:

List of Hot Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Suriname

(1) Mining

This is the present state of the country i.e. it is one of the main business people focus on in Suriname, whether it will also be the future of Suriname in investment is still a question. It has a signed deal with Iamgold on gold mine. Mining business is one of the backbones of Suriname's economy which makes it quite profitable.

Basically, aluminums are mined in the country and then exported to other places. This is a big advantage for those who want to start mining business in Suriname. It is important you have mining equipment to start this business. It is the centre stage of development in Suriname's economy.

(2) Agriculture

This is another major business idea in Suriname, its contribution to the country's export is high. You can make rice your business focus and export it to Brazil and other regions. Suriname's weather and temperature is favorable for agricultural activities.

Under this business, you can also have a banana industry which has about 2.5% of the country's export. Other products of agriculture that can be you can start as a business in Suriname are coconuts, palm kernel, sugar, plantains, shrimp, etc.

Coffee was one of the major production under agriculture in Suriname before its decline. Agricultural production in Suriname has been improved on by the Commission for the Application of Mechanized Techniques to Agriculture.

(3) Tourism

The rain forest interior of Suriname holds much appeal to visitors. Under tourism, you can have a supplying industry such as hotels, hospitality and service industry. Suriname has fresh water and large tropical rainforest that attract people especially tourists. In tourism, you can have a hospitality business that offer basic services that helps in improving tourism in the country.

You can also have hotel(s) or restaurant(s) that caters for the needs of those who visit the country. One of the latest development in the tourism sector is the Bergendal Eco & Cultural River Resort that was built.

(4) Infrastructural Investment 

This has to do with investing in businesses that improves the citizens' wellbeing. Some instances are: development companies, animal feed mills, computer laboratories in schools, water exportation, marketing facilities, sawmills, forestry industries and so on.

These are businesses under infrastructural development that can be done in Suriname.  The government recently invested in this business which makes it a very good business to do.

(5) Oil Sector

Another business idea in Suriname is in the oil sector. Oil and gas is a very good business prospect in the country. Suriname is also popular for its oil production. There are several areas you can focus on, you can have an industry that produces diesel, gas and so on.

The country has a state owned oil company called Staatsolie. This state owned oil company has attracted so many international oil companies and ahs negotiated and executed contracts with them. Another business under this is the refining of oil and production of ethanol.

(6) Fishery

This is another important and good business idea in Suriname especially the production of shellfish. There are very few fisheries in Suriname with facilities that can be used to export both fresh and frozen fishes which makes the fish business an open one that people can still invest in.

In this business, you can either decide to stay local i.e. offer your services only in the country or be international by exporting your fish to other countries.

(7) Stock Breeding

An animal farm is another business idea in Suriname. Stock breeding is the same as livestock farming and it is the process of breeding animals to sell for consumption purpose. This is a business that thrives everywhere in the world because it is a business that will continue to function and sell as long as human beings exist.

Livestock is one of the two major sources of food for human beings. Most people are discouraged from starting this business because of the labour and capital it requires but the real fact is that once you start this business, you will start enjoying it once profits are coming in for you.
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Best Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in St Vincent and the Grenadines

Profitable Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in St Vincent and Grenadines

St Vincent and Grenadines is a collection of small islands located in close proximity to the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The country is also referred to as St. Vincent. The former British and French colony at different times is made up of a rich diversity in natural resources.

The following business ideas can be harnessed in St. Vincent and Grenadines:

List of Good Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in St Vincent and the Grenadines

Tourism Agency

Tourism is steadily contributing to the GDP of St. Vincent and Grenadines’ economy. Estimates put this figure at 90 million USD for 2015. The island nation boasts of pristine beach lines, clear blue waters as well as exotic plants and animals.

There are about 32 islands in St Vincent and Grenadine, out of which 9 are inhabited. Tourists and visitors are often drawn to exploring the remaining uninhabited islands. The highest peak of a volcanic mountain in the country is put at 1,234 meters.

You can take advantage of these natural endowments in St. Vincent to set up a tourists and recreational agency. The mix of services that you could render to tourists/visitors include: hikes and expedition, hotel booking and reservation of hotel accommodation, language interpretation services, history and geography lessons as well as any other service that the tourist may have, including requests for foreign currency exchange services.

You can also attract resources and support from the Central Government in St. Vincent. You will need to acquire necessary hiking gear as well as engage competent hands to help you with the smooth running of the business.


Agriculture ranks as the number one source of foreign exchange earnings for the government of St. Vincent and Grenadines. The most important crops grown/cultivated in the country includes Bananas, arrowroot, exotic fruits, vegetables and root crops.

You can tap into the agricultural value chain by setting up a farming venture. You can look to grow any number of these crops on the same plantation. You will receive support in terms of grants and other resources such as improved seed varieties.

You will need to acquire the necessary equipment for mechanized farming. You will also need to engage competent staff to help with the daily operations on the farm.


Surrounded by water, St Vincent and Grenadines spots a thriving fishing industry that contributes significantly to the local economy. The fishing sector has become more structured and efficient, due to technological assistance from Japan.

You can set up a fishing company to harvest from the rich waters of the Caribbean and the Atlantic. You could decide to start small with fishing boats or begin on a larger scale with the acquisition of large trawlers. You will need to procure modern navigational equipment as well as engage the services of competent fishermen.

You will also need to have in place an efficient marketing structure in order to dispose of the fish in good time. A good storage system is a good cost investment that will help minimize the incidences of waste in the business.

Agricultural Processing Plant

With Agricultural playing a leading role in financing the economy of St. Vincent and Grenadines, it is expected that there will be a thriving industry related to farming.

You can set-up an agric-processing plant to turn the crops grown into finished and semi-finished products. You can receive training and enlightenment from regulatory agencies saddled with the task of helping small manufacturing concerns.

You will have to decide on what products you want to produce from a particular base crop and deploy the appropriate processing technology that will maximize your gains. Adequate consideration must be given to engaging competent staff and securing steady supplies of input material.

Financial Consulting

St Vincent and Grenadines has continued to restructure its financial services sector, to make it nimbler, effective and transparent. As a result, a number of Global financial and banking institutions are operating branches in the country and consummating transactions valued at millions of dollars.

You can take advantage of the activity in the financial services sector to set-up a financial consultancy. You can serve as a bridge to international investors looking to take advantage of the opportunities in the country. You can also tutor the local population on how best to invest in the emerging local market opportunities and maximize their gains.

A financial consultancy pre-disposes that you have or you are receiving financial training. You will also need to engage competent and skilled staff to help you draw up investment plans for a wide variety of clients.


St. Vincent and Grenadine is a major tourist attraction; one of the many reasons is that the country has a rich repertoire of sumptuous meals. The large influx of visitors requiring huge amounts of food on a daily basis is a good ground for a business idea.

You can decide to open a restaurant in the country. You will need to have expert knowledge of the local recipes. You will also have to put in place an effective team to help you cater proficiently to your customers. You will have to also obtain permits to run such a business for the general public.

In taking the restaurant business up a notch, you could also serve intercontinental dishes to cater to the tastes of international visitors.
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Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in French Guiana

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in French Guiana

If you have been having the thought of starting up a business in French Guiana, then, you are reading the right post. French Guiana is located in the Northern Coast of South America. French Guiana also known as French Guianese has three main regions including the coastal plain in the North, a hilly plateau in the middle and the Tumae-Humae Mountain which is in the South.

With an economy closely tied to France, French Guiana has a rich agricultural sector with crops such as sugarcane, vegetables and other cash crops grown mainly. French Guiana is one place that has untapped economic potential and it is one great place to business.

So, what business ideas in French Guiana are open to entrepreneurs? What are the business ideas in French Guiana that are likely to thrive? Some business ideas in French Guiana are explained below.

List of Viable Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in French Guiana

Shrimp and Other Seafood Business

One good business idea in French Guiana is shrimp and seafood business. This business idea in French Guiana is a great business idea because French Guiana as stated earlier has so many rivers and hence shrimps and other seafood would be easily gotten.

You could catch them yourself, or buy from people who sell at the riverside and sell them to locals, restaurant owners or tourists. You could also extend your shrimp and seafood business to people outside French Guiana.

Carpet Cleaning Business

A carpet cleaning business is one great business idea in French Guiana. As a carpet cleaner or one running a carpet cleaning business, your job is to provide quality care for carpets by offering services such as stain removal, general care of carpets and rugs, deep carpet cleaning, etc.

To startup, you will need a good location. One advantage of this business idea in French Guiana is that you can operate it from home, as long as you have an open space large enough to clean various sized rugs. You will also need a little space for an office.


Opening a restaurant is just the right business idea in French Guiana. With their Caribbean and Creole style foods, along with Western foods, Asian cuisines, Vietnamese, Chinese and not forgetting, seafood especially shrimp.

A restaurant might just be the best business idea in French Guiana. This is as long as you will be able to provide all these dishes, properly cooked. You are bound to make huge returns by going into this business idea in French Guiana especially when your restaurant is located at a good and strategic point.


Another great business idea in French Guiana is carpentry. As a carpenter, you get to work with timber to construct, install and maintain buildings and furniture. The services of a carpenter is always required in French Guiana and that is why carpentry is a great business idea in French Guiana.

So, if you have got the skills why not step into this money making business idea in French Guiana. Even if you do not have the skills to startup this business idea in French Guiana, you could set up shop and hire the services of a carpenter(s).

Craft work

Craft work is another wonderful business idea in French Guiana. Are you skilled in craft making? Do you know how to design attractive and unique crafts? Then this business idea in French Guiana is just right for you.

One amazing aspect of this business idea in French Guiana is the availability of wood needed for craft work. Also, you get to sell your craft work to not only locals, but to tourists as well.

Senior Home Care

Another great business idea in French Guiana is opening a Seniors Homecare centre. This business idea in French Guiana involves providing homecare to senior citizens of French Guiana. To startup, you will need a house with different comfortable rooms where you will house those who need home care.

You will also need to hire the services of cooks, cleaners and care givers. One amazing thing about this business idea in French Guiana is the fact that if you do not have enough money to build a home, you could use your personal house for a start.

Or you could offer home services by rendering home care services to seniors at their personal homes. With this, you need close to nothing to startup this business idea in French Guiana.

Poultry Farming

Another fantastic business idea that is bound to succeed in French Guiana is poultry farming. As a poultry farmer you get to sell chicken, eggs, broilers and the likes to house wives, restaurants and hotel owners as these are largely consumed in French Guiana, which makes it one of the best business ideas.

Apart from selling locally, it is amazing to know that you could also export your produce outside French Guiana. A business idea like this in French Guiana is bound to earn you steady flow of cash.
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Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Falkland Islands

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Falkland Islands

Do you reside in Falkland Islands? Are you moving to Falkland Island soon? Are you an entrepreneur in Falkland Islands? Are you an intending entrepreneur in Falkland Islands? Do you have it in mind to start a business in Falkland Islands?

Are you searching for business ideas and opportunities in Falkland Island to invest in? Are you looking for a business idea in Falkland Islands to invest in in addition to your daily job? If yes to any of the above, then this is just the right article for you.

If you have decided to start a business in Falkland Islands, then you have made a wonderful choice. Falkland Islands, an archipelago in the South Atlantic Ocean is a place teeming with wonders of wildlife and nature.

In Falkland Islands you get to experience personal encounters with penguins (who doesn’t love that) and pinnipeds. It is a friendly positive and dynamic environment to do business. Falkland Islands is a place where residents are noted for their ability to handle a wide range of tasks. A single business could provide lots of services to customers.

So what are the business ideas in Falkland that would thrive? Here are some business ideas in Falkland Islands for serious minded entrepreneurs…

List of Booming Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Falkland Islands

Insurance Company  

A great business idea in Falkland Islands is opening an insurance company. This business idea in Falkland Islands is a great business idea because it is one business idea that provides an ongoing revenue stream for years to come.

This business idea in Falkland Islands however, requires some preparatory steps including; becoming a licensed insurance agent, choosing the insurance product(s) you want to offer, raising capital and of course getting a good location.

Opening an insurance company is a great business idea in Falkland Islands as clients always repurchase your insurance products to ensure coverage.

Home care Agency 

Another great business idea in Falkland Islands is opening a home care agency. As senior citizens are increasingly preferring to spend their old age in their own homes, the services of a home care agency are always in high demand and this is why it is a great business idea in Falkland Islands.

Your home care agency in Falkland Islands will provide non-medical home care services including, personal care, assistance with daily living activities, meal preparation, housekeeping among other services. Providing such services are often vital for senior citizens to remain safe and comfortable in their homes.

Security Company

Opening a security company is one unique business idea in Falkland Islands. People are increasingly becoming more aware of the need for security and the demand for a company or agency that provides private security has risen. This is why this is one viable business idea in Falkland Islands. To startup, you will need to get licensed and accredited and of course all the needed certifications and experience.


Another wonderful business idea Falkland Islands is a restaurant. Opening a restaurant is one great business idea in Falkland Islands. It is always exciting and wonderful to have tasty, nutritious and well-satisfying meals without having to do the dishes later on.

The demand for well-established restaurants in Falkland Islands increases every day. All you need to stand out is a good location, a good chef (if you are not one) and of course good home delivery service. With these, you are bound to make it in this business idea in Falkland Islands.

Sheep farming

Yet another great business idea in Falkland Islands that is bound to flourish is sheep farming. Sheep farming involves rearing sheep for wool and meat. You could also rear sheep for milk, but that is not really profitable.

Sheep farming business is a wonderful business idea in Falkland Islands because it is one business idea that yields great income. It is also one business idea in Falkland Islands where you do not need huge capital to start up, requires less labor, and sheep reproduces frequently, making it a quick way of getting returns on investment.

All you need to succeed in this business idea in Falkland Islands is a suitable location, quality breeds of sheep, housing, feeding and most importantly good marketing strategies.

Cruise Ship Company

With the wonderful islands and water bodies in Falkland Islands, another great business idea in Falkland Islands to venture into is a cruise ship company. A cruise ship company in Falkland Islands offers tourists as well as local opportunities to cruise Falkland Islands archipelago’s wildlife and environment.

Although this business idea in Falkland Islands requires huge startup capital, as just one ship that can carry 5000 customers might cost you up to a billion dollars, it is still a business idea that could fetch any serious entrepreneur millions.
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Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Dominican Republic

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is situated in The Caribbean region and it is the second largest nation after Cuba. The Dominican Republic has the honor of being the largest economy in the region, with a GDP per capita valued at 14,770 USD and the average national income put at 392 USD per month.

The country has continued to experience real growth in a number of key economic sectors. As a result of this growth, a number of opportunities and business ideas exist that you can take advantage of.

These business ideas that you can exploit include the following:

List of Lucrative Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Dominican Republic

Coffee Farming

The global coffee industry is worth several billions of dollars, in addition to the fact coffee prices has always appreciated over the years. The variety of the crop grown in Dominican Republic is in great demand from top coffee makers, globally.

You can take advantage of this demand by establishing a coffee plantation in the country. You will be able to access assistance and support from the regulatory agencies, in terms of the provision of improved seedlings and better farming methods.

You will need to procure necessary equipment and machinery as well as hire competent hands to help run your farm.

Sugar Cane Farming

Dominican Republic is endowed with arable land that supports the cultivation of a number of cash crops, Sugar cane inclusive. The revenues generated from the cultivation of sugar have supported the programs and policies of the Dominican Republic for a long period of time.  Recent reforms in the agricultural sector in the country will ensure that more value can be obtained from the planting of sugar cane in the Dominican Republic.

You can cash in on this business idea by starting a sugar cane farm. You will need to work with relevant Government agencies and departments in order to gain access to improved varieties of the plant seedlings/stalks as well as shore up your knowledge of modern planting methods.

You can also take advantage of public and private grants and funds to procure requisite machinery and equipment in order to enhance your harvest. The engagement of competent hands to assist in keeping your operations running smoothly is a matter you must pay great attention to.

Rice Farming

Dominican Republic seeks to take advantage of the economies of scale it enjoys with regards to its arable land. Rice is another principal crop that thrives very well in the country. It is also a local delicacy enjoyed by a large number of Dominicans.

You can begin a rice farm. You will leverage on the agricultural policies that have been formulated by the Government geared towards making rice cultivation central to the diversification of the local economy. You will need to upgrade your knowledge with regard to modern and effective planting methods for rice. Acquiring needed machinery and engaging skilled staff will also be one of your key responsibilities.

Tourism Agency

Dominican Republic falls along a line of countries in the Caribbean that possess beautiful and scenic landscapes and beaches. These iconic landmarks attract several hundreds of thousands of tourists and visitors every year. The revenue generated by the central government from tourism, amounted to ten percent of the total GDP, in 2015.

In fact, the government is actively pursuing the development of Ecotourism, with districts like Jarabacoa, Constanza and Pico Duarte receiving increasing numbers of visitors yearly.

You can set up a tourism Agency to cater to the needs of those seeking to spend their leisure time in the Dominican Republic. A major stipulation by the Government for tourists is the issuance of a tourist card, which permits the receiver to holiday in the country.

Your agency can help visitors facilitate the process of receive this card. In addition, you can render other gourmet services such as hotel booking and accommodation, foreign exchange transactions, organizing tours and excursions, facilitating History and language lessons amongst other custom demands.

Your agency will need to procure boats, buses and other means of transportation to move the tourists around the major relaxation spots. You will also need to employ friendly and professional staff to cater to the needs of visitors.

Financial Consultancy

A booming Tourism sector means that Dominican Republic plays hosts to not only leisure makers, but also international investors that are seeking opportunities to exploit in the local economy.

You can put yourself in good stead by receiving sound training in financial and monetary matters. These business people usually engage the services of a local firm that can guide them through the investment climate in the Dominican Republic.

Your financial services agency will need to have an eye for identifying present and future prospects for viable investments and present such information clearly and logically to your clients. You will need to have a staff comprising seasoned professionals, with a proven track record of initiating profitable investment portfolios.

Your agency can also look to serve the local market, be engaging with citizens of Dominican Republic who are looking to take advantage of the opportunities that exist in the economy.

Remember that your operations will have to be registered with relevant financial regulatory bodies and it must conform to international best financial practices.
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How to Handle Unhappy Customers Successfully

Steps to Handling Angry Customers

Ways to Turn Your Unhappy Customer into a Valuable Resource
Have you ever experience unhappy customers in your business and you were angry about the whole event? An unhappy customer can cause damages to a business if not handled properly. As a business owner, it is always normal to experience unhappy customers in business, but how to handle them so that what cause the unhappiness in the first place can be resolve is what is very important.

How Should You Handle Unhappy Customers?
Unhappy customers can lead to financial losses for your business if you are not able to handle them professionally. Here are 5 possible ways to handle unhappy customers in your business whenever anything bad happen;

Rules in Dealing with Difficult Customers

1. Apologize Immediately

One best way to attack angry customers is by apologizing immediately. This calm down the mind of the customers and put you in a safer side.

Do not be afraid to apologize and thank your customer. When you are saying "sorry," use a genuine, warm and caring tone and show your empathy. You would be surprised how many customers would be satisfied just with your sincere apology.

Saying "I'm very sorry" does not mean that you or your company has done anything wrong; it simply tells that you are genuinely sorry that the customer has had a bad experience.

2. Remain Calm

Another way to handle unhappy customers is by staying calm while giving the customer to pour out his or her mind. Try to understand what exactly caused the concern.

Give the customer a chance to express their unhappiness and concerns and let their anger dissipate. In the phase during which the customer is "fuming" there is a very good chance he or she won't hear anything you say.

Please, never smile while the customer is complaining, and also, do not interrupt. It annoys the customer. Once they are done saying everything they wanted to about your brand, you will have to calmly respond to them with a reassuring response. It is always better to listen carefully and act professionally when it comes to dealing with customers.

3. Think from their Perspective

One best way to solve a problem according to psychologies, is to put yourself in the affected person shoe and think from their perspective. It is among the best ways you can understand issues of your customers.

You will have to think from their perspective including what you will do when you are in their position. By behaving in such a way, your customers would think that you genuinely care their requirements and show concern to their needs.

Either you will have to apologize for the inconvenience caused and should assure such things not to take place again or you should tell them that you might be doing the same if you were in their place.

This is very crucial in handling unhappy customers because it will help them listen all the more thoughtfully to a griping customer - which is really what all the customer needs. In addition, it will help them stay cool and gracious while a customer vents his dissatisfaction.

4. Find a Solution to the Problem

You should always remember that customers approach you to explain the problems they face with your products or services and to get a solution from your company. Do not think that they approach you just for complaining.

You have to communicate effectively with them and should get more details from the client before concluding that you have clearly heard and understood them.

Identifying the problems from the customer not only makes them feel that you are listening to them and caring them, but also help you to find out the cause of the problem and thereby resolve it at the earliest.

Focus on what you can do to find the best solution and keep the customer satisfied. Ask questions like, “What can I do to help you right now?” offer several solutions and be honest when telling the customer what you can do and what you cannot do.

While you suggest a solution to your customers, make it a point that you extend an offer which the customers can never neglect.

5. Follow Up

This can be one of the best approach to finally close any problem with unhappy customers. To gain the lost trust back, it is desirable for you to call your customers and ask them whether the product is working fine.

There will be times when there is no hope in handling a troubled customer. By then, the customer service worker should essentially concede that customer to a director or manager.

However, representatives who handle customer’s complaints rapidly, productively and professionally will minimize those issues and will give employees a feeling of possession in their employments and in the organization.

Unhappy customers can not only lead to financial losses for the company, but also future business prospects as well. It is always desirable to handle the client requirements in a purely professional manner.
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