[PICTURES] How To Customize And Edit Blogger Mobile Template

Customize And Edit Blogger Mobile Template - Blogger Mobile View

How to customise blogger mobile template - Blogger mobile template customize
Since Blogger came up with the mobile template option, it is now possible to customize a blogger mobile template. With a knowledge of CSS, you can customize your template and edit blogger mobile view to your taste. You can choose which widget you want to appear in the mobile view and which ones should be displayed on both blogger desktop and mobile templates.

Do you want to make your blogger blog mobile friendly? You have various options such as using default blogger mobile theme, using a responsive blogger template or even creating a personalized app for your blog. This post is a free guide to blogger mobile template customize.

How To Edit/Customize Mobile Template On Blogger - Widgets
The primary widgets that appear on the default blogger mobile template include:

1. Header
2. Blog Post
3. Page List
4. Adsense
5. Profile
6. Attribution

There are three ways to control whether a widget shows on blogger mobile template or not.

mobile='no'   - widget hides on mobile

mobile='yes'  - widget shows on mobile

mobile='only'  - widget shows on mobile only, not on PC view

The defaut widget code/tag for Popular Post widget is:

If you want to hide this widget on mobile view, simply insert the mobile='no' property just before 'title' as shown in the text and image below.

Change 'no' to 'yes' if you want to show the widget on mobile template and to  'only' if you want to restrict showing it to blogger mobile template only

To activate any change you make in Blogger mobile theme, you will need to enable custom template for your mobile template. You will need to activate custom template for your mobile template, as it may not show any changes if you are the using any of the default template.

Click on the Template menu in your blogger dashboard, the click on the customize. Click on the gear icon below the mobile template as select custom. Save the settings as shown in the picture below.

 blogger mobile template

Now go to Template, click on the gear icon below the mobile template and set it as shown in the screenshot below.

It is advisable that you Preview the custom template before you finally click on the Save button. In my next post, I'll be sharing on how to customize blogger template with Photoshop. 

Did you succeed in making your blogger blog mobile friendly? Share your experience below.

edit blogger template

edit blogger template css
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[PICTURES] Top 10 Richest Musicians in Nigeria And Their Net Worth

Top 10 Richest Nigerian Musicians Now - List Of Nigeria's Top 10 Richest Musicians And Their Net Worth In 2013, 2014, 2015

Who Is The Richest Artist In Nigeria Currently? - Top 10 richest Nigerian musicians
For some time now, the music industry in Nigeria has witness serious financial boom. Wealthy Nigerian musicians now change cars, jewelries and houses. This is one of the reasons the average youth regard music as a quick route to wealth. unfortunately, thousands of young talents die in this hustle to break even without even getting known. They get stucked at the 'upcoming status' without getting the chance to 'come up' Many artistes have hit the limelight in the past few years but the big question is who are the richest Nigerian musicians and how much are the worth?

Who Is Richest Musician in Nigeria Now? Richest musicians in Nigeria and their worth

2face Idibia richest musician Nigeria? Popularity equates to fortune in the music industry. As a musician, If you are only restricted to your local region you are not going to make anything decent. Forget the hype and buzz, some artistes are actually making less than you think. Being one of the wealthiest Nigerian musicians is more than flashing bling bling jewelry and expensive cars in music videos.

Who is the richest nigerian musician? - top richest musicians in nigeria
Social media following, Youtube view stats, appearance fees and number of awards and endorsements are some of the indicators to know if a musician is actually making money as these cannot be easily manipulated.

Who is the richest artist in nigeria music industry?
In this post, I will list the top ten richest musicians in Nigeria and their estimated financial worth.

List Of Richest Musicians In Nigeria And Their Net Worth 2014-2015

1. P-Square

P Square
P-Square net worth is - N25.6bn

2. Don Jazzy
Don jazzy
Don Jazzy net worth is - N7bn

3. Flavour
Flavour net worth is - N5.7bn

4. D'Banj
D Banj
D'Banj net worth is - N5bn

5. Tu Face (Tu Baba)
2face Idibia
2 Face net worth is - N4.5bn

6. Davido
Davido' net worth is - N2.9bn

7. Iyanya 
 Iyanya net worth is - N2.5bn

Wizkid net worth is - N2.3bn

9. Banky W
Banky W
Banky W net worth is - N1.8bn

10. Timaya
Timaya net worth is - N1.1bn

Hard work pays! Congratulation to the current 10 richest musicians in Nigeria. Do you agree with the list of the richest artiste in Nigeria? Drop a comment below.

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How To Start Cold Room Business In Nigeria - Plus Business Plan

How To Start Cold Room Business In Nigeria

Starting a fish cold room business in Nigeria is usually for two major investment purposes; for ice-block making and frozen food business. Ice-blocks are sold in solid bars to drinks vendors as well as to caterers and event organizers for the cooling of drinks. Frozen food business involves the preservation of sea foods and poultry products, beef and fruits. Popular food items that move fast in frozen food business include chicken, turkey, fish, meat, prawns, shrimps etc.

types of cold room design

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Starting A Cold Room Business In Nigeria
A cold room is designed in form of a large container-like freezer used for the commercial purpose of preservation under low temperature. Cold rooms can be imported or locally constructed here in Nigeria. Locally manufactured cold room are very popular because of their cost of acquisition and assembly as well as their durability. If you are interested in investing in cold room storage business, the first step is to rent or purchase a space that is conspicuous and adequate enough.

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Common machines/equipment needed for cold room business include;
-----» aluminium casing
-----» freezing compartment
-----» power supply (generator)
-----» stabilizer
-----» ice-block moulding container
-----» deep freezers

The type, brand and capacity of cold room to be installed depend solely on your intended size of production and finance to invest in cold room business. Most businesses use locally fabricated cold rooms. Bigger companies have the financial strength to buy imported ones From experience, high quality cold rooms are more durable and easier to maintain. There are basically two types of locally fabricated ice-block making machine. The average locally made ice-block machine usually have issues with salt solution being used as the refrigerant so many cold room manufacturers in Nigeria have done away with this option. You can buy newer designs from cold room manufacturers which resemble deep freezers that you just bag water with cellophane and get your bars of ice block turned out within three hours.

Model A
30 ice blocks in 12hours
5,000 watts stabilizer (185k)
7.5kva diesel generator (N160k to N190k)

Model B
100 ice-blocks in 12 hours
Two 5,000 Watts stabilizer (390k)
15 kva diesel generator (N350k-380k)

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12 hours is the maximum time required for the first batch of ice-block to be produced. For subsequent batches, the machine would only need 9-10hrs for ice block production. An imported ice-block making machine from Germany with the capacity of producing up to 50 blocks sells at 2.1 million Naira. It has an inbuilt compressor so there is no need for an external stabilizer. Cold room owners also make money from rental. Here is a list of daily rental fees for cold rooms in Lagos and Ibadan.

bag of fish-- N600
carton of chicken and turkey- N1,000

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Prices And Capacity Of Cold Rooms In Nigeria - Buying And Installation

3 Tonnes Cold Room
capacity - 200 bags of fish or 3000Kg of poultry products or meat.
price - #850,000.
power - 35kva generator (N2.2million)

5 Tonnes Cold Room
capacity - 500 bags of fish or 5000Kg of poultry products or livestock.
price - #1.6 million.
power - 50kva generator (N3.4million)

10 Tonnes Cold Room

capacity - half a container of fish more than 10,000Kg of poultry products or meat.
price - #2.1million.
power - 75kva generator (N4.1million)

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How Lucrative Is Cold Room Business In Nigeria
How Profitable Is Cold Room Business In Nigeria? There is an enormous financial prospect in starting a cold room business in Nigeria. To succeed in cold room business in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria, you should focus on food items with steady demand and adjust your business strategy with the seasons. Ice-blocks sell faster during the dry season while the sales of chicken, turkey and meat is unending shooting up during festive periods. Make sure your cold room is installed in a location with stable power supply so that you can make higher returns on your investment by reducing the cost of diesel used to fuel generator.
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5 Examples Of Viral Marketing Ideas & Techniques That Work - Sample Viral Ad Campaigns

Sample Viral Ad Ideas & Examples - Best Viral Marketing Tips And Techniques

CHECK: Top Guerrilla Marketing Ideas To Double Your Sales

Creating a viral marketing campaign is a task many marketers have continued to study. This is partly due to the impact of viral marketing which cannot be easily overlooked in the successful promotion of a business. The seller generates more sales from increased buyers interest that is completely captured. This is the one of the best advantages of viral marketing.

SEE: Top 5 Examples of Marketing Strategies To Improve Sales In Business

Has your business gone viral online? Have you patronized viral marketing companies without success? Are you still losing money to that viral marketing agency? If you think by attaching viral ad ideas like a faux or controversy to promote poor quality product would achieve the desire effect, you need to think over it again. I'm ready to show you some viral marketing campaign ideas for small businesses and big investments.

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Here are some cool viral marketing ideas you can apply today.

HOT: List Of Top 100 Small-scale Business Ideas (Updated)

What Is Viral Marketing And How Does It Work?

The popular question is; What is a viral advert? Viral marketing involves sharing ideas containing marketing message about purchasing a product or service at a rapid rate. A lot of ideas and products go viral on the internet, from funny videos to stunts to popular sayings and new products. Whether you hire a PR firm, create videos or share Twitter and Facebook posts to online viral, if your viral marketing campaign ideas are lacking the element of brand, it is not viral marketing. Most viral marketing tips work better when achieving brand awareness and promotion. Popular products that have benefited from internet viral marketing include Facebook, Shoprite, Toyota, Whatsapp, Tecno etc. I won't be discussing any of these brands and how they went viral. Rather, I will be exposing you to the fundamentals of creating a viral marketing campaign using proven viral ad ideas.

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Below are the best ways of viral marketing. 

List Of 5 Best Viral Marketing Techniques That Work

Here are my top viral marketing examples:

Are you recording any success with that viral ad agency? Well, below are the best five viral marketing that have been tested to work over the years.

1. Go Unconventional
Allow creativity when creating a viral marketing campaign. Think beyond the normal marketing techniques. Putting your products in a supermodel's hand while she stares at the camera devoid of emotion is one of the worst viral marketing examples. Samsung strapped LEDs unto Sheep to promote the big switch to LED TVs. This cool viral marketing idea is the driving force behind over 20 million views of that particular internet viral marketing video..one of the most effective ways of viral marketing.

2. Engage Reality
This is an effective sample viral marketing ideas. The brain behind many successful viral marketing campaign is engagement. People tend to respond better to any advert that draw them into itself. Even if your product or service is not human-inclined, using human reaction to depict the product strong points works. People love it when they see themselves in your ads.

3. Market With Extreme Product Use
Showcase extreme product use to spike buyer's interest in a boring product or products that have been marketed over a thousand times such that people are already used to it. BlendTec used their blenders on all apple products, videos games, DVDs etc and this weird promotional video had not choice but to go viral. No doubt, using extremism is one of my best viral marketing techniques

4. Reward Customers With More
Create promos to give customers some of your products at no cost if they can perform simple addictive tasks. These tasks must be designed in such a way as to keep customers coming back. A popular viral marketing examples is the Pepsi's FutBolNow campaign. You are rewarded with a free drink if you can a certain score in a soccer challenge video game that is installed in front of the dispensing machine. This video game tracks your movement to judge how well you can juggle a soccer ball. You will agree with me that this is one of the most effective viral marketing campaign ideas as the cost of a can of drink far is nothing compared to the attention that is drawn to the dispenser because of this game.

5. Create A Weird Partnership

This is one of the best viral marketing ideas. Develop a partnership with products outside your niche. This has a way of generating a buzz that benefit both partners. When the TV show teamed up with UC Irvive to offer online courses on Zombie Apocalypse, both partners recorded massive success. It is not only about financial returns. A smaller less known brand may increase it's acceptance and popularity but teaming up with an established brand.

SECRET: How To Use Your Competitors' Strength Against Them

I have shared with your five good examples of viral marketing ideas that you can use for any type of product or service. Apart from advertising with the product's quality, consumers love to feeling of  being part of your products. While trying to get your ad viral, you should avoid tampering with the core message as this can reduce the impact of viral marketing. Getting carried away while losing focus of the message is one of the numerous disadvantages of viral marketing that is not properly designed.
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Creative Guerrilla Marketing Ideas To Double Your Sales - Free Guerilla Marketing Tactics

Free Guerrilla Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses, Websites, Events, Music, College Students, Apartment, Schools, Retail, NonProfits, Restaurants, Realtors, Real Estate, Clothing Retailers, B2B, Trade Shows 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

DISCOVER: 5 Examples Of Viral Marketing Ideas & Techniques That Work

Does Guerrilla Marketing Work?
For investors who do not have the financial requirements to hire a marketing guru, I have decided to present to you a whole range of guerrilla marketing ideas for small businesses that must be on your list of advertisement strategy.

GUIDE: Top 5 Examples of Marketing Strategies To Improve Sales In Business

Many businesses are trying to cut production costs and downsize because of low returns on their investment which may have significant effect on what they budget for marketing.

This is not the time to give up. Instead you should strive to employ these guerrilla marketing examples for small business. The truth is the best guerilla marketing campaigns can be low in cost if it is great in innovation.

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Just be patient because very soon, I would be sharing with you top 10 marketing ideas that can be used to promote sales for shops, banks, restaurant etc.
new free creative marketing ideas and strategies

What Is Guerrilla Marketing With Examples?

Jay Conrad Levinson’s defines Guerrilla Marketing as “The achievement of conventional goals (e.g. Profit) using unconventional methods such as investing energy and ideas instead of money.” In simple words, it can be summed up to mean 'financing' small scale marketing campaigns using creativity.

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The basis of most small business guerrilla marketing ideas is to be able to compel publicity using non-traditional strategies that catch people attention and make them sit up in shock.

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Although very old, one of the greatest guerilla marketing examples is public relations. Spin an interested story around your business and send it to press men. Your news should have the ability to spark human interest for it to make it have the needed impact.

Guerrilla marketing is an expanding philosophy. Many business owners have come to discover that a marketing style does not have to be expensive to be effective. A well targeted inexpensive guerrilla marketing ideas can deliver awesome results too.

If you are determined and consistent, these cheap guerilla marketing ideas can promote your business doubling your sales even before you realise what's happening.

Did you use any guerrilla marketing to achieve result lately? Share.

How To Develop Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

Here are some guerilla advertising idea essentials:

-----» Study the buyer's emotions, psychology, taste and financial history

-----» Allow room for maximum creativity when designing marketing strategies.

-----» Assess performance by size of returns and new customer relationships not by number of sales.

-----» Foster a working relationship with other businesses in your sector to be able to achieve a share goal.

-----» Don't overlook the power of public relations and social media networks.

-----» Assess your biggest competitions and use their strengths against them. See how here:

SEE: How To Use Your Competitors' Strength Against Them

One of the ways to succeed is to evaluate your current position and make definitive projections. You should able to assess your reputation, finances, budgeting and competition. All these factors will be used as indicators in steps to take and not to take in guerrilla marketing.

Next is the process of drumming up ideas. Open up your mind and consider even the simplest of all ideas. The success of a guerrilla marketing ideas to promote events hinges on the daring to be different and unconventional.

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When using guerilla marketing tactics for small business, you will still need an investment no matter how small. Every successful marketing requires that you spend something. Writing a budget would give you an estimate of what it will cost as well as ensure you do not overstep the boundaries by underspending or overspending. A marketing budget will make it easy to know how much is involved if there is need to set aside a particular fraction of revenue for business promotion.

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For a business to succeed, you shouldn't convert even the best guerilla marketing techniques to your core marketing strategy. It should be part of the overall small business marketing plan. Provided your business incorporates creativity, careful planning and periodic assessment, you can achieve great results at low cost,  alarming rates from guerrilla marketing ideas.
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Top 5 Examples of Marketing Strategies To Improve Sales In Business

5 Free Real Life Good Examples Of Marketing Strategies And Tactics For A New Product, Hotels, Banks, Restaurants, Small Business, Services, And In Real Estate Business .PDF

What Are Some Examples Of Marketing Strategies?

Are you looking for practical examples of marketing strategies in marketing plan to promote your new product and improve sales? I scouted round and gathered this list of free examples of marketing strategies in business. In this post, I will give three examples of marketing strategies including a bonus of two other secrets.

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With the knowledge that an investment without a solid marketing strategy is prepared for failure, as small business owner, you don't necessarily have to go through sleepless night trying to come up with. complex marketing strategies. I have complied examples of marketing strategies for small business services.
marketing strategies

5 Examples Of Marketing Strategies For Small Business

GUIDE: How To Use Your Competitors' Strength Against Them

1. ----» Build Customers' Trust
Consumers taste often fluctuate based on certain factors. They are reluctant to spending their cash on a product that just enter the market. If you are looking for marketing strategies for a new product, you should create ad campaigns that emphasize on the value of the products, give out free trials and create offline and online platforms for product reviews. Boosting your customers' confidence would generate more sales. This is unarguably one of the best real life examples of marketing strategies.

REVEALED! 3 Hidden Secrets Why Many Entrepreneurs in Africa Fail

2. ----» Generate A Buzz
Creating massive awareness for your product is a way to spark public interest in your products. Exploit many advertisement channels such as print media, TV and radio, social media marketing. The only downside is that this is a very expensive marketing strategy. MTN, Dealdey, Jumia, Konga and Olx are popular businesses that exploited this strategy of increasing brand awareness. Increasing brand awareness is a good example of marketing strategies for new product that will help recover your initial investment.

3. ----» Maximize Buyers' Emotions
You cannot separate emotions from buying habits. No wonder huge businesses spend thousands of dollars researching into customers' taste and behaviour. After analyzing many of such surveys, they then go ahead to create programmes, ad campaigns and circumstances which can be used to influence their buyers' emotions to their market advantage. Most businesses that use sport marketing actually exploits the ardent customers loyalty and dedication to game events. The basis for success when using this type of marketing strategy is to be able to design a campaign that intensifies the need for the customer to buy more. This idea tops examples of marketing strategies for restaurants.

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4. ----»  Prepare For Objections
This is definitely one of the best three examples of marketing strategies. Removing a buyer's objection to buying a product is a responsibility often assigned to the sales agent. A marketing strategist can fashion ads and campaign to overcome this situation too. Highlighting the potential objections and overcoming them through offering warranties, testimonials, endorsement and other positive reviews is a major step in facilitating a buyer's buying decision and attracting new customers who have problems deciding initially.

5. ----» Create An Urgency
Whether knowingly or unknowingly, people respond to deadline. Painting a sense of urgency by setting deadlines is a very good example of marketing strategies and tactics often employed by many companies.

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Here are some ideas to develop marketing strategies around the concept of urgency: sales ending soon, limited products on offer, temporary price drop, bonuses and promos expiring soon etc.

The rush of customers from such campaigns has the capacity to jump-start a business which has been having issues with reducing customers base. 
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Hughes Insurance Group Renewal Services - What You Should Know

Hughes Insurance Group was founded by Ronnie Hughes in 1980. He later included his sons, (Bret in 1993 and later Brad in 2004 who are both graduates of the Leadership Ascension program) to  Hughes Insurance Services. This business has expanded greatly, fielding some of the best brains in the insurance industry.

With headquarters in Queensbury, New York and sales office in Albany and New York, Hughes Insurance Business has continued to grow as one of the biggest family-managed insurance business. They offer personal and business insurance services on the platform crystal-clear expertise and awesome customer satisfaction.

After Hughes Insurance reveals potential risks within your business operations, you would also be provided with flexible payment plans to cater for your business insurance needs.

How protected is your business? Many investors think they have been able to address all risk only for them to discover later on that their preparation was not adequate. Hughes Insurance Agency works directly with business owners to assess their business insurance needs, and to make sure their businesses are covered.

Here is the list of Insurance Products From Hughes Insurance Agency Business Services:

-----» Liability Insurance
-----» Commercial Auto Insurance
-----» Property Insurance
-----» Workers Compensation
-----» Health Insurance
-----» Life Insurance

If you need to make inquiry on other insurance products from Hughes Insurance Agency. To renew your insurance click here.

Contact Hughes Insurance Services LLC:

Hughes Insurance Services

1201 S. Purpera Ave.
Suite 100
Gonzales, LA 70737
(225) 644-1333
(225) 644-4940
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List - Top 5 Examples Of Companies With Competitive Advantage

What Are The Best Examples Of Companies With Competitive Advantage?
List Of Companies With Competitive Advantage
There are many types and sources of competitive advantages but I won't be writing on that in this article. However, I will be highlighting five examples of companies with a competitive advantage who emerged major forces in their markets by employing all the competitive advantages at their disposal. I have compiled the list of examples of companies with competitive advantages in their sector.

business competition

SEE: How To Use Your Competitors' Strength Against Them

The most influential value of competitiveness is derived from innovation. Unique business models have a way of attracting competitive advantages apart from product properties. Let's look at Amazon. Although we are used to selling books, but selling them online was a completely different initiative. Find more interesting business models investing in companies and sectors with strong competitive advantage instead of trying to enhance traditional product features and benefits. Below is a list of companies with great competitive advantage.

GUIDE: How To Calculate The Cost Of Starting A Business

List Of Companies With Great Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage Of Companies Example

1. -----» Procter & Gamble Co. (PG): This company realizes over 60% of its sales from small emerging markets

2. -----» International Business Machines Corporation (IBM): The business exploits its highly skilled manpower and enviable patents to become a leading brand.

3. -----» Facebook: By increasing accessibility of various categories of people from several platforms, this giant social network is now a multi-Billion dollar project.

4. -----» Nestle: Nestle became a brand name re-packaging their products for small and middle income earners. They associated their products with 'loyal' markets such as sports and kids.

5. -----» Abbott Laboratories (ABT): The solid patency of many medications and supplements in cardiovascular and eye diseases gave this business a great competitive edge.

These are just few examples of companies with good competitive advantage that you can study their models.
DOWNLOAD: Free Samples Of Business Plan Template In DOC And PDF Format
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3 Hidden Secrets Why Many Entrepreneurs in Africa Fail

Entrepreneurship is still in its childhood in our continent, Africa. In this post, I will be sharing with you the reasons why that is so, and what you can do (if you`re an intending entrepreneur) to become a successful business owner. Let`s get inside.

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1.    Most African Entrepreneurs Never Prepare for Business.
For most people, business is what they accidentally came across. Most people never thought of running their own business. Instead, they were planning to be a high-paying employee.
Most people only started thinking about business after spending some years searching for job and found no meaningful one.

GUIDE: How To Quit Your Job And Start Your Own Business

Now you see one of the reasons why most people who started business in Africa never succeeded. How can you win a battle you never prepared for? Business is a battle. It`s hard. it`s tough. It requires a tough minded person to win in the game of business. No. i`m not saying all these to discourage you from your entrepreneurial vision. I am only saying this so you`ll understand what you are in to.

SEE: ARE FARMERS RICH? - 5 Truths You Should Know

To be candid, life generally is hard, so nobody should be surprised that business is tough. What is the solution? Anybody who is willing to be a successful business owner has to prepare his/her mind for the challenges of the business world. Abraham Lincoln said, ‘If I have six hours to cut down a tree, I will spend the first four hours to sharpen my axe”. Preparation is very important for any battle you want to win. But how can you prepare? Give me a minute.

2.    Africans hate to read book.

Another reason why we have only few successful business owner in Africa is because Africans hate to read business books. An average African never read 5 books except those that school compelled him/her to read.

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The best way to get yourself prepared for the business world is to read good business books, attend meaningful business seminar (not get rich quick) and stay connected with a financial blog like this you`re reading from. Unfortunately, our culture hates “wasting” time on books. We prefer to spend time on football, movie and some other useless T.V shows… but never books.

I have this truth to tell you… knowledge is the key to business success.

Take for instance, i`m presently competing in a particular business. After some research I found out that there are two major competitors I have to win (though there are others, they`re weak).
I started spying the businesses of these competitors that I want to beat. Within few weeks, I have discovered some of their big weaknesses. You guess the major weakness I discovered about them?
They lack some important business skills and know-how. Since I have discovered this weakness, I started working on how to win the market and push them away from the market. That is what happens all the time.

SECRET: How To Use Your Competitors' Strength Against Them

As a business person, you have two major areas you have to study and study well. First, general business skills, marketing, negotiation, leadership, branding, cash flow management, etc. You as well have to study much about your specific business. Whether you`re into product creation or you`re selling services, even if what you`re planning to start a simple, little business there are so much you`ll have to learn, if you want to be successful. Cultivate a reading culture. Read good business books attend good business seminars, follow this blog.

3.    Most Africans are fearful and cowards.

Yes, Africans have strong bones, but you can be sure that we lack strong heart. Most people in this our continent are fearful. They fear risk and failure. For some people who tried and start businesses, many of them run back after some defeats. There is no way we can have many successful business owners this way. For you to be successful in business, you really need a lion heart. You will make mistakes. You will lose money. You will fail. Your ability to continue in the fight of the business world is what will determine whether you will be successful or not. Winston Churchill said, “Success is moving from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm” it`s easier to see the giant business owners today and assume that they were “lucky”, but that`s not true. They fought to get to that place.

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-Prepare your heart.
-Read good business books and articles.
-Be determined to succeed and you will.

Stephen Afolabi is a seasoned business consultant. He blogs at African Business Classroom. You can reach him on this email: aafolabi26@gmail.com
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Top 10 Side Business Ideas And Part Time Weekend Businesses To Start

List Of Profitable Small Side Business Ideas And Opportunities For Moms, College Students, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Accountants, Real Estate Agents etc In India, Australia, UK, USA, Dubai 2014-2015 With Low/Small Investment

Top Small Weekend Business Ideas And Part Time Investment Opportunities

Do you want to make money running a side business? Are you interested in running a weekend business while still keeping your day job? Want to set up side businesses to test your entrepreneurial drive? Whatever maybe your reason for looking for weekend business ideas, I have packaged the top 10 part-time businesses you can start today. In many countries, people start a weekend business as a fall back plan should they lose their job. In this post, I have shared the best 10 side business opportunities and easy to start business ideas that you can run during weekends.

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Best 10 Part-Time Business Opportunities And Small Low Cost Evening And Weekend Business Ideas You Can Start on Your Own

1. -----» Gathering And Selling Antiques
During the week days, you can enjoy yourself gathering antiques from estate auctions, home clean outs and garages. These materials can fetch you a lot of money if you can rent a place where you display antiques for sale during weekends fairs. This is one of the best part time home based business ideas.

2. -----» Computer Training Services
If you are versatile in the use of computer packages such as excel, windows, Coreldraw etc, set up weekend training classes and personal tutorials for people who are interested in sharpening their skills in these areas. Another avenue to make money is to write an ebook or make a training video which can b put for sale during such classes. This is a great side business idea for students.

3. -----» Customized Fashion Accessories And Jewelry
Creativity is all you need. There is a lot of money to be made from customized fashion accessories such as ankara shoes and bags. Materials ranging from clay, paper-mache and recycled materials are cheap and readily available. Your crafts can attract a lot of money at at shows, holiday boutiques and craft exhibitions.

4. -----» Garage And Home Cleaning Service
This is another top weekend business opportunities. Cleaning out the pantry, garage etc during weekends is a tedious task for most people. As such, they are ready to pay good money to get this chore done. If you have the physical strength to clean and haul, you can look into starting a business of helping with clean out. Good thing is you may come across recyclable materials that may fetch you good money in the market too.

5. -----» Handyman - Fix It, Make Money
Do you have the skill to repair broken doors, windows, roof etc. Most people especially senior citizens will call your line to help them fixed broken items within the house. Advertise in dailies, drop fliers in different parts of the city, you would be surprised at the number of calls from  people who want you to help them fix leaky and broken facilities within their homes.

6. -----» Party Tent And Chair Rental Business
Many retirees and people who are not sure of what their current job holds have started investing in chairs and tent rental business. White plastic chairs, tarpaulin tents and mobile toilets go for a good sum of money when they are put for rent. Asides the money for maintenance and minor replacement, you don't have to spend much after procuring these items which has the potential of generating money every weekend if you plan your business well. This business deserves to be among the top 10 weekend business ideas and opportunities.

7. -----» Body Building Coach
Because people from different walks of life want to keep fit, the need to get a personal trainer is paramount. A trainer will assist in ensuring that body building exercises are done correctly and gets paid handsomely in return. Market your skills, promote your business by spreading word at swimming and recreation clubs, health spas, stadiums and other sport centres.

8. -----» Plant Leasing and Maintenance
Here is another practical business on my list of weekend work ideas. You can make decent money by helping people enhance the greenery in their residential and business work environment. With a delivery van, it is easy to grow your clients for this venture, gradually by incorporating routine pruning, watering and fertilization programmes.

9. -----» Customizing T-Shirts, Bags, caps etc
Are you good with painting and designs? You can display your ideas on shirts by customizing them with print designs and texts. Customized t-shirts are hot products that can make you a steady flow of income if you can promote your brand. This is one of the best side business ideas.

10. -----» Paper And Plastic Recycling Business
I know a couple of people who are into this business big time. Although it appears like a part-time business, these people have channeled in lots of energy and determination to the point that what they make during weekends alone is about the same as what they earn for the week at their day jobs.

This list of ideas on having a part time business from home is not exhaustible. With determination and careful planning, starting a small part time business from home is a sure way to expand your streams of income.
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