March 3, 2015

Dollar Tree Franchise Information - Ownership Application And Investment Cost

Dollar Tree Franchise Business Model, Cost And Investment Opportunities

Dollar Tree is one of the leading retail businesses that has thrived on making quality products available at reduced cost. This franchise business evolved from K&K brand after the owners starting focusing on household items and wares. This culminated in the opening of the first Dollar store in Dalton, GA.

As a business, Dollar Tree was incorporated in the Commonwealth
of Virginia. Its corporate headquarters is located at: 500 Volvo Parkway, Chesapeake, Virginia 23320.

Business Model And Cost Of Dollar Tree Franchise Sale

How To Open Your Own Dollar Tree Store
Starting a dollar store comes with certain requirements. With the way things are going economy-wise for most countries, you need to able to get quality products at affordable prices because people are looking at ways of saving money from their purchases.
dollar tree

This singular reason has made dollar tree stores very popular. Don't be surprise if you come across these stores at every junction. The shopping experience offered by dollar tree cannot be overlooked by consumers no matter their status. Many prospective franchisees who want to be financially independent are often interested starting a dollar tree franchising store.

But wait, there is a particular question often ask by people, 'Does Dollar Tree offer franchising opportunities?'

Unfortunately, Dollar Tree does not offer opportunities for franchising. All Dollar Tree stores are operated from the company's Headquarters in Chesapeake,  VA.

The swift success witnessed in record time created lots of limitation on the franchise business model. The official stand of the company is that they are not ready to sell Dollar Tree franchise business opportunity to prospective investors. If you search the internet, you can hardly see any reference on the cost of Dollar Tree franchise.

Bookmark this post to get latest updates on Dollar Tree franchising opportunities.

March 2, 2015

SHOPRITE NIGERIA - Complete List Of Shoprite Locations In Nigeria

SHOPRITE IN NIGERIA- List Of All Shoprite Stores Locations And Branch Address Of Outlets In Lagos, Abuja, Delta, Kano, Enugu, Ibadan Nigeria

This a comprehensive list of  Shoprite stores address in Ikeja, Lagos and other major cities  in Nigeria such as Enugu, Oyo And Abuja. This information will help you find the various branches of Shoprite shopping malls that is closest to your place whether you live in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu or Ibadan, go through this list for the current addresses of Shoprite Supermarkets In Nigeria.



Grand Towers
Address: Murtala Mohammed Express Way, Along Apo Mechanic Village Road
Suburb: Dutse District
State: Federal Capital Territory
Telephone: +234 9-2913616

Silverbird Abuja
Address: Silverbird Entertainment Center, by Musa Yar’Adua Center
Suburb: Central Business District
State: Federal Capital Territory

Anambra State
Onitsha Mall (opened December 2014)
Address: Park Road
Suburb: Onitsha
State: Anambra

Delta State
Effurun Mall (opened November 2014)
Address: Effurun Roundabout, Along Effurun-Ughelli Road
Suburb: Effurun
State: Delta

Enugu State
Polo Park
Address: Old GRA, Polo Amusement Park,
Suburb: Abakaliki Road
State: Enugu
Telephone: +234 7098731471

Kwara State
Palms Ilorin
Address: Fate Road, Beside NTA
Suburb: Ilorin
State: Kwara
Telephone: +234 31-290532

Kano State
Ado Bayero Mall
Address: Zoo Road, beside Kano Trade Fair Complex
Suburb: Kano
State: Kano
Telephone: +234 6-4434937

Lagos State
Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Center
Address: Adeniran Ogunsanya Street
Suburb: Surulere
State: Lagos
Telephone: +234 1-7300476

Ikeja City Mall
Address: Obafemi Awolowo Way, Opposite Elephant House, Alausa
Suburb: Ikeja
State: Lagos
Telephone: +234 1-8999128

The Palms Shopping Center
Address: Off Lekki Express Way, beside British International School
Suburb: Victoria Island
State: Lagos
Telephone: +234 1-2714484

Cocoa Mall (opened June 2014)
Address: Park Lane
Suburb: Apapa
State: Lagos

Festival Mall (opened December 2014)
Address: Off Festac Link Road, Amuwo Odofin
Suburb: Festac
State: Lagos

Oyo State
Ibadan Mall (opened May 2014)
Address: Opposite High Court, Ring Road
Suburb: Ibadan
State: Oyo

Cocoa Mall
Address: Bank Road
Suburb: Ibadan
State: Dugbe

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February 26, 2015

Who Is Still Crazy About Mr Biggs? - Start Your Own Fast Food Business

Mr Biggs Franchise: Key Lessons From The Rise And Fall Of This Fast Food Restaurant To Use When Starting Your Own.

Mr Bigg's is a fast food restaurant business founded in 1973 in Nigeria with headquarters in Ojota, Lagos. The company produces fast food delicacies, Nigerian dishes as well as UAC branded food items.

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Created by United African Company of Nigeria, Mr Biggs was one of the first successful chains of fast food businesses in Nigeria with over 180 locations across the country.
Mr. Biggs restaurant is designed in red and yellow colours resembling McDonald's. Mr. Bigg's history began with the coffee shops inside Kingsway Department Stores in the 1960s. The rapid expansion of this business made them one of the first sold franchises in Nigeria.

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Produced from a secret mr biggs nigeria meat pie recipe, many people developed addiction to these baked food items with many ordering on mr biggs nigeria website from different parts of the country. Mr biggs fried rice, Jollof rice, moi-moi, cake, pastries and other delicacies are produced by Mr Biggs.

Mr Bigg's restaurantBut recently things have changed. Just like me, I wouldn't visit an eatery only because of the quality of what is offered but also because of how appealing the brand is to me. My love for the brand and what it represents. Sadly, people are no longer as crazy as before for Mr Biggs. This franchise is not topping the list of fast food eateries in Nigeria as before.

I sat down on day and asked myself, 'What could have gone wrong with Mr Biggs? Did the master chef changed his recipe? No! So what is the problem with this failing brand?'

In the next paragraph, I will try to share key lessons every investor should learn about the rise and fall of Mr Biggs.

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In the 90s when Mr Biggs was the talk of the town, people's tastes were adjusted to what they offered but then, competition creeped in. Customers saw nothing exciting about this brand again. Since, It's only human to desire change coupled with the fact that Mr Biggs stuck to their mode of operation, people had no choice than to look elsewhere. At a point, it was like 'Mr Biggs is for small boys and girls.' While Mr Biggs was still basking in the euphoria of being in control of the main market, other competitors like KFC, Tantalizers, Mr Spoon etc targeted smaller market units such as rich folks, middle income earners, foreigners, youth, kids etc thereby undermining the controlling influence of their giant competitor. This 'I can't change mentality' and lack of versatility killed the prospects of this blooming business.

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I'm not looking for an opportunity to consult for Mr Biggs. This post is an expression of my personal opinion. I know Mr Biggs can still regain its top position in the list of fast food restaurants in Nigeria it's ready to scout for new ideas to recreate the business. The marketing philosophy of uac's mr. biggs should also be strengthened.

Every business comes with its challenges. For survival and continuity, identify the problems and find solutions to them.

Do You Want To Open A Mr Biggs Eastery/Restaurant Business?

Fast food restaurant business is very stressful, competitive and capital intensive. If you have no prior experience, I would recommend that you avoid this investment.

Mr Bigg's is no longer what it used to be. There is nothing left but old glory. You will discover that it is advisable for you to create your own brand. This is ensure that your investment won't crash if anything goes wrong with the brand you are attached to. You will also need to link up with experts in fast food business.


There is nothing wrong in starting your own fast food company. Yes, it be challenging but in the long run, the returns would make you forget the pains.

Here are some people who opened their fast food restaurants and grew them into big businesses.

-----» TASTEE FRIED CHICKEN (aka TFC): Olayinka Pamela Adedayo opened TFC and first location was at Surulere.
-----» SWEET SENSATION: Kehinde Kamson founded this business and started from her parents house at Ilupeju.
-----» TANTALIZERS: Folu Ayeni started this business at Festac town, Lagos.

Other entrepreneurs who have created their own identities and are making serious money include: Delta Kitchen, Mama Klass, Big Fish, Calabar Kitchen, De Morris.

Steps To Start A Fast Food Restaurant Business

-----» Carry out a comprehensive mapping of the market you want to penetrate. What are the potentials and prospects?
-----» Be strategic in siting your business. Your location must be conspicuous with substantial traffic of middle to high income earners.
-----» Develop a business plan taking into consideration the smallest technicalities in the proposed business
-----» Can you take care of the initial capital to start up and still foot the running cost?
-----» Set up a unique brand and design strategies to penetrate the market by evaluating your existing competitors.

My advice - Establish your own brand.

February 24, 2015

Forever 21 Franchise - Why You Should Not Waste Your Time

Forever 21 Franchise - Opportunities, Locations, Application Requirements And Cost Fee In Dubai, Pakistan, Indian And The Middle East

Forever 21 as a business was created by Do Won and Jin Sook Chang in 1984 after they moved from South Korea to the United States in 1981. Forever21 headquarters is situated at LA, California. According to Forbes in 2014, Forever 21 made close to $4 billion in revenue and was awarded the 122nd largest company in the USA.

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The average dimension of most Forever 21 departmental store is 40,000 square feet. However, it's funny to know that the 'first' store was less than 1000 square feet. The largest unit of Forever 21 locations is adjudged to be around 150,000 square feet.

forever 21

Forever 21 department stores offers varieties of wears such as clothing, shoes and other fashion accessories especially for women. The rate at which this franchise opportunity boomed attracted lots of investors who want to partner with Forever 21 company as franchisees.

For those that think the name of the company related only to females who want to continue looking young or younger like 21, I can tell you that Forever 21 businesses offer more. Their products cuts across age or gender whether your are 21 years old, less than 21 years or even above 21. The company creates a platform where stylish fashion items and wears are offered for sale at affordable rates for men, women, young and old ranging from lingerie, footwear, cosmetics to handbags.

SEE: Chipotle Mexican Grill Franchise Opportunities

Forever 21 franchise has expanded to different locations across the world numbering over 500 including Canada, Australia, USA, India, China and other Asian countries. The company has a online store dedicated to purchases made over the internet. This allows Forever 21 customers to buy from the shop from any part of the world.

Forever 21 marketing has been strengthened over the year especially social media campaigns. From Twitter to Facebook, Forever 21 increases it's exposure for more brand awareness and online purchases.

At present Forever 21 is still expanding, opening up new branches in different countries of the world. For instance in 2010, Forever21 launched its New Delhi store right in the heart of India as to be able to draw closer to its Indian customers.

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How Much Does Forever 21 Franchise Cost?
The big question is Does Forever 21 Franchise Cost? Because the accounts and figures of this franchise looks promising, many prospective investors are interested in becoming Forever 21 franchisees because of the great business opportunities. Sadly, this business is not available for franchising for now. The company does not consider the brand a franchise yet because it is still working on a lot of models and technicalities. Hopefully, Forever 21 should start considering opening franchising opportunities to people after they must have perfected their processes.

February 22, 2015

ARE FARMERS RICH? - 5 Truths You Should Know

Can I Become Rich Through Farming?

Many people want to know whether they can become wealthy and successful through farming business. Because they see farmers as poor people who live in rural areas, they want to know if farmers can become rich and whether the wealth can be acquired through agribusiness. Well, I'm here to reveal five basic truths about this important question.

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----» 1. Farmers are rich in necessities, I mean basic things that make life comfortable but if you are thinking about building mansions and castles in the most expensive cities of the world, the answer is NO, farmers are not rich.

----» 2. Though you come across farmers who have thousand of dollars going through their hands annually but in reality this huge fund is all about spending and investing not luxury. For instance, many farmers rent the farmlands they use. They spend money acquiring farm equipment, brood stock, farm structures and other inputs. The total worth of investment on ground may run in millions yet when you subtract their liabilities from the assets, you will discover that majority of farmers are pretty middle-class.

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----» 3. Many are of the opinion that most farmers do not make much money because they don't invest huge capitals except funds gotten from loans. You should also understand that if a farm runs at a loss of 10%, a poultry farmer that invests $100,000 loses $10,000 while another one who invests $10,000 loses only $1000.

----» 4. So Are Farmers Rich? This boils down to your definition of wealth. Farmers may not have the expensive mansions and flashy cars but they understand the pride in dignity. They work hard for what they earn and help keep the exploding human population alive. From the same fish farm, you can make big money during a good year and still incur great losses in another year that runs bad. You cannot say a farmer is rich or poor judging from the outcome of a year. Agricultural businesses need long term considerations in feasibility planning and performance evaluation.

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----» 5. Cultivating the habit of consistent saving, developing business plans  and careful budgeting is what can ensure decent returns from your agric investment. The truth is you can never determine if a farmer is rich or not by just looking at his balance sheet.

farming in Africa

February 20, 2015

Cool Business Ideas - Top Best 10 Coolest Businesses To Start Today

Best 10 Unique Cool Small Business Ideas In Nigeria, Canada, USA And UK Today

Are you in search of cool ideas for business? You keeping asking yourself, 'What are some cool business ideas I can start? From 2013 through 2014 to this year 2015, I have discovered that they earlier one finds his/her passion in entrepreneurship, the better for one's business future. For instance, there are many cool business ideas for students, kids and teenagers that can help them develop the culture of saving and investing.

WOW! How To Make A Million Dollars: 1 Million In A Year!

Most cool business ideas for college students revolves round passion and service delivery as these make it easier for them to combine business with school work. Photography and customizing wears are some cool business ideas around a college campus for students who want to make money especially during departmental and hall week celebration.

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Today, I would beam my torch on really cool businesses to start especially for small towns. Whether you are in New York, DC, Austin, Boston, London, India or Chicago, if your desire is to stand out, look for businesses with unique value, multiple streams of income and prospects for creativity and expansion.

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This info-graph will give you an idea of the cooliest business ideas to start up irrespective of the fact that you are still in school or retired.

HOT: Business Ideas For Beginners

cool business ideas to start

HMM! ARE FARMERS RICH? - 5 Truths You Should Know

1. ----» Boutique Shop
2. ----» Fast Food Business
3. ----» Customising Wears
4. ----» Urban Farming
5. ----» Game Development
6. ----» Car And Bicycle Hire
7. ----» Photography
8. ----» Bar And Lodgings Business
9. ----» Printing Business
10. ----» Blogging

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Are you are tired of struggling to come up with innovative business ideas? The internet is a market place of really cool business ideas and investment opportunities. Recently, I stumbled on three super cool businesses ideas while browsing the business section of a popular forum. After scouting for cool business ideas for sale, some investors buy these unique businesses and developing them into wealth empires.

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I hope you were able to pick one of two ideas from my list of the coolest businesses to own this year.

cool ideas for business
cool businesses to own
cool businesses to start
cool businesses for sale
top 10 cool businesses
really cool businesses
cool businesses
new cool businesses
cool businesses for small towns
cool businesses to start up
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cool business today
cooliest business ideas

February 17, 2015

Top 10 Easiest Businesses To Start

Easiest Business Ideas To Start From The Scratch And Run With Little Money: Best Small Investment Opportunities

If your are looking for the easiest business to start with no money, you may have to look a while longer because you will need little capital to set up and manage the investment opportunities on this list. The truth however is that you need more than finance to succeed. Yes, that idea is an easy business to start and make money but how suitable is it for you. Some people's personalities and interests that would make some succeeding at some businesses very difficult.

HOT: Top 10 Fastest Growing Small Businesses In The World

If you are looking for the easiest businesses own, you should start by looking at your own definition of easy. Some businesses are very easy to start but managing them may be extremely difficult. Don't settle for just the easiest business to start from scratch, make sure you consider the easiest businesses to manage too when making your selection.

GUIDE: Start Internet Business Ideas Online Free At Home With No Capital Money

What Is The Easiest Business To Set Up And Manage?

open business easiest business ideas

Just read on because soon, I will be revealing 10 easiest business to start in 2015. A popular question many people ask me is 'What is a good business to start?' Well, I believe if you take time to go through this list, the right answer would pop up in your mind. This compilation of  investment ideas contains some of the easiest businesses to set up and manage.

Best 10 Easiest And Profitable Small StartUp Business Ideas In 2015

1. ==> Mobile Paper Shredding: Many business outfit and office need total destruction of documents that carry sensitive data and information. Running a mobile business providing this service is one easy business to start up in no time. You can choose specific days for the week for different districts in your community.

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2. ==> Nanny Service: Offering kid assistance and elderly care service is a good way to go if you have the passion to help people who are feeble and have no one to assist them with basic household chores. The easy thing about this business is that you can start from home with little or no capital and training.

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3. ==> Home Video Rentals: If you are based in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada Nigeria and other parts of Africa, you will discover that people love to watch home videos. However, they want to save cost by renting the VCDs and DVDs instead of outright purchase. Providing this service does not have to cost much, neither does it need tedious physical efforts.

MORE: Best Business Ideas For Beginners

4. ==> Networking Business: Are you sociable? Do you have a lot of people in your social circle online and offline? You can promote the sales of products and services exploiting the network of people in your fan base. You can market your own good/service or another person's. If the quality of what you promote is good, you will enjoy referrals from your people who have bought from you.

5. ==> DJ Services: A disc jockey holds the lifeline for fun at parties and events. If you are very much into music, you can try to acquire DJ skills. You will need a bit of training to understand the technicalities surrounding this business. This is why there is need for apprenticeship.

6. ==> Catering: Many big restaurants and fast food franchises started from small cottages. Cooking is a skill that can be converted into money if your perfect it. You can then go the extra mile by learning how to prepare several other local and international dishes.

7. ==> Knitting And Crocheting: Customizing sweaters and cardigans and other small fashion wears is one the most practical business ideas for stay at home moms. Apart from sewing, there are countless other hobbies that make money. The returns may be small but you are satisfied since this is a business you enjoy doing.

DISCOVER: Secret Hobbies That Make Money And Pay Well

8. ==> Pet Grooming: You can make cool money taking pets for walk, washing and shampooing on weekends if you love pets especially small animals like dog. This business require you to be passionate about animals as well as to understand how deeply connected emotionally most pet owners are to their pets.

9. ==> Wedding Planning: Most couples contract out the stress of organizing their wedding activities while busy with raising finance to cater for the event. If you are good project planner with access to competent team mates, you can start a business of helping couples execute their marriage programme without any hitch. Trust me, you are going to be paid handsomely for this aid.

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10. ==> Review: Softwares, music, articles, games are some of the products you can review and get paid dropping your opinion. Build a trusted profile by creating quality review about those products/services. A shabby review will hurt your reputation and may get your account blocked.

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Hypnotic Dust Farming Guide: Best Vendor, Tailoring, Source And Price

How To Farm Hypnotic Dust

Best Way To Farm Hypnotic Dust: Enchanting Guide
Hypnotic dust farming may look difficult and complex but in truth it is very easy to farm this dust. If you are new to hypnotic dust farming, you have to put some factors into careful consideration because they are important to the success of your business. Wow farm hypnotic dust is a money making venture for most people.

Best Source Hypnotic Dust Disenchanted: Where to Get Hypnotic Dust?
What is the best way to get hypnotic dust? One of the first steps to take when planning to start farming hypnotic dust is to get a very reliable source. Determine where you should get hypnotic dust. This dust is usually disenchanted from many green items in the levels 285-333. From experiences of people who are into hypnotic dust farming, it is recommended that disenchanting at levels 306-333 gives the opportunity to produce greater quality hypnotic dust disenchanted. This is enchanted and disenchanted guide is how to get hypnotic dust.

hypnotic dust farmingWhere To Find Hypnotic Dust In Dungeons? Best Dungeon To Farm Hypnotic Dust
Apart from green items, you can also get hypnotic dusts from dungeons. Where exactly can you find hypnotic dust in dungeons? If you are looking for where to find hypnotic dust, Cataclysm heroic and Cataclysm dungeon are some wonderful locations for getting them. This fact is what most people fail to remember when they need to get dust. Whenever you come across dungeons, remember you are looking at one of the best sources of hypnotic dusts.

Best Way To Get Hypnotic Dust From Tailoring And JewelCrafting

This is one of the best ways to get hypnotic dust. Search online on auction site with pre-defined quality. Ensure you take advantage of off peak periods as prices of greenie and the resultant hypnotic dust is usually many fold lower. Jewelcrafting offers one of the oldest but most profitable method of getting hypnotic dust. Buy Obsidium or Elementium ores from online auction sites and turn them in accessories like rings instead of crushing them, takes time but is very lucrative.

What To Do With Hypnotic Dust? Buying With Hypnotic Dust
If you need fast cash, try to download gold buying guides off the internet to get the facts you want. You can buy items 306-333 using hypnotic dust. Please note that hypnotic dust price are usually posted in gold which corresponds them in value to items.

I need information on hypnotic dust farming?
Some years ago, I began farming hypnotic dust but lately, I discovered the rates for these tiny treasures have dropped. Does anyone have any special farming and marketing strategies for hypnotic dust? What is the best way farm hypnotic dust?


We have to get our facts right. Demand for hypnotic dust is still very high although it has dropped a bit lower than in recent times. The reason is that there are now many alternatives to gold available in the open market, from ores to herbs. However, this does not mean that people prefer these alternatives. Hypnotic dust farming makes money for a lot of farmers, so you have a right to be agitated considering the latest development.

February 16, 2015

Top 10 Most Profitable Small Businesses To Start 2015

Best 10 Lucrative Small Scale Businesses And Opportunities

There are many small money making investment and business opportunities that you can start this year. Today, many salary earners are looking at becoming their own boss by starting a business enterprise. So what are the best small businesses and investment opportunities with low capital start up and high profit in returns? While some ideas are new on this list, others have been there since 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. The most profitable types of small businesses are those business ideas that focus on providing products and services that are more of a necessity than need. From economic trends, these business ideas are generated by top industries with the best net profit margins.

small business ideas logo banner

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10 Most Profitable Small Businesses

In this post, I'll be showing your some very profitable small businesses with a low start-up cost. What is the most profitable small business to start? Well, that question is difficult to answer. Rather, I have listed the top five business ideas first.

CHECK: Small Business Ideas For Small Towns, Rural Areas And Villages

Top 5 Most Profitable Small Businesses
1. ==> Cleaning Business: Providing dry cleaning and laundry services, garage and pantry clean out, windows and blind washing, tile polishing.

2. ==> Ice Block Making: Production of ice block cubes and bars for icing drinks in parties or for industrial use in low temperature preservation, sales of freezers, blast freezers and cold rooms, frozen food business

GUIDE: How To Start Ice Block Making Business

3. ==> Business Consulting: Convert your skill into money. Set up a business helping people start and manage their investment using your experience, consulting for fish and poultry farm start ups, plantation farming business consultant, consulting for oil and gas investing.

4. ==> Livestock Feed Supply: Become a distributor and retail supplier of livestock feeds, poultry and fish feeds as well as supplements. Open an sales outlet close to farm aggregation and settlements.

TUTORIAL: How To Become A Livestock Feed Distributor: Supply Poultry, Fish Feeds Additives

5. ==> Affiliate Marketing: Make money from diverse affiliate programmes relevant to your niche. Pascal of NaijaTechGuide made N1 Million Naira just from Konga Affiliates only.

SEE: Top 18 Web Internet Based Business Ideas With Low Capital Investment

Last Five: 5 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas
6. ==> Fitness Trainer: Open a weight loss outfit, weekend body building and exercise programs, sales of gym and exercise equipment, body building training and fitness seminar and tutorials.

7. ==> Importation Business: Buy cheap unlocked phones, android tablets, camera, power banks and laptops from China and online auction sites like Ebay and Amazon. Sell them with nice returns.

MORE: How To Import Power Banks From China And Sell At High Profit

8. ==> Automobile Shop: Repair mechanical, electrical and body work faults in vehicles, sales of automobile spare parts and fittings, training of automobile technicians

9. ==> Web Design: Design and develop websites such as e-commerce stores, forums and blogs, install monetization programmes and manage clients scripts, hosting and database.

10. ==> Sales Of Stationery: With no substitute for the varieties of textbooks, exercise books, writing materials and other stationery that are needed every time students go to school, building a business around this need is a great investment decision.

DON'T MISS: Practical Home Based Business Ideas And Opportunities To Make Money

Starting a business involves a reasonable amount of capital. For people who are on a low capital start-up budget, they should look into most successful business to start that would employ more of their skills and talents rather than those business ideas that would need large amount of financial investment to start or manage.

HOT: Top 10 Fastest Growing Small Businesses In The World 

I hope you benefited from my list of top 10 most profitable small businesses to start today?

February 15, 2015

Chipotle Mexican Grill Franchise: Locations, Application, Price And Cost Opportunities

Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurant Franchise Business And Investment Opportunities

Chipotle Definition And History
Chipotle Franchise is restaurant is a specialist in Mexican food that provides a safer option for many fast-food out there. The unpredictable nature of fast-food customers has made going into this industry very difficult and unreliable. The good news is that many of them are now going for healthy alternatives. Chipotle Mexican Grill offers this healthy meal in their restaurant which special focus on good quality food and comfortable environment. Chipotle provides healthy tasty meal from meat that are bred naturally. The urrito bowls, crispy and soft tacos, salads and sides of chips and guacamole are prepared from fresh natural ingredients making the company products which is a mixture of Mexican culture and American flavour tagged with 'Food With Integrity.'

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Chipotle Franchise Information

chipotle logoWhen considering Chipotle franchise options, you need to understand the company's background. This will enable you know the kind of business people you will be dealing with. Chipotle Franchise owner, Steve Ells opened the first Chipotle Mexican Grill in 1993 and a second branch two years later in Colorado, USA. Chipotle franchise owners started expanding the business in 1998.

Chipotle Franchise Locations
All over the world, there are currently over 1250 locations in 45 sates in the USA not counting franchises located in Canada, England and India. The company made a net income of over 200 million dollars between 2011 and 2012. Chipotle franchise 'mcdonalds' has always been an advocate for organic products and processing especially the need to eliminate antibiotics and other chemicals in food products offered for public consumption.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Franchise Cost Price
All Chipotle restaurant locations are owned by the company itself apart from a few ones. The success of this business has made them scrap franchising and replacing it with corporate ownership. So if you are given the license to run the business as a franchisee, Chipotle franchise cost is borne by the company as it is just an expansion cost. So what's chipotle franchise fee or better put chipotle franchise application fee?

Chipotle Franchise Cost To Open In Canada, UK, Ireland, Puerto Rico, USA and India and International
Because of you will need funds for other things, your net worth will determine if you have the capacity to set up a Chipotle franchise. Subtract your liabilities from your assets so you can have a true picture of your worth. A balance sheet will show you what you can afford and if you have the means to fund a Chipotle franchise business. You also need to prepare for Chipotle order online system which is credited to be very efficient.

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If you discover that you don't have sufficient capital to start up this franchise, start looking for alternative means of getting money. Acquiring loans from the bank and seeking for active financial partnership are some of the practical ways of getting money for starting a Chipotle franchise. Before you go borrowing, collect only what you have means of paying back within a reasonable time so that your business is not affected.

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