10 Genuine Websites Where You Get Paid for Your Writing

10 Top Websites that Will Pay You to Write - Get Paid for Writing Instantly

Written content is becoming the medium of choice for businesses and companies in engaging with their target audience. These businesses are prepared to pay writers who can offer quality writing that captures the essence of their operations.

Therefore, you can earn a living as writer from producing such needed content. The following top websites are always on the lookout for quality content writers for their respective niches and they pay for such writing as well. There are as follows:

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Top 10 Sites Where You Can Get Paid to Write

1. Developer Tutorials

This website concentrates on the niche area of web design and programming. If you are technology-savvy and desire a platform that pays sums commensurate with your writing skills, then Developer Tutorials is your sure bet. Your articles can range from tips and trends in the programming/web designing world to tutorials.

The site's fees for writers starts from 35 to 50 USD for articles in list form. Other compensation packages include 50 to 100 USD for articles that teach coding skills. An added attraction of Developer Tutorials is that the platform allows you the leverage of inserting backlinks to your personal blog/website; hence you have the potential being reachable by thousands of readers.

2. Audio Tuts+

Audio Tuts+ is another veritable platform for you to receive fair compensation for your articles. If your writing passes their stringent policies, you can command fees in the region of 50 USD for every 500-word article, themed on tips and how-to dos for people who love to use audio files.

3. PSD Tutorials

PSD tutorials specifically target users of the Photoshop software. If you have expertise in the use of Photoshop and can express your experiences with tips and other relevant hacks, you can earn anywhere between 50 to 150 USD.

You should be aware that the payment platforms used by this website include PayPal and Moneybookers.


This niche website is from the stable of the American College of Healthcare Sciences. It focuses on issues relating to health and holistic living. If you have considerable knowledge on health matters and you can craft that knowledge into a compelling content, then you could earn regular sums writing for the ACHS. The major stipulation are articles in the 600 to 1000-word category. You can earn at least 50 USD per published article.

5. Funds for Writers

As the name suggests, Funds for Writers is a one-stop shop for writers and content creators to get the resources they need in order to get premium payment for their writings. You can earn between 45 to 50 USD writing articles that provide freelance writers with tips on refining their craft. You can also make submissions on real life success stories. You will need to have a PayPal account; alternatively, you can request that your earnings be given to you via check.

6. Writers' Weekly

Writers' weekly is not your conventional blog/website. Rather it is a weekly online publication that serves a target audience of readers that pay for the subscription. This publication is really appreciative of articles that show their readers not how to write, but how to earn more money from their writing.

You can become a paid contributor by first pitching a query with the fine points of your intended article. The chances of your article being accepted increases when you focus on success stories that centre on freelance writers.

For a 400-word article, you can expect to be paid 40 USD. The preferable payment method for Writers' Weekly is by PayPal.

7. Listverse

Listverse is an online website that encourages writers to explore to the very limits, the inner recesses of their talent and powers of imagination. You are not restricted to any genre or style of writing. And you can earn handsomely too; the website pays 100 USD for every article accepted and published.

Your article must dwell on subjects that will captivate the reader; it must also be in a list format for a minimum total of 10 items. Each item should be addressed in two paragraphs only.

An important consideration for you in addition to the quality of your writing, is that you will receive your payment by PayPal.

8. Make a Living Writing

This blog harps on the need to get writers properly paid for their content. Hence you will be required to submit quality articles that exposes the ways and means by which he/she can earn more, as a freelance writer.

The curator of the blog, Carol, is a huge advocate for writers reaching their full earning potentials, so your intending article must be as practical as possible. Once your article is accepted, you can earn 50 USD for your efforts.

9. eCommerce Insiders

This website prides itself on being an authoritative voice in the online retail industry. Her crop of writer is more often than not, online retail practitioners themselves; hence the quality of their write-ups is accentuated by direct experience of their writers themselves.

If you want to get published and paid by eCommerce Insiders, then your articles must be retail-focused, educational as well as pass commentaries on trends in the online retail world.

Another key requirement is that you must provide backlinks to your personal blog or website. The payment schedule implemented by eCommerce Insiders ranges from 75 to 125 to 150 USD for article lengths of 400, 600 and above 600 words respectively.

10. Techlabs.com

Techlabs has created a niche that produces content relating to everything regarding Adobe and related products. Specifically, your article should help web developers and designers hone their craft, with insights and tips on using Adobe suite more productively. Once your article has been accepted, you could earn anywhere between 50 to 75 USD per tutorial published.

You can, as a writer, earn a decent living, from your craft. What is required of you is constantly refining your skills, expanding your horizons by reading educative materials and associating with fellow writers as well as ensuring you put your brand and writing out, to your target audience.

How to Start a Fast Food Business

Starting a Small Fast Food Restaurant Business

Things to Consider Before Opening a Fast Food Restaurant
What type of business is fast food? Fast food business all has to do with providing quickly prepared and served food which has low nutrition compared to other foods. It refers to a restaurant that sells food with preheated or precooked ingredients served in a take away form for customers.

How to run a successful fast food restaurant
You can own a fast food business by starting it from the ground, buying an existing fast food business or buying into a franchise. To start such fast food business ideas, in-depth research and planning is important to achieve success. Do you know the cost of opening a restaurant?

How to Own & Manage a Fast Food Restaurant 

The following are steps to be taken in starting and owning a fast food business or businesses:

Tips for Starting a Fast Food Business

(1) Decision Making

It is important to decide on which approach you want to use in having a small fast food business. Do you want to start from scratch? Do you want to buy a fast food business going into extinction and make it better? Or do you want to buy into a fast food franchise?

These are questions you should ask yourself in order to be able to decide on one approach out of the three for shaping your fast food business model. It all depends on you because the three approaches are good enough. The success of the business depends on management and not on the approach used in owning a fast food business.

(2) Feasibility Study

This will help in giving economic indicators to use in starting your fast food business. It states the start up and operating cost of a business and also shows if the business is worth all your efforts or not, that is, the profitability or failure of the business.

Feasibility study takes into cognizant the requirements of starting and owning a start up business like the manpower needed, the materials and machines that is needed.

Feasibility study also includes the cash flow analysis which deals with the money needed for the business and how to source for and regroup money for the business.

(3) Fast Food Business Plan

A restaurant business plan is an integral part of starting a fast food outlet. This helps in knowing the steps that will be taken in ensuring success of the business and also helps in determining the target audience of your fast food business.

A fast food restaurant business plan sample always include: business model, information on the product and services, market analysis, financial plan, objectives and method of implementation. To download a business plan template for fast food restaurant: Fast Food Business Plan PDF

(4) Food Product

There is the need for you to decide on the type of food you want to be selling before opening the business. Although small fast food restaurants mostly sell hamburgers, you can make other products because you are not limited to hamburger. This helps in knowing the type of food you can sell to make money.

You don't only decide on the type of products to offer but also develop your product for optimal satisfaction of the customers and high profitability.

To do this, you need to conduct a research to come up with a very good recipe that will attract many customers. Test should also be done to determine the final outlook of the product, to ensure that the color of the product doesn't change due to chemical reactions and also to determine the ingredients that will make it healthy enough to consume.

(5) Location

In every business, location is an important thing that has to be considered carefully because it determines the success of your business and how well you will be patronized. A fast food business should not be situated in places with less traffic and visibility, such location will kill the business.

Highways, shopping centers, business areas, malls, colleges and universities are good locations where you can have your fast food takeaway business.  Easily accessed areas are also good for a fast food restaurant.

(6) Funding 

The feasibility study carried out earlier would have calculated the start up fund needed for the business. Here, all you have to do is to get the money either through your savings or loans and grants. The best way to get your capital is to locate potential investors with your business plan. To do this, you must have a good business plan and must be able to convince the investors.

(7) Registration

You should make inquiries from the health department in your vicinity to know the requirements of starting and owning a fast food restaurant and also the required permits and license. You will also need to be inspected by the health department before you can go on with your business.

In Texas, Florida, California and other states in the US, It is important that you meet both the state and federal requirements and also have the necessary license and permits before opening your healthy mobile fast food business. Regulations differ from one state to another and from one country to another.

The following are other basic things that needs to be done when starting a fast food center business:

How To Start A Successful Fast Food Business

Purchasing of all required and necessary equipment especially cooking utensils.
Staffs should be hired and trained for providing effective service.  Training is mostly important for staff in order to be aware of developments in the products they offer and also to become better at what they do.
Promote your fast food business through adverts on social media and other platforms.

How to Get Paid to Write Articles Online - Article Writing Jobs Online

Get Paid to Write Articles Online: Earn Money Online Writing Articles

Do you know how to get paid writing articles online? There has been an increase in the usage of the internet in recent times. This is especially true of intellectual work. The number of people using the internet for intellectual work continues to grow on a daily basis.

Writing, especially concise and well written ones are in high demand as site owners need fresh materials to update their sites. These fresh content are paid for. Simply put, you write materials, you get paid for those materials by website owners and your materials are being featured as new posts on their websites.

Qualities of a Good Writer

But first and foremost, to qualify as a writer, there are certain attributes that must be possessed by a would-be writer. These attributes should include the following:

Having unique ideas and perspectives on well-known topics.
Having an understanding of working online and also having access to the internet which is indispensable.
Being able to make research online without much delay and able to come up with good short travel articles as demanded.
Being a fine writer with good English coordination such as spelling skills, structure, punctuation, spellings, and grammar.
Wanting to make a living from writing informative content either as a part time job or full time.

Article Brokers

Article brokers have come in handy in the writing industry. Here, they either buy the writer’s work directly from the writer, or they act as middle men, connecting the writer and the buyer. In this one, they take a percentage of the sales or payments made.

In order to guarantee payment, the use of escrow or payment validation is practiced so that both parties (sellers and buyers) are satisfied.

Getting paid to write articles online is a responsibility the writer should take very seriously. In order to get paid to write reviews online, writers either write articles on topics or ideas of their own choice, or they respond to specifications given by a client for specific topics or content.

Either way, the writer is supposed to give his/her clients a satisfactory job. Getting paid is usually through different channels which includes Payoneer, PayPal among several other payment options.

Watch Out! 

However, writers should be wary of scam sites. There are terrible sites that lure writers to write about anything, benefit from their skills and either pay them peanuts or do not pay them altogether. This is frustrating, especially to the writer who wants to make an extra income on the side, and has dedicated his/her time to generate unique content.

In order to avoid such sites, I would recommend sites that have an escrow service or some kind of validation. At least, it would help avoiding the pitfalls of scammers.

It is very difficult for an article submitted by a writer to get easily accepted without editing which in some cases is quite rigorous and thorough. But the reverse is usually the case especially in low paying online sites where there are lower standards and articles are accepted without much scrutiny.

But much scrutiny of the writers’ work in my opinion should not be viewed negatively. This is because it only contributes in making the writer become better in his field.

How You Get Paid to Write Blogs and Articles Online

For a writer to be paid his/her due successfully there are procedures followed that lead to this. Some websites pay the writer immediately he or she submits his/her article, while some other sites pay only based on the submitted article’s performance. In other words, we could call this upfront payment and performance payments respectively.

For the upfront payment, how well a submitted article performs, how well it comes up in search engine rankings is never a consideration, but instead, it’s an arrangement where the writer immediately gets paid for submitting a finished article.

The opposite is however true for performance payments, whereby, payment to the writer only decides on how well his/her article fared online or its performance.

Some Sites that Pay Writers to Write Articles

Love to know
Writer Access
Freelance Writing Gigs Among so many other writing sites.

Are There Restrictions?

These sites however have their different terms and conditions. Some of these terms and conditions include a process of selection which is usually follows a period of trial to verify the writer’s writing skills.

However, for some, they are restricted to writers from only a particular geographical location or territory. For instance, particular writing job sites might only accept US writers only for engagement.

However, there are many other writing sites which have an open policy to all writers regardless of location or destination. You can be wherever in the world, and not necessarily a citizen of a particular restricted country. There are tons of these online magazine sites available to writers to get paid writing even essays and short stories from home.

Still yet, other writing job sites have requirements such as membership payments. In this case, for writers to benefit from premium service or assigned tasks, they have to register with a token in order to be allowed full access to the online writing sites.

There are still other writing sites that have both options, the free account signups and the paid account signups. For the free account signups, writers enjoy just the basic features such as getting writing jobs that do not pay much. While for the paid, they get high paying writing jobs available to them at every moment.

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How to Start a Day Care (Creche) Business

Starting a Daycare Business: Ideas, Opportunities, Planning, Prospects, Challenges

Is Day care business profitable? One business idea that has thrived over time is the day care business. Daycare business involves providing child care services for parents for certain hours while the parents are busy or most especially when they are at work.

Now, this is one child care business idea that is highly rewarding as new babies are born every day and parents are always in need of the services a day care provides, especially since both parents have to put in work in order to be able to provide for the family.

Questions to Ask Before going into a Day Care Business

So, where can I get free information on how to start a daycare? What does owning a daycare entail? How does one start up a daycare? How much does it cost to start a daycare? Can I start a daycare center with government grants? how do I start a daycare with no money? Are there special requirements in order to go into daycare business? How do I go about licensing a daycare? How do I ensure I succeed in a day care business?

In order to answer the above questions, here are some things to know, when it comes to day care business….

How to Open a Child Care Business at Home


When it comes to daycare business, the advantages are inexhaustible. First, you get to be your own boss, which of course is the main drive behind becoming an entrepreneur. Then you get to have fun while working.

Children are fun to be with, that is definitely a fact for sure. Then, as earlier mentioned, you will never run out of clients. New babies are born every day and with the work schedules of parents, daycare services would always be in need.

A daycare is also easy to set up and can totally be started at home and requires low startup capital. And then, if you are a parent, you could also get to spend time with your kids when they are young.

Get Licensed

Daycares do not just pop out from nowhere and then start functioning. You are being given the responsibility of taking care of other people’s kids and most states or countries do not just give anyone that privilege. So, if you are interested in starting a daycare, it is important you get licensed to run one.

Licensing is definitely not required in all places, but then it is important to find out if you are going to need one and then if not, at least check out for registration of your daycare business.


As earlier mentioned, a daycare is one business that can be totally run from home. But then, there are other aspects to consider when it comes to the location of your daycare business. It is more advantageous if it is located in a commercial area. This makes it easier and more accessible to parents dropping off their babies when they are off to work.

The space in your home is also important. You need to know the number of children your home would be able to contain, if you are starting your daycare business at home. It is important for the children to have enough play space. If you are using some other facility for your daycare business, you should also ensure it is spacious enough for the number of kids you hope to cater to daily.

You could also decide to have separate rooms for the different ages of children in your daycare in order to place them according to their ages.

Dealing with Logistics

When thinking about starting your daycare business, it is important to work out your logistics. You have to decide how many children you would cater to, this would determine your location and space.

You also need to determine the minimum and maximum age of the children you would accept into your daycare business.

You could also decide if you would be making any provisions, such as snacks or other food items for the kids in your daycare business or if they would be coming with theirs.

Get It All Set Up

Your daycare needs some items such as furniture for kids, toys, fun books, art supplies and other forms of entertainment. This is all dependent on the ages of children in your daycare or you could also separate them into different rooms according to their ages.

Planning your Hours

When it comes to daycare business, the hours are all that matters. You have to set the operating hours for your daycare business. Checking out the operating hours of your competitors as well as working hours of most of the parents dropping their kids would help you set the hours you would operate daily.

You should be ready to open shop really early since most parents would love to drop their children early on their way to work. You could also set up measures to check parents who would come to pick their children late, such as extra charges.

Hire Staff

For your day care business, especially one that would have lots of kids, you would definitely need hands. This is where employing other people comes in. When choosing employees for your daycare business, you have to ensure that they are people who love kids and can actually take care of them.

This means they would treat them with love, hence making your daycare business succeed.

Opening a daycare business in your home is sure cheap and fun, but then extra care and attention has to be given to the kids in order to avoid accidents and any other complications that may arise when one is not really careful. Hence, safety has to be paramount when it comes to handling a day care.

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Leeds

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Leeds

Now, if you reside in Leeds, or you are moving to Leeds real soon, I have got a solution for the above worries as this article gives you an insight to the profitable startup business ideas and opportunities in Leeds that you should think about starting today.

Everyone loves the idea of being their own boss. It is just amazing. But then, how can this happen? It happens when you start your own business start up.

Now, this is usually the point where most people pause and think … What kind of business startups can I do? What should I invest in? what are the options I have to pick on?

Leeds is a city in the Northern English County of Yorkshire and it has the most diverse economy in all of UK’s main employment centers and also has had the fastest rate of private sector jobs growth of any UK city. Leeds is also the next largest legal and financial centre in the UK after London.

With manufacturing as one of the largest sectors and engineering, printing and publishing, food and drinks, chemicals and medical technology as largest sub-sectors, Leeds is just one great place to do business in.

So, here are some businesses that would thrive in an economy as fine as that of Leeds…

List of Great Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Leeds

Take out Restaurant

A take-out restaurant is a restaurant that sells packaged foods to customers who eat them elsewhere. A take-out restaurant is just the right self employment food business idea in Leeds because of the busy lives of the residents. With having to work most part of the day and rarely enough time to spend eating out especially during lunch breaks. A take-out restaurant is definitely the answer.

This thriving business idea in Leeds would not be complete without delivery service and most importantly, online service.

Floral Business

A floral business is just another great business idea in Leeds. Flowers are always in high demand as their presence is almost mandatory at weddings, boutonnieres, bouquets and not forgetting, on dates.

You could start this business part-time while learning floral designs- if you had no former experience- and then grow your business from there.

Betting and Gaming Business

Another viable business idea in Leeds that is highly profitable is betting and gaming business. Now, if you are a lover of games, sports, and gambling, this is just the right booming business idea in Leeds for you as there are so many people out there who have the same interests as you and would love to place bets and play games.

If you can get a good location and get everything all set up, you are bound to make good money from this business.


As earlier mentioned, the residents of Leeds live busy lives and with little or no time to take care of their little babies, a daycare is a great business idea that is bound to thrive in Leeds. So, if you are good with babies, or you can manage a daycare, then this is just the right business for you.

You could also extend the services you provide to giving babysitting services to parents who would want their children to remain at their homes with someone to watch over them when they are not around.

One advantage of this lucrative business idea in Leeds is the fact that it requires little or nothing to start up. You could start your daycare right at home if your house is conducive enough. You do not also need to buy much, since all babies are dropped with what they would need to take care of them.

Tourist Guide or Company

Leeds is one place known for its lovely tourist attractions. With places such as, the Royal Armories, the Henry Moore, Sculptor Centre, West Yorkshire playhouse and Harewood House among others, thousands of tourists flock in every year. This why a great business idea in Leeds would be a tourist guide or taking it big and starting your tourist company.

A tourist guide would need an in-depth knowledge of Leeds and its attractive sites as well as medium to transport tourists while taking them to see lovely sites. A tourist company on the other hand, would take care of things like hotel reservations, tourists’ guides, transport, schedule and so many other needs of tourists.

Car Rental Company

Another unique rental business idea sure to thrive in Leeds is setting up a car rental business. Not everyone can afford a car and most people just travelling into Leeds especially tourists would definitely want to be mobile, and every minute, they would either be in need of a cab or other means of transport. Hence, if you have got some good cars, you could start up a car rental company as this is one best business idea in Leeds that would succeed.

Your car rental company should also have an option of providing drivers that comes along with the cars for customers who would probably not be comfortable driving themselves around town. Most importantly you would need to have an online presence in order to increase your customers reach.

Business Consultant

With multiple businesses cropping up each day in Leeds, another creative business idea in Leeds would be a business consultant. This means you get to offer advice and other services to people concerning their businesses.

So, if you have got the certifications or the skill for it, you should definitely think about starting out as a business consultant in Leeds.

How to Become a Franchise Business Consultant

Becoming a Franchise Consultant - A Beginner's Guide

For the sake of clarity, a franchise business consultant, also known as a franchise broker, is an individual that provides a linkage between a Franchisee (one who operates a franchise) and a Franchiser (one who owns the franchise).

Do you know that a number of financial statistics state that owning/operating a Franchise is one of the most profitable businesses available today? The reasons are not far-fetched.

For starters, a Franchise is modeled on a business structure that has proven successful in one area and can therefore be replicated in another area.

A franchise is also flexible enough to accommodate the peculiarity of the selected area of operation. A franchise also offers the opportunity for franchisees to garner skills, competencies and proficiency over the course of running the franchise.

Once you are able to display a firm grasp of these aspects of the franchising business, then you are well on the way to becoming a Franchise business consultant.

This linkage usually results in the creation of a mutually rewarding franchise agreement between both parties. The restaurant franchise business consultant is then offered or is entitled to a commission, which is dependent on the terms of the agreement drawn-up.

As a franchise business consultant, you will be expected to perform the following duties:

1. Drawing up the details of the franchise agreement, taking into consideration the obligations and responsibilities of the parties involved. This may also include the financial aspects of the franchise agreement.

2. Carrying out detailed research on the suitability of intending franchisees. You will also be expected to provide excellent valuation of low cost franchise opportunities for your clients.

3. You may also serve as a marketing agent for a Franchiser.

In the light of the above, the following can serve as guides in your bid to become a franchise business consultant:

List of Business Consultant Franchise Opportunities

A. Have a Detailed Business Plan

Your first step in becoming a franchise business consultant is to clearly state your business strategy in terms of franchise consulting.

Your business plan template should help answer questions regarding what kind of franchises you can work with, what criteria intending franchise applicants must fit, your industry niche or specializations, your financial projections as well as your plans for growth.

A detailed business plan is a veritable tool that can also help you receive funding from finance houses and institutions.

B. Have a List of Researched Franchises

It is important that you have a working knowledge of all the available franchise owners (franchisors) in your vicinity or base of operation. This process may involve you having meetings with these categories of business owners, who are disposed to outsourcing their franchise operations.

You will need to thoroughly understand the structures and processes of any franchisor you choose to work with, in order to adequately help your prospective franchisees, make informed decisions from your consultancy.

C. Secure a Suitable Location

As a franchise business consultant, it will become necessary for you to operate from a good, accessible location. You could begin from home as a starting option, especially to cut down on costs.

However, since the nature of your business involves hosting meetings, it will give your business credibility and an air of professionalism if you can operate from an office.

D. Have an Effective Franchise Marketing Plan

Your franchise business consultancy will flourish when you put in place measures to attract clients from both sides of the divide. In other words, you must be able to scout first of all for businesses that will be open to having you as an agent in finding suitably qualified franchisees.

In the same vein, you should effectively be able to find individuals and businesses that will be willing to enter into franchise agreements as a result of your guide and consultation.

E. Attend Business Meetings and Networking Groups

As a franchise business consultant, one of your key goals is to give visibility to your business. A veritable means of doing this is to attend business meetings and network groups that feature ventures that own franchise systems.

You can also join associations and chambers of commerce in order to garner contacts and have a circle of influence. An example of an association you can seek membership in is the Franchise Brokers Association(FBA).

F. Have Good Legal Representation

As a franchise business consultant, you must be adequately prepared by having a legal practitioner prepare and vet your agreement papers and other documents.

In your line of business, you must prepare for the possibility of disputes arising or for when one or more parties renege on signed terms and agreements. Having a legal background or having a lawyer represent you will take care of eventualities such as franchise fraud.

G. Constantly Update your Knowledge

It is imperative as a franchise business consultant that you always seek to be informed about the latest happenings in your sector. This stance should also see you keeping abreast of fiscal and monetary policies as it affects franchises and their operations.

When you have needed information, you are better placed to offer insightful advice to both franchiser and franchisee under any circumstances.

The above list is by no means exhaustive. Your journey as a franchise business consultant will place you at the fore of matters affecting the franchise industry in your locality. You will need to always have the tools and resources to function effectively as a franchise business consultant.

How to Get Private and Government Contracts in Nigeria

Get Private and Federal Government Contract Jobs 

Are you interested in securing private and government contracts for your business? If you are like most people, you would probably think it is too much stress, too much “connections” and less work. Yes! You need the connection but it is much work too.

Securing contracts from both government and private companies in Nigeria is not very easy but with the right steps, you can actually ease your way towards landing the mouth-watering contracts. Every year, the Nigerian government award several projects and contracts to qualified contractors.

Securing a contract in Nigeria is a very serious business opportunity because it can make you millions of Naira at the blink of an eye and some can even guarantee your business steady and consistent cash flow for years. To secure these contracts, you will have to know the rudiments that will help you outbid the other companies and land that big contract.

These rudiments are the same for almost any condition you find yourself –whether private contracts or government contracts. Below are some ways to securing a private and government contract for your business in Nigeria.

How to Become a Government Contractor in Nigeria

Get your company/business Registered

This is the first thing you will have to do when trying to secure private or government contracts in Nigeria and anywhere in the world. If your company or business is not registered, you probably should go get it registered properly with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to obtain a business license or permit as well as other permits and licenses required for your line of business.

This is because, all bids to contracts –whether government or private contracts– must be through a registered company or business. No bidding through an unregistered individual or company is allowed. Whether you want to become a main contractor or a sub-contractor, you must have to get a business license before you can secure private or government contract.

Research and Get Acquainted with Companies and Government Agencies

The next step is to research the companies within your line of business who may be in need of your services or who are capable of going into a contract with your business. Find their contact information, contact their facilities managers and know all you can about them.

Contact the procurement managers of the companies you want to go into contract with. Request that they include your company or business if they maintain a list of potential contractors that they forward a request for a contract bid to.

Gather as much information as you can by requesting for an information packet detailing the company’s procurement process and bid requirements.

For government contracts, they are usually issued out through government agencies and it will be more rewarding to maintain a mutually healthy relationship with the agencies you wish to secure contracts from. Get their contacts and be personal with them. Keep contacting them from time to time in order to get useful information on when calls for bid will be issued out.

Attend seminars, conferences and workshops relating to your line of business. These are various interesting opportunities for socializing and meeting the right people that could help you in securing various contracts.

In Nigeria, “connections” –that is, who you know– matter a lot in securing the big contracts. As long as you possess the necessary qualifications, who you know can take you a long way. Often times, a call for contract does not leave a little confine to garner much needed publicity. It is only those who are closer to the inner circles that get access to information regarding contract bids.

Research the companies and government agencies in line of your business and get acquainted to them and you would wish you had done this earlier.

Seek Small Contracts First and Partner with Pros

Now, you may be tempted to skip this one unto the next, but read on to see why. It is highly advisable to seek small contracts first for an upcoming company or business. These small contracts would help build the track record of your company or business and increase your chances of landing the big contracts.

When it comes to government contracts and even many big private contracts, companies or businesses without much experience are not recognized.

It is worth mentioning to also first start partnering with a reputable major contractor. This will help you get the needed recognition for your company or business; get the needed experience and boost the track record of your business as well as expose your business to major contracts opportunities.

Make your Bid Convincing and Appealing

How To Bid For Government Contracts
Now, this is one noteworthy thing to pay attention to when making your bids. Make your bid compelling by talking more about them. Every aspect of your bid should convince your prospective employer why you are special and should be awarded the contract. Appeal to their self-interest.

They should understand that you have their best interest at heart but do not go about hyping your business. Talk to them about the project as if the project is specifically tailored for them. You should ensure your bid suits the following categories of people:

The boss – This is the most senior decision-maker. He is interested in results.
The money person – this is the finance director. He will evaluate your bid in terms of value for money.
The expert – he will scrutinize the details of your proposals with his knowledge.
The end-user – he wants to know how your product or service affects him and his team.

Practice your Pitching

This is probably your last chance towards convincing your prospective client to award you the contract. They would want to know if:

You offer them more value for money.
You understand them and their business
You are a team
You are keen to work with them
They can work with you.
The way you present yourself with your pitch will determine if you can secure the contract or not.
Submit your Bid

Now, you want to submit your bid. You should begin your bid submission with an abstract and qualifications of your business and why you should win the contract. You should not forget to state clearly how you intend to execute and complete the project being contracted.

You should ensure you submit all paper works requested by the Request for Bid Proposal (RBP) with forms properly completed and signed. Include a listing of qualified subcontractors (if any) as well as any additional documents as required.

Make the calculations of your bid including overhead costs and profit margin. You should try to anticipate the estimated bid of your competitors. Keep your estimated bid low and realistic –especially in government contracts where the lowest bidder is usually more considered.

However, this is not a rule to keep your estimated bid very low. In fact you should not keep it so low that you do not make any profit from it.

Lastly, ensure you submit your bid on time. Sometimes, the client is in a hurry and does not have time for too much scrutiny. So, the first few people to submit their bids are at a better position to secure the private, local, state or federal government contract.

Trusted Writing Websites that Pay You to Write For Them Online

Amazing Freelance Writing Websites That Will Pay You To Write Online

Do you know there are genuine websites and blogs that pay writers $100 per article instantly? So, you have got that love for writing, putting your thoughts and ideas into words that people would read and appreciate? It could be a hobby, just a side business, or you just do it for pleasure. But have you thought about making money online writing? Have you thought about earning a living by being a writer?

The thought of making money writing has probably crossed your mind before and you may have thought you would not make so much from it. Or you may have ventured into blogging or a little freelance and did not make it as big as you were expecting. Well, I have got great news for you! You can make so much money writing!

Writing these days has evolved from printing paper backs to ebooks, writing articles for paperback magazines to submitting articles to online websites. The internet now makes it possible for writers, content developers and bloggers to make money online by writing for websites that pay you to write daily.

Some of them even allow you to include your own bio as well as a link to your own site. So you get to make money writing as well as promote your brand. Amazing right?

So, what are those websites that are willing to pay for writing when they publish your articles? What online writing websites pay you to write for them? Here are some writing platforms that pay you to write…

1. www.additudemag.com

ADDitudemag is a website that caters to people living with ADHD. They accept articles relating to experiences from people living with ADHD, living with people dealing with ADHD, doctors and other articles relating to ADHD.

Length of article accepted is usually about 2000 words and the amount paid is agreed upon by the writer and the website which depends on the length of the article and the experience of the writer.

2. www.Bmichellepippin.com

This is a business-related website that pays up to $150 for articles submitted by writers that gets published on the website. On this website, you get paid when you share your expertise, and since articles are business related, you would require to have real-world experience with business in order to submit original pieces.

3. www.brazen.com

Another content writing website that pays you to write is brazen. Brazen has its niche in the following categories; Universities, Recruitment and HR, Marketing and Networking.  It is important to note that Brazen only pays for articles submitted when you have a pre-arrangement with the editors.

4. www.developertutorials.com

Developertutorials is another article writing website that pays people to write for them. It is a programming/web design blog that accept articles from writers who can provide cutting-edge programming and design guides and keep readers up-to-date on new and emerging technologies and techniques in the tech world.

On developertutorials, you get paid online for the tutorials you provide which would be a minimum a 1000 words, as well as list based articles. The pay rates depend on the demand for the tutorial you provided as well as the quality.

5. www.collegehumor.com

Another site that pays you to write is collegehumor. As the name implies, college humor is all about funny articles and pays about $35 to $50 for articles submitted. So, if you have got a funny streak, then collegehumor is just right for you as you could earn money since it is one website that pays you to write short stories, comedies and poetry for them.

6. www.transitionsabroad.com

Transitions abroad is another website that pay you to write for them. With a niche focused on stories of people who travel, regardless of the reason – work, education, retirement, volunteering, fun or whatever reason. They require articles that inspire people to enjoy and explore the experiences of writers during their journey and their destination.

Writers usually get paid about $150 or more especially for articles based on personal experiences. So if you love travelling and want to make money writing about it, then transitions abroad is just the right website that pays you to write for them.

7. www.babyfit.com

Another website that pays for article writing is babyfit.com. Babyfit is a website dedicated to mothers and their babies. It is an online preventive healthcare website that focuses on fitness and nutrition for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Writers are paid between $25 to $90 for articles having about 500 to 1200 words.

8. www.incomediary.com

With over 200,000 visitors every month, income diary is another website that pays people to write for them. Articles accepted on income diary are articles related to online businesses including, SEO, getting traffic, conversion optimization and the likes. This website that pay writers to write for them usually pay about $50 - $200 per article.

9. www.youronlinebiz.com

Another website that pays you to write for them is Your online biz. This is a business website that accepts business-related articles from writers and pay as high as $100 for articles submitted. Payment is usually made the following month after your article has been submitted.

So, there you have it, websites that pay you to write for them. Take advantage of any of the following and make money writing….

ABC of Blogging: Beginners Guide to Starting a Blog Business

ABC's of Blogging: How to Start a Blog Today

Do you want to know that the ABC of blogging world? A blog can be used in so many ways that you can imagine these days. Some people use it as an online diary to share about their lives, some people use it to teach others stuff that they are good at. Some people use it to earn an income online.

Whatever the reasons, having a blog is a common thing these days, for the purpose of sharing information. People who blog, are also known as bloggers.

Blogging is now the new craze among internet users world-wide and you are not supposed to be left out. If you don't know what a blog is; a blog is an easy to use (easy as ABC) and free to own website where you can easily make posts on. If you can send an email yourself then you can be able to use a blog.

Making money from blogging has now been made very easy. The first thing you have to do is choose a topic that you’re interested in and begin to blog about it. Alternately, you can find lots of free content on the internet which you can use to create your own content and then post them on your blog.

After you've posted these contents on your blog you can then begin running Google AdSense advertisements, Chitika and WordPress on it.

Google AdSense is a type of advertising program run by Google. I won't go into the technical details of how it works - after all what you only need is to make money from it and not to create your own AdSense (laughs).

For instance, (referencing Google) when you display Google AdSense advertisements on your blog you get paid each time someone clicks on any of the adverts (PPC: Pay Per Click).

And most interestingly the adverts displayed on your blog are dynamic and are targeted to relate to the contents of your blog. What do I mean by dynamic? This means that only adverts related to the content on your website are displayed on it. Hence people are more likely to click on the Ads.

Why You Need a Blog

Having a blog is one of the ways that people can make money online. Having a blog is also a way that people can connect with people on the Internet. In this age of Information Technology, online communication is one of the most used ways of communication. People prefer to type than talk here.

If you are good in something, or maybe an expert, say for example investing, and you would like to share your knowledge with others who share the same interest, you can choose to create a website about investing and upload information on your website. This will enable your knowledge to be shared to the world.

However, most people who start off sharing their interest online may not have much technical knowledge on how to create a website. They may not understand what is HTML. This is when having a simple blog can help so much.

As you share more information on your blog, interested readers will begin to visit and interact with you. As you go along, you may even consider selling something on your blog. It can be an eBook that teaches gardening in a more structured step-by-step manner, or it can be some gardening tools that you think is helpful for your readers.

Having a blog helps in building this kind of relationship as compared to a website, where interaction is lesser.

There are many aspects to what contributes to a successful blog. Blogs that tend to be popular are generally more specific in their topics. A blog that teaches you how to use Photoshop will have more visitors as compared to a blog that teaches you how to use photo editing software. This is because there is a specific group of people who is ready to learn Photoshop and if what you teach is simple to understand, and your visitors like you, they are likely to stick to you for a long time.

How to Get Started

Just head to blogger.com or WordPress.com and create your first blog, and start by posting information that you want to share. Remember, these are free blog domain. Free blogs usually have an extension in the name like yourblogname.blogspot.com.

However, if you want ownership, more options and flexibility, then you can buy a domain name, get it hosted and use the same blogging platform for your blog.

Monetizing your Blog

You can monetize your blog with any of the following four programs:

Google Adsense.
Affiliate Marketing.
eBook Marketing.
Direct Advertising

Google Adsense: This is where you place Google AdSense Ads on your blog. You get a commission when someone clicks on the Ads on your website.

Affiliate Marketing: With affiliate marketing, you can also place ads on your blog, for products related to your niche. You can also write product reviews or recommendations for products in your niche.

To get started, sign up to be an affiliate for a product and place the affiliate link on your blog in a banner or in a product review.

eBook Marketing: An eBook is a downloadable electronic book, usually in a PDF format that you can write yourself and offer for sale to your readers. Your eBook can be on a variety of subjects. I think it’s best to write on a topic that solves a problem for people.

Direct Advertising: Once you start to get decent traffic and a good amount of readers, you can offer advertising space on your blog. Your target advertisers are people with products or services in your niche that might benefit your readers.

Blogs are fun, bottom line. It’s also a great marketing tool to build your brand, build relationship with your customers and also to build income. These are the basic ABC's of blogging.

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Birmingham

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Birmingham

List of Great Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Birmingham

In 2014, Birmingham was recorded to have the largest number of start up businesses. The country also has the most active business population and has one of the largest venue for business conferences which is the National Exhibition Center. It is a country located in the center of the West Midlands region of England.

Birmingham is home to one of the UK's top commercial centers by the name 'Bullring'. It is a country that offers good employment base and a skilled workforce. There are many profitable business ideas in Birmingham which is the main focus of this post.

If you are thinking of starting a business in Birmingham, some of the profitable business ideas in Birmingham are:


Repairing smart phones is a very lucrative business in Birmingham due to the fact that almost everybody is using smart phone and most people are reluctant to throw their phones away when it is faulty due to the price, they will rather repair it at a lower price than buy a new one.

Training is important in this type of business. If you are someone who is interested in fixing phones or have a knack for it then it is the best business idea for you. All you have to do is provide time to get trained on how to repair phones.

This business is still at an early stage in Birmingham so you can make good use of it by entering into the market at this early stage.


According to information gathered, in 2012 Gartner spent about $60 billion on IT globally which is expected to increase as the years go by. Therefore, as an IT person you can make good use of this opportunity by sharpening your skills and starting your IT business or security service. Both individuals and businesses will have sought you out if you are good at what you do.

An IT security business is very lucrative and profitable due to the high level of hacking that had affected several businesses and companies and they are all taking every possible measures to prevent repetition of such acts.


Birmingham is a paradise for shoppers, it is the perfect place for starting and expanding a cloth boutique and other accessories. You could have a small shop or big shop that offers everything people and tourists could get attracted to depending on the available capital you have or can get. You should know that both small and big shopping requires a huge capital which is even higher for large shopping centers.


This is another lucrative business in Birmingham, the citizens are known for their high intake of coffee. To start the business, the best thing that will make it easier for you is to have a van that makes coffee instantly. It will make it easier to move from one place to another, you can be switching from one location to another.

A great location is one of the determinants of the success of a coffee business, you should be careful in choosing location for your coffee business. Railway stations, car parks, business arena, etc are better places for such business.


The set up cost of this business is very low and it is a lucrative one. Car washing businesses are being set up everywhere, all you need is a good location with a free space, access to water, and detergents recommended for washing cars. It is important to get necessary license to start a car wash business in Birmingham.


Providing fast food in an outlet on or off high street for most especially very busy people is a very good business opportunity. Usually, people are too busy working to even have time to cook especially during work hours so they resort to fast food.

You might even have delivery as part of your service, it will make your business thrive well.

Delivering to home or offices is a very good initiative of business which will increase the number of patronizers.

The cost of starting this food business is higher than other startup businesses due to the fact that a building, cooking utensils, staff and other equipment will be needed to start such business. People eat everyday and this explains why this business thrives well even in harsh economic conditions.


This business is basically for someone who has a professional qualification such as a marketer, accountant, solicitor and so on. This business can be started by offering book keeping services and having contracts with businesses that find it hard to have permanent employees due to the harsh economic factors.

These businesses therefore employ professionals and pay per project to avoid paying a fixed salary to employees.

As a professional in the following: education, law, accounting, copywriting, public relations, and so on, you can work as a freelance professional who work with different organizations and businesses.


This is a business that thrives in almost all countries regardless of the economic situation of the country where it is situated, Birmingham is one of such. A small catering business can be operated from home or small space while a large catering service requires a large space and more sophisticated equipment than a small one.

You can be hired for events such as birthdays, weddings, valentines, promotions at work, business conferences and so on. For this business, you will need license and certificates from local authorities.

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