Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Cayman Islands

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Cayman Islands

Are you interested in some lucrative business ideas in Cayman Islands? Cayman Islands boast of a business climate where direct taxation is not in operation. Hence businesses and individuals are able to save more funds and plough such back into their business. The Island also has one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean region.

Cayman island serves as the premier destination for many global financial institutions with banks such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank, UBS, and Goldman Sachs having either their international headquarters or a branch operating on the Island.

You can pursue the following business ideas in Cayman Islands, which can turn into very profitable ventures:

List of Thriving Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Cayman Islands

Tourism Agency

The Cayman Islands is a haven for tourists. It boasts of a number of amazing locations that attract millions of visitors every year. So much so that revenues generated from tourism forms close to 75 percent of the GDP of Cayman Islands annually.

One of the major attractions in the Cayman Islands is the Seven Mile beach, which houses a good number of hotels and resorts for tourists. It also features long stretches of beach bank and clear blue waters. Cayman Islands also boast of a number of historical and landmark sites such as the Saint James Castle, Sister Islands.

You can utilize this opportunity to set up a tourism consultancy to organize activities and leisure excursions in the Cayman Islands. You could put together visits to the clear waters of the Islands where tourists can go scuba diving or snorkeling. A particularly fun activity is swimming with sting rays. You will need to procure boats and engage the services of experienced divers and lifeguards.

In addition, you can also proffer hotel booking and reservation services, render foreign exchange transactions, history and Geography lessons as well as other demands that may arise with dealing with tourists.

Financial Consultancy Services

Cayman Islands conduct hundreds of thousands of both local and international financial transactions. The island runs one of the most business friendly tax regimes in the world.

You can key into this financial value chain by offering financial advisory services. It presupposes that you already have or are willing to undergo financial training.

Your consultancy can be set-up in a two-pronged manner: (a) you can render consultancy services to international businesses/investors looking to tap into the local economy and/or (b) you can offer financial advisory services to Cayman Island citizens who may want to take advantage of newer opportunities in the economy.

Recruitment Agency

The latest World Bank statistics puts the population of the Cayman Islands at over 500,000 people. As a result, there is a dearth of a substantial number of both skilled and unskilled labour.

You can establish a job placement and recruitment agency to feel this labour gap. You can help immigrants from around the world come in to work in the Cayman Islands; provided they obtain all required documentation and visas.

You can take advantage of the flexible but firm immigration policies of the government to ensure that your business is able to make a profit from your transactions.


Cayman Islands is home to a large number of expatriates, in addition to the millions of tourist who visit each year. Such large gatherings mean that there are opportunities to serve huge amounts of meals daily. The demand for the local cuisine as well as intercontinental dishes is on the rise in the Cayman Islands.

You can cash in on this opportunity to set up a restaurant. You will need to secure an accessible location as well as engage competent chefs/backroom staff that will help you with the smooth running of the restaurant.

In addition, you will have to adhere to the health safety and regulatory standards imposed by authorities on the Island.


Cayman Island imports almost 90 percent of her food needs. This situation serves as a drain on her foreign exchange earnings from tourism. In order to stem the tide, the authorities in Cayman Island have begun to implement policies and programs aimed at boosting the production of food crops in the country.

You can venture into the agricultural value chain by establishing a farm. The tropical nature of the island supports crops suited for that climate. Your business will receive support from local agricultural boards in the form of improved seedlings and courses on effective planting methods.

You will need to acquire adequate land, the necessary equipment and machinery as well as competent hands to help with running the farm smoothly. You can rest assured that your business will not only serve the domestic market but you will also be servicing the export market.


A good slice of the Caymanian economy is import dependent. This means that you can set up a business to cater to the import demands of the country.

A first step could see you establishing yourself as a representative of the various products imported into the country. You will also need to obtain all relevant permits and licenses to run your venture.

You must also strive to possess a suitable warehousing to keep the commodities you import, until they are ready for distribution. You must seriously take into consideration, the engagement of competent staff as you invest in these business ideas in Cayman Islands.

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Chile

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Chile

Do you need business ideas in Chile to invest in? Chile is one of the best countries in South America to set up a business. Apart from its affordable standard of living, warm climatic condition, standard infrastructural facilities, Chile also has a business friendly environment.

For example, there is a program called Start Up Chile that offers foreigners who are interested in setting business in Chile incentives which include, startup capital, a six month stay and free office space capital.

So, as to encourage more foreign business owners to come and invest in the country and in return, they are to train Chileans citizens on business know how from the wealth of experience they have gathered in during business.

All these are pointer to the fact that Chile is a good place an investor should consider setting up a business. And below are some of the profitable businesses that one can do in Chile.

List of Viable Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Chile

Real Estate

You can be a Realtor that buys and sells house and landed properties. You don’t need to have a huge capital to start this business; you can start by buying a house that you rent out to people who come to Chile for a short visit or vacation.

You can also offer property management services which will require you to look after and maintain houses, farmland and other properties for absentee owner. You can then save up the proceeds you made to start something big.

Tourism Business 

Chile has many tourist attraction centers like The Torres de Paine Mountains, the Atacama Desert and the Easter Island that a lot of people from both within and outside the country visit every year. This shows that tourism is one of the viable economic activities in Chile.

You can take advantage of this and start a business along this line. Some of the tourism businesses you can start include:

Tourist Guide   

This is a business that is very easy to start because it doesn’t require huge capital investment. All you need is to know how to speak at least two major languages- English and Spanish. Most of the tourists that come to Chile are from English speaking countries; hence, to be their tourist guide, you must be able to speak English Language fluently.

You must also know how to speak Spanish as you will be the middle man between the tourists and the Chileans who only understand Spanish.      

Transport Business

A large percentage of the tourists come from far places, so, they do not always bring their car along with them. They will need to employ transport services that will take care of their transport need throughout their stay.

You can buy a bus or taxi and employ a driver to run it for you. Or, you can focus on car rental services that rent out cars to tourists during their short stay. And if you have the capital, you can do both.

Photography Business

People love memories and one of the memories people treasure the most is the one they had in a place they visited. This is because they might not have the opportunity of coming back to the place again. But they can always bring back the memories they had there.

You can help them capture these memories by setting up a photography business around the tourist centers. Though most of the tourists have cameras to take pictures, but if you are professional and creative about with your photography business, they will surely patronize you.

Food Business

Restaurant is another lucrative business you can do in Chile. The thing is, no matter what, people will always eat. So, if you know your onions well, it is sure that you will make cool cash from this business. The different types of food business you can try out include restaurant, food stall, grocery store, coffee café, barbeque stall, pizza delivery service etc.

Teaching English and Spanish

Chile is a Spanish speaking country but a lot of Chileans are interested in learning English as their second language.  If you can speak English language fluently and you don’t mind being a teacher, then you can create a business for yourself by teaching English Language to Chileans who are interested in your service.

Also, if you can speak Spanish fluently, you can teach the language to expats who want to speak Spanish. You can also leverage on the internet by setting up an online school for either of the languages or by creating online courses for your clients.

Teaching English Language or Spanish will require you to build relationships with your clients and from these relationships; you can get to know about other business opportunities that you can invest.

Retail Store

You can also set up a retail store where you sell different varieties of goods. The expats belong to the high income class; you can target them as your customers and sell products they catch their fancy at your store. You can also target the tourists and set up a retail store that sells unique products that they would love to buy as souvenirs.

Opportunities abound everywhere and I am sure that by sharing with you some of the best business ideas in Chile, I have been able to open your eye to some opportunity that you can tap into. Please do well to take advantage of these opportunities.

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Brazil

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Brazil

Are you looking for good business ideas and opportunities in Brazil? Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, is one exciting place that has so much to see and do. With the largest economy in Latin America, Brazil is one country that has abundant natural resources.  It has been the world’s largest producer of coffee for more than 100 years.

Agricultural products in Brazil which are also major exports to other countries include coffee, orange juice, soybeans and corned beef.

Other sectors that have been major aspects and contributors to Brazil’s economy include mining, manufacturing, service sectors and tourism.

With a steady growth in Brazilian economy in recent years, Brazil is one great place to do business in. It has good tax rates, growing international stature and economy clout and it offers attractive prospects for businesses.

So, if you are in Brazil, and you are wondering what business ideas would thrive in Brazil, here are some business ideas in Brazil that are very beneficial to anyone who cares to invest in any of them.

List of Viable Small Scale Businesses and Investment Opportunities in Brazil


One business idea bound to flourish in Brazil is a restaurant. Opening a restaurant is one great business idea in Brazil because with the busy lifestyle of residents, people usually do not have the time or inclination to cook.

Besides, who isn’t interested in enjoying freshly cooked meals without going through the hassle of cooking. Everyone loves to eat tasty, nutritious and well-satisfying meals without having to do the dishes later on. The demand for well established restaurants in Brazil increases every day.

As far as you set up in a good location in a prime district, you are bound to make it in this business idea in Brazil. Startup usually requires hard work and also you will need a distinctive feature that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Self Service Car Wash

Another business idea in Brazil that is bound to thrive is a self service car wash. For those not aware, a self service car wash is a place where people come in to wash their cars by themselves. Customers pay for the car wash before using the machine to wash their cars. Self service car wash is one business idea in Brazil that is vibrant and profitable.

One advantage of this business idea is the fact that startup requires low investment and low risk. It is also one business idea that is not labor intensive and also a good source of passive income.

Bicycle Tour Business  

Another great business idea in Brazil is starting a bicycle tour company. With the increasing rates at which tourists come into Brazil, a bicycle tour business is bound to thrive. A bicycle tour offers tourists the opportunity to see all the attractions Brazil has to offer while seated behind a bicycle tour-guide.

Since this is a cheaper option of touring round attractive sites in Brazil, most tourists would opt for this method of sight-seeing and is one reason why this business idea in Brazil is bound to thrive.

Peanut and Nut sales

Sales of peanut and nut is another wonderful business idea in Brazil. To startup this business idea, you could buy the peanuts and nuts in bulk, repackage them in smaller sizes and sell them to wholesalers or retailers.

You could also take this business idea in Brazil to another level by installing peanuts and nut vending machines in malls, pubs or sports complexes where you share the revenue generated with the location owners.

Apartment Prep Service

An apartment prep service is one business idea in Brazil that has so many benefits. It involves cleaning up houses or apartments after they have been vacated by tenants. No matter how tidy a tenant is, they always leave something behind or a disorder that need to be cleaned up after they vacate their apartments.

Most tenants do not even bother about cleaning the apartments before they leave. Apartment owners, landlords, and some real estate agents are always in need of companies who provide apartment prep services and this is why this business idea in Brazil would definitely thrive.

Matting and Framing Business

Another great business idea in Brazil is Matting and framing business. This business idea in Brazil enables you to help customers showcase their paintings, photos and other artworks.

You get to build simple frames from wood, metal or whatever material you desire and create wonderful frames for your customers’ photos. If you have a skill in matting and framing, then this is one business idea in Brazil you should go into.

Cosmetics Sale

Brazil is one of the leading producers of cosmetics and this is why sale of cosmetics in Brazil is one best business ideas in Brazil worth going to. You could buy in bulk and sell to individuals, beauty salons, and export cosmetics outside Brazil.

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Antigua Guatemala and Barbuda

The following business ideas in Antigua and Barbuda can be explored and turned into opportunities. This small island nation and former British colony has consistently implemented reforms to its economy and socio-political life, over the last decade.

List of Booming Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda

Financial Services consultancy

Investment banking and financial services contribute significantly to the economy of Antigua and Barbuda. A number of top financial houses and banks such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Royal Bank of Canada have operational offices in Antigua.

You can set up a financial advisory service to offer expert advice on the best investment route to take for international businesses seeking to invest in the country. Also, your business can help local residents play an active role in the financial sector of the economy by helping them with investment options and channels.

A necessary requirement will be for you to have requisite sound knowledge of the financial climate in Antigua and Barbuda as well as competent staff to compliment your efforts.


Antigua and Barbuda has a total land mass of 442 km squared. Of this number, 30 percent of the land is suitable for cultivation with only about 18 percent usage.  The soil of the country supports the growth of pineapples.

You can set up a pineapple growing plantation. You can be assured of the support of the relevant agricultural authorities in Antigua &Barbuda with regard to the provision of newer species of seeds and advisory services. You can also obtain funding from the small business support board to obtain equipment and other necessary inputs.

Engaging competent hands and creating access to your target markets will be another hurdle to surmount. You are assured of patronage from the international market as Norway places a premium on pineapples exported from Antigua and Barbuda.

Cotton Farming

Antigua and Barbuda is one of the chief growers of Sea-Island cotton, which is highly sought after by Japanese cloth makers for its quality.

You can start a cotton farm from the acres of land set aside by the Government for this purpose. This land is distributed at no cost to you. You will need to procure the right equipment to run the farm as well as hiring the right personnel to help you with the daily operations on the farm.

To further ensure that you are able to recoup your investments on cotton farming, there is a cooperative board set up by the government, which can buy off your produce at the end of the planting season.

Poultry Farming

Antigua and Barbuda is a net importer of poultry products like chickens and eggs. In terms of monetary value, the Government estimates are put at several millions of dollars annually.

In response, the government of Antigua and Barbuda has initiated a scheme to enhance the practice of poultry farming. If you decide to start a poultry business, you will receive support in terms of grants and provision of chicks to kick-start your project.

You will need to put in place effective structures to nurture the birds to maturity, especially with the engagement of competent hands.

Tourism Consultancy Service

Antigua and Barbuda is one of the foremost places that attract millions of tourists yearly. Tourism is the major foreign exchange earner for the country and it is also responsible for the greater bulk of the foreign direct investment in the country.

Traditional places that have been visited over the years include Fort James, St John's Harbour, Deep Bay, Mountain Obama National Park, the Galleon Beach and Islands Paradise Resorts.

However, the government is looking to shore up activity in new branches of tourism including sailing/yachting, health and wellness tourism, eco-tourism as well as cultural/heritage tourism.

You can set up a tourism agency/consultancy to cater to the needs of the average visitor. Such services will include foreign exchange transactions, hotel reservations and bookings, language lessons, tour guides, history and Geography lessons amongst others.

Your business can partner with the Antigua & Barbuda Investment Authority (ABIA) to provide leads and counseling in order to maximize your return on investment.

IT based Services

Antigua and Barbuda have pursued a rigorous policy aimed at making the country information driven society. So much so, that it has become the most well connected nation in mobile telephony in the Easter Caribbean region.

With two underwater fiber optic cables within a Global network submarine system, Antigua and Barbuda continues in its quest to offer 100 percent internet coverage by 2025.

You can take advantage of this business opportunity to set-up an IT servicing firm. With proficiency in the use and deployment of software to solve challenges faced by businesses, you can offer your services to fit in with the demands and needs of your clients.

Agricultural Processing Firms

With the renewed vigor with which the government of Antigua and Barbuda to boost food production, you can step into the food chain by setting up a processing plant for agricultural raw materials.

For instance, you can begin making pineapple juice not only for the domestic market but also for the export market.

You will have to obtain relevant permits and certifications in order to adhere to standard international practices, since the final product is to be consumed. You will also have to procure the necessary equipment and engage competent hands to manage the daily operations of the business in Antigua and Barbuda.

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Guyana

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Guyana

Do you need good business ideas in Guyana to invest in? When it comes to starting a business in Guyana, is it mandatory that the entrepreneur in question conduct proper feasibility study about the location to see if the place is business friendly.

In setting a business in Guyana, it is mandatory that one conducts adequate feasibility studies; one need to settle on the geographical location of that place and the kind of life lived by people in that part of the world.

In addition to the already mentioned, he or she have to know the source of their income (natural and mineral resources), source of livelihood and to a large extent the educational level of people living there, and business opportunities in her circumference.

Guyana living independently since from 1966, whose capital and largest city is Georgetown after gaining sovereignty from Spain, is bordered by Atlantic Ocean to the north, Brazil to the south and southwest, Suriname to the east and Venezuela to the west.

It is a country of 21500 km squares; as such it is the fourth-smallest country on mainland south of America after Uruguay, Suriname and French Guiana. In 2012, the population of Guyana was 471,908 and I believe by now is surpassing a million of people’s population and it has a density of 4 people per square kilometer.

Guyana being bordered by some popular country we know being Brazil and Venezuela and the Atlantic Ocean to the north has shown that there are business ideas that will be an opportunity for a livelihood in Guyana.

Moreover, it is important to add that there are some major economic activities that go on in Guyana; and this is predominantly agriculture, mining, rice production, etc.

In relation to the commodities in Guyana, one can be able to generate a business idea that can sustain life, source income and create job opportunity for many who are seeking for one. The following business idea can be found in Guyana.

List of Thriving Small Scale Businesses and Investment Opportunities in Guyana

1. Hospitality business
2. Food and catering business
3. Banks and Financial services business
4. Department store
5. Crafts production
6. Building material agent
7. Pharmaceutical business
8. Real estate business
9. Night club.
10. Wood-making factory
11.  Rice production and milling
12. Sugar factory
13. Extracting and Construction Company.

In choosing any of the above businesses to start in Guyana, one need to consider some if not all of the following factors in other to meet up with the customer or consumer needs who are the king in channel of distribution.

1. Extracting and Construction Company

This is one business ideas in Guyana that can make any entrepreneur rich for life to the extent of passing it to the next generation. Guyana produces gold and bauxite as one of their commodities. And many gold and bauxite may still be buried under the ground that needs extractor to extract them and in turn to make valuable use of it in having a finish product.

This two solid mineral have a wide usage in human life. So by extracting them as a private company, they can then be used in productions of necklace, ear ring, kitchen utensil, house furniture and varieties of uses that will help man’s life for better. You can also decide to produce such things on your own which you can realize a huge benefit for a better living.

2. Rice Production and Milling 

In a quest for survive one most feed to live. A very well keep rice production and milling firm in Guyana will generate as much as you will want to realize because the world at large feed on rice, some for pleasure, in most occasions (party, marriages), memorial days and for eating to live sake.

3. Timber-Making Factories

Guyana grows trees for timber production. You can buy a forest where timberline tress grow and you can transform them to a usable form, e.g. for rafting house, construction of local bridges, selling them out to processing company to be use in producing things like books and others.

4. Hospitality Business

The hospitality sector is one of industry in Guyana which has continued to enjoy great positive sides. You too may consider stating a hospital business in order to render health services to the resident of Guyana.

5. Sugar Factory

This is another lucrative business you can venture into in Guyana because of the high demand. Sugar is one of Guyana commodities, so the need of mass production of sugar may be important. You can create one profitable sugar factory that aid both international and home trade.

6. Craft Production

Guyana doesn’t solely depend on goods that are imported. Economic activities have also given room for manufacturers of various crafts to come to bond.

Starting somewhere is a head start to success so you need to grab any of these business ideas in Guyana to start up something profiting and sustaining, that can help you and the large world.

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Uruguay

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Uruguay

Looking for good business ideas in Uruguay? Uruguay is a country in South America located between Brazil and Argentina. Uruguay is characterized by high literacy level, good infrastructural facilities, high standard of living, economic and political stability.

Though Uruguay has a small population, it has an advantage because; it is in between Brazil and Argentina. It also has a vibrant tourism sector that attracts millions of people all over to world to the country.

Based on these reasons, starting a business in Uruguay is good idea to consider and below is the list of business ideas you can start.

List of Practical Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Uruguay

Agriculture Business

The demand for agricultural products is on high increase all over the world. And this increase in demand has lead to increase in the prices of agricultural products. This shows that agriculture business is a lucrative business to do.

The favorable climate and low incident of natural disaster in Uruguay makes it possible for agriculture business to thrive there. So, investing in Uruguay agriculture is a good business idea. You can purchase or rent a land to start farming and livestock production.  You can then import the proceeds to sell.

If you don’t have time for farming, you can either buy lands and lease it out to the local farmers or employ people to help you work on the farmland and manage it for you. You can also start a food processing company where you process foods like, grains, meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables to sell in the local market or even export.

Another agriculture business you can do is selling and leasing of agricultural equipment to the local farmers.

Real Estate Business

The political and economic stability, high standard of living, the peaceful and serene environment and other natural conditions has made the country of Uruguay attractive for living. Because of this many foreigners are flocking to Uruguay to settle down. This means that the real estate business in Uruguay is a flourishing one.

Also, acquisition of landed properties in Uruguay as a foreigner is quite easy as one doesn’t necessarily have to be a citizen of Uruguay to acquire landed properties there. You can acquire landed properties and houses in Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital city because that is where foreigners prefer to reside and it is also the country’s tourism hub.

The country side is the country’s agriculture hub, so, can also acquire landed properties there which you can resell and lease out those who are in need of land for agriculture business.

Tourism Business

Another lucrative business you can do in Uruguay is Tourism business.  Every year, millions of people from all over the world come to Uruguay for vacations. So, you can try out tourism related business like a tour company that will provide tour services to the vacationer. You can also start the business of selling goods that you know are essential for the tourists or products that will appeal to the tourist as souvenirs.

Spanish is a widely spoken language in Uruguay, so you can learn the Spanish language and offer the service of a translator to the foreigners who came to Uruguay for vacation but don’t understand Spanish. You can also offer to teach Spanish to the vacationers who are interested in learning or a foreigner who has just relocated to Uruguay.

If you have the capital, you can invest in hotel business as hotel is very essential for the vacationers.  You can also acquire properties especially in one of the Uruguay beach towns and rent them to vacationers that need them.

Another business service you can offer to the tourists is car rentals business. You can set up a car rental company that rent out car to the tourists to make use of during their stay in Uruguay.

Food Business

Setting up a food business in Uruguay is another good business idea. You can set up a food stall in a very busy area and sell Uruguay’s popular delicacies like Chivito, Asado, Millanesa, Pascualina etc. Uruguayans love meat, meat barbecue is a popular delicacy in Uruguay, so, you can set up a meat barbecue restaurant.

You can also choose to focus on the tourists; research about the country that has the highest number of its citizen visiting Uruguay for vacations. Learn about their favorite foods and then set up a restaurant, food stall or a mobile food truck in the popular tourist areas like Montevideo, Piriapolis and Punta del Este to provide the tourist with their indigenous food.

Another food business idea is setting up a bakery where you produce baked goods like cakes, bread, and other yummy pastries.

Online Business

Most of the business ideas I have suggested so far require a relatively huge capital to set up.  If you are interested in doing business in Uruguay and you don’t have the capital to start a good business there, you can start by doing one or two online businesses to raise capital.

Some of the online businesses you can do include software development, graphic design, digital marketing, writing, web development, video editing and many more. You can offer these services to anybody anywhere in the world in the comfort of your home.

All you need to do is to choose the online you love, master it and find someone who is already into it to put you through.  Another online business you can do is blogging. Because Uruguay is a tourist country, a lot of people who wants to go there for vacation are searching online to get necessary information about the country.

You can fill this need by setting up a travel blog that focuses on Uruguay and its tourism.

The information provided here is just to expose you the basic business ideas you can do in Uruguay. You can then choose one or two of these businesses in Uruguay and to a thoroughly research about it before deciding to venture into it.

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Peru

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Peru

Are you looking for lucrative business ideas in Peru to invest in? Peru is situated in western South America. It has extensive bio-diversity. The Peruvian economy is classified as upper middle income and it is estimated to be the 39th largest globally.

The business ideas that can be pursued in Peru include the following:

List of Good Small Scale Businesses and Investment Opportunities in Peru

Aerial Photography

Peru is blessed with wonderful and captivating scenery. Tourists and visitors flock to the country to catch a glimpse of these beautiful wonders. Over the years, the demand for photographs of the country from the air has continued to grow, so much so that people are willing to pay good sums to obtain these pictures.

You can begin an aerial photography business to cater to this need. To start, you can obtain a high powered resolution camera to capture precious moments in time. You could also book for trips on tram lines and high rise structures. Another way to capture beautiful pictures will be to hike up the numerous mountains and hills surrounding the capital Lima.

If you feel the need to, you could take a course in professional photography in order to sharpen your skills and make your work more appealing and marketable.

Senior Care Agency

The Peruvian economy has been posting consistent growth in its GDP for the last decade. This has translated to better incomes for the working class population, higher standards of living and better access to medical care and aid.

As a result of this, many Peruvians are living longer and healthier lives. There are many people in Peru who are old, retired and in need of care; especially since their kids and grand kids have gainful employment.

You can cash in on this business opportunity by establishing a care center for the elderly. Your schedule of services will include preparing their meals, administering medication, ensuring that medical appointments are kept, taking care of pets as well as any other tasks that may arise.

If you do not have any medical training, you could engage the services of a medical care giver.

Online Secretarial Services

The Peruvian economy has been rated as the 43rd in the world for the ease of setting up a business. Businesses have taken advantage of this index to set-up online ventures that are meeting needs specific to the Peruvian people. These online businesses require individuals that can work remotely, as secretarial and personal assistants.

You can start your own secretarial service with the minimum of requirements: a laptop or desktop computer as well as reliable internet connectivity. Your business will attract more clients if you have soft skills such as proficiency in the use of Microsoft word, Power point, Excel amongst other software applications. In addition, being bilingual or multilingual will also serve you in good stead.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Rapid and consistent economic growth in the Peruvian economy has fueled a lot of activity in the construction industry. Urban developments for both private and commercial purposes are on the increase. These new structures require facility managers that will ensure that the buildings are kept in a clean and hygienic state.

You can set up a commercial cleaning company to provide a solution to this challenge. You can start inexpensively, with a few competent hands, basic cleaning materials and loads of energy and enthusiasm.

Computer Sales and Consultancy

Peru is increasingly embracing the potentialities of the Information age. Many businesses are taking their business and presence online. As a result, there is a rising demand for computer services, website development and information technology consultancy services.

To run a successful computer sales and consultancy service, it is a requirement that you have proficient knowledge on the use of computers and related software applications.

Online Seafood Sales Services

Peru has a great affinity for sea food. Animals such as crabs, lobsters, prawns among others are a part of the everyday diet.

The trend is even more pronounced with working class Peruvians and expatriates that live and work in urban centers, where the demand for seafood is high. As a result, restaurants in urban centers in Peru are in need of suppliers.

You can start a seafood business. The trick will be establishing a good rapport with fishermen, who will give you supplies at a discounted price. Important considerations for you will also include adequate storage and transportation in order to deliver fresh supplies daily.

In addition to engaging competent staff, your inventory and stock taking records must be accurate. The icing on the cake will be establishing an online platform, where existing and potential customers can place orders remotely.

Real Estate

The rising disposable income of the average Peruvian worker who is gainfully employed has put a demand on the need for more housing developments and constructions. This need is readily more noticeable in urban and built-up areas.

You can start a real estate development agency. You can begin either at the top of the value chain by engaging in the construction of both private and commercial housing units or you could serve as a consultant/broker for people seeking to buy/rent accommodation.

This business idea in Peru could also incorporate the maintenance of housing facilities, as an added form of generating more income.

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Paraguay

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Paraguay

Paraguay is a country with lots of opportunity. There is the possibility of continued growth in Paraguay considering the fact that up to 65% of its population are under 30 years old. The citizens of Paraguay are known for their shopping hobby; they are always shopping for international products.

There is also a sign of long term economic growth in Paraguay. It is one of the top ten exporters and has cheaper lands. Another advantage of doing business in Paraguay is its hydroelectric power.

Here is a comprehensive list of top business ideas in Paraguay for aspiring entrepreneurs to venture into:

List of Lucrative Small Scale Businesses and Investments in Paraguay

1. Tourism

Tourism is a growing business in Paraguay. Tourism business is growing continuously in Paraguay and this is the time to start it. It is a very lucrative business which you will make your profits from.

There are several features of Paraguay that amazes tourists and also captivates locals, it has both historical, cultural and geographical features that draws tourists to the country. Paraguay is a country that makes tourists feel welcome and also feel at home.

2. Agriculture

One-fifth of the economy of Paraguay has to do with agriculture. Starting an agricultural business in Paraguay, you can focus on soya bean, wheat, cotton, oil, leather products and so many others.

It is as simple as you focusing on only one, two or even all the products. It all depend on your capability in terms of manpower, finance, machines, materials, land, etc.  A large part of the population engages in subsistence farming. In agriculture, it is a certainty that you will have a good market.

Rice farming is also another area you can focus your agricultural business on because rice is a food that is eaten almost everywhere in the world, it is very rare to see a country where rice is not eaten in this world. You can do the business for exportation while making your own money and will also end up serving the country by meeting the needs of the people.

3. Security Business 

In politics, business, human rights, and so on, Paraguay is not safe. Locals and foreigners now prefer taking taxis to public transport due to the insecurity issue in the country and this is exactly why you need to start a security business in Paraguay. Guard and protect people who in turn will pay for the services rendered.

4. Real Estate Business

This business is most effective in the capital of Asuncion because it is the only place where properties are mostly secured which makes people to buy more properties in Asuncion than other cities. You can also employ a real estate agent if the workload will be too much and also if you are a foreigner because you need a truthful person that will put you through all the rules and laws of having a real estate business in the country.

Many people are after purchasing properties in Paraguay especially the foreigners because of its lower price when compared to other countries in South America.

It is important that you register your business legally because it is now a common thing for people who want to buy properties to first check if your business has a license in the real estate commission in order to know if you are a fraudster or not.  Your business will only be saved and also make sales only if you are registered legally and have your license.

5. Import and Export

This is a good business idea especially the export aspect because Paraguay has one of the largest export economy in the world. Paraguay basically exports soya beans, cars, soybean oil, bovine meat, refined petroleum majorly to Brazil, Netherlands, Russia, Italy, etc.

While the country's main imports are cars, computers, broadcasting equipment from Brazil, China, Argentina, and the United States. Most of their imports are technological devices.

6. Arts and Crafts

The indigenous art of the Paraguayans is the Paraguayan Indian art. Their arts and crafts include baskets, ceramics, weaving, and threading. The most famous work done in Paraguay is basket weaving and feather works.

These are works appreciated by the Paraguayans, the business sells well to the interest and appreciation of the work by the locals.

7. Poultry Farming

Poultry consumption is increasing at a fast & significant rate in Paraguay and it is also a traditional source of living there.

8. Restaurant

This is another thriving business in Paraguay especially the vegetarian restaurants. You can either have a vegetarian section in your restaurant or only focus on the vegetarians. Vegetarian restaurants in Paraguay has about 16% growth rate.

9. Computer Training Business

65% of the population of Paraguay are youths which automatically makes computer training business a profitable one. Majorly, computer training are for youths and they are always the most interested in computers and other technological devices.

To start this business idea in Paraguay, all you need are the computers that will be used, a spacious location, skilled manpower that is, those who have knowledge of computers and also have the skill to train others.

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Panama

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Panama

I see a lot of business ideas and opportunities in Panama that most entrepreneurs don’t see and I will like to share them with you. Starting a business in Panama should be every entrepreneur best move right now. Real estate project is going up everywhere and making a living in Panama is now easier than it used to be in terms of business success.

You don’t need to have $200,000 in your bank account before you can launch a profitable business in Panama, even if the business you have in mind is worth that amount, there are banks all over the city who will be happy to loan you up to 80% of the money. Surprise?

Panama is booming with business, immigrants flooding from different parts of Europe and South America just to come survive and make it big. To surprise you, some of them are owners of big business in Panama.

Not to waste too much of your time, here are 7 money making business ideas in Panama:

List of Lucrative Small Scale Businesses and Investment Opportunities in Panama

1. Coffee Shop with Free Wifi

Do you know that almost everyone in Panama are into one online business or job? This is the reason most café and coffee shops now provide free Wi-Fi as a way to attract customers to their shop.

Guess what! These coffee shops are always full with almost everyone with a laptop. To run this business, all you need is a location in a busy street, get the required products and everything that is needed in a coffee shop and a good internet connection services for free browsing.

This is one good business as people who can’t afford using their internet data to upgrade their software and apps can just come into your shop, buy some coffee and browse for free. The charges for the free internet services you give to your customers are always added to the price of each cup of coffee purchase. Are you giving it a try?

2. Convert Condo to Condo Hotel

According to my observation, there are simply not enough hotels in Panama. I have been there before on vacation for two weeks. There are few hotels that was still under construction but abandoned for reasons I couldn’t get. The last time I checked, they are still yet to complete them.

With this happening in Panama, to get a room for a night is very expensive because hotels owners know that you may not find any hotel at your own price.

One better way to make money from this kind of opportunity is to buy several floors of any old condo and convert it to a condo hotel. I have heard about many who have done this and are making money big time from this idea.

3. A Surf and a Water Sports Shop

For sure, there are few in the city and some are not pet friendly. You can be the first entrepreneur to build such a nice sunscreen shop, surfboard repair, and a one stop place for bikini girls to come and have fun.

It would sure be a nice place for shopping and for attracting tourist too. Remember I told you earlier that banks are always there to fund any project as far as you can convince them with your business plan or you can either go with looking for investors for the business idea.

4. Construction Equipment Rentals  

Another great business idea in Panama is construction equipment rental. There are many construction going on in Panama and you can make a whole lot of money by renting out some construction equipment to construction workers.

Due to the rate of inflation in Panama, builders find it difficult to purchase some site construction equipment, so they prefer to rent from those that have. In remote areas, it takes up to a week or more to find a specific equipment to rent or buy.

This for sure is a good money making business idea to venture into in Panama.

5. Buy Remote Lands in Remote Places

This should be one of the best in this entire post I must say. If you have some cash you know you might not be needing for a long time, I will advise you go and buy a remote land or lands and hold them for a long time.

You may say, “how long?” let me tell you something you might or might not know. The price of lands appreciate as time passes. If you can hold that land for even 1 year, you can sell it for double of the money you purchase it with.

Imagine holding the land for 3 to 5 years or more. If you know what you are doing, this idea alone can be the breakthrough idea you have been looking for all over your life.

6. Advert Agency/PR Firm

Many businesses in Panama are trying to get their business out but there is no agency to help them do it properly to get expected result. When I was going through some magazines in my hotel room, I found out that some businesses advertise their business to the wrong audience.

I saw so many grammatical errors, misspell and wrong use of words. Why should a school advert be placed in an adult magazine? You will really make money if you can go into this line of business and make a difference in their business.

7. Employment Agency

Offer some help to some gringos and make some commission from them. they are so many immigrants moving into Panama just to do any job that will fetch them money and they are many household looking for house help, gardeners, drivers etc.

This is a good business idea that you can make money from. You just go to the street and connect with those immigrants and others jobless people who will still need to do something that fetches money.

Place a sign post saying, “We are hiring”. After getting enough applicant, you then go to hoses asking if they have any need for what you have to offer.

These are 7 business ideas in Panama that I just explained that can make you money in the long term if you are serious and can venture into it with success. Good luck!

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Ecuador

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Ecuador

Are you an entrepreneur in Ecuador? Are you searching for the right business idea in Ecuador to invest in? Are you wondering what low cost business idea in Ecuador is bound to succeed. Do you have huge bulk of money, and you are wondering what business idea in Ecuador can invest in and get good returns on my investment?

Are you a resident of Ecuador and you are wondering what business idea in Ecuador is right for you to go into? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then this article is right for you.

Ecuador, a country in South America has a developing economy that is mainly dependent on commodities such as petroleum and agricultural products. Ecuador is one great place to do Business because there is a great labor pool to draw from.

Ecuador is full of so many business opportunities that it has become one of the favorite locations for overseas retirement and investing. Ecuador is known as the business entrepreneur’s paradise and if you have chosen to start a business in Ecuador, then you have absolutely made the right choice.

So, what business ideas in Ecuador can you invest in that would thrive successfully? Here are a few of them…

List of Viable Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Ecuador

Dairy Farming

A great agriculture business idea in Ecuador to invest in is Dairy farming. In a dairy farm, you get to breed cows for milk. Your milk could be sold to big milk processing industries or exported. You could also decide to process your milk yourself as this is one business idea in Ecuador that is bound to thrive successfully.

Startup might require a lot of money, but as far as you can get it right, up and running, you never stand a chance to lose out from this business idea in Ecuador.

Weight Loss Spa

One cool business idea in Ecuador that would yield great returns on investment is opening a weight loss spa. Americans are increasingly getting concerned about their weight and a weight loss spa is just the right business idea in Ecuador to invest in.

Your weight loss spa could offer services such as one on one health coaching, training, relaxation, nutritional counseling among others to customers. Customers get to tone up as well as lose that belly fat or other body fat and this makes this business idea in Ecuador a wonderful on to invest in.

Bar / Night club

Another wonderful business idea in Ecuador to invest in is opening a bar and/or a night club. Residents of Ecuador love having a good time, and after the stress of the day’s activities, a good bar or a night club is just the perfect place to relax.

You could attract customers to your bar or nightclub by allowing free wifi, or setting the place up to be fancy and attractive. This is important because as soon as your place gets known as an ‘hot’ spot, customers would flock in 24/7.

Real Estate

With the recent growth in Ecuador’s economy, the prices of real estate have increased as well. This is why another great business idea in Ecuador is real estate. You could act as a real estate agent who stands as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of properties.

As far you have got the experience or certifications, this business idea in Ecuador is just fantastic as you need close to nothing to startup.

Auto Parts Store

Another amazing business idea in Ecuador is opening an auto parts store. This business idea in Ecuador is a wonderful business idea because you will never run out of customers. As long as cars are used on the roads, the need for auto parts will always be in demand.

You could also combine your sale of auto parts with repairs or damaged or faulty automobiles. This of course is going to require a little bit of training and experience. To start and succeed in this business idea in Ecuador, you are going to need to set up shop at a good location and study the market and competition also.

Consignment Shop

Yet another business idea in Ecuador that would succeed greatly is a consignment shop. A consignment shop is one that helps people sell their second-hand goods at a lower cost than new goods. One amazing thing about this business idea in Ecuador is the fact that it is not capital intensive.

All you need is a shop (you could even run it from home if you so desire), some furniture, a phone and most importantly, a website. You might also need a truck for transporting goods sold from previous owners to new owners or you could just hire someone with a truck to help you transport items as this would be cheaper.

In this business, you could sell different items including, antiques, books, furniture, tools, clothing or just about anything. Since this business idea is not labor intensive, it is one lucrative business idea in Ecuador to invest in.

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Dominica

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Dominica

Are there enough business ideas and opportunities in Dominica? Dominica is a Caribbean country located in the island of Hispaniola and its capital is Santo Domingo which is also the largest. Santo Domingo is referred to as the seat of power in Dominica. Dominica is a multiracial language and its official language is Spanish.

Dominica's economy is the second largest among the Caribbean and Central American nations and its major income are; the agric sector, tourism sector, service sector and mining sector. The country gives tax free status to companies from abroad.

There are several business ideas that can be started or invested upon in Dominica, some of which are:

List of Good Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Dominica

(1) Coffee Production

Dominicans are known for their love for coffee, almost if not all Dominicans are lovers of coffee. Starting a coffee business in Dominica is a very good one because coffee business is a business that will thrive in Dominica for a very long time. This business doesn't require lots of capital in starting it, all you need is passion and interest in it.

(2) Tourism Business

Dominica is quite popular as a tourist centre basically because of its regions that have the tallest mountain peak called "Pico Duarte", largest lake in Caribbean, oldest cathedral, monastery, and castle.

Therefore, you cannot invest or start a tourism business in Dominica and not make profits. Tourism is a very lucrative business in Dominica. You can even set up a travel and tour business if you have the adequate knowledge.

It is important in Dominica that you register your tourism business legally and also get your license. Tourism business is growing continuously and this is the time to start it.

(3) Agricultural Sector

Dominica's economy is dominated by agriculture and the largest cash crop there is banana. Under agriculture in Dominica, you can focus on sugarcane plantation, rice farming and also sugarcane processing.

Sugar can be easily gotten in Dominica because of the level of production and processing of sugarcane. You can either plant sugarcane, process sugarcane or do both. This business is good because have a good market is a certainty and you do not need much capital to start the sugarcane business.

Rice farming is also another area you can focus your business on because rice is a food that is eaten virtually everywhere in the world. The land in Dominica is very rich and good for planting rice which will definitely boost your harvest and eventually make you rich. You can also do this business to serve the country and also for exportation while making your own money.

(4) Cinema Production

Most of the Dominicans are good lovers of movies and many films are released into the film industry daily which makes it easier to have a cinema business. Cinema business in Dominica is a very profitable one.

All it requires are the equipment and technical facilities needed to make a cinema and you as the owner of the business should be current with new films that are being released into the film markets in order to attract different sectors of the society.

(5) Food Processing Business

This is a business that is similar to agriculture but not the same. In agricultural business, you plant and harvest the crops while in food processing, you make the food ready for consumption. This is a business that is very popular, profitable and has also been gaining grounds in several countries including Dominica.

(6) Mechanic Business

This is a business that thrives everywhere in the world because cars are used all over the world. You can have several mechanic workshops in different parts of Dominica which can be managed by trustworthy fellows that will be determined by you. No one uses a car without needing to maintain it and this is why cars are taken to mechanics.

(7) Hotel Business

If you have the means and capital to build hotel(s) then you should have a go at it. Offering hotel services in Dominica is very lucrative because both locals and especially travelers will patronize your business. The concept, ambience and services offered are very important in this kind of business.

(8) Business Networking

This business is basically meant for business men and women. To start this business, you need to set an online service system where you will get information from those that wants to be connected to those doing businesses in Dominica.

Those that wants to be connected must specify those or the type of business people they want to get connected with.

(9) Property Business

This is a money spinning business in Dominica which you can plug into by becoming a realtor in the country. The type of realtor you become depends on your opinions and decisions.

(10) Cyber Cafe Business

This is global business in the sense that the global village has made using the cyber cafe a necessity. There is rarely a town where you do not see at least a cafe which does not exclude Dominica. This shows that this lucrative business idea in Dominica is not a waste of time and capital but rather a profitable one.

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Cuba

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Cuba

Are you looking for a business idea in Cuba? Do you reside in Cuba and you are wondering what business idea would be most beneficial to go into? Then you have come to the right place. First, a little about Cuba…

Cuba is a country in Northern Caribbean, with Havana as its capital. Cuba is the largest country in the Caribbean and has favorably warm climate, a natural beauty that is so unique and the people of Cuba are open-minded and friendly and it is one great place to do business in. Cuba has so many natural resources including; sugar, tobacco, fish, fruits, coffee, livestock etc.

This Caribbean island nation is also majorly into refined cobalt production. So, what business ideas would be most profitable in Cuba? Here are a few of them…

List of Thriving Small Scale Businesses and Investment Opportunities in Cuba

Boat or Yacht Charter

With beautiful water to cruise in Cuba, spotless white sandy beaches and untouched islands in Cuba, one business idea in Cuba that would thrive successfully is a Boat or Yacht Charter. Your boat or yacht charter business would give customers an opportunity to hire your boats or yacht for a period of time at an agreed amount.

You could decide to offer them a crew for hire along with the boat or you could decide not to provide crew or provisions for customers as this would be their jobs. Your boat or yacht charter company could also offer courses to teach customers basic seamanship and prepare customers for bareboat chartering.

Although this business idea in Cuba is capital intensive, it is one profitable business idea in Cuba that is not labor intensive and brings about huge returns on investment.

Packaged Herbs and Spices 

Another great business idea in Cuba is sale of packaged herbs and spices. Herbs and spices are common ingredients in many dishes in Cuba. The demand for spices increases everyday and this is why this business idea in Cuba is just wonderful.

You could buy the herbs and spices in bulk, repackage them in smaller quantities and sell them in retail. As far as your packaging is unique, your packaged herbs and spices business idea in Cuba is bound to stand out. This business idea in Cuba is also advantageous because it could be done on a part time basis.

Seashell Jewelry      

Are you a creative person? Are you skilled in designing beautiful seashell jewelry? Then a wonderful business idea in Cuba to invest in is Seashell jewelry. With the beautiful beaches in Cuba, one thing that is in abundance in Cuba is seashells of different kinds.

You could make so many wonderful jewelries from them and sell to locals or tourists. This business idea in Cuba is wonderful because it is not capital intensive and if you love what you are doing and also you have unique and attractive styles of designing seashell jewelries, you are bound to make huge profits from this business idea in Cuba.

Texas Barbecue

Another great business idea in Cuba is Texas barbecue. Texas barbecue involves a traditional style of preparing beef that is unique to the cuisine of Texas. So if you have got a little experience on how to prepare barbecue the Texan way, then this business idea in Cuba is just for you.

You could set up shop somewhere in town and also offer catering services at birthdays, weddings or any other occasions as this is on great business idea in Cuba that is profitable
Pedi-cab Business  

Another great business idea in Cuba to invest in is a Pedi-cab business. A Pedi-cab offers an environmentally sound, quiet and fast means of transport to tourists and residents and is a great business idea in Cuba.

Your Pedi-cab business could offer services to tourists and residents ranging from a ride through the park, sightseeing tour or a relaxing ride from one place to the other. Pedi-cabs are of different types and sizes with seating ranging from two to about six occupants. They are not expensive to buy and you could start from one and grow to buying other and employing people to drive them. This business idea in Cuba is very profitable and easy to run.

Produce shop

Setting up a produce shop is another great business idea in Cuba that is highly profitable. A produce shop is one that sells farm produced crops and goods including, fruits and vegetables. With the rich agricultural produce in Cub, this is one business idea in Cuba that is bound to thrive.

Massage Therapist

Have you got those gifted hands? Can you manipulate muscles and other soft tissues of the body with the touch of your hands? Then a massage therapist business is just the right business idea in Cuba to go into.

You could help to relieve pain, stress, help heal injuries or just help people relax generally after an hectic day or week. So you could setup a massage parlor, render your services at spas or you could decide to offer home services to customers who need massage.

So there you have it… great business ideas in Cuba that would thrive successfully…

Solar Business Franchise Cost, Opportunities and Startup Info

Solar Business Franchise Opportunities, Ownership Requirements and Cost Fee

Starting a solar franchise business requires you to learning more about the industry, the available products, installation of the gadget and solutions for home, offices and business owners.

It also involves creating and establishing a mutual relationships with suppliers and their sales consultants to ensure that supply of solar equipment is always available, cum a source of in-depth information and solutions for the questions the business owner may be required to answer right on his feet.


Solar energy, a power created at the very core of the sun where hydrogen atoms are being fused into helium by the nuclear fusion.

Now, is the great and right time, ever than before to be an entrepreneur in the business of solar franchise. The solar products in the wider world like US, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, China, and India are quite impressive and really boosting fast.

According to research, the solar installation demands rise up more than the previous years. This is really a solvency rather than ruin! The solar business is just booming, every now and then.

If you have the intention of taking up a solar business franchise, kindly read this comprehensive post on how to make the solar franchise business a successful one. By opening your eyes wide and choosing this best solar business franchise, it will enable you to catch up easily in the market as there wouldn't be need to make name from the scratch.

Other things you need do before or after capitalizing on the project are;

The Solar Energy Business at a Glance.

Taking a vivid look at solar energy business from its point of birth; the solar energy group has its headquarters in Thuringia, Germany and provides its potential and seasonal customers with various services related to photovoltaic, not only that but also went as viral as doing the planning and execution of the project for the optimist residence, commercial, agricultural PV power plants.

Later, years after its boomerang, it extend it tentacle to South Africa; a nation regarded as the fast growing country in term of solar energy. The Thuringia based solar energy business however, give room to Maxx as its subsidiary, the company which has a solar academy that had trained over 700 participants what it entails to maintain, install and the likes in the business of solar.

Solar energy is on the verge to making solar business franchise easier to access, afford and handle with the first branded, packaged solar power homes and other energy system of its forms or kinds.                                              
Are you into Solar Business, Electrician or want to capitalize on this Booming Field of energy and or Power Generation?

If yes, try franchising with this solar business franchise company with massive experience of more than 1700 projects from 5KWP up to 7MWP and will be able to support your solar energy business with all what it required to planning and design of the needed systems as well as providing the compatible and well organized hardware for the project.

How much does it cost to Franchise with Solar Business?

The number one thing that does cross the mind when it comes to taking up an existing business or partner with already known business is 'can I afford this startup cost?' Rhetoric it may sound.

Huge amount of money is required to take up solar business franchise opportunities and on the same vein, it depends on how wise and smart the franchisee can play when it comes to pricing. Why? Simply because a good pricing techniques do determine how costly the solar business store to franchise is.

Solar Business Franchise Start-up Point.

There is a bit lot of work involved in starting this solar franchising business. For a new in-take franchise business to be fully ready to commence operation, it could take up to 8 weeks to 3 months, says Jeff Manchester.

Though the state varies and the law regulating their business activity differs, he continued, the solar business franchise needs to do the necessary paperwork, obtain all necessary licenses and register with the country rebate program.

Interestingly, Setting up a solar business retail store could cost between the quadrant of $200,000 and $350,000 with a GST; plus the initial franchise startup fee, shop/ store fit costs, cars/delivery van, territory set up, and initial training.

The Solar Business Franchise Training; Real or Fallacy?

Yes! Solar business offers education and orientation sessions to its franchisees. As a franchisee, I'm glad to tell you that you needn't business experience from inception to run a solar business franchise, as they will provide the training you will be in need of to operate their business model successful and diligently.

Solar energy business training is being updated on a regular basis to enable all concerned franchisee to keep abreast with the current market trends in solar power.

However, join any of the fast rising, growing and booming industries in one of the most promising country in the world. The unique solar energy franchise awaits you to franchise in its business. It is a golden opportunity!

Pollo Tropical Franchise Cost, Opportunities and Startup Requirements

Pollo Tropical Franchise Opportunities, Startup Costs, Fee, Requirements and Ownership Info

Have you heard of Pollo Tropical Franchise, do you know any ideal way of having fun time, while at the same time making quick money? Wonder no more, I’m here to tell you all about it. Relax, sit back and enjoy!!

About Pollo Tropical

What in the world is Pollo Tropical Franchise? It is a Caribbean-like restaurant, which is a subsidy of the well-known Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc. Apart from Pollo Tropical, the group also franchises Taco Cabana.

The company was founded in 1988, by Larry and Stuart Harris. It has its head office based in Miami, Florida, in the United States of America. Presently, Pollo Tropical can be found in over 150 locations across Central, South America, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean’s, with locations in Texas, Florida, Tennessee and Georgia. According to Wikipedia, the company employs about 5,200 (as at 2015)

Pollo Tropical is known for its tropical fruit juice drinks and its flame-grilled chickens, amongst a host of other delicious delicacies ranging from pork sandwiches to rice and beans. A visit to one of their restaurants will convince you, be rest assured.

How to Join Pollo Tropical Franchise

Using its popularity in the united states, Caribbean’s and South America, Pollo Tropical is looking to expand further internationally, via its franchise program.

In order to be considered as a possible franchise host for Pollo Tropical, the following franchise requirements must be met:

You must have experience managing a large restaurant or hotel that has a very good patronage.  The minimum experience required is 5-years. Here you can also be considered if you have experience catering for large gatherings within and outside the hospitality industry.

You don’t necessarily have to be the owner of the restaurant or hotel or catering business to qualify, but if you are it is most definitely an advantage which will be considered.

Have infrastructure that will not only be able to support a large operation of this size but also be able to support the huge investment involved.

You also need to have marketing and advertising experience.

You must obtain very good personal and or business credit references.

Have experience in property development, (both retail and commercial property).

You must have liquid assets to the tune of at least $1.5million dollars.

Large capital reserves in order to meet development opportunities.

Your net worth should not be less than $5.0million dollars.

You must not reside in the United States of America, because Pollo Tropical is not offering a franchise program here. The program is for countries outside the United States Only.

The above mentioned requirements are quite stiff, or should I say steep, but that does not mean to say that they are impossible. So fear not! After all, it is said that ‘you need to spend money in order to make money’.

It is wise to note here, that the minimum franchise commitment is for five restaurants. There for if you want to have a franchise the requirements mentioned above are quite strict and show that it costs more than a million dollars to build one restaurant franchise.

How to get a Pollo Tropical International Franchise + Pollo Tropical Startup Cost

In order to make your dream come true by the opening of your very own Pollo Tropical franchise, you must first meet all the requirements mentioned earlier.

These include having the relevant marketing and advertising experience, hotel/hospitality management experience, adequate capital of at least $5million as Pollo franchise cost requirement, minimum liquid assets of $1.5 million, amongst others (see franchise requirements).

Having met the requirements, the following process must be followed:

Sign and return a confidentiality agreement.
Complete and return the Development Agreement and Franchise Agreement.
Expect a visit from the head of franchise operations, for an assessment of market conditions.
Make your financial information available.
Upon completion of the stages mentioned above, you will likely be invited for an interview with the company executives, at Pollo Tropical head office.
Once your application is approved by the, the final Development agreement should be signed and returned.
Once this document is signed and returned you officially become the proud owner of a Pollo Tropical franchise and the money starts to roll in by the millions!

Important things to note About Pollo Tropical

People have gotten married there in the past. Because of the relatively cheap food, in the past people have been known to have gotten married at Pollo Tropical. Why you might ask? Well, who wants to spend roughly $250 - $300 a-plate at a fancy restaurant after a weeding, when they can get a meal for as low as $4, especially in these harsh economic times!

No fewer than 14million customers (that’s right I said 14 million!) walk through their doors per year.

Pollo Tropical has 2 world records under its belt. One for the largest bowl of rice and beans, the other for the largest salsa!

Pollo Tropical has an outlet in India, Delhi to be precise.

Online inquiries 

For further information or enquires on Pollo Tropical Franchise, please visit their online enquiry at or

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Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Wyoming

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Wyoming

Need good business ideas in Wyoming? Wyoming is a state in the US that has a unique climatology, different from other states in the federation. This unique weather and its formations make Wyoming to be one of the least populous states in the USA.

However, the weather also confers on Wyoming certain natural and man-made endowments that provide ideas that you can exploit as a business-minded individual:

List of Booming Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Wyoming

Manufacture of Water Softeners

The climate of Wyoming ensures the abundance of a naturally occurring mineral, trona.  It is on record that Wyoming has one of the largest deposits of this mineral in the world. Trona is an essential starter material that is used in the manufacture of water softeners.

You can pursue the production of water softeners on a cost effective scale since your business will be situated in area that is brimming with trona.

Tourism Agency

Wyoming is a state comprised of Mountain ranges that covers two-thirds of its land mass. The remaining one-third features very high plains. As a result of this dispersion, Wyoming has a number of natural and man-made landmarks.

In addition, there are a number of National parks and interesting historical places that receive visitors every year. National parks and forests include Bridger-Terton National forest and Caribou- Targhee National forest.

In 2015, it is estimated that Wyoming received over 3 million visitors and tourists, who brought in revenue totaling several billions of dollars. You can cash in on this business opportunity by establishing a tourism agency.

Your agency will provide services such as tours and rides to interesting points in Wyoming such as the Jackson-Hole and Gillette. You can also provide hotel reservation and booking services, foreign currency exchange services, Geography and History lessons and other custom demands that tourists may have.

You will need to engage competent hands to help you with running the tourism agency effectively.

Production of Glass

Wyoming is home to the largest known reserves of trona in the world. In 2014, Wyoming accounted for 25 percent of global output of trona, producing approximately 41.7 million tones. Trona is another key material in the production of glass.

With the abundance of trona, you can set up a glass manufacturing facility, taking advantage of the economies of scale of being close to Trona deposit sites. You will need to acquire adequate knowledge in the actual glass production process, procure the necessary glass-making equipment and engage competent/skilled hands to manage the plant.

The state of Wyoming is very supportive of glass making ventures, as the state does not impose any taxes on corporate revenues. You will also be provided with consultancy services and resources to help you export your glass product to the international market.

Production of Soap

Wyoming can also serve as a base for the manufacture of soap, for both bathing and laundry purposes. Again, this is feasible because of the abundance of trona in the state. You can intern at an existing soap making facility in order to garner the experience and expertise required to run a soap making business cost-effectively.

Afterwards you can procure the necessary machinery on a suitable location close to a trona site, engage competent staff as well as obtain adequate financing for the purchase of raw materials and other inputs.

An important part of your business will be the marketing arm, especially as regards exporting your product overseas.

Sale of Diamonds

Wyoming is host to vast amounts of diamond reserves and a lot of mining occurs in the state all year round. While it might not be feasible for you to start mining diamond directly since it is a capital-intensive process, you could partner with miners and wholesalers to obtain the stones at a good discount, if you have the structures to sell them fairly quickly.

Your venture will do really well when you also open an online e-commerce platform that will cater to clients not only in Wyoming but also in other parts of the world.

Paper Production

You can leverage on the abundant supply of trona to start a paper manufacturing business in Wyoming. You can set-up a multi-purpose plant that can produce a whole range of paper based products such as toilet rolls, printing paper, paper pulp amongst others.

In addition to procuring the required machinery and engaging competent hands, you can also take advantage of the resources and advisory services provided by the state of Wyoming to businesses engaged in the production of paper. Do not forget to keep an eye on the international market for the export of your paper products.


Wyoming is one of the leaders in the cultivation and rearing of plants and animals such as hay, wheat, sugar beets, cattle and sheep. The production of wool draws from the rearing of sheep inexpensively.

With help from the state boards of Agriculture in Wyoming, you can receive improved varieties of species of plants and animals to start a farm. You can grow any number of crops as you deem fit, provided you acquire the necessary equipment and engage competent staff to manage this business idea in Wyoming.

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Wisconsin

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Wisconsin

Do you reside in Wisconsin or would like to do business there? Are you interested in feasible business ideas in Wisconsin that you can start today? Wisconsin is a state in the US that has one of the largest GDPs at 248 billion USD, putting the state at 21st position in the country.

Wisconsin has always been known as a place to do business and be profitable, the only issue disturbing people is the kind of business to venture into.

There are numerous business ideas that you can pursue in Wisconsin. Below are lucrative business ideas in Wisconsin that any aspiring entrepreneurs that venture into for business success.

List of Self Employment Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Wisconsin


Wisconsin boasts of large swathes of arable land and holds a number of records in the agricultural field in the USA. The state leads in the production of cheese, second in butter production and third in milk production, in terms of volume and value.

The climate and soil of Wisconsin supports the cultivation of crops such as cranberries, oats, wheat, carrots, maple syrup as well as sweet corn.

You can establish a farm plantation to produce any or a combination of the crops mentioned above. Wisconsin has a number of agencies and bodies that render expert advice and consultancy in order to ensure your farm produces optimally.

The support usually comes in the form of access to improved species of plants and suggestions on more effective ways of planting.

With adequate funding, cultivatable land and competent labor, you should be able to reap handsome rewards from the sale of the proceeds of your farm.

Agric-processing Plant

Wisconsin leads the way in the processing of many crops into semi-finished and finished goods, which includes products such as milk, cheese, butter and syrups.

Newer technologies, developed infrastructure as well as the availability of manpower means that you the entrepreneur can set up a processing plant to handle one or more of the crops grown in Wisconsin.

Table Water Production

Wisconsin is blessed with natural springs that produce purified, clean drinking water. Many residents of Wisconsin now prefer to consume water from these natural sources, as opposed to tap water. You can begin a table water production and packaging plant to cater to this need.

You will need to obtain relevant permits and licensing from the relevant health and safety agencies in the state. Adequate financing for the procurement of equipment and machinery is an important consideration just as engaging competent staff.

A key element that will make or mar your investment in this business idea will be evolving a proactive distribution network that will meet the needs of your target market, in a timely manner.

Real Estate Development

Wisconsin’s growing economy is supporting an increasing number of middle to high income classes.

These groups of individuals are prone to seeking newer and even better accommodation. Especially as regards the rural to urban migration that people embark upon in search of better jobs and more opportunities. There arises a demand for real estate developments that can cater to all categories of earners.

You can tap into this business idea by starting a real estate agency. You can either commence with the development of property for various classes of earners or you could serve as a middle man in connecting people with their desired accommodation. You will need to obtain operational permits and licensing, as well engage competent staff who shall work as marketers and building contractors.

Tourism Agency

Wisconsin is home to a number of magnificent scenery and destinations such as House on the Rock near Spring Green, Circus World Museum in Baraboo, and The Dells of the Wisconsin River. The state also hosts a number of festivals that includes the Summer fest and the EAA Oshkosh Airshow.

The intricate water channels in the state are a prime attraction for several hundreds of thousands of visitors per year. You will be amazed to know that Tourism contributed almost a third to the GDP number of Wisconsin over the last couple of years.

You can take advantage of the water channels by setting up a water recreation tour for interested clients. You will need appropriate boats, competent tour guides and relevant navigational permits. Side by side with the recreational tours, you could also offer services such as visa procurement, hotel/hostel booking and reservation, and other custom services that tourist may need.

Alternative Power Provision

Wisconsin does not produce oil, gas or coal. Its power generation needs are obtained from coal fired powered plants and nuclear energy. But most of this power is imported from neighboring states like Minnesota and Iowa. Many residents of Wisconsin are now embracing the idea of obtaining power from small holding renewable sources of energy

You can step into this business idea in Wisconsin by setting up a consultancy for the provision of solar panels/installation services, energy saving bulbs, biomass fuel production among other services.

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Vermont

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Vermont

Are you looking for lucrative business ideas and opportunities in Vermont? It is no longer news that most of the world billionaires are men and women that became rich as a result of starting a business with just an idea and grew it into a million-dollar brand.

Vermont is a state located in the North-east of the United States of America. It shares borders with the U.S. states of Massachusetts to the south, New Hampshire to the east, New York to the west, and the Quebec in Canada, to the north.

Vermont presents a number of business opportunities for anyone that is ready to reap a good return on his/her investment.

The following business ideas in Vermont are good investments to explore:

List of Good Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Vermont

1. Water Cruises

Lake Champlain, the major lake in Vermont, is the sixth-largest body of fresh water in the United States and separates Vermont from New York in the northwest portion of the state. Vermont also hosts a wide variety of fishes and amphibians totaling 41, 89 species of exotic fish and numerous plant life, which gives the coast line of Vermont an attractive ambiance.

As the business look lucrative, you can set up cruising expeditions that will take onlookers on a tour of these water bodies and their ecological life. Your start-up equipment will include boats, cameras, survival gear and other associated gear. You will also need to engage competent tour guides and other staff who will assist in the smooth running of the business.

You will also have to obtain relevant permits and certifications from regulatory agencies before you can commence operations.

2. Retail Services

Vermont recorded an increase in the output for retail sales, amounting to several billion dollars of the state’s GDP. An increasing number of residents of Vermont are disposed toward going to convenience stores/outlets to shop for personal effects and items. They are also on the lookout for discounts and bargain prices.

Setting up a shop and stocking everyday items that are native to the tastes and culture of residents of Vermont would be a very good idea. A key strategy for you will be to forge relationships with suppliers and wholesalers in order to purchase goods at low cost prices.

You will have to also employ competent hands and secure a spot in an accessible part of the state.

3. Dairy Farming

Agriculture has been one of the main pillars of the economy of Vermont. A major plank of this sector is dairy farming, which cuts across endeavors such as cattle rearing, meat and milk production.
With newer production methods and an increasing awareness among Vermont citizens on the need for healthier eating habits, the savvy investor can set up a dairy farm.

This venture will meet the need for the supply of fresh milk and meat to homesteads. You can secure affordable land, farm equipment and engage competent staff, in order to generate great return on your investment.

4. Tourism Consultancy

Tourism plays an important part in the economy of Vermont. It is estimated that in 2015 alone, visitors made a cumulative total of 13 million trips, spending close to 1.57 billion USD. Some of the largest ski areas are located in Vermont. Skiers, snowboarders and enthusiasts visit the various resorts and mountains in on a regular basis.

You can tap into this huge market by offering services such as visa procurement and processing, hotel accommodation, currency exchange services, tour guides, history classes amongst other custom services that tourists may be in need of. You will have to engage competent staff and evolve an appropriate business structure.

5. Lumbering

Another business opportunity in Vermont is in the lumbering business. Vermont is blessed with extensive forests and vegetation. The last decade has seen the contribution of forestry and timber to the state GDP, rise to very high levels. As a result, there are a number of wood manufacturing plants that are in need of suppliers of logs of wood.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you can set up your own lumbering business. Improved wood milling equipment and methods, easy access to land for such purposes as well as favorable state fiscal and economic policies, will ensure that you are able to make handsome returns on your investment in a wood lumbering business.

6. Manufacture of Novelty Items

You will be glad to know that the state of Vermont actively supports industries engaged in the production of these items, by sourcing for international markets and offering tax reliefs.

You can take advantage of this opportunity by producing one or more of these items. You will require knowledge of the history and path process of manufacture for these items as well as competent staff that can assist you in the smooth running of some of these business ideas in Vermont.


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