Choosing Profitable Affiliate Programs - What You Should Know

How To Choose Profitable Affiliate Programs- Finding The Most Lucrative Affiliate Programs

Entrepreneurs have various ways of making money online from different internet businesses. Affiliate marketing is a popular business idea to make money online. Many Nigerian bloggers make cool money every week from affiliate programs. The challenge is how to actually choosing the best affiliate programs that pay well and to get decent amount of site visitors to drive traffic to the affiliate page.

I will be revealing to you practical steps to follow while choosing profitable affiliate programs or products to promote. You should understand that it is not every program or product that worth your time and efforts. Your blog content must be related to the product you are trying to promote if you want it convert into more sales. In affiliate marketing business, you source for profitable products first before looking for who are the likely people to buy such products.

affiliate program

Here is a simple guide on how to choose profitable affiliate products to promote:
One practical way to get affiliate products that sell well is to visit online stores. Check through the popular, most popular, best selling, best sellers or top sellers' page to know what is really selling at that point in time. Don't forget to check the ratings on the products. With little marketing, promoting such hot affiliate products would guarantee sales.

Another issue you shouldn't overlook is competition. Type the product into Google and check the number of blogs currently promoting the products. If they are many, you should continue your search for another product. For an affiliate product to convert well, it should be a bestseller with good ratings and low competition.

Remember you need to apply for affiliate programs and get accepted before promoting any offer. No payment would be issued to you for any product sold outside your affiliate link. Click HERE to sign up and start promoting products on Konga. Hosting sites, domain sales and reselling companies, SEO and blog promotion agencies as well as companies selling themes, PC software and mobile apps, plugins and other internet business tools often offer affiliate programs which you can apply for.

Here is another basic help in choosing lucrative affiliate programs and product to promote. Just look at the blogs of competitors in your niche. They have been around for while and must have experimented with several products before sticking with those you saw there.

Do choose the most profitable affiliate program. Always go with programs/products with good commission. The higher the price the more the percentage commission is likely to be. All the same, you wouldn't want to waste your time promoting products that pay peanuts.

You should sign up with affiliate programs whose site cookie last long. For instance, if the cookie lasts 30 days, you would be paid if anyone visits a particular product through your affiliate link and buys it within 30 days. If it last for just a few days, you know what that means.

Try to check the affiliate program reviews. Don't  join a program with poor reputation so that you can save your efforts.

Avoid spamming people with your affiliate links. Instead of doing blind marketing try to put your links where it is necessary only. Put up relevant banner and text links on your blog on relevant posts. Write sponsored posts about products you are targeting. Market strategically to people who may likely need your product. Running paid advert is another way to ensure your link gets a wider reach.
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How To Generate Viable Business Ideas Fast!

How To Generate Viable Business Ideas - How To Identify Viable Business Ideas

Business ideas are the seed that generate into money making opportunities. Not all business opportunities will thrive well so you need to be able to assess how viable that business idea is. In this post, I will be taking you practical steps on how to generate viable business ideas in Nigeria, South Africa and other parts of the world.

Sources Of Viable Business Ideas
I have outline various areas and avenues through which a potential investor can find viable businesses to start up.

viable businesses online

Finding viable business ideas
Imitation – This is when you discover an existing product or service offered by someone somewhere and replicate it in areas of less competition.

Buying Franchises – Many people have considered buying franchises. As a franchisee, this arrangement would guarantee your business less resistance from the market as well as professional guidance during start up and operation.

Passions And Hobbies – With the right approach, an entrepreneur can start making money from what he/she enjoys doing. Turning passions into businesses has worked for lots of viable online business ideas particularly when such hobbies are marketable.

Previous Experience – With solid work experience in a particular field, you can look at investing in certain areas in that industry. Your experience will minimize mistakes and create competitive edges that keeps young businesses afloat in the face of stiff competition.

Brainstorming and Inspiration – This involves a step where members of the business come up with different ideas that can they be analysed and expanded. This is a way to generate creative business ideas. Many flourishing business ideas have come through inspirations. You can come across valuable business ideas if you empower your creative thinking. Through innovations, you can stumble on how to solved existing problems differently.

Generating A Viable Business Idea
A business is said to be viable if it conveniently meets the needs of its clients, guaranteeing enough sales as to sustain itself.

How To Identify Viable Business Ideas
 So what makes a business idea viable? Through these questions, you will discover what it takes to generate a viable business to start.

In assessing a business to determine its viability, you should answer the following questions.

-----» Why would people buy or use this product or service?

-----» Do I have the required manpower and expertise to exploit it?

-----» Is the start-up capital available? What about running costs?

-----» How big is the demand for the product/service? Is my business modeled to absorb the fluctuations of such demands?

-----» Will the business be able to meet existing costs, sustain itself and still be able to make profit?

-----» Who is the target market? Are there any peculiarity to this set of people?

Do you run an offline or online business and need ideas on how to discover viable small business ideas in Nigeria, please ask your questions below.
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7 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Business Location

Factors Affecting The Selection The Right/Best Business Location

How To Choose A Good Location For Your Business - Why Is This Important?
Understanding your customers is key in selecting the best location for your business. To get your business location right, you should carry out a careful assessment into whose needs your business is meeting and what type of people fall into such demographics. If you would be selling products needed by high-income earners, siting your business in a rural area or suburb is the first step in perfecting failure.

Siting A Business -
A very important considerations for a good business location for any prospective investment is the socio-cultural and economic demographics of the surrounding communities. A region may be very are good for resell ventures but highly unsuitable for production business. Another one may do well for retail operations but not idea for industrial use. Therefore as a business owner, an in-depth study of the host community before deciding on which location to site your business is crucial.

Influencing Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Location For Business

1. Cost Implications -----» Investors can choose to site their business in areas where rent or purchase of land and building is affordable and where they can actually operate within cost-effective limits.

2. Security Risks -----» The quality of the neighborhood and the vulnerability of the business to theft and security risks may influence where a business is eventually located.

3. Space Availability -----» Business owners choose areas where they can easily get access to space especially during the process of expansion.

4. Basic Amenities -----» A location may be selected for business based on the proximity of professionals to support the business. Access to road, steady power supply and ease of acquiring inputs may affect where a business would be situated.

5. Personal Convenience -----» A business site may be preferred for personal reasons. May people choose where to locate their business considering how far they have to drive each day.

6. Business Taxes -----» Often times, many investors try to get a compromise between high returns and low tax rates in choosing a location for their business.

7. Competition -----» The level of competition with your business may vary from place to place. While considering where to put up the business, you should look at areas where competition is not too keen as would kill your venture in its early stages.

While searching for the best location for your business, you need to ask yourself the following questions;
 -----» Is the area suitable for such investment?

 -----» How easy would it be developing a good relationship with the landlord and neighbours?

 -----» Are there existing laws and policy relating to such business in the area?

 -----» Is the community secured? How safe is your business in that area?

 -----» How good is the facility? How much repair needs to be done? Is there opportunity for expansion? Is it comfortable for customers?

 -----» What is the competition like? Are there rooms for local marketing campaigns?

Assessing your primary business location is focal to making the best decision when siting a business. While product distribution requires quick access to highways, rail and plane transportation, a retail business would require visibility and decent parking space. Businesses generally have core requirements. You should consider this while making a choice of where to set up the business. A comprise may hamper lots of business operation and spell doom for the investment. If you get your location right, your business, employees and customers would be at advantage in the most profitable way.
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Broiler Vs Layer - Which Is More Profitable?

Comparing Broiler Production With Layer Farming

Differences between broiler and layers farming - Which is more lucrative?
Both broiler chicken farming and layer birds production are are lucrative poultry farming ventures. However, they both deal with life so a single mistake is enough to wipe your entire flock. Before choosing to book for either broiler or pullets DOCs, you should evaluate other factors apart from the evident cost implications. Although they need a shorter vaccination regimen, broilers responds negatively faster to less resistance to withstand shabby management practices. Demand for chicken meat is comparatively steadier, glut is rarely experienced. There is more profit on Layers production in the long run as you can realise up to N7/bird daily as net returns at full production. Market for eggs is easier to find than for chicken meat if you don't have a frozen food outlet. Cost of labour, medication and feeding is a major factor to compare. Within 7-8wks you would have finished a cycle of broiler production but you need to be financially stable to feed layers up to 18-20wks before you realise and a few more weeks before sales of egg is able to take care of their feeding.

For broiler, it is more cost effective to rear them on deep litter but layers need cages to restrict their movement for more conversion, to preserve egg in good condition, to eliminate health risks and to be able to manage litter easily considering the fact that they would be on the farm for many months.

All in all, before choosing between broilers and layers as an investment choice in poultry production, you should assess:

1. Level of know-how
2. Plans for expansion
3. Amount of financial and human resources at your disposal
4. Available market

broiler or layer

I'll be writing more on this topic soon, comparing feeding, management and profitability of these two agribusinesses. This will assist those who want to know which is more lucrative between broiler production and raising layers birds.

Broiler Or Layers? - Make the best investment choice in poultry farming business.
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Battery Cage Vs Deep Litter System - Why Poultry Cages Are Better?

Deep Litter Or Battery Cage - Reasons Poultry Farmers Should Go For Battery Cage Over Deep litter System

Here are some reasons why you should go for the battery cage system as a poultry farmer.

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Deep litter Or Battery cage
In commercial layers rearing, egg production is much higher in caged birds because movement of chickens is restricted allowing more feed conversion into egg materials. This is the opposite of what is obtained in floor rearing where birds roam freely, burning considerable energy that should have been directed at producing eggs, resulting in a lower production.

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Battery cage system denies chickens direct access to their faeces. This wholly translates to reduced risk of infection and medication costs, lowering the overall cost of production. Whereas for floor birds who have direct access to their faeces, picking up their faeces with food as well as ammonia build up can constitute serious health risks.

battery cages and deep litter in poultry

In the battery cage system, the chickens have no contact with their eggs which will roll out of their reach unlike the deep litter where the chickens break some of the eggs resulting to loss of revenue

GUIDE: How To Write A Poultry Farm Business Plan

Feed wastage is reduced to the minimum in battery cage system. Feeding and watering is also easier done when compared with what happens in the floor rearing system. In deep litter system, feeding and watering is more stressful and even the birds soil the feed and water by soiling it with faeces, they may knock off drinkers leading to wet litter, an important predisposing factor to coccidiosis.

Stock taking is much easier in a battery cage. Even if there are tens of thousands of birds on the farm, the owner or manager can easily count his birds. This exercise would be very difficult to carry out in deep litter system where they birds are moving about constantly. Farm hands find it easier to steal from the flock in a deep litter system.

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Waste removal is easier in a poultry farm operating battery cage system. Removing poultry litter in deep litter system involves complete removal of shaving, moving of birds etc whereas for caged bird, you just need to remove the layer of shaving spread under the cages every 2-3days. You can mix fossil shell with the birds' feed to reduce odour or include larvacide to eliminate maggots (fly larva stage) on your farm. This may however increase your total running costs.

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Battery Cage Or Deep Litter System - Deep Litter Vs Cage System
Various trials have been carried out to compare the effects on egg production, egg quality and feed conversion using battery cage versus deep litter system models of management. It has been discovered that these variables improved greatly in poultry cage rearing system as opposed to rearing on the floor. However, you need economic survey to be able to ascertain the profitability and relevance of each rearing system to different in different climates.

DOWNLOAD: Poultry Feed Formulation Methods For Broiler And Layer Birds

What Is The Cost/Price Of Battery Cage In Nigeria?
Do you 96 birds/unit or 120birds/unit 2 or 3 tiers need quality cages imported or locally fabricated? Some with automated and semi-automated drinkers and feeders. To buy quality imported and locally made poultry cages at cheap prices and affordable rates in Nigeria, call me on 08032176523.
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Top 10 Richest People in The Whole World - Billionaires 2015

Top 10 Richest People in The Whole World

Who is the richest person in the whole world?
I have compiled a list of 2014-2015 of the richest person in the whole world. These wealthy billionaires from different countries across the world have been ranked based on their estimated net worth.

When we wake up everyday to go to school or work, our underlying drive for most day to day activities is to become rich and successful. No matter your current financial status, you will always see people behind and ahead of you. So in this post, I will be giving you profiles of Forbes richest people in the whole world. However, these people should not be taken as the 10 richest men of all time. So, who is d richest man in d whole world for now?

List Of The Top 10 Richest Man In The World 2015

Top 10 Richest Man list In 2015

1.  William Henry “Bill” Gates
Bill Gates
Date Of Birth: 28, October,1955
Birth Place: Seattle, Washington, United States
Education: Lakeside School, Harvard College
Business Type: Software company
Net Asset: $79.2 billion

2. Carlos Slim Helu
Carlos Slim Helu
Date of Birth: January 28, 1940 (Age-74)
Birth Place: Mexico City, Mexico
Education: Civil Engineering
Business Type: Chairman of Telmex, America Móvil, Samsung Mexico and many other
Net Asset: $77.1 billion

3. Warren Edward Buffett

Warren Edward Buffett
Date Of Birth: August 30, 1930 (Age 83)
Birth Place: Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Education: Columbia Business School
Business Type: Textile industry
Net Asset: $72.7 billion

4. Amancio Ortega
Amancio Ortega
Date of Birth: March 28, 1936 (Age-77)
Birth Place: Province of Leon, Spain
Education: Not Found
Business Type: Spanish global fashion giant Inditex, Zara
Net Asset: $64.5 billion

5. Larry Joseph Ellison
Larry Joseph Ellison
Date of Birth: August 17, 1944 (Age-69)
Birth Place: East Side, New York City. USA
Education: University of Chicago
Type: Software, Oracle
Net Asset: $54.3 billion

6. Charles Koch
Charles Koch
Age: 79
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, MIT; MS, MIT
Business Type: Oil pipelines, refineries, building materials etc, CEO, Koch Industries
Net Asset:$42.9 Billion

7. David Koch
David Koch
Age: 74
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, MIT; MS, MIT
Business Type: Oil pipelines, refineries, building materials etc, Executive VP, Koch Industries
Net Asset: $41.9 Billion

8. Christy Walton
Christy Walton
Date of Birth: 1955 (Age-59)
Birth Place: Jackson, Wyoming, United States
Education: Not Found
Earning Type: Inherited, Walmart,
Net Asset: $41.7 billion

9. Jim Walton 
Jim Walton
Age: 67
Earning Type: Wal-Mart, Chairman and CEO, Arvest Bank Group, Inc.
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, University of Arkansas
Net Asset: $40.6 Billion

10. Liliane Bettencourt
Liliane Bettencourt
Age: 92
Source Of Wealth: L'Oreal
Net Asset: $40.1 Billion

Top 10 Richest Men In The Whole World
Though it's difficult to say who is the richest person in the world ever, Bill Gate still retains his number one position as the current richest man in the whole world. What is your view about this list of the top 10 most richest person in the whole world? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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Top 10 College Business Ideas - Student Businesses To Start With Little Capital

Small Business Ideas For College Students - 10 College Entrepreneur Ideas

Good College Business Ideas - Creative College Business Ideas - Unique College Business Ideas
Are you searching for business ideas for college students, college dropouts, college grads? What do you think is easy businesses to start in college? Are you confused on the best money making ideas college students on campus?

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Well, whether you are a college graduate, a matriculant or still in college, making money while in school is not an activity you should miss. Considering the reality on ground, fewer jobs are available to graduating students so there is the need to sharpen your entrepreneurial skills before you graduate. This you can achieve by starting a business in college or partnering with other student to launch one. You need to consider a good business ideas for college that may be suitable for your school and locality when your ready. In this post, I will be revealing to you easy businesses to start in college this year. This a powerful make extra money college students secret.

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college businesses for students

College Entrepreneurs Start-up Ideas - Top 10 businesses That Students Can Start While In School

List of business ideas for students to start with little or No Money
1. ==> Start Tutorial Classes
If you discover you are well grounded in certain subjects, you can make money by teaching your colleagues. Organizing tutorials does not have to be limited to your school. You can also take elementary and high school students and get paid handsomely too. Another cool way to make money is to package your tutorials and sell them online as downloads. This is a popular business idea college students start With no money.

2. ==> Personal Coach
While in school, I had two friends, while one made money coaching newbies how to to play lawn tennis, the other took people how to swim. They charge their clients on an hourly basis. Whether you are using a campus or a public facility, becoming a personal trainer in sports or body building is a good business ideas for college students.
3. ==> Barbing And Hair Styling
Providing hair styling and grooming services are good money making ideas college students. If your very skilled in this area, you can provide hair cuts or hair styling even to college staff and other students in their residential homes. Learning to become a stylist or a barber doesn't have to take years. All you need is focus and dedication. 

GUIDE: How To Start A Barbing Salon Business

4. ==> Importation Business
This business is a good small business ideas for college students. Ensure you carry out extensive market survey to determine computer and mobile devices as well as accessories that sells fast on campus. You can then sign up as a seller on popular e-commerce stores such as E-bay and amazon where you will be able to buy these old and uses android phones and tablets, mini and notebook laptops as well as SD cards and USB flash drives at reduced prices. Open an outlet in school or sell to your colleagues directly.   

SEE: Import Cheap Customized USB Flash Drives From China And Sell For Great Profit

5. ==> T-Shirt Customization
Create funny and unique designs on T-shirt and market them. Look for associations on campus and partner with them to customize a t-shirt uniform for them. You can also make money when you print t-shirts during hall and departmental week celebrations. If you don't have what it takes to customize one, look for a printer with affordable charges and enjoy the commissions.

Are you still in school thinking of a business to start with little capital? I have included another five money making ideas college students. This additional low cost small business ideas for college students include:

6. ==> photography and video coverage
7. ==> helping with project writing
8. ==> intra-campus transportation service
9. ==> late night food delivery
10. ==> blogging (make money online college students)

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5 Investing Tips College Students To Succeed

Have you compiled a good/creative college business ideas list? Below are some investment tips to succeed at such businesses. They are tested make money fast college students tips.

1. ==> Although creativity is good, you don't have all the time to start testing new ideas and products. Start a simple business with decent returns.    

2. ==> Always go with a business which has ready-made market that is eager to buy what you want to sell.

3. ==> Don't keep adding money to your initial capital. This will make it easy to know if you are achieving success in your new business.

4. ==> Business is good but making money is not your primary objective of coming to school. You need to come out with good grades.

5. ==> Always be on the lookout for human resources and financial opportunities that may help improve your business.

What is your view on these good small business ideas for college students? Share what you think by dropping a comment below.
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[PICTURES] How To Customize And Edit Blogger Mobile Template

Customize And Edit Blogger Mobile Template - Blogger Mobile View

How to customise blogger mobile template - Blogger mobile template customize
Since Blogger came up with the mobile template option, it is now possible to customize a blogger mobile template. With a knowledge of CSS, you can customize your template and edit blogger mobile view to your taste. You can choose which widget you want to appear in the mobile view and which ones should be displayed on both blogger desktop and mobile templates.

Do you want to make your blogger blog mobile friendly? You have various options such as using default blogger mobile theme, using a responsive blogger template or even creating a personalized app for your blog. This post is a free guide to blogger mobile template customize.

How To Edit/Customize Mobile Template On Blogger - Widgets
The primary widgets that appear on the default blogger mobile template include:

1. Header

2. Blog Post

3. Page List

4. Adsense

5. Profile

6. Attribution

There are three ways to control whether a widget shows on blogger mobile template or not.

mobile='no'   - widget hides on mobile

mobile='yes'  - widget shows on mobile

mobile='only'  - widget shows on mobile only, not on PC view

The defaut widget code/tag for Popular Post widget is:

If you want to hide this widget on mobile view, simply insert the mobile='no' property just before 'title' as shown in the text and image below.

Change 'no' to 'yes' if you want to show the widget on mobile template and to  'only' if you want to restrict showing it to blogger mobile template only

To activate any change you make in Blogger mobile theme, you will need to enable custom template for your mobile template. You will need to activate custom template for your mobile template, as it may not show any changes if you are the using any of the default template.

Click on the Template menu in your blogger dashboard, the click on the customize. Click on the gear icon below the mobile template as select custom. Save the settings as shown in the picture below.

 blogger mobile template

Now go to Template, click on the gear icon below the mobile template and set it as shown in the screenshot below.

It is advisable that you Preview the custom template before you finally click on the Save button. In my next post, I'll be sharing on how to customize blogger template with Photoshop. 

Did you succeed in making your blogger blog mobile friendly? Share your experience below.

edit blogger template

edit blogger template css
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[PICTURES] Top 10 Richest Musicians in Nigeria And Their Net Worth

Top 10 Richest Nigerian Musicians Now - List Of Nigeria's Top 10 Richest Musicians And Their Net Worth In 2013, 2014, 2015

Who Is The Richest Artist In Nigeria Currently? - Top 10 richest Nigerian musicians
For some time now, the music industry in Nigeria has witness serious financial boom. Wealthy Nigerian musicians now change cars, jewelries and houses. This is one of the reasons the average youth regard music as a quick route to wealth. unfortunately, thousands of young talents die in this hustle to break even without even getting known. They get stucked at the 'upcoming status' without getting the chance to 'come up' Many artistes have hit the limelight in the past few years but the big question is who are the richest Nigerian musicians and how much are the worth?

Who Is Richest Musician in Nigeria Now? Richest musicians in Nigeria and their worth

2face Idibia richest musician Nigeria? Popularity equates to fortune in the music industry. As a musician, If you are only restricted to your local region you are not going to make anything decent. Forget the hype and buzz, some artistes are actually making less than you think. Being one of the wealthiest Nigerian musicians is more than flashing bling bling jewelry and expensive cars in music videos.

Who is the richest nigerian musician? - top richest musicians in nigeria
Social media following, Youtube view stats, appearance fees and number of awards and endorsements are some of the indicators to know if a musician is actually making money as these cannot be easily manipulated.

Who is the richest artist in nigeria music industry?
In this post, I will list the top ten richest musicians in Nigeria and their estimated financial worth.

List Of Richest Musicians In Nigeria And Their Net Worth 2014-2015

1. P-Square

P Square
P-Square net worth is - N25.6bn

2. Don Jazzy
Don jazzy
Don Jazzy net worth is - N7bn

3. Flavour
Flavour net worth is - N5.7bn

4. D'Banj
D Banj
D'Banj net worth is - N5bn

5. Tu Face (Tu Baba)
2face Idibia
2 Face net worth is - N4.5bn

6. Davido
Davido' net worth is - N2.9bn

7. Iyanya 
 Iyanya net worth is - N2.5bn

Wizkid net worth is - N2.3bn

9. Banky W
Banky W
Banky W net worth is - N1.8bn

10. Timaya
Timaya net worth is - N1.1bn

Hard work pays! Congratulation to the current 10 richest musicians in Nigeria. Do you agree with the list of the richest artiste in Nigeria? Drop a comment below.

who is the richest artist in nigeria
who is the richest artist in nigeria music industry
who is the richest musician in nigeria
who is the richest nigerian musician
top ten richest musician in nigeria
d richest musician in nigeria
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richest nigerian musician and their worth
richest nigerian musician 2012
richest nigerian musician forbes
richest nigerian musician august 2013
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worth 2014
10 richest musicians in nigeria 2014
list of the richest musicians in nigeria 2014
top 10 richest nigerian musicians
top 20 richest musician in nigeria
the richest artiste in nigeria
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richest artist in nigeria forbes
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the richest artist in nigeria music industry
top richest artist in nigeria 2014
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richest musicians in nigeria and their worth
richest musicians in nigeria and their net
worth 2014
richest nigerian musician and their worth
top richest musicians in nigeria
list of the richest musicians in nigeria 2014
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How To Start Cold Room Business In Nigeria - Plus Business Plan

How To Start Cold Room Business In Nigeria

Starting a fish cold room business in Nigeria is usually for two major investment purposes; for ice-block making and frozen food business. Ice-blocks are sold in solid bars to drinks vendors as well as to caterers and event organizers for the cooling of drinks. Frozen food business involves the preservation of sea foods and poultry products, beef and fruits. Popular food items that move fast in frozen food business include chicken, turkey, fish, meat, prawns, shrimps etc.

types of cold room design

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Starting A Cold Room Business In Nigeria
A cold room is designed in form of a large container-like freezer used for the commercial purpose of preservation under low temperature. Cold rooms can be imported or locally constructed here in Nigeria. Locally manufactured cold room are very popular because of their cost of acquisition and assembly as well as their durability. If you are interested in investing in cold room storage business, the first step is to rent or purchase a space that is conspicuous and adequate enough.

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Common machines/equipment needed for cold room business include;
-----» aluminium casing
-----» freezing compartment
-----» power supply (generator)
-----» stabilizer
-----» ice-block moulding container
-----» deep freezers

The type, brand and capacity of cold room to be installed depend solely on your intended size of production and finance to invest in cold room business. Most businesses use locally fabricated cold rooms. Bigger companies have the financial strength to buy imported ones From experience, high quality cold rooms are more durable and easier to maintain. There are basically two types of locally fabricated ice-block making machine. The average locally made ice-block machine usually have issues with salt solution being used as the refrigerant so many cold room manufacturers in Nigeria have done away with this option. You can buy newer designs from cold room manufacturers which resemble deep freezers that you just bag water with cellophane and get your bars of ice block turned out within three hours.

Model A
30 ice blocks in 12hours
5,000 watts stabilizer (185k)
7.5kva diesel generator (N160k to N190k)

Model B
100 ice-blocks in 12 hours
Two 5,000 Watts stabilizer (390k)
15 kva diesel generator (N350k-380k)

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12 hours is the maximum time required for the first batch of ice-block to be produced. For subsequent batches, the machine would only need 9-10hrs for ice block production. An imported ice-block making machine from Germany with the capacity of producing up to 50 blocks sells at 2.1 million Naira. It has an inbuilt compressor so there is no need for an external stabilizer. Cold room owners also make money from rental. Here is a list of daily rental fees for cold rooms in Lagos and Ibadan.

bag of fish-- N600
carton of chicken and turkey- N1,000

More: How To Start Ice Block Making Business

Prices And Capacity Of Cold Rooms In Nigeria - Buying And Installation

3 Tonnes Cold Room
capacity - 200 bags of fish or 3000Kg of poultry products or meat.
price - #850,000.
power - 35kva generator (N2.2million)

5 Tonnes Cold Room
capacity - 500 bags of fish or 5000Kg of poultry products or livestock.
price - #1.6 million.
power - 50kva generator (N3.4million)

10 Tonnes Cold Room

capacity - half a container of fish more than 10,000Kg of poultry products or meat.
price - #2.1million.
power - 75kva generator (N4.1million)

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How Lucrative Is Cold Room Business In Nigeria
How Profitable Is Cold Room Business In Nigeria? There is an enormous financial prospect in starting a cold room business in Nigeria. To succeed in cold room business in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria, you should focus on food items with steady demand and adjust your business strategy with the seasons. Ice-blocks sell faster during the dry season while the sales of chicken, turkey and meat is unending shooting up during festive periods. Make sure your cold room is installed in a location with stable power supply so that you can make higher returns on your investment by reducing the cost of diesel used to fuel generator.
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