7 Steps Involved in Product Selection Process in Entrepreneurship - PDF PPT

Methods of Selecting a New Product: Criteria and Factors to be Considered in New Product Selection

Product selection definition
The commencement of a business venture is a huge investment in both material and human terms that it requires in depth planning. Just as investment opportunities can be sourced from a number of sources, the choice of products or services for the entrepreneur are innumerable. However, selecting/choosing the appropriate product or service can be considered the important building block of every business venture.

As a matter of fact, products serve the business as the most important and visible first contacts with buyers i.e. end users. The physical nature of products to the consumers typifies the psychological symbols of personal attributes, goal and strategic pathways. In other words, consumers are most likely to form opinion and perspectives for the entrepreneur.

Factors to Consider in Product Selection

In selecting the appropriate product for your business venture, the following factors must be carefully analyzed:

Criteria for product selection 

Supply- Demand gap

The size and scope of the potential and unsatisfied market demand, which forms the bedrock of business opportunity, will dictate, to great proportions, the need to settle for a particular product. One rule of thumb is that the product with the most frequency of need/demand possesses the greater chance of bestowing success on the business, should be selected. In plain terms, there must be existing demand (a market) for the chosen product.


The size of the funds that can be accessed is another important consideration. Adequate funding is required to carry out pre-launch activities such as development, production, promotion, marketing and distribution amongst others, of the selected product.

Availability of and Access to Starter Materials

Differences in products require different starter materials. Factors such as the source of the materials, the quality to be achieved as well as the quantity of the raw materials are key management decisions. Will the raw materials be available in sufficient quantities, over a continual basis? Where are the locations of raw materials needed? Are they accessible? Will it be important to situate the business close to theses sources of raw materials? In the event of local sources being incapable of meeting demand, are there viable alternatives abroad?  The entrepreneur must embark on a thorough analysis of these limiting factors before settling for a particular product for a market.

Technical Considerations

The production route for the product bears a lot of weight in the decision making process. The technical dynamics of the chosen product on the existing production line will be x-rayed against factors such as available technology, power requirement and even the use of automated processes or human labor.

In addition, the choice of a particular product may warrant either the acquisition of new equipment or refurbishing of used machinery. The product must also be deemed technically satisfactory to the user.

Profit viability/Marketability

As is often the case, the product that meets the criterion of giving the optimum return on investment, will be selected. However, a product may be chosen on the ground that it utilizes dormant capacity or helps with the sales of existing products. The product must also bear the important characteristic of being marketable.

Qualified and Skilled Personnel

Qualified personnel will be required to handle the production and marketing, on an ongoing basis. The cost associated with manufacturing the product must be kept to the barest minimum by reducing wastage. This is achievable through the engagement of competent and skilled hands.

Government Policies and objectives

These factors are often beyond the control of the entrepreneur. The thrust of government policies on economics and commerce, over time, is usually in the national interest, which may or may not be at odds with the objectives of the business. For instance, the insistence of government on the use of 100% locally sourced starter materials will greatly influence the decisions of a business with regard to what product to introduce to the market.

Standard global practices advocate identifying a number of criteria upon which product selection can be carried out. Scores can be allocated to each criterion to come up with an objective evaluation.

What are the Phases involved in New Product Selection Exercise

Three basic stages are involved in product selection. These sum up to idea generation and synthesis; evaluation and choice.

Idea Generation and Synthesis

Product ideas or investment opportunities originate from different sources such as financial newspapers and journals, research  papers, consulting firms,  chambers of commerce and industry, universities, competitors.

The origin for idea generation could be a simple analysis of the concept of S.W.O.T( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). Ideas could also be developed through brainstorming, research and business think tanks.


Screening of the product ideas is the bedrock of evaluation. Considerations include the potential value of the product, cost of time and money, equipment required, suitability  of potential product in the long term financial objectives of the business, presence  of qualified  personnel in the production and marketing processes, need thorough consideration.

A pre-feasibility study of the product market, technical and financial aspect should be embarked upon at the early stages, in order to come up with the consequent benefits and associated cost implications. A pre-feasibility serves as the fore-runner to a feasibility study, although it less detailed. A pre-feasibility study will analyze large and complex product start-ups before a proper feasibility study is made.


A choice is reached for a product, which has scaled the hurdles and has been found to be commercially viable, technically feasible and economically desirable. At this stage, resources and manpower can then be deployed to launch the product into the market.

Tim Horton Franchise Cost, Fees, Profit Margin and Opportunities

Opening a Tim Horton Franchise Business: Startup Cost, Ownership Information, Application in the UK, USA and Canada Etc

The Tim Horton’s group of restaurants was established in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, in 1964. The chain’s focus on premium quality, ever fresh product, value, tremendous service and community interaction and leadership has seen it to grow into the biggest quick service restaurant chain of stores in Canada.

Tim Horton specializes in serving freshly brewed coffee, pastries and home-themed lunches. Initially, the first Tim Hortons Restaurant served up only two meal types - coffee and donuts. The choice of donuts was underlined by two original Tim Hortons recipes- the AppleFritter and the Dutchie.

These variants became the most notable donut choices in the 1960's, and remain just as popular today. In addition to our standard stand-alone Restaurants, Tim Hortons also operates from shopping malls, expressway outlets, colleges and medical facilities, assuring prominent visibility and brand reinforcement for the group.

Most standard Tim Horton’s sites offer 24-hour drive-through service, serving consumers on the move. Tim Hortons, at present, franchises only stand-alone Restaurants. As at June 30th, 2013, Tim Hortons operated 4,304 Restaurants, comprising 3,468 in Canada, 807 in the United States and 29 in the G.O.C( Gulf Cooperation Council)

The Franchising Program

Franchise Cost ranges from 480000 to 510000 USD plus all obligatory taxes 

Additional Working Capital which covers start-up costs starts at 50,000 USD (non-borrowed). At least 153,000 USD of the franchise cost must be non-borrowed (cash or liquid assets) as well as the 50,000 USD working capital that must also be unencumbered. The remaining sums may be sourced through various financing schemes offered by the investment banks, consequent upon the candidate meeting requirements for borrowing.

The specific cost of a Tim Horton’s franchise depends upon the building size and the standard furnishings and the machinery to be installed. Some times the cost of a Tim Horton’s franchise may surpass 510,000 USD in other locations due to steeper development costs. The cost of a franchise comprises the following:

•All equipment and machinery, furniture, display equipment and bill boards.

• A Seven (7) week training course in the Oakville, Ontario, at Tim Horton’s University

•A Restaurant launch crew/Manager of Operations Standards (MOS) to  provide assistance and guidance  with  the opening of the Tim Horton’s Restaurant (for a maximum period of a forth night)

•The use of Tim Horton’s Manuals and instructional materials

• The right to use registered trademarks and trade names

•Support and consultancy from Franchise personnel, who will make at the disposal of the franchisee, their extensive knowledge of the food service sector

Not included in the cost of the franchise:

•The Physical structure

•The property that the Restaurant is constructed on

The duration of the License agreement runs for 10 years and there are clauses that allow for renewals of a further period of 10 years.


In addition to the initial investment costs, recurrent payments (plus applicable taxes) comprise the following:

• A weekly royalty fee of 4.5%, calculated on gross sales for the duration of the agreement.
• A monthly rental that is computed at 8.5% of monthly gross sales
• A monthly advertising levy of 4% on gross sales for the duration of the license

Selection Process

The awarding of a new Tim Horton’s Franchise is an important exercise involving a thorough and detailed interview/approval process. For the mutual benefit of both parties(Franchisor and franchisee) ,the selection process ensures that each Franchisee possesses the necessary entrepreneurial grit, management skills, financial wherewithal and the determination required in today's competitive market place.

In the Tim Horton’s system, the selection of the most suitable people followed by a comprehensive training course, as well as recurring operational and marketing support, has enabled the chain to continue to expand its operations and retain the status as Canada's leading coffee and baked pastries group.

Training Program

New franchisees undergo an  in depth 7- week training  course  at the Tim Horton’ s University, situated  next to the  head office, at Oakville, Ontario, Canada.  The facility comprises classrooms and a fully fledged operational Restaurant, affording trainees with intensive and relevant hands-on experience in the preparation of all Tim Horton’s meals. Emphasis is placed on the handling of food and hygiene processes, Team Member work relations, maintenance of machinery and in-house security procedures.

Support Team

With the head office located in Oakville, Ontario and regional offices situated at Nova Scotia, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia, franchisees can access corporate support from on a network scale. The Canadian team n provides key functions such as operations, training, real estate development, construction, accounting, human resources, I.T, franchising dynamics and marketing.

Our Managers of Business Development (MBD’s) serve as the direct point to our franchisees through regular on-site visitations. In addition to their primary function of rendering experienced and insightful feedback and guidance, they also ensure that franchisees adhere to the Tim Horton standards of product quality and value, while observing hygienic procedures in meal preparation at all times, in their stores.

6 Franchise Marketing Ideas, Strategies and Opportunities + Plan


Franchise are businesses techniques whereby a small business personnel purchases the rights to manage his firm in a vast company, so as to gain more money and recognition. There are diverse way in which franchise businesses can be marketed and these are;          


This is a crucial technique in which a company can be known and sell its products, both online and offline. Every dude are always happy when they see a new product which can provide them, the needed satisfaction right online. A franchise needs this, because, The world of ICT is moving forward by all means.

Many people are always online, checking the new product and business they could demand from, so while paying amounts of money to search engines like Google, wikipedia, Bing, among others to redirect browsed topics and keywords to their websites to broadcast them as the best.

It involves durable time for payments, so as to continue the eclectic services and market the company's products has dreamed.                                  


You need to advertise your newly transformed business. There is no business without marketing so the emphasis on advertisement can not be neglected. Though it costs alot but it worth doing well, so as to achieve your aim.

Media companies like Radio, television, web media must be your targets. After paying agreed amount, you'ill sign documents of terms and policy of the advert being run.

After this, you must make your product a vast available goods and services outside there for consumers and customers. Your products will be slotted into the day to day activities of the media's programme and through this, your confirmed product will be booming as intended.            


Though it seems desperate of the firm to consult the P.R officer, because they are always in high demand for money before any services could be rendered. Unlike advertisers, they receive token from company but public relation consultants don't cheer any company that seems to be their clients.

Though there services are always the best ever, but in terms of price, it limit their clients. Nevertheless, they're those that repackage your company's name and product simultaneously with spoken and written words. They will tell the society, there isn't any other product as good as yours.

If you could market your products through the public relations consultant, then you are at the peak to excel in your business. All you are expected to perform is to sign your oath of sincerity and pay the bill and through this, your product will be awarded the best in town.    


Advertisements in printed publication like newspaper, magazine, and others should be your targets. As a franchised company aspiring for an high demand of products, you can market your products in the so called printed publications. It could be national, state and local publications.

You must be ready to pay a certain amount of money and after this, you should provide the required information regarding your products in those publications. Audience who have read your advert will have all cause to call you, so far they are interested in your product.                                    


"When opportunity never opens the door, build a door". Sequential Emergence involves the visibility check in the outlook of the consumers about your product. It could be in form of dance shows- where you will share your products freely to people, to make them like your product.

Promo and bonanza, discount on multiple bought product, free pack in product, organizing interviews and street talk, makes you know more about the rate of products demanded among the consumers.

If you heartily and purposely do this, it is in your company's interest and you will surely make the impact by marketing your products as planned. "Ambitions are actions,even in terms of sanctions, go for your liking and you will see your business booming.

These are all important franchise development marketing ideas a business owner should know to earn good rate of return in business.


There is nothing in this life that worth an appreciative mind from a grateful one. You must know the rate and percentage at which people know your product and their demand for it.

Now, you can build a website, dedicated for your company and now, you must meet your web designer to create a Column or page, in which people will have to login in and share their testimony and their grateful heart about your product.

Then from people's comments and ideas, you are going to know how blessed your company is with the fruitfulness of publicity. Doing this will not only market your product but also improve your production style as you will have to follow people's advice and comments.

10 Low Cost Franchise Business Opportunities for Sale

Low Cost Franchises for Sale

Buying a franchise is one of the best ways to jump-start a business to become an entrepreneur but it is not all smooth at the beginning, this is the reason why it is important to be ready for the challenges attached because if you are not, you may lose your capital and investment in the long run.

The upside however is that there is already an establishment and most franchises up for sale or investments are already recognized, they have brand recognition so opting for the top ten franchise business opportunity may be a good move. If you take a good look at the franchise industry you will realize that the franchises available are mostly food kiosks, health and beauty, coffee shops, senior care, pet franchise, lodging and hotels and so on.

Despite the economic situations franchises like burger king of KFC are well run and are very strong due to how they are run and the uniqueness of their products. If you have the resources to buy a franchise, you should go for it and also keep in mind that you need to have some certain skills to keep your business afloat, some of which are leadership oriented.

You need to be able to delegate responsibilities and also be able to work with people. Secondly, you should only buy franchises you understand. Never buy a franchise based on advertisement or popularity it may not be as it looks.

Another thing to consider is the demand on the products, now because one business is successful in one country does not mean it will be in another country, therefore research is very paramount. You should also endeavor to consider looking for a niche for yourself.

Going along with what is trending might be a good business boost but in some cases it may be over rated, so look to buy a franchise that would give you an edge over other franchises. With all of these being put into consideration, I would give you ten top business franchises.

Food Franchise

There are always hungry customers on the lookout for quick and good meals, so this one franchise that is sure to be successful. It does not cost much and you are sure to make more that your investment. One good  thing about food franchises  is that, the companies always build up their brand name before the take to selling franchises.

Examples of food franchises at low costs include, MacDonald’s, Kentucky fried chicken, burger king, southern fried chicken, dominos pizza etc All of these businesses are quite popular and it is definite that they will be successful if the franchise is bought.

Health and Fitness

Many people are trying to look good and are embracing wellness. With is in trend  investing in health products and products that improve fitness, can get excellent pay off.'

Business services

This has different categories, from pet stores to cleaning services which is greatly required especially for people who are extremely busy and general cleaning of their homes, carpet cleaning, laundry and so on.

Pet stores

A lot of people look out for stores where they could purchase pet supplies, like pet food and accessories that are of good quality and are affordable as well. Buying a franchise as I said earlier that is on demand is the beginning of a successful business venture.

Coffee stores

Most people that work, find it difficult especially in the mornings to have a nice cup of coffee due to the stress of preparing for work and also getting the kids ready for school, especially people that have growing children. Coffee stores come in handy for such people as they stop by to  pick up their coffee at such stores. Therefor a coffee store may turn out to be a lucrative venture

Senior care

These a homes for the elderly who are having difficulty in caring for themselves. Such homes employ the services of trained professionals who have in-depth training and understanding  of how to give quality and proper care to such individuals. Purchasing this franchise can pay off well because there is a great demand for senior care homes.


Travelers always want accommodation that are very nice and also comfortable, and there is no city in the world that lacks travelers. This venture requires good customer service, and with this in check, lodging and hostels could a god franchise business option.

Convenience Stores

People tend to flock one stop stores to get the groceries or do mid week shopping so a convenience store is another good franchise business option.

It is important to note that hard work and putting all hands on deck are very important tolls to run a franchise business as I said earlier buying a franchise does not guarantee success, handling and treating your franchise as a business is success.

Getting in touch with a franchise assistant may be a good move to help you navigate the rough and bumpy roads of business especially if you are a first time entrepreneur.

Buying a Franchise: What are the Steps To Take and Questions To Ask?

Cost, Advantages and Benefits of Buying into a Franchise

If there is a must to engage in franchise, there is a must to purchase a nice one, not just nice but profitable one. Companies around the world are racking their feeble minds and brain to see a better company to franchise with. Good to hear this, before you can buy franchise, there must be some dos and don'ts.

Here are few steps you could take to purchase a durable and confidential franchise;    


It's a waste of time and money for a company to have a reckless and unnoticed name. Then why will you purchase a franchise when your name can't associate with the populace who are your consumer.

As a company aspiring to purchase franchise, you must change your name and your branding to a needed one so as to have a future proposed successful business. Get in touch with franchisee to get a good name and tactics for you.      


There is vast knowledge in going to events and seminars where franchise enlightenment lies. You must set a watchdog to keep on gazing in the society to know, where and when a franchise event is going to commence so as to gain more understanding about it. 'relativity is publicity' build yourself in attending this event and your knowledge will grow as imagined.                      


There isn't anything informative you are looking that has not be written about on the web. I wonder the state of your ignorance if you can't browse out different kinds of franchise company, to know their name, productions, sector, price and location. This is a key advice to you. Do web searching to know where lies the needed company and through this you will have the broad idea about buying a franchise.                  


In life 'meeting the right people is living a worthy life', sustaining and maintaining  a business needs your cordial relationship with friends of business fields. To buy a profitable franchise, meeting like-minded people will surely help you. 'People you meet are people you want', relating to people in terms of franchise entails them also to have full idea of the franchise business.

If you can be original and can walk with this people, you will definitely buy the franchise of your choice.        


You can't just be a master on your own without meeting consultants, lawyers and other legal practitioners. They knew the law, for this reason, you must ask from them the rules and regulations, agencies to consults, payments and licensing will be among their advice. By doing so, you will not just buy a confidential franchise but also have a legal guru as your god father.                    


You must know you are going into a tug of war, not a place of play. Work out the needed money, time, personnel and  products among others. You can't just boom your business without meeting and liaison with every segment of your organization, like the accounting, marketing, advertisements and others.

Franchiser and other agencies must be your concern in meeting and through this you are becoming the one to buy the profitable franchise.


It actually worth it. Just like a tertiary institution project when you will have to do thorough research so as to have vast and competent knowledge about  the topic given to you.

You must grow in knowledge, never relent in seeking advice from people. As natural as a tree grows, you as a tree should be growing daily, flourishing and spreading through the surface of the earth crust. You are to squeeze knowledge juice out of stones of advice.

Advises from the east, west, north and south must come together to form a whole world of knowledge for you, while searching for a franchise to buy. You must not relent in looking helter skelter to get the important knowledge about buying a franchise. You can't just run into the business without planning and having due understanding of the business you're running.

Information is gold no matter how you look at it. You should always be in the look out for new information about franchise. This is very important because, when you eventually converse with the franchisee, it will surely show the franchisee the level of your experience though you haven't tried one.

Researching every seconds, online and offline, and thereafter you will laugh last  buying the efficient and effective franchise which you can cater for.                    

Following those steps above will help you buy the needed franchise of your choice and even to be a master to others into the field.

Dairy Queen Franchise Cost, Startup Fee, Profit Information and Opportunities


Cost of Dairy Queen Franchise, Startup Requirements, Ownership Agreement
Are you interested in joining a successful franchising company? In this post I will be dealing on everything you need to know about Dairy Queen Franchise. So in case you're considering joining a franchising company, you can consider or put this company into your list of consideration.

Dairy queen  have been franchising since 1944 which means that the have been the franchising business for 72 years. This business all started when a producer of ice cream J.F McCullough began experimenting with recipes for making frozen dairy product, he started this experiment based on his opinion that it is better to serve ice cream fresh from the freezer, and not allowed to be served frozen solid. After perfecting this experiment he and his son Alex convinced one customer to hold an introductory sale of the new soft ice cream and more than 1,600 people showed up to try it.

Dairy Queen was first opened in 1940, in Joliet, Illinois and that time served only soft ice cream. Over the years variety of ice cream treats have been added to the menu such as dilly bars and banana splits. Some diary queens began serving hot food items as at 1950.

Today, Dairy stores have hot dogs ,ham burgers, chicken strips on their menus. Though they started 192, they have expanded internationally namely Mexico, japan, middle east among other outlets . it has over 6000 outlets to its name an it is one of the largest and top ice cream chain globally. It is owned and operated by the Araneta group based in the Philippians.

Different kinds of diary queen products exist and they include

o Blizzard: this is the original creamy, smooth and thick combination of fruits and cookies goodness served upside down

o Moolatte : this the frozen blended coffee available in Matcha Green Tea, Mocha, Cappuccino, caramel, Double Fudge and French vanilla flavors.

o Banana Split Royal treat,

o Classics which include Vanilla, Double Coco Fudge, Strawberry, Caramel shakes, Cones, and sundae.

o Dilly Bars and Dairy Queen Sandwiches

o Cakes are also included which are perfect for any occasion shared with family.

Every franchise has its requirement and specifications which is done to maintain the standard that it has, to help maintain success and to ensure that customers are served effectively.

Dairy Queen Franchise has its own requirement which include:

1. The offer a single unit franchise and this business is counter typed meaning that the products are sold from a counter.

2. It also require the store be located in office buildings, restaurant fronts, shopping centers, airports, bus of train terminals, and other locations that have high foot traffic counts.

3. It requires that each location must feature warm, welcoming, d├ęcor in free standing facilities

4. The franchisee should have a good food service management experience.

There are supports franchisees receive from the franchisors that will help them in the establishment this business.

This is one benefit that I personally find interesting because not all franchises come with such.
Some of which include

o First they run a training program for their franchisee which is available at the Dairy Queen headquarters and this training is conducted for three weeks. Afterwards other required trainings are conducted at the franchisee’s location

o The offer ongoing support through newspaper advertisements, help organize meets at the opening of the franchisee’s store, they also support during the grand opening

o Furthermore they offer marketing support, they handle advertisement, national media, handbills, regional advertising

All these is done to support and also as marketing strategies to help build a customer line for the franchisee.

The concepts of this business are:

o Dairy Queen offers two primary concepts available for franchising which are the DQ grill and the chill restaurant which is the part that serves burgers, salads as well as DQ frozen treats.

o Despite the inclusion of the restaurant into the business, DQ by all means preserves its heritage which is legendary I must admit. It offers a full menu of hot dishes and still serves the original frozen treat.

o The size of a typical DQ Grill and Chill restaurant is between 1,886 and 2,612 square feet the good thing is that the land may either be purchased or leased.

o The minimum net worth requirement to own a DQ Grill and Chill franchise is $750,000. With liquid assets of $400,000. The franchisee must be able to inject at least $300.000 I cash equity.

Diary Queen evaluates the background, work experiences, and financial capabilities of prospective franchisees because it gives preference to prospects with food or business experience.

I hope with these information you can be able to consider your options if you have interest in picking a franchise. Your thoughts are welcome in the comment box.

[Sample] Business Plan Template For New Businesses in India

Small Business Plan Outline in India For Startups

Starting up a business in India is now one topic everyone has in mind due to the economic disability evolving round the country. When it comes to business, the most technical and inevitable part of every business is a plan, your business plan is enough to make or mar your business. There is no successful business without a business plan.

A business plan is a clear definition of what you want, what you expect, your objectives i.e what you hope to achieve and how to go about it, every intended successful business needs a plan, this plan includes your management and financial strategy, how you market and advertise your business, your goals and your business description.

If you have any intention whatsoever of starting your own business in India, whether as a citizen or foreigner this article is for you. It is true that everybody needs constant money income, men, women, teenagers, the old and anyone else, these businesses are not limited but cuts across gender, age and all types of individuals.

Certain things to consider in opening a business in India.

Industry location; it is important for you to first of all make a good choice of a location to build your  industry or buy or rent. Your choice of industry solely lies on your type of business, for example the industrial training industry is a fast thriving one in India, in which there are countless number of business opportunities in the industry.

Study the region; It is important for you to conduct heavy research on wherever the region is you intend to set your industry or business.

Develop a Business Plan; India or any other country  irrespective, you need a workable business plan to succeed in business. it will be extremely difficult to start a good business without a well-written detailed business plan in India.

Moreso, taking a look at the high rate of competition between entrepreneurs in india, every individual should work towards outsmarting the other, the only way to achieve that is through an innovative business plan that involves all possible types of strategies.

Here is an example of a business plan in india and anywhere else in the world;

Invention/Original ideas: Companies that value innovation are ground breakers. In your plan, highlight ways in which your business will create impact.

Contingency plan: It is always necessary to have a contingency plan, in case plan A fails along the line, your contingency plan take over.

Success Plan: Businesses are full of surprises, you may completely plan for success and go in one direction and something may go wrong for which you will be needing a contingency plan, or you may have a neutral mind and the success will blow your mind, either ways, you need a success plan.

Psycho-graphics: Your plan should consider costumers values, lifestyle, habits and interests. Especially in a place like India where they are known for certain norms, lifestyle, denominations and values. Knowing these gives you a deeper review of what your customers pressing needs and desires are, which will help you know the product or service to render  that will be of help to them.

A typical business plan will be of help to them, a typical business plan will discuss a company’s target market, usually in terms of demographics such as age, gender and income.

Internet use/ social media strategy: This is always a dominant force when it comes to marketing and advert and also relating to potential costumers. A plan should inculcate the strategic use of the media to the company’s advantage.

Employee engagement; Some businesses run solo while some engage the services of employees, you need to map out tactics you intend to use in engaging them and keeping them focused.

Your business plan should have an exit plan, just in case you decide to sell it later in the future, make a long list of exits though you may not have the intention to sell it now, make the list anyway.

The last but not the least but very important is for you to show commitment in following the above mentioned plan.

Register your business; It is important to run your business on a legal note in india, in other words, register with the government.

Make provision for tax payment; In India, you must regularly pay your tax, you contact the central revenue collection agency in your region.

Following the above mentioned plans, you can engage in businesses like schools and office supplies, greeting cards, customized jewelry, fast food, digital photography, rentals, interior and exterior decorations, furniture making, paintings, materials import and export.

6 New Up and Coming Business Ideas For Beginners

Best Up and Coming Small Business Opportunities To Invest In Canada, America, USA, UK, Miami, Los Angeles, South Africa Etc

What are some top up and coming business ideas for entrepreneurs? Businesses have been a part of man from time immemorial; in fact the world is made out of business ideas. Ideas never grow old or go in extinction; they only grow and become better with time. An investment idea may date back to a number of years but with a little re-branding and useful touch will be as recent as present time.

However, having an idea is not enough, before deciding to further realize this idea, you must approach it with an open mind to accept and take advantage of any idea you come up with, you must be prepared, your idea should also be within your reach, that is, your capital, furthermore, you should have an incredible upcoming business plan. Come up with one that will stand the test of time.

Below are a few lucrative up and coming small business startups, but first, I am particularly interested in the use of the internet also because it relates more to the youths. 

Most Profitable Up and Coming Business Ideas in Chicago, Florida, Phoenix in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

The use of the internet/media publishing/social media serves

All thanks to technology, information is not relegated to a lucky few as in the days when it was only the rich who could afford television sets and sophisticated phones for adverts and publicity, today technology has made it easy and cheap that even a child of ten can own and operate a phone.

Social media is at out doorsteps and has proven to be super effective for a lot of up and coming new businesses, it creates a platform to interact with people far and wide, you are licensed to place anything online, create awareness, market and advertise.

As it stands, social media is for everybody instead of spending 24 hours on your phone playing around, why not be among those that use it to become millionaires? This as it is one of the first ideas, on this platform; a lot of other ideas can come fully in place, just as in the case of;

Creating Training Centers 

It is important you have something handy, something you can do with your hands, anything original as an individual, with this you open up a training center. A living example is myself, at some point I paid the amount of 5,000 Naira to learn an African trade which involves using African fabrics to make accessories such as necklaces, hand bangles, shoes, bags and lots more.

My money came back in a thousand folds as I began to recreate centers of my own, once in a while I will get a hall, make use of the internet, send publicity through social media channels and those who are interested will pay money to apply, I will run a one week seminar and at the end of the day I will end up making cool cash.

You see, with this I did not have to buy and sell, all I had to do is impact my knowledge in someone else. Whatever you are good at will come in handy for you, whether educated or not, it is good to learn at least a trade.

Cosmetics/ Skin/Beauty care

This is one area a lot of people rush into without understanding the secret. Whether wholesale or retail, everybody loves a good skin, it is important you know and understand skin textures and whatever works for certain people, don’t just sell products because of the money.

There are a of skin care companies flying around, you have to verify how good their products are, ensure the pricing is affordable, sell and market yourself online, prescribe it to a few people, by the time it works for them they will be buzzing your phone with calls.

Sometimes, you can go as far as learning how to mix natural products that are good for the skin and hair even, a good advertisement of yourself might take you as far as serving as a consultant.

Fashion World (clothing, salon, jewelry, shoes, sewing) 

Fashion and style designing is one of the most successful upcoming business opportunity that never go extinct, the secret is one- keep up with the trend. Having fashion ideas alone is a stepping stone, setting up boutiques, or sewing dresses, shoe sale, jewelry, hair and makeup always move because people never get tired of wearing new clothes, shoes or jewelry. All you need to do is bring up a unique idea or style, be known for it and you will never run short of costumers.

Establish relaxation Centers (bars and clubs) 

Another good business startup venture to invest I, after a days’ people want to relax or take their families and friends out to chill, relax and have fun, eat good food, have cold drinks  and listen to good music, they enjoy the services so much they do not notice how much they have spent , if the services are so good they become regular customers, you can own a bakery alongside and a hall,  or garden, where parties and unwinding can take place people rent the place and patronize you at the same time.

Agriculture in various forms, involving poultry and other livestock farming; fish pond, different types of fishes are cash spinners, they only require attention and patience, as much as poultry farming which produces eggs and meat, and other livestock like cows, goats, sheep, ram, and lots ,ore. These are money spinners, when given the necessary attention and care.

Events planning and management 

This is also a fast growing field that is gaining recognition day in day out, year in year out. Other low cost up and coming businesses to start in South Africa are food business, blogging, mining, school and day care services, bottle/sachet water production, media productions ETC.

5 Best Home Based Franchise Opportunities To Start a Business

Profitable Stay at Home Care, Nursing, Cleaning, Improvement Service, Food, Healthcare, Inspection Low Cost Franchise Businesses and Opportunities To Work at Home

Home based franchise opportunities are quite easy and convenient to run. Most franchise business require time and compete concentration and a home based franchising business helps you give a hundred percent concentration and time which will enable you pay close attention to the progress of the business and identify ways by which the business can be improved upon.

I personally am a fan of home business franchises in Canada such as in apartment building, home cleaning and maintenance, fittings and repair as well as in security provision; and this is the reason why I run my business of home service right from home, this does not only accord me convenience and time, it has helped me in giving the best to my customers.

Below I would give of the best home based franchises in the UK and other parts of the world in order for you to see if you can get ideas on how to run or begin your own low cost home based franchising

Visiting Angels

This the first home care franchise business on my list, what the do is provide in –home care, senior care, elderly care, respite care, retirement home and companion service. Visiting angel is said to be the first non- medical senior home care assistance in America, and also the first to give formal training on how to care and treat elderly and sick individuals in America. They have over 400 visiting angels agencies, and are looking to grow in secondary markets such as Iowa, Montana and other states.

The reason why this best work from home franchise is that, the senior care industry is booming and in a decade would be in great demand as people get older. With this they need professional home care and the best they could get to enable them pass through this stage. Expert in this field have said that the ass aging trend will significantly affect economic and social dynamics.

This work at home franchise opportunity has requirements which include:

1. A true passion for the industry.
2. Caring about caring for others at some point in life.
3. Passionate about the elderly.
4. Kind at heart and interested in getting formal knowledge about care giving.

Fitness Revolution

The plan of Visiting Angels is lead the change in the fitness industry by providing result based services. They provide personal training programs to individuals to help them achieve their goal weight and live a healthy life.

This home healthcare franchise is quite lucrative and relevant because most people have become health conscious and have begin to watch and take care of their weight they have 187 franchises in 38 states in America 59 of which are  dual franchises meaning that the franchises offer two programs, the personal training programs and also group programs which could include fitness and sport programs for groups majority which consist of youths, serving as a support platform to athletic competitions.

Weed Man 

This is North America’s No. 1 franchised lawn care provider. It is a network of locally owned and operated lawn care businesses in India providing environmentally responsible fertilization, weed control and integrated pest management services.

They have one goal and just one goal they promise to treat every lawn as their own by giving it proper and 100% care and treatment to help beautify and preserve nature.

Kona Ice

By one means or the other most of us have heard about the ice cream truck. This is a mobile truck that provides ice cream to different neighborhood and have a familiar tune that gets the attention of most especially children, Kona ice is one of such companies that provides different flavors of ice creams to different locations.

One dynamic thing about Kona ice is that, engaged in social work by giving back 20 million to the community it serves. They cultivate with school groups, community based organizations and local sport teams to help raise funds for certain community progress. They have 540 locations and are looking to sell 150 franchises before the end of the year.

Home Instead Senior Care

What they do is, instead of building up homes for the elderly, they train care – givers who are hired to take care of the elderly in their home. They aim at giving the elderly the comfort  they deserve by allowing them live in their houses and not taking them to some place they would have to adjust to, which may be difficult because of their age.

They have 1,015 franchises and are looking for franchisees to invest. They advice that franchise investors will need $45,000 and that the would need an extra $60,000 for expenses and any other working capital. the requirements for this franchise are

1. Owners who have strong leadership and relationship building skills
2. Who have the desire to serve and not to be served
3. Who have  passion for people especially the elderly.

Before purchasing or investing in a franchise, it is important to consider the environment you find yourself while deciding on what franchise to either buy or invest in. this is very important to help you know the need that is lacking to enable you meet the right need and was strategies to employ. This means that research is paramount.

7 Most Lucrative Small Summer Business Ideas To Start

Best Summer Businesses For Adult, Kids, Teens, Children 

Do you know there are several summer business ideas that make money yearly? When it comes to summer, we all know what to expect; longer days shorter nights, climate changes. Schools are mostly on break, a lot of activities occur, people have various outdoor events to help relaxation and subdue the heat, especially in the western part of the world  summer is usually a season they look up to create a lot of memorable experiences.

People use the break to visit other countries, go to the beach and a host of other activities. The big question is what is summer to a business mind? How do I take advantage of the summer? What small business ideas for summer can I come up with in the season?

To a business mind, every opportunity activity in the summer is an opportunity to explore, exploring does not necessarily mean going out and about, and it could be from the comfort of your zone. Considering it may more or less be a part time job, it may not cost or demand a huge capital; usually every seasonal profitable idea for a summer business simply means take advantage of the season.

As it is, the summer is immediately followed by autumn which is usually fair and not as harsh as summer, whatever business plan you will come up with could blast by extension to other seasons.
Business in summer in this sense does not have to be a case of buy and sell or a case of opening a shop (doesn’t mean it is not advisable) but it could operate under any circumstance.

Whether you are a student or not, educated or illiterate, good at menial jobs and handiwork, the summer is for you and whatever experience you get can make part of your resume and could be beyond just a seasonal job  but serve as an up boost for you as event planning turned out for me.

As a student or an educated person, summer to you can be a period for running extra morale lessons for your children/students, considering students are mostly on break and parents don’t like to leave their wards ideal, you could run summer lessons and get paid in full.

Are you good with menial jobs? You could come together as a group, create a website that renders home services where you could clean houses, wash cars, baby sit, set up camps, housekeeping, laundry services, and a whole lot of chores this period which is usually very dusty, families are rarely around, they crave extra helping hands, you could render such summer business opportunities, be a hero, save the day and make some cash.

Are you good at making things with your hands? Be inventive, make and wrap gifts, go to strategic areas/places and sell your products as appropriate to the season.

Some best summer business ideas are enlisted below.



Considering it is  are relaxation period for a lot of people, they love to go sightseeing , if you are not completely attached to a tourist , you can offer to serve as a tour guide in this period, services which will be paid for and appreciated, tourism is a big shot especially in Africa during summer.

Public Speaking

For those good at public speaking or relating well with crowd can serve as anchors or masters of ceremonies, considering there are a lot of outdoor activities that are hosted , parties, picnics and lots more.

Entertainment/Side Attraction

If you are talented in singing, dancing, comedy, or anything else, it is your time to shine; you can serve as side attractions at events and get paid. This is a cool business idea for summer that kids can start.

Event management/Planning

Let me tell you a testimony as a student at that period, I always had a flare for planning events. So this particular summer season made it all for me , a lot of picnics  and events needed planning, after managing one picnic, the same summer session I ended up planning at least six other events , not only did I make money that lasted me a while, I gained recognition an am called upon from time to time, that could be you.

Offer Catering Services 

Here is another fast food summer business to start from home. While people want to relax, they also want to eat, why not be the one that offers those good summer food business services? Cook food, advertise/market yourself , seize any opportunity that comes your way to tell people  about your services, make snacks and refrigerate cold drinks,  make smoothies, take to strategic places serve cold drinks and water keeping in mind the hotness of the weather.


This is also a season for decorations, interior and exterior, when you do have a capital, buy decorating materials and keep. With this summer business for teens, you could offer services rental services and make cool cash over summer.

Swimming Lessons

Are you good with water/pool exercises, get involved and teach people how to swim, serve as a life coach, people tend to relax at pool sides to enjoy the chilled atmosphere.

There are several summer business ideas for college and high school students to consider during the summer, depending on the environment, you could come up with ideas that will benefit you.

6 Best Low Cost Franchise Opportunities For 2016


What are some affordable low investment franchise opportunities to own this year? Every company are in high demand of franchise that would be of low cost and still give high returns no matter the kind of business they are running. Most cases, the price of franchise varies from $5k no matter the low startup cost franchise  you are running.

Are you a company aiming to envelope and elevate your low cost franchise business under 5000 from the very point it is to an extreme greatness? Do you sell products or your business is still down?

Here are the best low capital franchise companies some under under 1000, you can associate with to sell your products effectively. 


SNAP ON TOOLS (automotive)

This is one of the top 10 low cost franchising business for sale that you can invest in. The company was established to help low business make up to reach their points. It was established by Grey Welch, with the aim of stepping high any company whose name is still behind the bar.

They offer in-house fund grant, to cover so many placing anonymous abduction ambiguous reason which are paying costs or starting a firm, paying fee for this very low cost high returns franchise, paying proposed tools and equipment. They also help to pay for inventory and research projects. Now you can view it from this angle that snap on tools are the best to say.                    

H&R blocks (business services)

This franchiser helps to return tax to the companies with hundred percent guarantee in service. Money are received promptly by payroll and in-person bank account. No matter how down your business, meeting this firm is the most advisable. They pay your franchise token, equipment, costs on startup, and any other business payment.

You will have to start with a token, ranging from $32k upward depending on the well being of your product.    

TUTOR DOCTOR (Education franchise)

It was established in 2000 and started their franchise in 2003. It is an educational setup firm which specialise in doing tutorial and confirmed lectures to student even pupil ranging from their daycare days to college and university. This is a lucrative lowcost home based franchise with good returns in education.

They outreach people either in home or in their organization depending on the likeness of clients. As an educational business Personnel, you can boost the state of your business by meeting them online and offline. Their price varies from $66k upwards depending on your location and accessibility.                      

PEARLE VISION (Health care)

This is an health care company established in 1961 and started franchise in 1980. It was established in Georgia, USA. It has it branches all over locations in USA with numerous offices.

This is one of the most profitable low startup health franchises mainly established to cater for eye infections and sales of eye wares, So as to improve and enhance the effectiveness of human sight all over the world. As an health care business, dreamer, you can reach out for them as they provide durable services for human doing such will enhance your business promote your skills.

They accommodate every doctors and nurses all over the world, their franchise price are $410k upwards, depending on your quality as an health and medical practitioners.    

DAYS INN (Hotels and motels)

Indeed it's a great joy to embark in trusted low cost food franchise business startup. Days inn is established in 1970 and started franchise in 1972. It's main objective is to rectify the lagging of people in the aspect of lodging and resting overnight. It's provides the ever best, in the aspect of hotel and motel business.

Most hotels and motels from edges of the world had being franchising with them. You can partner with this low cost restaurant franchise business for veterans anywhere in the world, pay a startup cost of about $179k and you will definitely be happy from the joyous effect. "when opportunity isn't your friend , then make it your relative by all means".                      


The first Anytime fitness company was established in 2002 with objectives of enhancing the effectiveness of recreational and leisure usage of time. It is a low cost gym franchise that provides arenas for gymnastics and other kinds of indoor exercise.

As a recreational business enterprise, you can associate with them and through this you can earn as much as you like, their price ranging from $63k upwards depending on the quality and system in which you are using. In due time you will be among the rated best entrepreneur.                              

Taking heed to this points strictly will improve the state of your business.

BRICKS FOR KIDS (Children products and services)

New super markets and kids products  and service seeking a company to partner with and franchise their company. Bricks for kids is a cool option for you. They specialize in selling wears and children toys. It is a flourishing and high ranked franchise business for women.

Meeting them to start one of the best franchises with low startup cost that make money will only cost you $34k upwards. Thus, you will have to fill forms of agreement and surely your children services enterprise will begin to boom as dreamed through this high returns low cost franchise.

Papad Business: Lijjat Business Model, Recipe, Business Plan, Report and Machine

Starting Papad Making Business

Do you want to know how to start papad making business? Rajiyab from India firstly introduced the product so called papad. (served in meetings, sold in India and at large in abroad. Basically, Rajiyab- house wife never wanted to make his product a worldwide demand.

That day when she heard her husband is Coming home with friends and relatives. She got some Kirtiraj papad recipe and mixed it up to fry and after tasting and eating to satisfaction. They suggested that she should start selling the snacks to public.

She tried as advice but she never had much gain since the product is never known before. She repackaged the sabudana papad product and now, It is rated among the selling company. 'Steps to mountain are different from mere walk'.

Here are few tips on how a papad making business model works:     


As a proposed business firm, the location of your papad indian food product must be your concern. A place which will not disturb people and a place not too far from town, for easy transportation. If a proper are had been sighted then there isn't any problem than to start building necessary buildings and factory.  


An unregistered product is an unrecognized product. When you have achieved your aim by getting good site. Your next move is to meet appropriate authority incharge of registration of company's name, number and mode of operation and production.

After you have met the government agencies, there are some private ones too which you can meet either for registration or advice. In some countries, there are sometimes high rate of taxation on such company but as operation and production begins, your revenue will triple your expenditure.              


Don't start if you can't invest. Yes! You already know 'money does it all'. There must be well finance budget to run your lijjat papad business in Pune. Though many might have little but loans an grant can be a cool inclusion in a papad making business plan. If you had vision on how giant and vast the company will be.

Payments of workers, transportation, local bills, variable cost and others must in your budget, so as to witness endowed business and become a better entrepreneur.            


Papad Making Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers
Company bares its name from the effectiveness and efficiency of small papad making machine for home and businesses in Mumbai. After proper budgets had been drafted, you will have to buy the machines - relevant to your specialization, described by engineers and apprentices so as to have good product. So after this 'malasa recipe' , are part of the needed raw material for the production of nagli papad in India. You must buy the raw material which can sustain for several months as  a startup business. Look online for both manual hand-operated; semi and fully automatic papad making machine price with dryer designs.

Though some recipe are perishable, so you must buy non-perishable ones and cross for other things.


'There is nothing worse than associating with fools'. As an equipped startup personnel, you must employ skillful workers in your specialization, so as to achieve your aim as quick as possible. You are inspect and sieve durable, and qualified ones. And by doing so, you will reach your proposed point in time        


'Team work makes the work fast and easier'. There must be division of labour in you company. Those that will mixed recipe, those one that will fry it, those that will package it, those that will store it, those that will market it and others. No one can do it all, there must be divided but team work among your organization so as to meet your set target.

For example, "if you have ten apprentices, they can't all be in a segment but must be shared to different assignment under the Same company to achieve golden goal.                                        


The most important issue about any company is how their product are sold. Though it lies in your packaging but also in the power of advert, new products are recognized by advert. Media stations like radio, television, magazine, newspaper and online media must be your target and after many hours of advert,  you will see your aam papad business booming and elevated as planned.


There is no booming enterprise without relationship with the public. I discovered there isn't any need to set up a business if you aren't interested in relating with the consumer. The most salutary aspect of business is how cordial your friendship is.

As a company aspiring for uplifting of product status, you must be able to interact with them in needed times. Dish out bonanza, free pack, competition and others, so as to improve the appearance of your products to the general society.

By doing this, your products will not just be the best but recommended as doing the needed task wanted by the public. You can consult an experience public relation officer to give you hints relating to papad making business.

Top 10+ Lucrative Business Ideas and Opportunities in Singapore


What is the best business to start in Singapore?
Have you been searching for new business ideas in Singapore? Firstly the word LUCRATIVE means producing deal of profit. Then lucrative business opportunity means the explicit or the accurate or an ideal business that can fetch or give you a maximum or produce a great profit at a given geographical area or region.
Businesses to start in Singapore


List of Good Business Opportunities in Central Singapore, Toa Payoh, Ang Mo Kio, Choa Chu Kang, Bedok, Tampines, Hougang, Pasir Ris, Yishun, Bukit Batok, Queenstown, Clementi, Serangoon, Sembawang, Bishan, Jurong East, Geylang, Punggol, Bukit Merah, Jurong West, Woodlands, SengKang

Do you want to know how to start a small business in Singapore? It is important and relevant to know the strategic business strategy to the moving business addicted to a region before you migrate to the area for business pursuit. Here are some feasible ideas for starting a business in Singapore.



Basically food business is among “essential for everyday” (EEE) which entails that dealing with food business is important that essential and lucrative in any country provided there, even animal need food consumption for survival basically on domesticated animal that means is not only on Singapore but food business is one good businesses in Singapore.

This is so because there is a universal need for food, and it is the most important basic need of man and more also in Singapore. Food franchise business opportunities are very competitive.


Agribusiness is one of the best business to start in Singapore. In as much as Singapore has a very limited available land, the country has based and relied basically on agro-technology for agricultural production and consumption but demand for food and other agricultural products seem to be out weighing the supply with each passing day because there are very few practitioners in the agricultural sector.

So it’s more definite and coordinate that you can make it, boom up and make huge profit on agriculture business ideas in Singapore base can bear the cost for technology requirement for agricultural production.


The preparation of fast food and snacks arises very well in Singapore. This means that the investors can really make a lot of profit from snacks which include barbeque, pizza and other snacks. This home business opportunity requires little capital and no formal academic qualifications, so one can easily start on and make great deal of profit.


Transportation both in Singapore and other countries of the World is very indispensable this entails that there is high demand for Transport services in Singapore, you can start a transport business, the scope to great deal on your profit both taxi for within local areas, inter-city, and Inter-state, which means transportation is also one of the booming businesses to start up in Singapore.


Electronics industry is recorded as largest in Singapore’s manufacturing sector, accounting for a whopping 48% of the total industrial output. That means with your little capital, you can focus on a narrow range of electronics but this could be widen depending on your capital strategy and muscle.


With increase and demand for business to attract customers and still offers related to the internet comes the booming business that offers online marketing service and this implies to advertising as lucrative in Singapore.


With the increase in number of individual and internet businesses, blogging as a way of making money online comes the scarcity demand for creative writers; blogging as a online business idea thrives only when quality content is published consistently, a situation that populated bloggers would meet on their own. Then you can make impeccable, incredible, suitable, conjoint and coordinate words, stickle for a perfect grammar you make a lot of money in Singapore.


Laundry is a good deal profit business in Singapore even for foreigners. Laundry over there is lucrative to start a laundry business; you need no more than a washing machine and other equipment such as pressing irons, dryers and other necessary machines.


Do you have passion for an import export business? Motor parts and other automobiles sell very well in Singapore and even as a foreigner can easily break through even with your little capital and this can fetch a great deal of profit in Singapore from this profitable trading business.


Because of much business both indigenous and foreign in Singapore, there is high demand for individuals with accreditation as financial service such as accounting, auditing and book keeping. So if you have strong background, you make a lot of great profit deal in Singapore by helping other businesses with your skills and initiative.


Need to start a business in Singapore with no capital? Think about giving classes at home. Home tutoring as a business thrives because families in Singapore tend to arrange for home  training for their kids, making this a great home based business option; teaching English and Accounting is one of the low cost high returns education businesses in high demand in Singapore.

Other viable businesses to start in Singapore includes:

** Eco-friendly products: implies friendly products online such as Light bulbs.
** E-books: implies services.
** Jewelry Making: if you are talented in this aspect, you are sure to make it big in Singapore.

Cartoonize Yourself: Best Online Services To Cartoonify Yourself Free


Do you know how to turn your image into a cartoon version? The internet, apart from the vast business and social media resources it provides, also serves as a source for relaxation and entertainment. One of the ways by which people employ the internet for fun purposes includes the use of software to cartoonify themselves i.e. turn their picture portraits into amusing versions of them.
Make a cartoon of yourself

It is a trend that is catching up around the world, feeding a demand that has berthed web application and software cartooning firms. Cartooned pictures are enjoying tremendous levels of popularity.

In utilizing the power of information technology technology, there are a number of  services that offer  the ability to self cartoonize. Desktop software also exist that produce the cartoonized images with a click of the button but  they go for a fee.

However more web online services now offer cartooning services for free. All that is needed is the opening of an account with on the firm’s portal. The following websites are setting the pace in creating  colourful and creative cartoon anime and images, in an easy-to-use  format, so that you are basically in charge of the process, from start to finish.

They are as follows:


The BeFunky web service uses a photo Editor  that permits the application of  photo effects,  the editing of images/photos and  the creation of  photo collages  using collage maker. A major  appeal of this service can be traced to  powerful versatility. BeFunky  serves not only as a  cartoon picture maker tool, but also has  a full complement of the Photoshop suite, built into the cartoonify yourself software application.

Also, it helps you to make collages of your photos with a single click. One can also produce collages of pictures with the single click. The ability to produce amazing cartoonized photographs, with captivating  designs  employing  easy-to-use photo editing and design tools.

How to make yourself cartoon on BeFunky:

1. Upload  photographs.
2. Open Navigation Menu,  go to Artsy, positioned on the 5th section in the menu.
3. Click on Cartoonizer (secondary option).
4. Pick any one of the five cartoonizing effects on display. Give some time for the process  to reach completion.


Cartoon.Pho.to is an online web service that cartoonifies photos, while giving you the ability to input   thematic expressions of choice to the photos. A special feature of this tool is filtering enabler. Photos can be  cartoonized similar to the ones available in comics, giving one the comical feel of cartoon characters.

How to create a cartoon character of yourself  using Cartoon.Pho.to:

1. Upload  photographs.
2. Choose the desired  cartoonizing effect.


Cartoonify  serves as a vector editor that actually permits one to choose from an array of choices to cartoonify photographs. It is more or less a self service cartooning portal. The web service has in its inventory, more than 300 vectors of different shades and hues of  faces, eyes, nose, hair, iris, eyebrows, glasses, apparel  etc, which are combined in various forms allowing  you to  create a perfect cartoonified  image.

Cartoonify engenders the user to stretch the limits of his/her creativity, in order to make yourself a cartoon. A major attraction of Cartoonify can be seen through its simplicity. From start to finish, the user can make a cartoon whilst adjusting body parts and clothing.

How to Make a cartoon of yourself with Cartoonify:

1. Choose your gender.
2. Keep tweaking the mix of body parts and associated clothing until the desired cartoon image is achieved.


Cartoonize is a web based  service that cartoonizes photos within a short time. It makes available over  a 100 engaging  cartoonizing effects to transform photographs to cartoons. Cartoonize also offers custom desktop softwares, which  permits the cartoonizing of innumerable photos  without any watermarks and with a click of the button.

How to change yourself into a cartoon using Cartoonize.net:

1. Upload your photograph.
2. Pick  any cartoonizing effect.

Kuso Cartoon

This  is a  free  online service, providing users with the ability to choose from 6 styles of effects to create the desired  cartoon image. A major drawback with Kuso Cartoon is that users can only upload only files such as  JPEG or PNG. Also the picture size should be less than 500kb.

How to draw a cartoon of yourself  with Kuso Cartoon:

1. Choose the desired  style for the cartoon.
2. Upload the photograph .
3. Give some time for cartoon conversion.
4. View and give the cartoon optimization.
5. Download the cartoon image.

Portrait Illustration Maker

This is another vector service, permitting users to cartoonify their photographs. It provides all the tools required to get started. Users can choose from an array of a variety of faces and features.

How to cartoonize with Portrait Illustration Maker:

1. Pick a mask.
2. Select from the available choices of body parts.

3. Extra elements can then be added to the cartoon.

5 Practical Business Ideas and Opportunities For Couples

Good Small Business Ideas That Are Easy To Start For Every Married Couples

Do you know there are numerous side business ideas for couples flying all around? Getting  married or being in a relationship but especially marriage can be demanding financially, having two or more persons to care and cater for demands at least a certain amount of income to be able to this efficiently.

Couple Business Ideas

Marriage I must say is a thing of joy as two people from different works of life and with different ideologies come together to become one sharing everything they are and have together to create a happy and comfortable life for the parties involved.

Financially, marriage can be very demanding especially if the income is not sufficient enough to meet every need because believe me there are so many of them. With all the needs that keep coming up and they tend to increase when the children start coming, it is not a bad idea to look into starting a part time or full time business because as I said earlier, there are always needs whether planned or not.

Two heads they say are better than one and once these two heads have a common goal they achieve so many big goals together. Research has shown that many field and home business ideas owned by couples thrive more and are more successful not because they put in more capital but because they develop on ideas together and put in enough effort to make it work. You may be thinking, what creative business could we venture into, or what kind of good business would be successful and all.

The good news is that there are a hand full of innovative small business ideas for couples, in fact, there are so many of them and would be giving you a few ideas that would be helpful.



With the increase in awareness of education, a lot of parent send their wards to school to get educated, and majority need the services of tutors at home to help educate their children apart from what has been learnt in school. You and your spouse can make extra money by taking advantage of this home business opportunity to render coaching services.

The tutoring can be done by both of you and this makes it more lucrative depending on if both of you are skilled in this area, but in a situation where one is not, the other person can handle management and publicity.

A shopping mall

This is one thriving business that I personally love so much, investing into this viable business does not only guarantee more income but it is one of the most successful businesses for family couples to start. Shopping malls are places where people can get anything from, groceries to electronics, cars, food stores, eateries, car stands I mean virtually everything can be gotten in shopping malls.

This business for married couples works in two ways, what you can do it to build a structure and rent out spaces to various individuals who need space for their own businesses, or you could build up a structure and be the owners of all the business ventures in the building.

What I mean is after building the structure you can open up different kinds of great businesses that would occupy different sections in the mall. Think about it, a big mall that renders every service that people can not do without. Although this profitable business idea for married couples is capital intensive, it requires a lot of money to execute but it is worth it at the end of the day because you are sure of getting back ten times or even more your initial capital.

Theater business

A theater is a building / structure that houses all theatrical performances which include dance, songs, drama performances. Most people are becoming aware of the role that theater plays in national development.

Let me site and example some months back a play was staged in a very prominent theater on gender equality, the response of the audience to the issues raised in that play changed, for one the perception of how male and female were seen in the society even though we cannot say that total transformation was achieved but to an extent, the play was able educate and inform the audience about the issues raised.

Financially, it  happen to be that through that production a lot of money was made. According to my sources three times the money spent in putting the play together was realized through ticket sale and publicity.

My sources tell me that it is a trend in the theater to make three times in some cases even more for every production that is staged. Imagine you have a theater structure that is known to stage plays that addresses national issues, or a theater structure that people could rent to have their productions.

The good thing about theater structures is that, it may carry the name of a theater but could be used as a n event center, depending on the kind of theater built which is another source of business income. In other words, you could decide to be theater practitioners, or own a theatrical structure for theater practitioners, either way you are in business.


Providing accommodation is another very lucrative business idea that you could look into. Good accommodation is one thing that people are finding difficult with. Starting up a website that provides the services of helping people find the houses of their choice is another business that could work for couples. What you can do is , create a website and through publicity, make people know that such a site exists.

This unique business should aim at reducing the stress of house hunting and both of you can run this business effectively by sharing the responsibilities. Another aspect could be building houses and selling them or putting them out for lease.

This would need you to carry out serious research to know what kind of houses are in high demand, the location that is also in high demand and so on this would work if both of you put your heads together and work together.

Catering/ Event Management

This food business works more efficiently for couples who enjoy cooking together especially young ones. But in a situation where only one party enjoys cooking then the other person could be in charge of the logistics and other managerial necessities.

Event management can also be combined with catering. Managing an event requires paying very close attention to details, everything needs to be close to perfect and it is also time consuming but it is worth every effort at the end of it. These are cool business opportunities for young couples to make money.

I usually advise that before couples take on catering or event management as a business field, it is important for them to acquire formal education to get professional insight on how to go about their self employment business and the best means they foresee would work for them. This list contains some of the best business ideas for both old and young couples to start their own business.


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