January 29, 2015

How To Make A Million Dollars: 1 Million In A Year!

How To Make A Million Dollars

In this post, I'll be showing you how to make millions. Becoming a millionaire does not come in a day though. You need to make conscious efforts at creating your own wealth.

How To Be A Millionaire: 6 Basic Steps

==> Network
A closed mouth is a closed destiny. Make sure you build contacts and network with people that are relevant. Avoid negative people and people whose hobby is to discourage. In the process of building links that matter, you will come across business ideas and investment opportunities you can start and how to go about fulfilling your entrepreneurial dreams.

==> Get Your timing Right
Sometimes a right step becomes wrong when the timing is wrong. For instance, many businesses have off-peak and on-peak periods. A smart investor must be able to predict and exploit these seasons. You should strife to be at the forefront when a new business idea is booming. You should also know what time to expand, downsize, upgrade or diversify your business if you want to make a million dollars.

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==> Start Small
You rarely come across a 'glory' without a 'story'. If you must learn through your experience, ensure you start small to reduce the impact of your mistakes. Don't wait for a success story that comes overnight!

==> Patience
Understand that you will need to be patient. Cultivate a strong, resilient spirit. You may fail a few times, but you would always bounce again if you can look back and correct your mistakes. To become a millionaire, develop a disciplined and saving lifestyle.

==> Do Things differently
You need to break away from traditions. Look out for new ways of improving existing ideas. If you are passionate about what you do, you'll search for new methods at improving it. Creativity is not all about thinking up new investment ideas, you can decide to do what has already been done differently.

==> Then You become a millionaire!
Phew, You are now a millionaire! Well, you need to continue growing your millions. Don't forget to also contribute to the development of mankind through your millions.

Hmmm, not a millionaire yet? Well, you need not be discouraged. You will make millions if you set a target that is attainable within a lifetime. By making wise investment decisions using key strategies, you are surely on your way to making millions.

January 28, 2015

Top 10 Biggest Forums On The Internet And Their Worth In Dollars

Top 10 Biggest And Most Popular Online Forums

How many forums are there on the internet? Well, I can't really say. The fact is that the number of communities online is huge and the range of topics covered by these discussion forums is virtually inexhaustible.

Online forums are the best form of social gathering on the internet. Many successful forum owners have been able to build business empires around people's desire to interact and find solutions to problems. I have collated a list of the top 10: biggest, most popular and most successful internet forums in the world. These internet forums may not use the top 10 forum softwares or the top 10 forum designs yet these biggest internet communities are generating millions of dollars every year.
top forums
Top 10 Forums Sites
==> HardForum.com                   $26,820/per month
==> AVSForum.com                   $32,220/per month
==> Namepros.com                    $59,130/per month
==> AndroidForums.com            $86,535/per month
==> MineCraftForum.net            $151,830/per month
==> WebHostingTalk.com          $187,560/per month
==> 4chan.org                            $257,907/per month
==> Gaiaonline.com                    $425,349/per month
==> DigitalPoint.com                  $565,680/per month
==> WarriorForum.com             $1,230,890/per month

Do you have other forums you think should be in my list of the biggest online forums. Share in the comment section below.

January 27, 2015

3D Printing Business Ideas And Opportunities


Starting a 3d printing business is a convenient way to make money from the sudden surge in demand for 3d printing. Before the emergence of 3d printers, laser-jet and inkjet desktop were used for 2d printing of what appears on the computer monitor. If you are determined to make money from top 3d business opportunities, you can have a look at the list below.

Best 3D Printing Business Opportunities

3d printing gives real live model representation on paper. Because of how expansive this new market is, many people make cool money just by starting a 3d printing business. Don't be surprise that even people without a 3d printer not to talk of having the experience to operate one, still make money from this huge business.

Below, I have outline the best 3d printing business ideas that every investor should think about.

3d printing business logo banner ideas

3D Printing Business Ideas And Investment Opportunities

1. ==> Offer 3D Printing Services
Whether you are in India, the UK, Canada or the US, if you are knowledgeable in the use of 3d printers you can make a lot of money by setting up a 3d printing company that provides new designs for certain manufacturing industries. Jewellery, toys, machinery and car producers are in need of unique designs that has specific or general appeal. If you are creative about what you do, you are sure to attract a lot of clients that you sell to either online or offline.

2. ==> Sales Of 3D Printer, 3D Printer Accessories And Supplies
Many people who do not have any experience of 3d printing have succeeded in exploiting the huge demand in this industry just by buying offering 3d printers for sale. They buy and sell industrial 3d printers and related accessories. Ensure you carry out extensive market survey to know what sizes and brands of 3d printer sell fast in the market. This will make you get good 3d printers prices for your business.

3. ==> Blog Around 3D Printing
A popular way to make money from 3d printing business is to create a blog where you share information on the intricacies of 3d printing ranging from the technology, equipment and usage. If you can ensure your blog grows in traffic, you can start selling advert spaces to 3d printing services, 3d printing companies and 3d printers manufacturers. You may also create e-book and video tutorials as well as online courses on 3d printing which could be offered for sale on your blog. Blogging on 3d is one of the best lucrative 3d printing ideas for students.

You can download 3D Printing Business Plans in .pdf or .doc formats HERE.

January 25, 2015

King Solomon Wealth: How Much Was Solomon Worth?

King Solomon Wealth Today

King Solomon's riches surpasses most of the wealth seen in recent times. His wealth places him conveniently among the top 10 richest men of all time. This is the unarguable the wealthiest king in history.

How Much Was King Solomon Worth?
Now, let's calculate how much was solomon worth during his time as compared with today. According to biblical records, King Solomon's annual salary was pegged at 666 gold talents. A talent of gold converts to 34.5Kg which then translates to 1109 troy ounce of gold. An ounce of gold worth $960. From the calculations, King Solomon's was paid $760 million per year. Also considering that he was in power for 40years. That's more that thirty billion dollars as King Solomon net worth! King Solomon's wealth also encompasses his investments, properties and assets such as houses, land and horses.

How Wealthy Was King Solomon?
Today, Solomon's net worth should be something around $100 billion. As a wise king employing the best solomon wealth management, 700 wives and 300 concubines must have had draining effects on his riches. Nevertheless, when looking through the list of richest people in history Solomon rich and wise is a force to reckon with.

SEO Plugin For Blogger: Optimize Your Blogspot Blog For Traffic

Free Search Engine Optimization Plugin for Blogger
Organic traffic from search engine through SEO Optimization is the backbone for any blog's success. If your blog lacks visitors, you need to take drastic steps to save your blogging career. Traffic will translate to more affiliate sales and Google Adsense earnings. Regardless of your niche or keywords, decent traffic can ensure that you make money from your blog. WordPress has numerous plugins that can be used to optimize SEO as opposed to Blogspot blogs on Blogger.

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seo for blogger blogspot blogs logo

All In One SEO Pack 2014 for Blogger Blogspot
In this post, I'll be sharing an All in One SEO Pack Plugin for blogger blogs asides from using permalinks, labels etc. This free SEO Plugin for blogger will help your blog posts rank high on Google search result pages (SERP) and other major search engines.

REVEALED! 10 Powerful Secrets Of Successful Bloggers Exposed!

What will this SEO plugin for Blogger achieve?
==> Add Meta Tags in Your Blogger Blog.
==> Show Post Title First In Search Results
==> SEO Optimize Blogger Comments
==> SEO Optimize Blogger Labels
==> SEO Optimize Blogger Archives
==> Optimize Post Title Using H2 Tag
==> Add an SEO Friendly Robots.txt File
==> Convert Title Tags to Dynamic Title Tags.
==> Allow Crawlers to crawl your site daily.
==> Google + Author Profile Picture Compatible.
==> Helps you in Getting High USA Traffic.

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Below is a guide on adding this professional SEO plugin for Blogger blog.
==> Visit your blogger account and sign in.
==> Go to the dashboard and click the template tab
==> Choose edit html to load the html codes for your Blogger template
==> Search for   using Control F
==> Add the codes below after the section and save your template.
==> That's all.

MORE: Google AdSense Tricks To Earn More

Remember to edit your Google+ profile link by replacing OluwasegunAbe.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial? Do you have other template hacks to improve SEO. Share.

January 24, 2015

Low Cost Business Ideas And Investment Opportunities With High Profit

Best 5 Low Investment Businesses With High Returns
Are you desperately looking for low cost business ideas to start today? Well, don't be in a hurry because very soon I'll name low capital business ideas which you may be interested in investing in. In this post, I have tried to summarise five low investment business opportunities that you can tap into even from home.

List Of Top 5 Profitable Businesses With Low Investment And High Profit

Some investors do not believe you can invest low capital and reap great profits. They estimate returns from how much you invest. Well, this is not always true. There are many low investment businesses you can start  from home with little or no initial capital.
low cost business start up ideas banner
Discover: New Business Ideas With Low Cost Or No Capital Investment And High Profit

The business idea discussed here is a small capital big profit business. In other words, you don't need to break the bank to start up the venture as each one is more of a less investment more profit business. What do I mean? You make high returns on your investment although you have invested little capital. It is also worth noting that most low-cost business ideas need some level of expertise to survive and thrive. Though you do not need much funds to start them, you will need to acquire the necessary skills to drive such businesses.

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Whether you are in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa or Nigeria, I have outlined some low investment business opportunities that you can start today:

1. ==> Make Overs
Make overs such as face make ups, manicure and pedicure, gele tying etc, is a lucrative low capital investment business. Many young ladies go into this business even from school. If you have the expertise to give unique touches and beauty make up, you will always get clients through referrals. This is because ladies often ask questions when they see cute makeups on their friends. Anybody can start this business after going through the training even without necessary looking for loans as beauty makeup is a business with low capital start-up.

2. ==> Snacks
Commercial baking of snacks from home is a good example of a low capital high profit business.  You can bake and sell to either targeted customers like school children, office workers during breaks or open an outlet/shop where people can come to buy. The materials for this business are not costly to acquire.
Nevertheless you need a decent level of baking skills. If you are interested in low investment high return business ideas, making snacks like doughnuts, scotch eggs, chinchin, mince pies, fish pies, sausage roll etc, is a very nice opportunity to grab.

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3. ==> Security Outfit
You don't need much money to set up a security guard company that would be involved in the training of able bodied young men and women for supply to companies and banks as security agents. This low capital high return business is what has build wealth empires for many people across the world especially retired military and paramilitary personnel like man o war, police, civil defence, customs, immigration, army etc. Most establishments do not have time to start recruiting and training security personnel. They contract this service out to private security outfits. With a good business plan, business management skills and military experience, you will succeed in this low investment high return business.

4. ==> Pet Care
I have shared three low cost business opportunities so far and I'm moving to the fourth one: PET CARE. Do you know you can make money when you care after other people's pets? Most busy workers are afraid to leave their dogs or cats alone at home especially when these pets are sick. Some other persons are looking for animal care homes to put their rabbit, hamster, pig etc for the meantime while they are away on holidays. With a knowledge of animal care, veterinary medicine or animal management (behaviour and handing), you can set up a pet care home. People who share great affection with pets are willing to pay much to ensure their pets' welfare and safety.

Child care or babysitting is another related business with low capital and high profit that you can start if you have the necessary experience and are located in areas where pet care is not blooming at present such as in Nigeria and most parts of Africa.

5. ==> Business Consulting
Have you managed a business successfully in the past? Do you have the require experience to start a business or manage one profitably? I'm delighted to inform you that you can repackage that knowledge ans set up a consulting service. For instance, of you are knowledgeable about agribusiness such as poultry business or fish farming, you can start consulting for people who are interested in going into this line of business. The sweet thing is you don't need to invest millions of dollars to become a business consultant in a chosen field. My only recommendation is don't preach or recommend what you have not practised. That's sheer dishonesty. Indeed, business consulting is a low investment business with high profit. I'm a living witness to this fact.

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I hope you have picked one or two ideas from this list of low capital/investment high return businesses. What business idea do you think has low investment with high profit? Share.

January 20, 2015

How To Make Money On Youtube: 4 Steps To Earn Online From YouTube

How To Earn Money From YouTube

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I have shared numerous methods to earn online and making money on YouTube is one of them. YouTube Partnership is one the smartest ways to earn money from YouTube. This program allows uploaded videos to be linked to Adsense accounts such that owners of such channels make money from YouTube when viewers click on ads.

Read more on YouTube Patnership HERE.

How Do People Make Money On YouTube?

You may want to ask me. 'How do you make money on YouTube?' Well, I have highlighted all below. You can start making money on YouTube in four steps.

==> capture and upload interesting videos on YouTube
==> promote your video to get lots of traffic and views
==> YouTube invites you to become a partner
==> you make money off YouTube by displaying adverts

Check the criteria for YouTube Partnership HERE.

Some of the issues with the partner program are that you need lots of videos and views as well careful planning when selecting a theme/niche for your videos.

make money on YouTube
Wow! Top 100 High Paying Google Adsense Keywords For 2015

Do you come across adverts when watching some videos on YouTube just below the video title or by it side? Those adverts are served by advertisers on Google and you the uploader of the video then earn money from YouTube when your visitors click on them. The only down side is that YouTube Partnership Program is not available to all countries. Nevertheless, there are still many ways to make money on YouTube without being a partner.

Make Money On YouTube Without Being A Partner
If your videos are well optimized for SEO, targeted traffic that comes from search engines can be directed to your affiliate sites. As long as the products you promote are relevant, you can be sure of make money from affiliate marketing. I have an affiliate account with Amazon Affiliate and I am currently making money with YouTube traffic from the tech tutorial videos I uploaded.

Revealed: 6 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Blog

I have discovered that you don't need to have hundreds of videos in your channel, a single video that goes viral is enough to make your channel popular and bring in thousands of views. What I use is a url shortener to create a link to my affiliate page. When people enjoy videos they watch, they may click on this link, get redirected to my website and end up buying through my affiliate link.

Tutorial: Get Free 1000+ Facebook Likes On Your Facebook Page

How much money can you make on YouTube? how are you making money on YouTube ? Share your ideas to encourage others.

January 19, 2015

Hobbies That Make Money: Top Secrets For Hobbies That Pay Well

Best Lucrative Ways To Make Money From Your Hobbies

We all have things we do which we are passionate about. An hobby comes with lots of fun and satisfaction. Apart from the time you create to enjoy them, you should also start thinking of making money by exchanging your hobbies for money. Though it is difficult to select only hobbies that pay for oneself, most hobbies pay well only when you are good at them.

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Making money from hobbies does not only has to do with the type of hobby but also with how you monetize it. In this post, I tried to arrange a list of top 5 ways to earn cash from most profitable hobbies.

hobbies make moneyRead: Where And How To Get Loans To Start Business

How To Make Money From Your Hobbies Fast
The nature of your hobby will determine how to generate money from it. Below are some ways to make money from your interest really fast.

1. ==> Train
Provided you are good at what you do, you can generate income by teaching others how to participate in your hobby. This is recommended especially in situations where your hobby does not produce a tangible product. You can set up a coaching class, organise tutorials and workshops or even offer private trainings to others who are interested in mastering your hobby. A very good example is piano playing.

2. ==> Market Related Products
In cases where your hobby does not produce it's own product and you do not have what it takes to train others, you can start marketing products that are related to your passion. The passion for what you do will continue to fuel the determination to succeed. Examples include selling flowers if you are into gardening, marketing music CDs if your passion is music.

3. ==> Sell Your Products
If your hobbies end up creating a physical product such as an handwork, art or craft, you can sell such materials for good sum of money offline or online. Acquire a shop or outlet and market your finished goods or set up an online store using Etsy, Amazon, Ebay or Alibaba where you can post information about your products and promote them. Examples include clay wares, paintings, drama scripts, poems, songs, sculptor works etc.

4. ==> Exchange Skills
Even with little or no money, you can get value for your hobbies when you exchange skills with other people. For example, a gardener may offer gardening services in exchange for a knitted sweatshirt. A photographer can offer to cover your event if you agree to bake his wedding cake. Even though your are not been paid in monetary terms, you have earned from your hobby by receiving value for the services you rendered.       .

5. ==> Take Your Hobby Online
Create a blog/website focused on discussions around your hobby. You can use this website to market your products and help train others at a fee. Some of the numerous ways you can earn from your hobby using a website include:

-selling photos online
-displaying Google Adsense ads
-charging for advert spaces
-selling tutorial manuals and videos
-promoting related affiliate products

Are you making money from that hobby? Do you have additional ways to generate money from hobbies? Share.

January 18, 2015

I Have No Money, No Food, No Job: What Do I Do I To Start A Business?

This afternoon, I was just doing a minor keyword search when I discovered that a lot of people who search the internet are interested in starting a business even with no cash in their bank accounts. Some have no job, no fund but are looking at setting up investments for themselves. Often times, I come across questions like, 'What to do when you have no money? I have no money to pay my bills. I have no money and no job. I have no money for food. How to make money not working? I have no money, what do I do? I have no money and want to start a business. I have no money for college. What to do when you have no money? I have no money and no job.' Even funny questions like, 'Making money with no money. I have no money. No money synonyms. Living with no money' are not left out.

Broke? No Capital? Want To Start a Business?

Are you really broke with no money at all? The truth is if that business idea is not catchy enough to attract funding or sponsorship, you will still need little money along the line, (no matter how small) when establishing your own business.

Chris Guillebeau, the author of The $100 Startup, once said, 'To succeed in a business project, especially one you’re excited about, it helps to think carefully about all the skills you have that could be helpful to others and particularly about the combination of those skills.”

If you have little or no money to start a business, take the following steps to make money and change that story of 'no money.'

1. ==> Create
Creating a product or service may come with an initial cost in production but most times, you will get them sold for double or even three times the production price. What you produce is based on choice and how fast it is to sell more of that item. Many people create handmade products, household items( like soap, candles), artworks etc and get them sold at good prices. Alibaba, Abe's Market, Amazon, Etsy, Bonanza and Ebay are popular online markets where you can get more exposure for your items.

2. ==> Resell
Many people have build empires of wealth just by reselling what has been made already. If you don't have what it takes to go through the process of creation, you can look along this line. Offering drop shipping services as well as reselling thrift stores and garage sales items are some ways of tapping into the business of reselling. I have friends who have made a lot of money by reselling SEO services on Fiverr and SEOClerk. This is an online business they started with no money.

3. ==> Sell
One of the cheapest ways to start a business with no capital startup is to offer services for sale as opposed to selling physical products. Based on your background and what you do, there many services you can sell to people. Examples of services that could be offered for sale include babysitting, lawn mowing, painting, link building, blog design and customization etc.

Try to create a blog dedicated to discussing what you do. This will attract prospective customers who would end up contacting you to buy the services you offered for sale. Another way to promote your business is to post them on online platforms like Fiverr, Craigslist, Elance, Taskrabbit and Skillshare.

4. ==> Barter
Because it is extremely difficult to start any business with no fund or supply, you may have to exchange what you have at hand to get what you want. For instance, you could offer free advert in exchange for a blog theme; babysit for a neighbour in exchange for an old computer; write articles in exchange for email leads etc. These are some ways of getting supplies that would be needed to start your business without money.

5. ==> Contract
Fiverr and Elance are market places online where you can get some popular services at cheap rates. Many people have build businesses around services they buy from Fiverr. A noticeable example is logo design. After a careful review of people who offer this service for sale, people buy at $5 and sell at almost $50 through their physical business. Branding, printing and advertisements are some other services you can look into selling through your company.

All in all, even with no money, you will need a passionate dedication when starting any business that is bound to survive competition and become established. If you find out you enjoy what you do, you will likely find ways to make it grow.

January 17, 2015

How To Become A Livestock Feed Distributor: Supply Poultry, Fish Feeds Additives And Supplements

Where To Buy Livestock Feeds, Feed Additives And Supplements: Boar, Vital, Ranaan, Aqua, Livestock, Top, Durante, Ziegler, Animal Care And Coppens Feeds Distributorship

Livestock feeds, additives and supplements distributorship is a very profitable business. This is because the quantity and quality of feeding is a great determinant to how much animal farmers produce and make from their livestock farm investment. Before you start livestock feed marketing business, you should acquire valuable skills in marketing. Ensure you flavour your marketing with more creativity to guarantee more feed sales.

bags of livestock feedAs a distributor/supplier of poultry or fish feeds in Nigeria, you can sell animal feeds directly to farmers or have your own sales point or facility where people can come to buy feeds. Dealers and distributors of animal feeds make a lot of money especially when they locate their sales point in areas with poultry, fish and  pig farms are concentrated. In Nigeria, Oke Aro in Lagos is renowned for pig farming settlements while Ilora in Oyo State has lots of poultry farms concentrated there.

==> Get A Feed Distributor License
Livestock feed manufacturers and feed additives companies have different rules and policy guiding their distributorship. You need to contact that poultry feed additive or fish feed supplement manufacturer for their requirements. After providing the necessary documents and capital, you would be given a license to start retailing animal/livestock feed additives and supplements.

==> Rent Or Construct An Outlet/Sales
You need to acquire a ware house where feeds would be stored pending when they would be sold. Location of your outlet should be after careful consideration. If the terms of agreement allows it, the investor can put up shelves where poultry drugs, pet toys, shampoos and leads etc. Your facility must be theft proof and also offer enough protection against elements of the weather like rain and sunshine as well as against rodents. A consipcuous and attractive sign post and strategic advertisements will provide more exposure for your animal feed and additives business.

==> Employ Service Boys
For the ease of offloading stocks from your trucks when it lands as well as fast loading of customers vehicles, arrangement of livestock feeds in the store room, you need to employ labour hands. These boys must have what it takes to carry out their duties physically. Salary could range from #10,000 - #20,000 monthly.

==> Buy A Truck Or Minivan
A mini-van or truck is necessary for collecting animal feeds from the livestock feed manufacturers and companies. You can also use this truck for free or paid delivery for your clients. My advice is that you go for a tokunbo or new MAN, IVECO, DAF, Toyota Dyna or Mitsubishi Canter truck. Ensure you engage the service of a reliable and careful driver.

==> Build A Database of Farm Owners
Creating a list of contacts of prospective clients who are often farmers can make stabilize sales. You can go out to speak with farms in your area to inform them of your new business and the bonuses that may compel them to try buying from your store. Getting their contacts would facilitate easy communication during booking, payment, delivery and lodging complaints.

==> Offer Bonus Services
Your livestock feed and supplement business could offer bonus services depending on how many bags of livestock feed a customers buys. Some of the perks you can give out include giving free vaccination guides, pet health and management handbooks and free delivery on short distances on large purchases.

The wholesale price of a bag of animal feed such as broiler mash is about N1800 per bag and the selling price is N2200. You can make a profit of about N400 per bag of animal feed. So with good marketing resulting in good sales, you can make around N40,000 on just 100 bags livestock feed.


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