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How to Start a Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business + Business Plan PDF

Starting a Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Company

Do you know that laundry business can guarantee you 30% to 35% return on investment and sometimes even as high as 100% return on investment? Do you know that there is a business that is absolutely recession proof? This business also needs absolutely no prerequisite skills or training. It costs almost nothing to startup.

This great business is laundry business. Laundry business involves the use of water, soap or other detergents to wash clothes and other linens or garments for customers who pay for such services.

In Nigeria, there are 1.7 million people all of which put on clothes. More than 40% of this population do not have the time or the energy to do their own laundry and rely on other people to do their laundry for them. This is why laundry business is a lucrative business. It is important to note that laundry is quite different from dry cleaning as the latter does not involve the use of water while the former does.

So, now that you know about this great business, what does it take to set up your very own laundry business?

Get Registered

This is the very first step to take when starting a laundry business. It is important to register your business name especially if you want to be taken seriously and you are planning on expanding your laundry business to a big one with various branches.

Get your Capital and Purchase the needed Equipment

The next step to take is raising the capital for your laundry business. Now, this can be done in two ways depending on the scale of laundry business you are interested in.

For a small scale laundry business, materials and equipment you are going to need would include; basins and buckets, ironing board and pressing iron, pegs, clothes line, hangers, detergents and starch and a generator (optional).

For a larger scale laundry business you would need a washing machine, hangers, generator, borehole, pressing iron and ironing table, drier, packaging nylons, glass shelf (for displaying clothes after washing them), towels, an office space among others.

Depending on the scale of laundry business you intend going into, it is important to get your capital ready.


When it comes to laundry business, location is an important factor. Who are your target customers? Your laundry business should be located close to them. This increases patronage and saves cost then you are doing customer drop-offs and delivery of washed items to customers.

People who usually patronize the services of laundry business include, civil servants, hotels, corporate workers, hospitals, students among others. Locating your laundry business close to either of the following could really help to boost your laundry business.

The space you decide to rent for your laundry business is also important as you would need enough space indoors for all your equipment and where to hang clothes and other linens after washing.

If you are not planning on getting a dryer, it is important to have enough space outdoors for hanging clothes. You need to choose a place that is not located close to busy street, water logged environment or where smoke could come in contact with your clothes e.g from suya joints, or burning of waste.

Spread the Word

The next important step to take is advertising your laundry business. Your customers are your number one advert platforms. This is why it is very important to render the best services as much as you can.

Try as much as you can to always deliver before the time specified and avoid any form of disappointments. You could also take your laundry business online and spread the word on social media.

At the startup stage, you could go from door to door and share flyers about your laundry business.

Hire the Needed Human Resource

For your laundry business, you would need people to do the laundry and ironing. You would also need someone to handle the bookkeeping, talk to customers as well as inspect clothes brought in to be washed and ironed. You could start with just two employees, one handling the books while the other washes and irons.  

Offer the Best Services and Pricing

To boost your laundry business it is also important to offer customers the best service. You could decide to offer free services which could range from free delivery to ‘pay to wash 5 shirts and wash one free’ services to customers as this could also help increase patronage. Try as much as possible not to mix up customers’ clothes.

Use perfumed detergents for washing clothes, treat them with utmost respect and do not forget to thank them for patronage as this is very important.

Laundry business has been one of the best businesses that has been very lucrative. So if you have got the interest, waste no more time and quickly invest in laundry business.

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How to Start Export Business in Nigeria + Business Plan PDF

Export Business in Nigeria - Complete Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Has it become obvious to you that people now invest their money into the exporting business? It has come to my notice that business men and women are always discussing about exporting goods whenever they are together.

For business men and women to be so serious about this business, this shows that export business is a lucrative one because business people have business-oriented minds and therefore knows a profitable business from the one that is not.

If you have money and do not know the business to start or invest on, then I tell you that export business in Nigeria is the one for you. Export business in Nigeria is very lucrative because there are many goods and products manufactured in Nigeria that can be exported to other countries.

Another reason why export business in Nigeria is lucrative is because Nigerian goods worth much more in the international market than the local market.

Some of the important things you need to know about export business in Nigeria are:

High capital
Lots of risks
Legal requirements
Export business training
Getting customers i.e. foreign buyers


Export business in Nigeria requires a huge amount of capital. It is not a business that you can start with small amount of money. This is what stops most people from engaging in export business in Nigeria but let me tell you this, you do not need to have all the money required at hand.

You can get your capital by approaching family and friends that you know can afford the money you want to borrow, angel investors, venture capitalists and you can also get loans.


All businesses have the risks they face and challenges they encounter along the way but some businesses' risks are more than others. Export business in Nigeria is a business I can say is not easy to start and manage considering the risks it involves.

Some of the common challenges export business in Nigeria face are:

Difficulty in getting reliable foreign agents
Lack of capital
Difficulty in getting quality information 
Difficulty in getting market information
Financial risk
Loss of goods (shipment)
Rejection of goods in the foreign markets


One of the legal requirements of export business in Nigeria is registration. It is required of you as an exporter in Nigeria to legalize your business by registering it with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Aside the fact that registration legalizes your export business, it also boosts your credibility because no foreign market will do business with you without first checking out if you are registered in Nigeria.

Registering your export business is a two-way thing because you also need to meet all demands imposed by the government of the foreign market you have targeted. You will also be given certain licenses and permits in Nigeria after registration.


There are many seminars going all the nation that teaches about how to start an export business in Nigeria. It is important that you get trained when starting an export business in Nigeria because export business is so complex that without being trained or without having full knowledge of what it is about, you might end up a failure.

It needs lots of training and research. Some of the things you learn by being trained as a Nigerian exporter or by reading about it are: product sourcing, how to work with foreign agents and distributors, how to register your business legally, port procedures and so on.

You can also locate an experienced exporter who has been in the business for years to be trained, advised and taught all you need to know to start and be successful as an exporter in Nigeria. Research has even shown that this is the best training you can receive for export business.

Buying books that talks about export business in Nigeria might not yield any good result since most of the authors are not exporters themselves, they are only giving the theory aspect of export business. It is also important that you know the regulations and preferences of foreign products.


This is all about locating potential buyers and profitable foreign markets which might be difficult for someone who doesn't know how to go about it. It is now much easier to find foreign customers or markets without meeting face to face with the aid of the internet. All you just need to do is to join trade websites, introduce your business and seal deals with interested buyers.

Below are goods that can be the focus of your export business and that will also fetch you lots of money:

Ginger, cocoa butter, textiles and garments, honey, palm kernel oil, shrimps, gallstone, rubber, garlic, sesame seed, cotton, yam tubers, charcoal, cosmetics and soap, snail, cashew nuts, chili pepper, cassava flour and so on.

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How to Start Palm Oil Business in Nigeria

Palm Oil Business in Nigeria - Complete Guide + Business Plan

Are you currently unemployed in Nigeria? Looking for the right business idea in Nigeria to invest in? Do you know you could invest in palm oil business in Nigeria and be guaranteed of getting more than 100% profit from it? Are you interested in palm oil business in Nigeria and you are wondering how to start? This article gives answers to the above questions and much more…

Firstly, I will explain a little about palm oil and its importance.

Palm oil and Its Uses

Palm oil sometimes referred to as oil or red oil in Nigeria is an edible vegetable oil gotten from palm oil fruit (yeah, the one some of us call banga). It is reddish in color due to its high beta-carotene content. Palm oil is different from palm kernel oil derived from the kernel of palm fruit.

Palm oil has so many uses other than eating it with boiled yam (my personal favorite). Palm oil is used for cooking, which is most common in Nigeria. It contains lots of vitamins and essential nutrients.

Palm oil is also used for the manufacture of cosmetics, food items, drugs (especially vitamin supplements) and of course palm oil can be exported to other countries as it is one hot product in the international market.

Starting Palm Oil Business in Nigeria

Palm oil business in Nigeria is one business that is highly lucrative and as earlier mentioned, you are most likely going to get back 100% profit of the money you invested.

You can venture into palm oil business in Nigeria in different ways. Some of them are explained below.


Stocking and Selling Palm Oil business in Nigeria

One way to go into palm oil business in Nigeria is by stocking and selling after a given amount of time. How does this work?

Palm fruit like most other fruits is a seasonal fruit. It is always in abundance from February to May. This is why palm oil is cheaper in this period. Hence, this form of palm oil business in Nigeria involves buying the palm oil in bulk at its peak period, stocking or storing it until the time of the year when palm oil prices are higher, then you sell them about double the amount you started with.

To get into this form of palm oil business in Nigeria, you have to take the following steps…

1. Get your Capital Ready: At its peak period, a 25 litre keg of palm oil is sold for about 6000 naira (this amount usually doubles when the peak season is over). So, if you are planning on getting a hundred kegs or more, you could do your calculations properly and get your capital ready for your palm oil business in Nigeria.

2. Get a Place for Storage: For your palm oil business in Nigeria, you need a place to store your

palm oil until its peak period has elapsed. You will need a room where enough air gets in. Palm oil can be stored at room temperature. It is important to note that palm oil in kegs should not put directly on the ground. They should be kept on pallets or wooden platform.

3. Kegs for Storing your Palm Oil: Get kegs the sizes you desire, wash and dry them. You could
also store you palm oil in drums, as long as they are properly sealed.

4. Buy your Palm Oil: Good quality palm oil is usually gotten from some states in Nigeria including Enugu, Imo, Oyo, Edo, Ondo and Delta state.

5. Selling your Palm Oil: If you can store your palm oil till September or October, you could sell them for really high prices. This is because production of palm oil at this time is usually low and prices go up. You can sell your palm oil in kegs or bottles for double the amount you bought them.

Palm oil Production or Processing

You could also venture into palm oil business in Nigeria by going into processing of palm oil. Processing of palm oil in Nigeria can be done using different ways

1. Traditional Method: This is the method practiced by most villagers into palm oil business in Nigeria, it involves washing of the palm fruits, boiling and pounding, then allowed to cool. The palm oil is extracted by decantation and then heated to remove any moisture, allowed to cool and then stored.

2. Milling Method: Palm oil can also be processed using large mills to process the palm fruits into palm oil.

Processed palm oil can be sold in bulk to wholesalers or retailers, it could also be exported and you can make huge returns on this method of palm oil business in Nigeria.

Palm Plantation

Another way of going into palm oil business in Nigeria is by growing your own palm tree plantation. Although this method of palm oil business in Nigeria involves long term vision as it will take some years to actually start getting profits.

It is still a great method of palm oil business in Nigeria, as soon as the profits start coming in, it never stops. Things you will need for startup includes patience, a fertile land and laborers to cultivate for you.

Palm oil business in Nigeria is one business that has continued to thrive over the years and with the never decreasing demand of palm oil in and outside Nigeria it will definitely continue to flourish.

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How to Start a Restaurant Business in Nigeria

How to Start a Restaurant Business in Nigeria

Do you love cooking? Are you interested in starting your own restaurant business in Nigeria? Have you got that passion for good food and you are interested in restaurant business in Nigeria? Then read on because this article is all about restaurant business in Nigeria.

Everyone loves good food. That fact is undeniable. No matter the condition of the economy, people must and would always eat. This is the reason restaurant business in Nigeria has always been and would always be highly profitable.

Although highly profitable and rewarding, restaurant business in Nigeria is no easy task. It takes a lot of hard work (especially at the beginning), dedication and determination to overcome whatever obstacles that may arise along the way.

However, this is not meant to daunt your efforts or interest in restaurant business in Nigeria, but to enable you avoid the mistakes most people make when embarking on restaurant business in Nigeria.

In order to properly understand restaurant business in Nigeria, it is important to understand the types of restaurant business in Nigeria.

Ranging from “mama put” to fast foods, there are different types of restaurant business in Nigeria.

1. Low Class Restaurants

These are the types locally referred to as ‘mama put’ or ‘bookers’ and is targeted at low income earners. Foods sold here are usually cheap and are mostly local dishes. Most times all it involves is a table with coolers of food on it with benches where customers sit to eat. In a low class restaurant, price of a meal could range ₦100 to ₦250.

2. Average Restaurants

This type of restaurant business in Nigeria is a step higher than the low class restaurants. It involves a room where customers can sit to eat, mostly characterized by plastic tables and chairs, a television, fan, and curtains. These type of restaurants are frequented by middle-class workers during lunch breaks.

3. Fast Food Restaurants

These types of restaurants sell food, snacks and drinks at comfortable places. Usually they serve both local and intercontinental dishes and prices of meals range from ₦1000 to ₦2000.

4. High Class Restaurants

These are reserved for the rich. They focus on not only providing great meals but also great service to customers. Food prices range from ₦10,000 and above.

Starting a Restaurant Business in Nigeria 

Here are some tips on starting a restaurant business in Nigeria

1. Get a Good Restaurant Business Plan

The first step to take in starting a restaurant business in Nigeria is a good business plan. Your business plan should include the type of restaurant business in Nigeria you intend going into, your goal, target market, budget and projections, your intended menu and pricing, and your marketing strategy.

Your business plan for your restaurant business in Nigeria has to be realistic so that investors would find it easier to invest in your restaurant business in Nigeria.

2. Location

Restaurant business in Nigeria is all about location. It is important to open your restaurant in a place where your target customers are. The type of restaurant business in Nigeria you decide to open would determine your location. Not every open space or a busy street is a right location for a restaurant.

You need to consider the nearby buildings of your desired location, is it close to a factory which releases offensive odours? Is there a restaurant already in that environment? Does the environment usually become waterlogged when it is rainy season? How neat is the environment? Is it easily accessible by customers?

Would there be parking space for customers? All these are factors that if they are not properly put in place could affect your restaurant business in Nigeria.

3. Get it All Set Up

Whatever type of restaurant business in Nigeria you decide to go into, it is important to make the best out of it. This involves good and comfortable sitting arrangement for customers, good hygiene and if possible a source of entertainment.

Getting the right utensils and accessories is also important. Some restaurants owners make the mistake of getting the wrong or inadequate utensils which usually leads to customer’s dissatisfaction.

4. Get the Right Cook

Another important factor to consider when starting your restaurant business in Nigeria is a great cook. Good food coupled with good customer service is what would keep customers coming back.
So, if you are not sure of your skills as a good cook, you could always employ someone or people with great experience to cook meals at your restaurant.

5. Prepare your Menu

This is also an important aspect of your restaurant business in Nigeria. What kind of food would be served at your restaurant? Are you serving local and/or intercontinental? Your menu should have a price list. Having a menu is one aspect of restaurant business in Nigeria that most restaurant owners ignore.

This usually leads to delay and unnecessary bargaining of customers which could also lead to other hassles and customers becoming unsatisfied with your service.

The restaurant business in Nigeria has been one business that has stayed on for so many years and so many have started and failed at it. It is therefore important to make yours stand out to help you stand the competition that arises every day. How do you do that? You could apply the following strategies to your restaurant business in Nigeria…

Good customer service. Treat your customers like kings and queens
Good hygiene
Tasty meals
Delivery service
Discounts for regular customers
Organize or host events
Get personal with customers

Get all these in place and you are sure to make it big in your restaurant business in Nigeria.

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How to Start a Car Wash Business

How to Start a Car Wash Business

Have you started observing the opening of car wash business in almost every busy street? Anywhere I go these days, there is always a car wash services opened and a bar to compliment it. This shows that there is money in the business.

If you’re thinking of starting a business with less risk, I advise that you start a car wash business. Car wash business is a business that can be easily established if done rightly and carefully. Anyone that has a business mind and is well prepared can start a car wash business.

It is a business that can either be started small or big based on the plan that you have in mind to start with. I did proper research on the business and I am here to give you everything you need to know to start a car wash business.

Some of the important things you should know about car wash business includes starting, managing, investing in and marketing a car wash business.

I will start with tips on starting a car wash business. These tips are useful in staying afloat and succeeding in your car wash business. In starting a car wash business in Nigeria, you should be mindful of the following:


In starting a car wash business, it is important that you have the necessary capital. You need to budget for the space you will be using, water supply, electricity to pump water, and some other necessary items.

Though you don’t need much, you will need about ₦30,000 to get started. This money includes rent for land and other washing equipment.

Get Knowledge from Existing Business Owners

You should go to at least four of such people to see how their business is set up and done. It is important you do this before starting yours in order to stay successful in the business. One of the things that makes business fail is lack of knowledge.


You need to think about the location of your cash wash business. Your car wash business should be
located closer to the road as it is being seen here. Do not choose a remote location or somewhere out of town, it is better to be situated in a place where there are lots of traffic.


One essential way of managing a car wash business is knowing the pros and cons. Knowing the pros and cons of the business you are about to start or you have started will help you to stand firm on your feet and fight those cons, it is what you do not know that you cannot fight.

Once you know them, you will be able to manage your business well to overcome whatever challenge comes your way. There is no business that is exempted from pros and cons including the car wash business.

The pros of car wash business are:

Total control over changes and updates
Total control over operating decision
High level of control over investment decision.

The cons of car wash business are:

Insecurity: This is a con that is common to most businesses, they always have the issue of security.
No Brand Recognition: Many car wash businesses do not have any brand recognition.
Setbacks: Car wash business is a business you start from scratch and most businesses that are built from scratch face more setbacks and challenges than other businesses.
Increased cost for Investment: The cost of investment can be increased at any time.

Management also entails hiring people to be car washers if you cannot do it yourself, you can also hire people to help you with the workload if it is too much for you.

Some of the equipment you need in a professional car wash business are: a pumping machine or pumping room, drying bay, concrete wash slab bay (done during installation),ancillary wailing and paving, water source like a borehole or well, a standby generator to power your pumping machine, store or water tank for water preservation, vacuum cleaner, pressure and compressor washer hose, car wash soaps, metal polish, car wax, glass soft cleaner, fabric shampoo, leather cleaners, pedal detergents (detergents that are vehicle friendly), sponge, towel, brushes, cloth and so on.


Another important aspect of car wash business is marketing. It is important you market your business to be successful. One of the ways to market your car wash business is to make it a brand and if this cannot be done, ensure you do a good marketing that meets the customers demand.

Marketing helps to tell potential customers about your car wash business.

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Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC Nigeria) Registration, Search, Forms and Fees

Corporate Affairs Commission - Company and Business Registration in Nigeria - Name Search

The Corporate Affairs commission in Nigeria (CAC) is an independent body that is responsible for regulating the formation and management of companies in Nigeria. CAC Nigeria was established in 1990 by the Companies and Allied Act.

Before the establishment of CAC Nigeria, the body in charge of registration and formation and regulation of companies in Nigeria was done by the Corporate Affairs Division of the Ministry of Trade. Due to inadequacies and shortcomings as a result of lack of funds and other facilities by the Ministry of trade, there was a need for a reform program.

This was why the Commission decided to set up an autonomous body that would be in charge of performing its functions adequately. This is what gave rise to the birth of CAC Nigeria.

CAC Nigeria has its headquarters in Abuja and since it is concerned with the aim of bringing the services of the Commission closer to the people, CAC Nigeria has several branches distributed across the states in Nigeria.

Lagos state has three branches as a result of its commercial climate.

CAC Nigeria membership body includes the following:

1. A Chairman: This is usually appointed by the President based on recommendation of the Minister
2. A Representative of the Business Community: This is appointed by the Minister based on the recommendation of the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture.
3. A Representative of the Law: Appointed by the Minister and recommended by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA).
4. A representative of accountancy profession which is appointed by the Minister and recommended by the Institute of Chartered Accountant (ICAN).
5. A representative from securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
6. A representative from Federal Ministry of Commerce, Federal Ministry of Justice, Federal Ministry of Industry and the Registrar General of the Commission.

Functions of the Corporate Affairs commission (CAC) Nigeria include the following;

Registration of businesses, regulation, supervision of businesses, registered incorporation and winding up of companies in Nigeria.
Setting up and managing branches of CAC Nigeria that are suitably and adequately equipped to discharge its functions.
Investigate the affairs of companies that the interests of the shareholders and public so demands among others.
At the respective zonal offices of CAC Nigeria scattered across the country, the following services are provided.
a. Registration of business names.
b. Statutory filing processing and transfer of such to the Headquarters at Abuja for any other necessary actions.
c. Verifying and processing of applications that come in from company incorporation and then sending them to the Headquarters for final approval and registration.
d. Receiving and providing help and answers to enquiries and complaints relevant to the services of CAC Nigeria.
e. Sale of statutory forms and publications of CAC Nigeria.
f. Starting the process of accreditation of professionals including lawyers, chartered accountants and chartered secretaries.

One important function of CAC Nigeria is registration of business names. A business name(s) is a name under which any business wants to be referred to as or carried on. It could be a partnership, firm or sole proprietorship.

Registration of business names under CAC Nigeria involves submission of an application form along with copies of the following documents.

i. Reservation of Name Form (Form/BN/A1).
ii. The proposed name of your business/ company.
iii. Nature of the business or proposed activities (Form/BN/B2).
iv. Full address of the principal place of business and any other branch (Form/BN/B3)
v. Forenames, surnames, nationality, age, sex occupation, and address of each person who are intending partners of the business if the intending registration is for that of a firm. The corporate name of any corporation that is an intending partner if any is also required.
vi. Proposed date of commencement.
vii. Passport sized photographs of owners of the business.
viii. Proof to show professional qualification to run that business (if the business is of a professional nature).
ix. Evidence of immigration status if one of the owners of the business is a non-Nigerian.

It is important to note that, there are four (4) types of companies that are recognized for business by CAC Nigeria. These include; private limited companies, public limited companies, companies limited by guarantee and unlimited companies.  

In 2005, CAC Nigeria started operating an online portal where registration of companies can be done. It also has a public search portal which allows you to search for registered companies on its database.

At least this saves the stress of the former method of filling forms and waiting for about 90 days to find out if the business name you want to register is available or has been used by someone else.

The website for CAC Nigeria is This has been helpful to so many companies as they can now patronize the services of CAC Nigeria from any location around the world.
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How to Start a Bakery Business

Starting a Bakery Business

Do you have the mind of going into the bakery business and need guidance? So many still think bakery business is all about bread. But bakery entails much more than the production of bread.

According to Wikipedia, “a bakery is an establishment that produces and sell flour based food baked in an oven such as bread, cookies, cakes, pastries and pies.”

You can now see that the bakery business has many other facets apart from the bread production aspect. So, this article is going to look into the different bakery business that one can start. Read on!

Cake Business

Cake business entails, baking and selling of varieties of cakes for different occasions. In Nigeria, cake making is a lucrative business because a lot of events and celebrations happen every now and then.

And hardly is any these events and celebrations complete without the cutting of a cake. So, if you are skilled at making cake or you have an interest in it, you should consider starting a cake business.

How to Start Cake Business ? 

Decide if the Business is for You

The first step in starting a cake business is to determine whether you have interest in it or not. Though cake business is quite profitable, it requires some arduous processes that can make you to easily give up if you are not passionate about it. So you have to decide if the cake business is for you or not.

Get Trained

To start the business, you need to get the necessary skill in cake making. I advise that you start out small. Instead of starting with an expensive training, you can start with a low cost training or you can self-train yourself by getting training resources online or watching you tube videos.

The idea of doing this is to test waters and see if it is something that you can actually do. After the basic training, if you are still interested in the business, you can then take it further by getting advanced trainings.

Test Run

After doing the basic trainings and getting the needed skills, the next thing you should do is to test run the business by launching it out in a small way. Start by intimating your friends and loved ones about your cake.

When you bake make sure you reserve some extras to share to people around. If they like it, you can then market it to them. Offer free samples of your cakes for a public event like fundraising events, church anniversary or birthday celebrations.

If your cakes are irresistible enough, people will approach you for business. Contact event planners and party organizers and send the free sample of your cakes to them so that they can help you get referrals.

Bake cupcakes in small batches and start marketing it supermarket, provision stores and fast foods. You can also leverage on the social media by sharing the pictures of your cake. Also, try to get testimonials from people about your cakes and post it online.

From response you got after doing all these, you can then determine whether to start the business on a large scale or not.

Start the Business 

If you got a successful result after you have done test run, the next thing to do is a feasibility study. Research about the requirements of setting up the business, research about the equipment and resources you will need. Most importantly, draw out a business plan.

All these with enable you to rightly position your business. Armed with the necessary knowledge, you can then launch out.

Biscuits, cookies and pastries Business

This is another bakery business that is very profitable. In this era of busyness, a lot of people don’t have time to cook good meals and even sit down to eat. So they resort to quick fixes like biscuits, cookies and pastries that they can eat on the go. You can start this business by following the processes I explained for the cake business.

Bread business

Bread is one of the popular staple foods. People love bread, because, unlike other foods, it does not require any preparation, it is also easily available and relatively affordable.

The recent increase in the price of rice and other foodstuffs has made the demand for bread increasingly high and this in turn has lead to increase in the price of bread. So, if you are looking for a profitable business to do, you can try out bread business.

How to Start Bread Business?

The first thing to do is to research about the business procedures and most importantly the start up cost. This will help you to determine if it is something worth your investment and time.

You can do this by getting resources online or volunteering to work in a standard bread bakery where you can get practical insights on how the business is done.

Get the Skill

The next step is to learn how to make bread. You can do this by enrolling in a training institute or taking a bread making course online and watching YouTube videos. Make sure you just don’t learn about the production aspect; make sure you learn about other important aspects such as marketing, packing, and branding.

Be open minded and creative about what you are learning. Much more than what you are being taught by your instructors, learn further. Think about how you can produce better bread that will be more appealing than that of your competitors, think about better and more effective marketing strategies.

Research on to create different bread recipes that will give you a unique selling point. Also, do a research on, how to brand and package your products in a way that is unique and cost effective. Doing this will make your bread business stand out and give you an edge as a new entrant in the industry.

Create a Business Plan

Creating a bakery business plan will help you to have a foresight about the business. You can get free samples of bread bakery business plan online that you can use as template. Alternatively, you can hire a credible professional to help you draw up a business plan.

Launch out your Business

Raise the capital require to start the business. Register your business. Find a suitable location for the business. This must the close to your target market. Get the basic and necessary equipment like industrial oven, baking pans, bread slicer, milling machines, mixer etc. Get competent hands to work with you.

Start production. You can start by introducing different varieties of bread or just a single type of bread with a unique flavor that will be very appealing to the customers. This will make your product stand out.

If you are planning to start this business, you can choose from the different kind bakery business that I shared. It is a profitable choice that you won’t regret.

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How to Start Ankara Business in Nigeria

How to Start Ankara Business in Nigeria

Everyone, whether we chose to admit it or not, loves dressing stylishly. We always enjoy it when someone says, wow! You look good or I love this your outfit…especially the ladies. With this in mind, one business that has been found to have rapid growth in Nigeria is the Ankara business in Nigeria. Gone are the days where people only wear ‘native’ to church.

In fact, gone are those days where we call them ‘native’. Today, Ankara business in Nigeria has moved from just clothes to include accessories, from Sunday wears to office clothes and from the Nigerian market to the International market.

Today, we now have Nigerian designers. They are no longer referred to as tailors, they are now called fashion designers. Fashionistas are now so creative at using Ankara to design so many clothes, accessories including shoes, bags, jewelries, both on the national and international scene.

The Ankara business in Nigeria is now paving and making headway all over the world. Even the former first lady of the United States of America has been spotted wearing one of ‘our’ designs (‘our’ referring to Nigerian made Ankara).

So, are you interested in fashion? Do you have the flair for design and creativity? Are you interested in going into Ankara business in Nigeria? Here are some helpful tips to guide you on your journey to making money on Ankara business in Nigeria.

Determine your Niche

The first step in going into Ankara business in Nigeria is determining your niche. Chose the area of Ankara business in Nigeria you would love to specialize in. are you interested in Ankara handbags for males and females?

Would you prefer designing different Ankara attire, or is it the shoes you are interested in? most people try to lay their hands on every aspect of Ankara business in Nigeria. Personally, I would not advice that. It is better to focus on one aspect and be perfect at it. This would make people know they can count on you when it comes to that particular niche of Ankara business in Nigeria you have decided to focus on.

For example, I have heard people say, wow! I love the gown that fashion designer made for me, but he or she did not make my husband’s attire very well. These are some of the issues you encounter when you do not determine your niche in Ankara business in Nigeria and you decide to touch every aspect of it.

You could decide to combine some, for example, making accessories including, shoes and handbags. The important thing is, let there be an aspect of Ankara business in Nigeria that you are known for.

Learn, Research, Learn

The next aspect on going into Ankara business in Nigeria is to learn the skills required for whatever niche of Ankara business you have decided to focus on. Gone are those days where people learn tailoring for two years or more.

These days, you could achieve any skill you desire in less than three months. This can of course only happen when you are determined and most importantly, have a creative mind. Ankara business in Nigeria is all about creativity, so all you need to learn is the basics, which would not take you long to learn.

Research online and get free online training on whatsoever skill you desire and you could combine it with learning in a brick and mortar school.

Start your Ankara Business in Nigeria

So many people make the mistake of waiting till they have got hundreds of thousands to buy all the equipment they need before starting their Ankara business in Nigeria. This is wrong. It leads to postponing and postponing and when you eventually start, it takes you a long while before you start making real profits from your Ankara business in Nigeria.

As soon as you get the skills needed for your Ankara business in Nigeria, it is advisable to start immediately. Oh, some would be wondering, where are the tools? What sewing machine would I use?

Where are the customers?

It is easy to start your Ankara business in Nigeria with little or nothing. Have you got that Ankara in your house you never sewed? Take it to the nearby tailor close to your house, tell him or her, you will do amendments free for her if he or she allows you to use his or her machine.

Make your dress, wear it out, post the pic online on social media, you will definitely get customers who would be interested and would pay upfront for any work you do for them… see? That is how to start.

Are you interested in Ankara shoes? Go to the nearby cobbler, offer some services in exchange for using his tools and start up. With time, you will be able to acquire all you need to set up shop somewhere.

Advertise your Products

It is hard to believe some people are fashion designers when you see the way they dress. Others, do not need to announce themselves, it is written all over them. You are your number one customer and advert platform when it comes to Ankara business in Nigeria.

Wear your products all the time, upload pics online on social media as this is one way to ensure your Ankara business in Nigeria would succeed.

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Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas and Opportunities in Nigeria

Money Making Agriculture Business Ideas in Nigeria

There are many lucrative business ideas in Nigeria in relation with agriculture. Are you thinking of venturing into the agricultural sector and start an agricultural business? Agribusiness has a prominent part in the Nigerian's economy. Nigerian is popular for its supply of agricultural products in the country and the world at large because food is very important to man.

To make money from agricultural business in Nigeria, it is important that you have knowledge of agriculture and if possible, experience. For any agriculture business, you need a large piece of land and equipment’s. Agriculture businesses always have a huge profit turnout when done well.

You as a business man or woman should be able to use this advantage to your benefit since there are many opportunities in the agricultural sector in Nigeria. Some of the agricultural business ideas in Nigeria are:


(1) Poultry Farming

Rearing chickens and turkeys is a thriving business due to the high consumption of chickens and turkeys by Nigerians. Operating a poultry farm has been made easier with technology; for instance, there are several cleaning equipment that can be used in a poultry that will make it odor free to the extent that the next neighbor won't be disturbed by odor coming from your poultry.

Poultry farm can be small, medium sized or large depending on the cash you have at hand. Poultry farm can be started in a room, abandoned property and so on; therefore, you do not have to wait till you have a very large space before starting a poultry farm.

(2) Fertilizer Production

Fertilizer is a major component of agriculture business in the country. Starting this business does not require a very high capital. One of the fertilizers that is popularly used is Vermicompost, this is the use of different species of worms to create a decomposing vegetable/food waste, vermicast and bedding materials. This compost contains more micro and macro nutrients than garden compost.

Under this, you can also produce weed killers since every farmer in Nigeria has the problem of getting rid of weeds (unwanted crops) in their farm. Nobody has been able to meet the demands of weed killers in Nigeria which still makes the business open to investors and entrepreneurs.

(3) Crop Cultivation

This is an agricultural business that is also known as "urban agriculture"   where foods are cultivated, processed and distributed in villages, towns and cities. This agricultural business sometimes also involves animal husbandry, horticulture, aquaculture, agro forestry, etc.

This business basically contributes to food safety and security because it increases the quantity of food available to those in the country/city and also provides fresh vegetables, meats and fruits which are the best.

(4) Flour Milling

You can also have your own flour mill in Nigeria. This agricultural business has to do with converting grains into flour.  Some of the grains that are converted are: wheat, cassava, millet, corn, etc.

This business is a thriving one in Nigeria because about 80% of the population consume flour and also bake including baking industries. The business can be started at a low level and later turn out as a big business. Some of the things that are done in flour milling includes; cleaning, grading, separating, tempering and grinding.

(5) Tomato Farming

This is another profitable business in Nigeria especially in this growing industrialization period. Huge quantity of tomatoes are imported into the country on daily basis, if you can produce healthy and good tomatoes in the country then the market will shift towards you and definitely become yours.

It is important that you get good seedlings i.e. healthy ones to plant when starting this business to maximize harvest and also to avoid breakage of crops and other forms of diseases. It also requires a large piece of land which is a challenge in the country because you need an open land and a warehouse where the tomatoes will be processed and packaged after harvesting them.

Nigeria is the best place to plant tomatoes because of the good soil and weather which is quite favourable to tomatoes. If your business goes well, you might even consider exporting tomatoes to other countries. Tomato farming is an easy business to start once you are prepared and have adequate knowledge of a tomato farm.

(6) Fishery 

Having a fish farm in Nigeria is also a good business idea because more than half of the population feeds on it. It is a popular agricultural business in Nigeria for many good reasons.

There are two major forms of fish farming which are: catfish farming and tilapia fish farming. It is more advisable to get trained before starting this agricultural business in order to achieve topmost success and satisfaction. In starting catfish farming, you either use a plastic tank or concrete pond.

If you have the cash and space to do both catfish farming and tilapia fish farming then you can go on with it but it can be quite demanding and stressful than focusing on one of the two forms.
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How to Start Snail Farming Business

Snail Farming Business For Beginners - Step by Step Guide

Do you have an interest in snail farming business and just do not know how to go about it? Well, this article is going to answer all your questions on how to start a snail farm. Snail business is a very lucrative business. Let us start with why?

Yomi is a graduate with a 2:1. Yomi has been searching for a good job three years after school, all to no avail. Yomi’s mum advised that Yomi think of a business idea to go into. Yomi decided to go into snail business.

It has been two years now and Yomi is making great profits from her snail business. Yomi now has customers in different states, she supplies snails to different big hotels, weddings, birthdays and lots more. Yomi’s business is growing bigger and better each year.

Are you unemployed? Are you interested in setting up your own business?…

Snail Has A High Nutritional Value: Snail is a rich source of minerals including, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium as well as vitamin E and vitamin C. it is also a great source of protein, and let’s face the fact, one nutrient most meals lack is protein.

It is also important to note that snail also has very little calories. Hence going into snail business, you are bound to make multiple sales as people are now being concerned with eating healthy.

Demand Is Greater Supply: Snail business is bound to thrive anywhere there are lots of restaurants, hotels, parties and the likes, needing this delicacy with little snail farmers available to meet the demand for snails.

Hence the demand for snails is always greater than the supply. With all these in mind, how then do you start a snail business? Here are some helpful tips…

Know Your Snails

The first step in starting a snail business is knowing the snails itself. Firstly, snails are of different species, the most common in Nigeria are Achatina achatina, Achatina fulica and Archachatina marginata. these are the ones commonly eaten and reared by snail farmers.

Secondly, as a prospective snail farmer, it is important to note that snails are hermaphrodites, meaning they possess both male and female organs. Hence when you start your snail business, you wouldn’t have to bother about getting male or female snails just one snail is capable of fertilizing itself and producing eggs.

If it isn’t too much stress, it is best to source your snails for startup of your snail business from the bushes as those are usually in the best condition. Otherwise, you could buy from the market, cover with some cocoyam leaves on a wet soil for them to produce and hatch eggs. This usually takes between 21 to 28 days.


Next thing to consider when starting a snail business is the location of your snail farm. It is best to locate your snail pen in a low plain, downhill site. Snails are sensitive to temperature and excessive wind could cause dehydration. The soil should be sandy-loamy as the soil on which they grow is important to their growth and survival.


Another thing to note as you are about to embark on snail business is their meal. Snails are versatile when it comes to feeding, hence you spend little to nothing at all on feeding them.

They eat virtually anything ranging from leaves to fruits. To increase your snails tissue growth and calcium which is important for shell growth, you could get snails feed from the market and add it to their diet.


Some species of snails (Achatina achatina) lay about 300 to 500 eggs at once and they do this three times in a year. These can eggs take about two weeks to six weeks to hatch and of course under the right conditions, more than eighty percent of their eggs hatch.

Snails usually take about eight months to a year to grow to full maturity. When harvesting, be sure to do so when they are matured enough in order to get good returns from your snail business.

In Africa, to market your snails, you could sell them on wholesale to market women who in turn sell in retail to customers, or you could sell your snails to restaurants, hotels, fast foods, who sell to their customers. You could also make money from your snail business by supplying snails to caterers who cook for parties.

Snail business is virtually one of the best to go into right now because although you are going to need patience at the early stage, the profit is about ten times the amount you used for startup, besides snails almost never get sick and they pretty much take care of themselves.  
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