8 Proven Ways To Make Your Blog More Successful

Real Ways To Make Your Blog Get Real Attention

How do you make a blog more popular? Have you heard the phrase “over traffic” with respect to blogging? I guess you would call that an expensive reality. However, it is not entirely a far-fetched reality. It is important that you keep a wide array of audience as a blogger, and that actually is a measure of how valuable your contents are.

So, we can describe successful blogging as the achievement of conveying highly appreciated information through an online site to a large number of individuals (known as the blog readers).

The following are various ways to make your blog more successful with lots of traffic and money if you sell digital products:


1) Purpose

Your purpose of blogging must be clear to you or else the enthusiasm of continuing the blog will be gone. It is a matter of steep importance that you clearly define a purpose for your blog, and even more importantly, you should not stray from it.

It is more effective to hammer one nail with many blows than so many nails with one blow. If you focus on nutritional and fitness news, it is efficient that you carve a convenient spot for yourself in that area and establish your web style.

2) Take Advantage of Social Media 

It is been clear that social media platforms are the best way to promote a blog because of it larges in-house audience. Networks are tools that potentially aid in any business in ways that would be difficult to overemphasize. To utilize this tool, ensure that links to social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, and Whatsapp are present in your blog.

This makes it possible for readers to share your content, and increases the likelihood of getting in touch with individuals that would appreciate it. This is a way to make your blog more interactive and is critically of immense importance.

3) Use Keywords and Ensure that your blog is SEO-friendly

Have you heard of the saying ‘content is queen, keyword is king?’ This smart strategy is one of anticipating likely sentences that web readers would opt to use in searching the web to obtain the information in your possession. Having suggested to yourself possible paths that individuals could take to obtain information, you smartly lay a helpful ambush that places you at their disposal to supply their demanded information.

This ranks you up as regards SEO, and those anticipated phrases are called keywords. It is important as a Blogger or Wordpress blogger to keep this in mind; it plays a crucial role in determining how much readers your content would fetch.

4) Good Communication Skills 

This is of deep vitality as it makes the blog’s personality. How humorous or formal you should be as a blogger is actually determined by what exactly your blog projects.

However, try as much to keep contents as simple as possible (Einstein would say “but not simpler”), and yet captivating. Let your contents be in such a way that it resonates with the cultures of your audience. Good communication keeps readers glue to your blog and all your content.

5) Join in the Conversations in your Blog

Growing blogs are blogs that their content are very engaging and stimulating, it always spark up thought in the mind of their readers. As a blogger, this is an aspect you can but hardly avoid.

Also it is useful to comment on other blogger’s site; it’s a means of taking advantage of those that seem like your competitors and making an ally out of them. It even pays more to contribute to other blogs in form of guest posts.

Great contents have their ways of fetching readers to its root; you are technically spreading your net. You can watch for spam comments using tools like Akismet.

6) Unique Content 

If you really want ways to make your blog more successful, you should avoid copying and pasting contents from other blogs. The content on your blog must be unique and free from any form of plagiarism. Unique information keeps your readers practically indebted to you, especially those content that pass valuable information across. This strategy is as unique as the content itself.

7) Organize Content

First is quality information, next is enticing arrangement of the content. You should have a suspenseful opening introduction to you articles. It is recommended to use images and quotes.

You can get free stock photos online on a wide range of subjects. Headings and subheadings should be well defined, so as not to end up wading off readers with the complicated arrangement of the sub sessions of your content; make it simple enough.

8) Mobile Friendly

A good percentage of web users access the web using smartphones and other mobile devices. It would be a pinch in a bloggers eye if he does not key into this trend by ensuring that his blog retains its aesthetics in mobile devices. What is good for the gander is good for the geese after all.

Compatibility of one’s blog with devices of all category is thus a priority when looking for ways to make a blog more popular, more successful.

How to Start an Online Tutoring Business

Online tutoring Business Opportunities: a Do It Yourself Guide for Tutors + Business Plan PDF

Starting an Online Tutoring Business
Do you love tutoring or have been a tutor before or doing it presently? Do you know that starting a tutoring business doesn't have to be capital intensive? Do you think you can make $50 an hour without even stepping out of your room?

Indeed, all you have to do is let your brain do the walking by setting up an online tutoring business. The idea of tutoring and getting paid is: hatching the eggs of knowledge you possess into the birds of profit.

How do I start my own tutoring business at home? Tutor and Get Paid
Tutor clients vary from students preparing for professional exams, international exams, to students who need aids with their assignments. Some tutors earn an average income of about $100 per hour.

The exciting part of starting an online tutor service is the painting of the realization that one can actually import the process of tutoring from the limited physical classrooms to the virtual and wider cyber classrooms.

This provides the possibility of an expert African mathematics tutor delivering lectures to a Danish student on algebra. Also the flexibility of conducting tutorials online is one advantage that can hardly be over-emphasized.

The following are necessary considerations, and factors that would have to be addressed in order to open the business of online tutoring.

I will hammer on the four basic and important points that would constitute the pillars of making money from the venture and they include:

Tutor Your Way to Profits: How to Start Your Own Online Tutoring Business Model

1. Necessary Skills

It is of course grossly important that you have a fairly strong familiarity about the subject you intend to tutor. Your success as a freelance tutor is grossly dictated by this factor as one major promoter of any business are great testimonials.

The enthusiasm to teach must be avalanche. You must be zealous about your duties as a tutor; your success would depend on your diligence and uniqueness in this profitable education based business idea.

Bad communication corrupts good manner but good communication keeps clients wanting to get to know you more. It is important that as one who intends to venture into an internet-based tutoring company, you should have good communication skill.

You must keep in mind that the advantage that face-to-face tutors have over online tutors is in this area, so you must do well to bridge up lapses in this area. You have to be reasonably responsive.

You should be a good listener, even to the silence of gestures. You should deduce a student’s problem and always attempt to solve them. This you can do by asking questions or giving assignments at the end of a tutorial.

Encouragements must constantly flow from you to your clients in order to develop them and keep them in line to learn. You know, Einstein once said, “I do not teach my students, I only provide the environment in which they can learn”.
2. Tools

In order to reasonably personalize your small tutoring business video interaction, it becomes necessary for you to have the teaching tools. One basic tool for doing this is Skype. This application also have other benefits like sharing of files, use of emoticons to add flavor to the tutorial, and even sharing the screen for smoother conversation.

In order to replace the usual classroom boards, we use apps like Scribblar as virtual blackboards with equivalent utility. Other apps exist like IDroo, AWW, Realtime Board, and Sketchlot, most of which works in tandem with Skype.

You also need apps tools like TutorPanel that would play administratively the roles of scheduling tutoring sessions, automating billing and payment receipts, as well as session reminders. Another software that performs this duty is Teachworks.

Dropbox is another powerful file hosting tool that plays the important role loosening the knot of file sharing between you and a client. Some tutor brands adopt the strategy of giving tutorials via a Youtube channel. We have the likes of Fermilab and Khan Academy. You could delve into using such approach.

3. Platform

The platform offers chat and tutor efficient environment for a tutor to discharge his duties, with aids like information regarding international curriculum and ease to connect with clients who desire your service. Some renowned platforms include;


So you would have to sign up with any of these platforms to commence your sojourn through the tasking yet viable business of tutoring online in India, UK,  Canada, .

4. Target Audience

It is important for online tutoring business ideas to have a good market strategy and plan. You must put in writing how you intend to reach and maintain your clients in your online tutoring business plan. I’ll highlight some strategies that you could possibly adopt:

Blog/Websites —This could facilitate your tutoring business in that it can serve an avenue to showcase and advertise your expertise. Probably you could post links in possible blogs and sites where you could fetch potential clients. Then importantly it should be Search Engine optimized, though this could be reached as you go on.

A good way is to register with popular online tutoring directories; they make it possible for potential students anywhere in the world to locate you, even without much effort. Example of such establishment is My Private Tutor.

Use of email marketing softwares like AWeber and Mailchimp to disburse emails to potential clients whose email directory you can have within your possession.

Hopefully this article has exposed you to the basic necessities in starting an online tutoring business; if you have got the intellectual and extra wits, it’s a powerful shot.

3 Creative Ways To Make Money From Your Bedroom

Smart Ways To Make Money From Your Home

How can I earn money from my home? Are there online business ideas while on bed rest? I received a call this morning from a longtime friend, as I pick up the phone to say hello, he was surprised why phone voice was low and if I was still sleeping at 8:45am. I told him I am working on top of my bed and since I was lying down, my voice has to be low.

‘Working?’ he was surprised by the term.

So, I explained to him that I work from home and make my living from my bed. He was so surprised by the way he shouted ‘What!’

Hello dear, if there is one universal truth everyone seems to acknowledge, it is that there is enough more money to be made from the internet without leaving your home.

Knowing what to do and how to do it is the first step to making money from the internet. Many stay at home moms are taking advantage of creative ways to make money from their bedroom even with children.

I know I don’t need to convince you that you can make money right from the comfort of your bedroom and there are multiple reliable ways that can be possible.

You can now make a decent living working from home as a full-time business man or woman, sleep and wake whenever you want without a boss telling you when to show up at the office.

In this post, I will be showing you 5 legit ways you can make money from your bedroom with just a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection.

3 Real Ways to Earn Money Without Leaving Your Room

1. Amazon Affiliate Business

Becoming an amazon affiliate marketer is one unique way to make money from your bedroom after retirement. It is a business where you register as an affiliate to sell someone else’s product and you get a percentage cut from it called, ‘commission’.

In other words, you are a sales person on behalf of a company. But instead of moving door to door or office to office, you sell it just from the comfort of your bedroom. You market the products online and get paid (commission) for every sales made.

You can sell through a blog, websites or any media you may wish to use. The first thing you need to do is to sign up as an affiliate marketer for amazon, if you are approved, then you start searching for products that you will like to sell.

2. Blogging 

Blogging is another innovative way to make money from your bedroom on the side. If you search on search engine, there are blogs that will list to you 101 new ways to make money with blogging or how you can become a full-time blogger and be rich.

Even as a working or stay at home mom, the best way to make residual income through blogging fast is by running Google Adsense on your blog. This may not be that easy but at the long term you tend to do less and get daily.

Becoming a blogger involves you creating a blog in a niche you have passion for or else you will get bore in no time. After you have created the blog, you start publishing useful and informative content and at the same time sharing it using your social media platforms.

Invest enough time in building enough traffic for your blog so you can get high page views. After like three months of consistent blogging which involves posting useful content and driving traffic to your blog, you can then go and apply for a Google Adsense account so you can start displaying advert on your blog.

The amount of money you earn via Google Adsense depend on the amount of traffic that comes to your blog daily. The higher the traffic, the more you’re earning. This is how this blog makes residual income for me.

3. Become a YouTube Star

Many people are making money from their bedroom easily as a YouTube star, and you can also be among them. If you have a good smartphone with great camera or you have a small digital camera, you can become a YouTube star and make money uploading videos on YouTube part time.

I know you may be wondering how this work, it involves you uploading videos that get high views. If your video can get people to subscribe to your channel, that will be great. You must have seen those adverts whenever you want to watch a YouTube video that tells you to skip it.

That’s how you make money as a YouTube star via the internet, and the more people view that advert, the more your earning increase. This is because the advertiser paid for people to view their company advert, and if more people get to view their advert through your channel, you will start making money while you are sleeping because your video can be watch by anyone from all over the world.

Just in case you don’t know, the advertisers don’t pay you directly. Google pays you after you reach an earning payout limit for a month.

These are easy ways you can make money from your bedroom. I would advise that no matter which online business you might want to choose, you should have a blog. You will know later!

5 Super Successful African Entrepreneurs and Their Stories

5 Most Successful African Entrepreneurs

African Entrepreneurs Success Stories - Learning From the Millionaires
It is so bad that most online publication don’t write about successful African entrepreneurs and it makes it look as if there are no entrepreneur in Africa who has made it into the line of the six-figures earners.

I want to make it my own burden by sharing with you some successful entrepreneurs in Africa that you need to know about. Now, have it mind that these people did not make their money overnight, they grinded and started from the scratched.

How pathetic, why on earth will someone wake up as early as 6 o'clock in the morning and return late in the night yet complain so bad how much he hate is work, why will you say 20k is too small for you to start up a small business and make it like these successful entrepreneur I will discuss about in this piece.

It is not an excuse and not even pleasing the ear saying lack of capital is your main problem in setting up a business of yours, though necessary but not the most important seasoning to make your business reach the promiseland when you can start with a penny like most successful entrepreneurs you must have heard about.

However, endeavor to read through the stories of these well respected entrepreneurs that started from the scrap - without a dim in their bank account- and made name in the whole of the black continent.


Stories of the most successful African entrepreneurs

1. Adii Pienaar

Adii Pienaar is a multimillionaire and one of the most successful South African entrepreneurs. He is a cofounder of WooThemes, a technology company based in South Africa.

At the age of 23, Adii was a university student and he worked has a part time online freelancer and consultant, while still working on the WooThemes, he spent all his earnings and savings on the project.

Adii adopted a system to make life today, the system is known as “Bootstrapping”. This is a system of building up a project or business with a little resource or personal earning or saving from the initial stage. It involves self-sacrifice.

Recently, the WooThemes was acquired by a United States based online technology giant, ‘Automatic’ at a massive amounts of legal tender $30 million.

Follow the footstep of Adii by becoming a bootstrapper, and people who made self-sacrifice usually have good fighting spirit.

2. Heshan de Silva

This gentle man dropped out from school in the year 2007 when he was experiencing a gory life in the United States. He regained his strength back when he relocated with his parent in Kenya at the age of 18 then.

His loving parents gave him just 10,000 Kenya Shillings and that was his capital. He showed his love in commercial vehicles and sold insurance bundles with the purchased of the bus tickets.

Later that year, it was widely reported in the news that the business had made a ransom amount of money, 90 million Kenya shillings.

Heshan however, wisely used the money to establish his own firm known as De Silva group, so wonderful, isn't it? From incomplete education to 10,000 Kenya shillings he made it big and luckily hit the jackpot.

You too can! There is no limit to your greatness so far you make a move. Money is not the basis of business but good business ideas and efficient execution is.

3. Patrick Ngowi

Patrick who was born in Tanzania, ventured into business when he was only 19 years old. Then, he took up a retail store selling Chinese-made mobile phones. Today, with his name, he owns a big solar energy company in the east Africa called Helvetic Solar contractor.

His story to the peak wasn't a pleasant one either, he took a risk and collected loan of about $1,800 from his daring mother and his journey to China was sponsored by his intimate friend.

Today, KMPG in East Africa valued his company to $15 million in 2014 and also, in the year before (2013) he made revenue of $5 million!

Patrick also made a list among the top ten young African entrepreneurs to look out for on Forbes publication.

4. Fred Deegbe

Fred is another successful entrepreneur in Africa. He is a Ghanaian who quits his bank work in 2011 to venture in business where he actually became his own boss.

He started as a shoe maker who used his parents’ house as his workplace in the Gold coast, Ghana, Accra. He is a skilled hand craftman in Ghana who is behind the luxury 'Heel the world' shoe that is being made with his bare hand.

He got his first machine, hired the necessary staffs and other equipment needed for his new business from his earnings and his previous bank job, and also help from a good friend, Vijay Mani.

Fred, who was also a bootstrapper his being celebrated with his "Heel the world" brand of shoes that suits any forms of clothes. In fact, he was on the panel during the world Economic forum that was held in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.

5. Aliko Dangote

He is a Nigerian and Africa's richest man according to Forbes magazine. He is indeed a role model and legend to all the entrepreneurs in the continent. His present net worth is $18.3 billion dollars.

This successful entrepreneur started his business with just ₦500,000 borrowed from his uncle in 1978. Thanks to God, the business thrived well and he balanced up the loan within six months.

During this period, Dangote was known for importing commodities from the neighboring countries to Nigeria. Commodities like Sugar, frozen fish and others but today, he has expanded his wing and become an entrepreneur lion.

A brave man in business who has invested in many businesses and now, he has a company of himself producing Sugar, Flour, Salt, Cement, Spaghetti etc.

His tentacles had spread beyond Nigeria and his coast had been enlarged to South Africa, Ghana, Togo, Tanzania, Zambia, Benin and Cameroon where he had capitalized his wealth by producing various goods.

These are just few list of successful African entrepreneurs that I wanted you to know about and learn from their stories.

Top 10 Finance Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

List of Finance Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Are you thinking about doing a guest post on authority finance blogs? I am sure you already know the benefits guest posting brings to you either as a blogger or freelancer.

There are some guest blogging sites that brings in benefits in terms of traffic and new client while some are of no use because their audiences are not even reading their post.

So, you need to make sure that the  effort you are putting in creating a guest post is not wasted, you need to do some research on which blog is the best fit for your guest post.

Without stressing yourself, me and my team has done researches on various top blogs that accept guest blogging and here are top 10 finance blogs that accept guest post and how you can connect with them.

These top 10 finance blogs has high traffic and lots of noise on the internet (I mean there are been talked about by most online entrepreneurs and readers). So, it is best for you to shoot them your pitch because there will happily welcome your guest post.

If you are ready to send your pitch and get warmed up for sending your guest post, here they are;


1. TheWisdomJournal.com

This site is one of the best finance blogs that accept guest posts and it allows you to submit guest post as far as you can be committed in submitting at least two guest post monthly.

Topics discussed on this site range from economics, getting out of debt, personal finance etc. it is also a must that you promote your post on social media.

Guess what! You’re also free to republish your guest post anywhere on the internet after 120 days of when it was published on the site. You are allowed one link back to your site, and don’t forget to read their guest post guidelines requirement.

2. MoneyLifeMore.com

You are required to fill out their contact form so you can pick on the topic you are interested in before you can start writing.

Minimum length accepted for guest post is 500 words and no maximum. You are also allowed 2 backlinks to your site and your content must be unique and relevant to the blog.

3. MyPersonalFinanceJourney

This is a personal finance blog with traffic of 100000+ monthly. Topics allowed on this blog include saving, frugal living, investing, asset acquisition etc.

Your post must be unique and of value to their readers. You are required to go through their content so you will be informed about their style and tone of writing before sending your samples not to be rejected.

You can email them with your idea and if they accept it, they will get back to you, but if you don’t hear from them, it means it is either your idea is not valuable to their reader or someone has already written about that same idea before.

4. TopFinanceBlog.com

This is a personal finance blog with Alexa rank of 99,000 which is one best blog to look out for when thinking of submitting a guest post on personal finance. You are advised to send your pitch first with a link to any of your write up.

You must write in simple finance terms and your post must be unique, a personal story is an added advantage for your post to get accepted.

5. FinancialMentor.com

If you are thinking of writing for this blog, you need to first read their write for us page where you will see their criteria you need to meet. Your post must look authoritative because their readers are professionals in the niche and financial bloggers too.

If you are interested in sending your post, you can send an email and use the subject ‘Guest Post’ as your subject line.

6. Wisebread.com

If you know you are really good about writing on finance topics which includes frugal living, budgeting, and life hacking topics like financial advice, money making ideas, then wisebread is your best bet. They have up to 3 million readers each month.

You are advice to email them 3 samples of unpublished content of at least 500 words as their absolute requirement. They are looking for dedicated and smart writers with experience in this niche. You can click the link above to read more about submitting your samples to them.

7. OneCentAtATime.com

A blog with Alexa rank of 74,000, you know what that means? This blog accept post that will teach their readers how to manage their finance. The minimum number of words they accept is 800 words and a maximum of 1500 words.

Your guest post must contain some money saving and managing ideas and you are require to pitch them about your guest post before sending them your content.

8. ChristainPF.com

This is a Christian blog that accept post on personal finance related topics. But you must first study their post to get an idea of their style and tone of writing. Articles should be unique and not less than 600 words.

Please read their details about dropping a guest post first and see if you will like their requirement.

9. FreeFromBroke.com

This blog is mainly for articles that have to do with getting out of debt and how to manage money. They do accept guest post that is very relevant to their readers. You are given one link back to your blog under to bio section.

10. Budgetor.com

This is a personal finance blog and they easily accept guest post because they are still in the growing stage. So, if you want quick acceptance, I would suggest you give them a pitch on your guest post.

As far you have a good content to share with their readers, your guest post will be accepted. Articles should not be less than 500 words and it should be unique and interesting.

Top 10 Health Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

List of Health Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Are you a health blogger or coach? Do you plan reaching out to a different new audience so as to spread your expertise? You must have been looking for top health blogs that accept guest post so you can submit your guest post to them.

In this post, I will be sharing with you top 10 health blogs with high traffic that will be beneficial to the reason why you actually wanted to submit your guest post.

This blog post is a compilation of wonderful blogs centered on health issues, and accept guest posts from bloggers and health coach.


1. Healthresources4u.com

Being one of the largest guest blogging sites in the health industry with over 70000 views monthly, this blog accepts guest posts. Subject of articles accepted varies from nutrition, fitness, exercise, and diseases.

It is emphasized that any article to be considered as a guest post must meet the word length requirement of over 1000 words. A link is allowed in your bio; however affiliate links are highly prohibited.

2. Blogs.psychcentral.com

From dissociative disorders to bipolar disorders, and autism, the subject varies within the niche of mental and psychological configurations. When submitting guest posts, a short (about 100 words) bio of you, the author, is attached as a channel back to your own blog.

When writing on psychology issues it is usually required that you stick to a word length of between 650 and 900 words. While when writing in mental wellbeing 900 to 1400 words would suffice. To contribute to this blog, you can email your article as a word document to submissions@psychcentral.com. This is one of the best health blogs that accept guest posts

3. Sciencebasedmedicine.org

Founded by Steve Novella and David Gorski, this blog focuses on investigating the lines drawn between science and medicine. This blog allows for guest posts; you can send posts to SBMeditor@icloud.com.

But in doing so, you should know that the editorial staffs appreciate a flexible writing style spiced by some good humor. Originality is a highly priced jewel; and on the contrary, plagiarism is equally discouraged. Promotional links and sponsored posts would probably not be accepted and published.

4. Greatist.com

This blog focuses on establishing the equivalence of happiness and health. A kind of psychosomatic voyage along with advice and distribution of useful guidance to its readers on how they can attain a healthy living.

Articles submitted to this blog are carefully screened by at least two experts. Short write-up, funnily decorated, and full of quality are the properties of posts that are recommended.

5. Fourhourworkweek.com

The founder is a Princeton University lecturer, Tim Ferriss, and he focuses on blogging on how gymnastics, body movements, and yoga can positively impact one’s health. They are usually recommended to be lengthy articles of over 3000 words.

However, you must first sign the guest writer agreement, which is a requirement for Tim’s liability insurance, and is based on Mashable’s standard agreement—note that you would not proceed without this. Specificity is highly encouraged, much also is humor, and quality.

6. Coachcalorie.com

This blog focuses on helping its reader achieve optimal balance of diet and weight. The editor Tony, offers fitness advice to visitors on how they should perceive themselves, and that their self-worth should not by any means be judged by the amount of fats which their skin had stored up for future emergencies.

He also gives tips on how fat levels can be trimmed or maintained. Word length of guest posts goes from 600-1000 words. You also get the advantage of including your bio, with a link to your site, in 50 words.

7. Lupusguru.com

The Lupus Guru Annie is a nurse who teaches from experience about autoimmune ailments. Passionately keen about changing lives, she teaches about Lupus with the goal of transferring as much information about the ailment to any individual possible, particularly her readers.

She accepts guest blogging, particularly those posts that are health related (like on disabilities and chronic illnesses, and how they can be managed).

8. Womens-health.com

This blog concerns itself with issues of women biology—ranging from pregnancy, to birth control, sex, menstruation, weight control, menopause, cancer, and general women health and advice. You could get in touch with the blog to contribute your posts.

9. Progressivehealth.com

Found in 1997, and currently with Brad Chase as the president, this blog is centered on subjects such as reduction of fatigue in women, remedies for problems like stiff joints, prostate, and memory. This blog accepts guest posts, and appreciate insightful articles that go into a good deal of practical details.

10. Hivehealthmedia.com

With focus on providing tips on fitness and healthy nutrition, this blog accepts guest posts on health news and subjects within its scope. It is selective about its authors as authors who are themselves fitness experts, personal trainers, and health care professionals are highly appreciated.

To submit an article for posting, you must first register with the blog, with your full name, along with bio, and one or two links to your blog. Word length of article must be a minimum of 800 interesting and informative words.

It is appreciated that you respond to comments, and more appreciated if your work is original with lacking in typos.

Top 10 Religion Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

List of Religion Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Do you know the power of guest post in your blogging life? Do you know that you can increase huge amount of traffic to your site with the power of guest posting without spending a dime?

The benefits of guest posting cannot be overemphasized because it gives you the leverage to reach out to new audience that would take years if you were to do it on your own. Apart from that, it also gives you a good online present mostly if that guest blogging site is well-optimized for SEO.

And even as a host blogger, the acceptance of guest posts favorably improves your SEO ranking; and in situations where a nicely sculpted piece of literary work is posted in your blog, one earns the currencies of blessed reputation.

There are tons of religion blogs that actually accept guest posts, but in this article we restrict ourselves to the top 10 religion blog that accept guest posts.


1. RevTrev.com

Founded by Trevor Lund, this is one of the best religion blogs that accept guest posts and focuses on sensational Christian posts that would potentially speak directly to as many readers as possible.

As a contributor, RevTrev.com offers attractive incentives, for example highlighting really interesting articles in the past week when sending its weekly newsletters; thus creating a web of esteem in the reader’s impression of you as an author.

Also you get useful links channeled to your site. Originality and plagiarism are respectively encouraged and discouraged. You can find out more by checking RevTrev.com’s submission page.

2. Pastors.com

Developed by Pastor, Dr. Rick Warren, this blog is a confluence of Christian leaders. It stands to encourage and sharpen the spirits of church leaders with the foresight of these pastors being to adequately nourish their respective congregations.

This blog accepts guest blogging, however, you are strongly recommended to study the writing style of the blog; and then you can send an email indicating your interest in contributing to info@pastors.com.

3. Michaelhyatt.com

This gentleman is one who is particularly receptive (though he wasn’t so welcoming initially) to guest posts on areas of productivity and personal growth, as well as leadership. These posts are traditionally of a word length of 500-800 words.

Once again originality is highly appreciated and plagiarism strongly prohibited. Michael also puts a literary appetizer to attract readers to your post. You can send him your posts at guestposts@michaelhyatt.com if you intend to be a contributor.

4. Islamcity.com

Is a blog centered on Islamic beliefs, as well as update its readers on news in areas of science, finance, faith, politics, and societies across the web, especially those activities that rippled out of the Islamic society. Here articles that would aid the understanding of Islam, its pillars, and quizzes. Islamcity accepts guest posts, but you must register first to post articles.

5. Catholicexchange.com

This blog has an objective to saturate individuals richly with the Christian faith, however based on the Catholic Church. They accept guest posts, and preferably articles of 800-1400 word length.

Plagiarism and originality are discouraged and encouraged respectively. Guest posts should be submitted as an attachment to submissions@catholicexchange.com. You can look up their contact us page for more details.

6. Greenprophet.com

This blog was founded by Karin Kloosterman 8 years ago. With articles from a vast array of diverse topics, greenprophet accepts articles on technology, eco news, and eco faith, concerning the Middle East.

It accepts guest posts, as news tips (which can be sent to tips@greenprophet.com), or by first contacting the editor himself at Karin@greenprophet.com. As expected, it is strongly discouraged that one should submit already published articles. A novel piece of writing is strongly encouraged on the contrary.

7. RedeemingGod.com

The blogger and author, J.D. Myers is willing to push your article and your name before a large pool of his readers. However, the requirement is that you must creatively and inspirationally dissect the scriptures to earn this reward.

He highly appreciates originality and posts that challenge the norms and conventions—busting scriptural myths that are indeed wrong. He recommends that in a situation of reworking a previous article, you create links for him to draw some comparing lines between the former and the latter.

Your post should range from 300-800 words in length; and information about submissions lie at his About Page. Note that sponsored posts are not accepted.

8. Christiancentury.org

It’s a Chicago based Christian magazine whose current publisher and editor is John Buchanan. Critical thinking and Faithful living are what the blog intends to promote in Christians. This faith based blog accepts guest posts, for which you would have to send a query to submissions@christiancentury.org.

Your post must be original, bearing in mind the goal which is to clearly highlight the necessity of faith with emphasis on its role in secular cultures and down-trodden economies.

However there are policies to the acceptance of posts, on which you could fetch deeper details on their “submission” page.

9. Charismamag.com

Based in Lake Mary, Florida, United States, Charisma is a monthly Christian magazine whose editor is Marcus Yoars. Its objective is to reveal in-depth truths about the Christian faith, and how to know God better. The blog also takes part in sending monthly inspiration and encouragement to its subscribers. To be a contributor, you could reach magcustsvc@charismamedia.com via email. Be sure to be a good story teller.

10. Christiandevotions.us

Founded by Eddie Jones, this blog accepts guest posts, however only those of deep Christian roots. It features subjects that carry strong religious undertones, from faith and family to spirit and mind; and appreciates articles piercing the fabrics of reader’s mind and perhaps swallowing them up in the mild pool of realization.

It is encouraged that writers pray before putting the pen to the paper, and can submit their religion based guests posts at christiandevotionsministries@gmail.com.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business - Guide For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities For Beginners - Complete Guide

Make Money Online From Affiliate Marketing For Small Business
Have you ever thought of making money online being an affiliate marketer? I am going to show you in this post how you can make money doing online affiliate marketing business.

Being an affiliate marketer gives you the opportunity to make money on commission of any product you sell using your affiliate links.

You can engage in low-cost affiliate marketing for Amazon or Facebook as a part-time or full-time business and it is also one good ways to supplement your income right from the comfort of your home.

The problem is that many people know about this affiliate marketing online business and know that it is a good way to make money online but they know how to go about it or how to start.

Make money with affiliate marketing for Beginners
Business affiliate marketing is so easy if you’re grounded with the right information. It is just a way of making money by telling people to go and buy items online.

The good news is, you are not limited to a particular company, and you are free to promote any product that favors you in terms of commission.

Commission ranges from as low as 4% to up to 75% on some digital products. You can sign up as an affiliate marketer on places like Amazon, eBay, PC World and so many others.

Simplifying the process of affiliate marketing involves four processes;

You find a product that you like and would like to promote.
You sign up as an affiliate marketer for that product with their affiliate program.
You are given a link that you use to promote the product and enable the merchant to track the sales through that link.
If anyone buys a product through that link, you get a commission. That’s it!

So now, how do you get started in your own affiliate marketing business and start making money online.

5 Step-by-Step Guide To Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business Model

1. Start a Blog

You have to start a blog in a niche that you like so that it will be easy for you to promote any products under the niche. Also, some companies will want to know your url so that they know whether your content is not damaging their brand.

Starting a blog or website help you dish out useful and informative content to your potential buyers.
You don’t have to be salesy to convince people to buy, you first add value to them by providing some useful content for their consumption. That’s how you build trust and a strong relationship.

2. Research on Affiliate Programs

After you have built a huge audience and have established a strong relationship with your audiences, you then go and search for profitable affiliate programs that will suit you. The best way to find new affiliate programs online is via search engines. Just type the brand name + affiliate programs with it.

You must make sure you choose an affiliate programs that offers products and services in the niche that your blog is centered on. This must be well documented in your affiliate marketing business plan template.

A good place to start is Amazon, it sells anything you can think of. And I am very sure no matter the niche you choose, Amazon got you covered.

Clickbank is another great option for affiliate marketers because the commissions on company’s products are sometimes very high compare to others. You can check out Commission Junction, eBay, Dumbbells etc.

3. Join the Affiliate of your Choice

After you have research and found the best for you, you are free to join. There is no fee to join any product or email affiliate programs as far as I know, I have not heard of anyone that charges to join their affiliate programs.

You will be asked for your site link, your PayPal account not so they can charge you but so that your commission can be paid at once into your account after a successful sale.

After you have done that, select products that you will like to promote on your blog, I will advise you to choose products with good commission margin like from 5% and above. You are free to promote as many products that you like.

4. Add Affiliate Links into your Content

This is one great way to promote affiliate products and make money when your reader finds whatsoever you are promoting useful and click through the link to buy. You have to know how to do this very well so it won’t look as if you are just directly selling to your readers.

You can also add visual advert to your sidebar on your site, companies makes it possible for you to not only get a link to use for texts, but you also get to use banners to also promote affiliate products.

You don’t need any stress to do that, it is just a matter of copying and pasting a code.

5. Be Persistent and Dedicated

Continue posting useful content to your readers with links of affiliate products on them and measure your progress on sales using analytical tools like Google analytics to check how many people are clicking on your links.

Breaking into the six-figure mark as an affiliate marketer involves high marketing strategies. You need to take leverage of social media platforms like Facebook and run a Facebook advert. It has been proven that Facebook advert works very well, so it is a must if you really want to get serious with this business.

Join online communities on your niche and join the discussion while you cleverly drop links as a help not as selling to them. You can also run PPC advert to drive traffic to your site. This is how the big guys in the business do this, and they use any proven networks to drive traffic to their site.

Just imagine 200,000 people lands on a post that you are promoting an affiliate products, if your content is well-written and can convince these readers, then at least you might get up to 70% that will click through your link to check out the products.

Out of that number, 30% will likely purchase the products you are promoting. One thing you should take note of when starting an affiliate marketing business is, observe those posts that have high page view and click through, those are the kind of content that your readers possibly like.

Good luck!

How to Start Iron Business

Profitable Iron Business Ideas and Opportunities + Business Plan

Do you know what is good about starting an iron business? Earning profits on any products you capitalized on. Do you know what is better? Earning the profits in a wider margin. Do you know what is great with some viable iron ore business opportunities?

Regaining your capital in less than six months of starting up an iron business. All these are undeniable facts that revolve around the Iron business, what are you waiting for, aren't you taking up any from this list of incredible iron trading and fabrication business opportunities?

Are you in the quest to finding successful iron businesses? Do you need the exact capital to incur in this profitable business? I will without haste, explain the full details on the necessary actions you need to put together so has to scoop your own success in this lucrative iron business.

Out of the tones of topics I have to write about, I chose and decided to write something meaningful on scrap iron business because it is very simple and easy to start. Just like any other businesses, iron business has a great return input on investment and the demand for the output of this product is very high because it is a necessary material use by contractors for most of their works.

85% of Iron is being consumed by contractors for the constructions of railways road, building, networks mast and others, hence it makes opening this iron and steel business to be reliable, profitable, and lucrative in nature, the Iron retailers count huge sum of money every blessed day.

Here are what you need to put in mind to start any good iron business and make good profit from it weekly;


The heart of any iron scrap business irrespective of the caliber, either big or small is a perfect location. Talking about location as the number one thing to do before starting iron based business in India and other countries, you need to move around for where to store your goods to meet the eyes of your target audience.

And the best place for this profitable business is road side of a well-developed area. In short, the center of commerce in your locality suits this business more.

Target where private contractors and iron users are. Reasons, big contractor companies dealing with great projects prefer going to iron manufacturing company for their demand, so the commercial and private contractors, builders, welders etc. should be your target audience.


Haven't settled the issue of where to set the business up, the next thing you need to ensure is that you have the needed capital in your pocket. This is a business you can start with any amounts just that your profits margin will vary ranging from whatever amount you invest on the project.

If you don’t have the needed amount to run this business and you have collateral or know someone who can assist you with loan, then you can go for it because this is a business that is certain to make you a millionaire in the long term.

Join the Cartel

It is very necessary you look around for any available Iron network associations or association of Iron dealers and become a bona fide member of these organizations.

Most countries businessman and woman are fond of having association to protect and help any member who is in need, it's very compulsory for anybody dealing with such business while in some part of the world, it is optional.

Joining any available organization will help you to grab the concept of the business real quick because of immeasurable help that will be rendered to you by the senior members.

Get Licensed

As a businessman, it is very imperative to do the necessary paperwork it entails and be recognized by the government of your country. This may not have effect now but it is advisable to get it done against the unforeseen circumstances that may warrant in the nearest future.

Your acquisition of the license as a bona fide businessman will put your mind at rest and will enable you to trade legally. You can also search for and join profitable iron business franchises.

Get Started

And the final action is for you to get started by supplying your goods from any Iron company around you. If you are buoyant to start in a large scale, it is advisable you partner with a company who will be supplying the required goods, as such it will ward off some excessive charges.

However, it is no new deal but very crucial to note that the price of Iron vary greatly in the market, most especially the imported ones the price to be given to MR. X is different from that of MR. Y, therefore, maintain an affordable prices for your products so as to attract more customers even to that low-cost iron business.

How to Start a Steel Business

Profitable Steel Business Ideas and Opportunities + Business Plan

Are you interested in starting a steel business? Iron, commonly found in its ores such as hematite and magnetite, is one of the most abundant elements on earth and widely used in various applications. Majority of iron produced globally goes into making of steel, an alloy of iron.

Steel has 2 percent carbon by weight and other hardening agents such as boron, titanium, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, nickel, and vanadium. This gives steel more tensile strength, hardness, and less ductility than pure iron.

These properties make steel a vital product in almost all sectors of the economy. Automotive, transportation, building and construction, machine and equipment, are all part of the sectors that depend on steel products with building and construction being the largest consumer of steel products.

Steel consumption is every increasing both in developed and developing countries with the latter using large tons of steel due to developmental projects being carried out.

With these facts, getting into a steel business or franchise will pay a handsome return on investment if a good plan, strategy, and execution is done for the business.

Here is a list of profitable steel business ideas you can adopt and adapt to your location:

1. Steel Fabrication Business

Steel fabrication involves the building and making of structures with steel through cutting, bending, and assembling.

Construction companies require steel in various shapes for their work which means that there is almost always a steady demand for a specialist in the steel fabrication business.

Fabrication shops could be employed by contractors, OEMs and VARs in the fabrication of loose parts, structural frames for buildings and heavy equipment, stairs, hand railings for buildings and stainless steel business card holder and case.

2. Steel Production Factory

How much investment is needed to start a steel mill business? This is known in professional terms as a steel mill or steel works and refers to where steel semi-finished casting products-slabs, billets, ingots, and blooms-are made from molten pig iron or scrap.

Starting a steel factory business is highly capital intensive but can yield huge financial dividends and returns in little time.

3. Steel Scrap Recycling 

Scrap metal recycling though considered by many as a menial and "dirty" job is highly lucrative with high return on investment. Iron and steel are some of the most scrapped materials and you need to be able to accurately identify them in the rough.

Iron comes in different shades of gray, turns reddish-brown when it rusts, lighter than most metals, strong, and is ferromagnetic. Ensure to invest in quality protective gear for your scrapping as it is a potentially hazardous job.

4. Steel Rods Supply Business 

Steel Rods are always in constant demand due to its extensive application in reinforcing concrete for buildings and roads, ladder rungs, railings, door handles etc.

Smooth stainless steel rods are also used for decorative purposes due to its attractiveness. With a good location, proper planning and execution of this new small scale steel fabrication and supplies business, you are well on your way to making a fortune.

How do you get started on some new steel business opportunities? Below are a few pointers:

Get a Business Plan

A comprehensive steel trading business plan describes in detail what you want to do and the strategies you will employ to get it done. This is the most important aspect of starting a business as it will show the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats of your business.

The plan will be necessary both you to iron out the intricacies of low-cost steel business ideas in manufacturing and to show potential investors that their investment will be in good grounds.

Your startup steel business plan should contain the following:

Concept of the Business: Which specific part of the steel business do you want to go into? What will you produce and for which market? The concept should also what advantage the business will have in a competitive steel market.

Financial Plan and Requirements: Financial details of the business should be clearly stated-cash flow, profits, sales, return on investment etc. The capital needed to start and expand your own steel business should be clearly stated and how it will be used including the source of collateral.

Conduct a Market Analysis 

Markets change and what you knew about successful steel related business last year may become obsolete knowledge this year.

Study your potential market, get information from relevant sources. Sometimes the information you need may not be readily available, and in such cases you have to rely on making educated guesses based on the fact at hand.

Divide your target market into segments as this will help you strategize better on how best to serve them. For instance, the target market for your viable steel scrap business could be road construction companies, steel rod retailers, house decorators, and house builders. Doing this will help you know what works best for each segment and how best to communicate with them.

What is the market size for your business? How many potential customers are there? What is the growth of the market? Are more roads being constructed, more houses being built, or are people treading softly on building and construction due to the economic situations? What are the trends in the steel industry that may affect your steel business?

Business Requirements 

What will be the requirements for your steel business? 

Location has to be chosen depending on what kind of structural iron or steel business you intend to do and the regulations concerning citing of such kinds of business in your country or state.
Real Estate: Will you rent a shop or build a shed? How much space do you need? If you are into fabrication, then you obviously will need a large facility than someone who is into steel rod supplies and so on.
How will you the supplies or raw materials for your lucrative steel fabrication business in India and other countries?
Staffing requirements and salaries of workers, utilities, inventory etc.
Legal requirements such as registration of business, tax payments.
Insurance: Your workers will most likely be dealing with heavy and potentially hazardous equipment, hence you need insurance that can cover them in any eventuality.

Marketing Your Steel Business 

Every good lucrative steel trading business make plans on how to reach its target customers. This is especially necessary for new businesses. You are breaking into the market with a unique brand and people need to know this.

Find out the most effective way to reach your target audience and continuously and creatively engage it till it produces results. Word-of-mouth, radio, newspapers, social media, television, internet, etc. are all useful and relevant media that can be used to enhance the visibility of your steel business to your market.

How to Increase Adsense CPC Rate on Blog and Youtube

How to Increase CPC Rate in Google Adsense

As a blogger or vlogger, it is very difficult to take the importance of AdSense optimization with a levity hand when it aid the generation of revenue, in fact it is the prime source. So making a move towards increasing your AdSense cost per click (CPC) is not a barrier.

How to increase your CPC on Adsense 
Why is my adsense cpc so low? Are you looking for ways to increase your AdSense CPC? Do you want some tips on how to improve your Adsense CPC rate? If you are a blogger and not happy about the low revenue you are generating, coming down here to find remedy to the problem is not a mistake instead, congratulations for your problem is solved already.

What is AdSense CPC

The concept, Google AdSense CPC is the cost per click (i.e. money) you earn on your blog on every single click made on the advert (ad) place on your website by Google. We have tones of ways to increase the rate of your revenue, the best and the major ones will therefore be detailed in this comprehensive post. The fantastic five out of them are as follow;

Adsense CPC Increase Strategies and Optimization Tricks

1. Identify your Niche

To improve your AdSense CPC, the first thing that you have to take care of is how to choose a nice niche for your blog. There are some website niches that are hot potatoes which people do search for day in day out.

Among these niche are finance, web development, business, politics, sport, farming etc. keywords relating to them are quite impressive, as such they are high paying niche you can trust. This also works to increase CPC of Adsense on Youtube.

Of utmost importance is choosing a specific niche for your website, the topic on which your blog is used to depend on the cost per click you are prone to earn. It may not be necessary how much you generate from the AdSense CPC in the first place, but choosing a specific niche for your website will give you long time income opportunity.

2. Always Write Unique and Quality Contents

Some websites generate huge money from Google AdSense CPC and CTR because of their up to the minute quality contents.

The second tips that will help you increase your Google Adsense CPC is writing unique contents that answer your visitors query. It is however imperative to note before writing, what your potentials readers are searching for online and present them with quality and reliable solutions to them.

Search engine optimization is always after good contents, hence more click will bring about more revenue especially if your traffics are around United kingdom, United States etc. and your ads is also highly targeted.

Don't be too covetous by writing beyond your niche, any write up to be posted on your website should be tailored in accordance with your website niche but failure to do so will lead to drop in the click, hence your Google AdSense ads rate will be low. Be cautioned!

3. Visitors Country or Location

Of importance towards increasing AdSense CPC rates is your target visitor’s country. For instance, a single ad click from America visitor may generate a revenue of $2 to $5 or even more and the same ad could be clicked from an Indian visitor and bring about 20 to 30 cent. This is also important to increase your Youtube Adsense CPC.

Let your post be targeted to audience in English speaking countries because their AdSense CPC is of great value. Below are some few niches you can concentrate on to welcome visitors from the States in your blog, by so doing generating more income for you maximizing Adsense CPC by country.

Weight loss
Dating tips
Real estate
Latest news etc.

If you choose to be furnishing your website with any of the above niche, you are liable to experience high traffics and ads click.

4. Image Format and Typeface Font

This should have come up earlier. You need to choose the right and the best format for the ad. You can go for image resolution of 338×680 and 468×60 for two ads and an ad respectively if you prefer to use three ads in a page.

It is advisable you go for fully text ad because it has higher CTR (click per rate). And you can go for the two i.e. image and text simultaneously as it generates more CPC.

5. Nurture your SEO Effort

Another key to your increase in your AdSense CPC and CFT is to nurture your SEO effort and this could be done through on page SEO and proper SEO. Endeavor to use very well, your subheading, title tag, image alt tab, URL, link etc. to enable Google rank your contents very well in search result.

Also, drop keywords stuffing and moderately use some of the highest CPC adsense keywords that are relevant because Google crawler may freeze your contents and sanction it as a spam one if you keep on using same words often and often but relevant keywords will be of help in search result ranking.

I hope by now you are able to see various aspects you need to improve upon to increase your AdSense CPC.

Whataburger Franchise Cost and Startup Information

Whataburger Franchise Opportunities and Setup Information

Is Whataburger a franchise? Are you having doubt if Whataburger is the best choice of becoming a franchisee in the food restaurant business? Are you interested in the food industry that you are planning on join a successful well-respected food chain restaurant franchise? Here is all you need to know about them so you can decide on your choice of action.

Does whataburger franchise? Yes, Whataburger is a fast food restaurant chain just like every other food chain business and their main product is hamburgers, and is based in San Antonio, Texas, in the United States of America. It is popular for its trademark A-frame restaurants with its white-and-Orange stripe roofs.

Whataburger worth
Who were the first Whataburger owners? The first Whataburger restaurant was opened by Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton in August 1950 on Ayers street, Corpus Christi, Texas. At inception, the burgers were sold for 25 cents. Harmon Dobson's goal in opening Whataburger was to serve a burger so large that it had to be held with both hands, and so delicious that when anyone ate it, they would say, "What a burger!"

How much does whataburger make a year? Whataburger fast food franchise has its core products the Whataburger, Whataburger Jnr., Justaburger, Whatacatch-which is a fish sandwich, and the Whatachik'n. French fries and hot pies were added to the menu in 1962. Whataburger also serves breakfast to customers from 11am to 11pm.

Whataburger’s Growth - How much Profit Whataburger Franchise Make

After arguments regarding price increase of the burger from 25 to 30 cents between Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton in 1951, barely a year after opening, the duo ended their partnership.

Paul Burton was settled with owning the Whataburger franchises in San Antonio, Texas. The first store outside Corpus Christi was opened by Harmon Dobson in 1952 in Kingsville, Texas, and a year later, Joe Andrews Snr. became the first non-founder to own a Whataburger franchise in Alice, Texas.

The first Whataburger restaurant outside Texas was opened in 1959 in Pensacola, Florida. By 1960, Whataburger had stores across Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and expanded to Arizona in 1963. From a total of 26 stores in 1963 with over 16,000 burgers sold daily, Whataburger grew to 40 restaurant outlets in 1967.

Whataburger celebrated its 50th anniversary on August 8, 2000, with 575 operating stores. In 2007, with 700 stores, the company estimated an annual revenue of one Billion Dollars.

By 2011, Whataburger had 728 stores operating in ten states of which 611 stores are owned by the Dobson family, and the remaining 117 stores owned and operated by 25 franchisees.

Whataburger Franchise - How much is a whataburger franchise?

How much does a whataburger franchise cost? A lot of funding, expertise, and experience is required to run a restaurant franchise, and a good way to deal with the expertise and experience part of the equation is to purchase a franchise. Franchises depend on a system and business model that has already been proven to work.

Additionally, franchises also get the added value of receiving support and training from the Whataburger's headquarters and association.

How would you go about starting a Whataburger franchise?

Request a franchise application from Whataburger. Ensure to review all the documents and agreements provided by the franchisor, including financial statements and company training and support programs that are in place for franchises.

Talk to people who are currently franchisees in the Whataburger franchise restaurant chain. Get to know first-hand about the day-to-day running of the business activities, as well as how much the franchise make in a day as daily income because this will give you valuable insights on what to expect when opening the franchise.

Find out if Whataburger franchise profit meets or exceeds your expectations. It is important to also find out how easy it is to work with the franchisor from their point of view.

To franchise Whataburger, get a suitable location and ensure that the proposed territory is not occupied by another franchise.  Whataburger favours locations in the southern part of the United States.

Do a feasibility study on the establishment of a Whataburger franchise in the chosen area. The area should be beneficial to the franchise economically and should have enough foot and vehicular traffic to support the franchise.

Initial funding for your Whataburger franchise will require a minimum of two hundred thousand dollars and could reach up to half a million dollars depending on other factors. This will include your Whataburger franchise royalty fee.

Whataburger franchise application
Obtain the necessary forms and information regarding Whataburger franchise requirements for your business approval. This application can be gotten from the Whataburger Development Officer.

Meet with the Whataburger franchise liaison office to draw up the plan for opening the franchise.

Get a real estate property for your Whataburger franchise. This could be purchased or rented. Getting a property for the franchise should be done after approval has been gotten from Whataburger.

Set a date for the store opening, hire the needed staff and a manager to oversee the operations of the franchise, and ensure to get all the details regarding product delivery from the Whataburger liaison office.

So, are you still going with your choice to own a Whataburger franchise? You have to do a personal research by giving a call to any of their chain office if you still have any question in mind. You can Google any of their fast food store nearest to you to look them up, as well as to find good whataburger franchise for sale.

Panda Express Franchise Cost, Fees and Business Opportunities

Panda Express Franchise Opportunities and Information

Are you interested in becoming a franchisee with Panda Express Franchise? Does Panda Express franchise? Some say, “In France, cooking is a serious form of art and a national sport”, but in the United States, one might be inspired to say it is a serious form of business.

Such an inspiration could impressively be induced on any individual who knows of Panda Group of Restaurant, a tri-legged cooperation that consist the Panda Inn, Hibachi-san, and the Panda express.

How to Start a Panda Express Franchise

This is no much surprise as everyone knows that food is a universal experience, it is a point of intersection connecting all lines of existence.

The mathematician Andrew Cherng, alongside his father who happens to be a Master Chef, Ming Tsai Cherng established in 1973 the Panda Inn, in Pasadena California, the Inn was found initially with the motive of introducing new “species” of Chinese dishes to the south of California, which had already shown favorable reception towards some other dishes like the Cantonese dish.

A second location opened about 9 years later, this time in Glendale. Sooner than a year after this event, an invitation hits the Cherngs to set up sort of pseudo “Panda-Inn” within the developing Glendale Galleria. And that was it! That was the birth of Panda Express which opened in October 1983 with the collaboration of his former schoolmate at Baker University in Baldwin city, Kansas, called Peggy Cherng, Andrew established Panda Express.

Is Panda Express a franchise?
Panda Express gained reputation for American Chinese cuisines, and become a casual restaurant chain. Having over 1900 locations currently, it stands as the largest Chinese restaurant chain in the United States, majorly found in the food court of malls, and also as independent establishments.

It is found in Casinos, Universities, Airports, Military houses etc. Its headquarter is at 1683 Walnut Grove Ave, Rosemead, California, United States; Panda Restaurant Group, in 2014, had roughly 2500 employees, and an annual sales of $2 billion. Panda express is the most popular of its three subgroups.

As at 2007, only eight locations in Japan opened under Franchise agreement that has even elapsed. Now all units are company-owned and operated. However these are requirement for anyone who intends to partner or enter into a Franchise agreement with them.

Panda Express Franchise Requirements and Costs

So how much is a Panda Express Franchise? Below are estimates of Panda Express 2016 Franchise Disclosure Document containing a sketch of cost that goes in tandem with the initial setup of a Panda Express fast food restaurant. It should be however noted that these estimates are grossly controlled by the factor of existence of a restaurant already or a new construction; and even as much controlled by size.

How much is Panda Express Franchise?
Panda Express franchise business has a policy of non-refunding of cash once paid; this is particularly emphasized in the License fee payment of $25,000 which is first paid.

As we by now know, Panda started as a fast food server in a food court, so one gets the idea that he would have to rent a place in wherever (Universities, airports, shopping malls, etc.) he chooses. Panda Express franchise price of this would range from $10,000 to $425,000 depending on the exact venue.

A crucial point to note is that Panda Express Franchise International in any tentative venue should at least be 500 square feet, preferably about 1000 square feet. In fact some units sit over 3000 square feet. Note that other Panda Express restaurant franchise startup costs are also incurred in the process of opening the franchise and these include insurance, utility, etc.

Also, the standards of Panda Express are by no means dented with compromise. One adopts the standard designs, and construction style, and will only open at the approval of the Panda Group. These and the internal fixtures like chairs, tables and counters will cost up to about $80,000 to $500,000 to set up.

How much does a panda express franchise cost on the average? Cost of equipment such as grills, refrigerator and other necessary machines for the smooth running of the establishment are also required; these would be covered by the range of $90,000 to $220,000. The approved models and brand are what have been estimated.

To franchise Panda Express, startup inventory includes food products, seasoning, sauces and marinades, beverages and miscellaneous requirements that are important would be covered by about $3,000.

It is important to obtain a non-resettable cash register, for financial records, and this cost about $7,000. Annual premium insurance plan ranges from $20,000 to $16,000. This is required of a Franchisee when buying the franchise.

About $16,000 to $21,000 would cover computer software and hardware. However, it depends on computer equipment’s you already own or not own. The computerized equipment is used to run the system.

You also get to benefit from trainings by Panda Express for you; though royalty fee can be charged for training of extra individuals affiliated to you.

Panda Express franchise in India and other locations will set a team of qualified personnel to supervise the contraction, and offer guidance and support. However, a Panda Express franchise fee of $17,000 to $50,000 is charged. The range of value is also paid for designs and architectural charges.

As on entrepreneur, you also need to budget a separate capital for financial roles when planning to buy the franchise. This covers updating of inventory, payroll, administrative expenses, costs of training and recruitments, uniform for staffs, marketing and surveys, security, and maintenance, etc., at least for the first 90 days. An amount around $60,000 to $110,000 would suffice.
Finally, a total estimate of about $370,000 to $1,550,200 would be required fee to initiate a Panda Express Franchise. It is worth noting that Panda Restaurant Group also taken part in humanitarian activities.

How to Report Franchise Fraud - Handling Cases of Scam

How to Report Franchise Fraud

Does franchise fraud really exist? I keep on pounding, brainstorming and asking myself this sort of question, until I got to realize the conceptual framework of the terms “franchise fraud".

Going be the definition, it refers to any action relating to fraud of operation, sales and or termination of any franchise business.

Are you a victim of franchise fraud? Do you need some tips to identify fraud cases in your franchise? Are you a victim but need information on how and who to report to? If you are not hearing this for the first time, but still, don't understand the concept, kindly read and digest this note because it is going to be educational and informative.

The perpetrators of franchise fraud is usually the franchisors, since they own the franchise company and have upper hand than the franchisee, they tends to (though some) take advantages over the investor's, misleading and misguiding them on the issue relating to how to make profits.

They also mislead them about the costs involved and the require fees or giving them fake orientations schemes that will lead to the franchisee failure on the franchise business so that they (franchise company) can equally sell the same franchise outlet to another innocent investor.

Isn't this absurd? In fact, it is a great crime. Any franchise company found in this dirty game has violated the franchisee's contractual rights, as such break the franchise golden law.

The following are brilliant steps to follow in other to report a franchise scam.

1. Identify the forms of franchise fraud you fell for

Identification of the forms of the franchise fraud you fell for is the number one step you are require to note so as not to look stupid before the personalities you are to report the case to.

Initially you must be able to identify what is really going on, the type of franchise fraud being committed and every single evidence that point to the fact. Garner more than enough plausible truth and other elements of believability to make your acclaimed franchise fraud acceptable.

However, it will be of great help if this article can highlight some kinds of franchise fraud we have before moving further and they are;


This is a franchise fraud pertaining to setting up to fail. It relates to a pyramid scheme where a franchise that is being sold out will be freaked so that the franchisee will fail and the franchise business will be reclaimed by the franchisor, and again sells it to another investor to make additional money.

Terminating a Franchise Agreement

Every country or states has its own law protecting unfair and unlawful terminations of franchise agreement and or relationship by the franchisors. It is categorically entrenched under franchise law that no franchisee should be terminated without 'good cause' or cogent reasons.

Profit Misrepresentations

Any franchisee that is being promised massive amounts of profits before taking up a franchise business by the franchisor just to lure the individual is prohibited by federal law. There are series of cases like this that often leads to the franchisee financial loss at the end of day.

And other forms of franchise that I wouldn't be able to discuss with you today. After you have identified the type of the franchise fraud, you can proceed to the next step.

2. Complain to Federal Trade Commission

This agency are responsible for processing any complaint from people who believe they've been defrauded and refer them to the department who will check on the matter for believability.

This agency will help you to prepare an affidavit you will use in filing a police report.

3. Contact your Attorney

Since you have an attorney of your own before or during the course of filling up the franchise documents, it is advisable you visit him and explain the whole scenario to him.

In a situation like this, an attorney shouldn't be left out. If you don't have one, endeavor to hire because they are learned individual who are knowledgeable about the law of the land. An Attorney will also be useful in case the issue is later transfer to the court of law.

Various federal and state laws are responsible for United States franchise industry and to protect against any franchise fraud, so it is only an attorney or any legal practitioner that will understand better the category of franchise fraud you are into in the franchise law of the country.

4. File or Write a Police Report

Take a copy of the federal trade commission fraud affidavit and other theft evidence they've gathered for you and a valid identity card to any nearby police station to file a report.

Request for a copy of the report with the report number so as to stay tune and keep track on every single movement and progress of the franchise fraud case.

Be informed that the investigation will make use of all your written statement in the course of ferreting out the issue to conceal the truth in franchise frauds.

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