5 Easy Online Jobs For 18 Years Old At Home

Most Profitable Legit Online Jobs For A 18 Year Old Male and Female High School Graduates and College Students To Start At Home

They say when you are 18 years old you have crawled into the adult zone which makes you independent on your welfare as an adult.

Are you 18 years old or above and you are looking for ways to get extra cash? I know it has come to the point where you don’t need to continue disturbing your parent for pocket money and you need to start generating your own pocket money.

Online jobs are the only quick way one can do that (if you have no startup capital). You want a business that can be operated right from the comfort of your home with just a laptop or smartphone with an internet connection.

This post is all about the multiple kinds of online jobs you as 18 years old or above staying at home can start making that extra cash.

You must have heard of young millionaires making millions of dollars doing some online jobs working from home.

1. Short Video Creator

Can you create and edit videos? You must have started noticing various kinds of short videos on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and even Twitter. Since almost all popular social media platforms now allow video upload for views, many online marketers now want to take leverage of this opportunity to promote their products and services.

You can start creating short motivational videos for small business marketers and top brands online. I know of someone who makes nothing less than $1000 monthly creating short videos online for business.

You don’t need any startup capital to let people know what you do, and social media has made things so easy for someone to do business right from any internet device. Just work on your social media profiles, let people know who you are when they look at your bio.

Upload at least two videos every week so people can see your sample. When you upload, tag your friends to it so their friends can also see. You can never tell who might be your first client.
And the best part of it is, if you can impress your first client by doing a great job, the client will surely come back and will gladly refer others to you.

2. Copywriting

Are you good at writing stories or content that can persuade or motivate someone to take action? If yes! Then you can be a copywriter.

Being a copywriter is not only for those who have gone through copywriting course. As far as you can create content that makes people to do what you want them to do, you can be a copywriter.
You can make a living as a copywriter, if you can effectively use words to persuade another to act, and you stand to make a lot of money.

3. Ghost Writing

You must have read some articles on different sites that you really loved and also some that you taught if the writer was on Vodka when writing the content.

Do you know how much I have spent on ghost writers so I can keep this blog updated and running? I have spent thousands of dollars on ghost writers so they can create good content for me, I only write when I have the time to do so.

You too can pocket such amount if only you are available to position yourself where blog owners can see you and hire you.

You can go and sign up at Probloggers job board and multiple job board forums where bids are placed.

4. Online Survey Jobs

There are many online survey jobs that you can sign up and start making extra pocket money from the comfort of your home.

They require no sign up fee and you start making money after they have confirmed your registration.
In the online survey, you just have to answer some questions while some require you to do some task that takes minutes.

You can Google them out but don’t fall into scam. Some online survey jobs require that you pay before you start, and I advise that you don’t pay any money to any online survey company before you start. There are lots of scam surveying companies online nowadays, so be very careful.

5. Sell your Services at Fiverr

Are you good at anything but I have not mention it? If yes! Then you can sell your skills or services at www.fiverr.com. It is a platform that allow people to sell their skills ranging from graphic designing, writing, producing studio beat, drawing etc.

Fiverr is a marketplace you can start selling from $5 to any price. The lowest fee you can sell your services is $5 but you at last get $3.50 after Fiverr and your payment processor has deducted their charges.

In conclusion, don’t remain idle at home watching TV, playing video games and do nothing about your financial future.

Those things can be done later when you already can make money while you do them. Now is the time for you to grind, so you can rest at your twenties and thirties.

Go and start making money from home, pick any of the online jobs which I have mentioned above that suit you and stop making excuses. Remember, you are no longer a teenager again, you are now an adult.

Types of Networking Marketing Systems Plan + Companies Compensation Strategies

Different Types of Network Marketing Systems  and Companies Compensation Plan

How much do you know about network marketing? Are you even aware of the different network marketing we have? No matter the approaches you try to find in other to ensure uniformity to the questions I posed to you, until you read this article to the last line you wouldn't comprehend them very well. I sound confidential, right? Fine, because I'm sure of my content, it's unique.

The types of Network marketing I will talk about are those ones that will earn you real money, fame and undisputed familiarity. The types of network marketing that are legal as such earn you legitimately.

Let me at this point in time unleash what network marketing is all about to the first timer in our midst. Network marketing base on my sense of reasoning and belonging, it's seen as a mode of business that put all its trust on a network to move the business to the greater height by the distributors. Network marketing basically deals with three sets of strategies to earn big, the strategies include;

The first aspect of the strategy is talking about where and how to propagating new prospect.

The second phase is recruiting customer or partner hood to the network; the last is

How to manage your new recruit, motivate and inspire them.

Without wasting much of your time to what we mean by network marketing, I would love to go into the types of network marketing that are present in today’s wolrd.

Marketing is more or less a part of something we call industry-driven and partly require creative thinking. In as far as network marketing is concern, and it is all about finding people with cool charisma to make sale for you. If people that are happy and satisfy about the business and the product you are into, their enthusiasm and love will surely be transmitted to others, hence it brings about sales upon sales cum recruiting members to your network marketing.

Marketing thrive any business well, but it's important to note that sincerity and enthusiasm that is genuine on the company and its product is what really matter most. You don't need to be too engrossed with money because it may inspire others to make any risky attempt to gather money for themselves. So how many types of networking marketing do we have?

Thanks to the adoption or introductions of the internet, we have various types of network marketing and they are:

1. Single-Tier Network Marketing
2. Two-Tier Network Marketing
3. Multi-level Marketing

The first type of network marketing we shall discuss is the Single-Tier Network Marketing, it deals with you signing up a particular affiliate program for you to be a bona fide member that will have the access to sell any of their products or services.

There is no need for you to recruit any other person as a distributor and your payment will be made to you only if you make some reasonable direct sales. The America Popular Network Marketing, Avon is a single-Tier.

There are also some online affiliate programs that paid for traffic you referred to the website you affiliated. The pay-per-click and the pay-per-lead are also good example of single-tier Network Marketing.

The next Network Marketing I will lay emphasis on is The Two-Tier type, this network marketing pays you instantly for direct sales or the traffic you referred to their website and as well as the direct sales made by the recruit or distributors you brought in, their traffic shall be paid for also because they work under you. Ken Envoy site is a good example of Two-Tier Network Marketing.

The last aspect of the Network Marketing is the Multi-level network.  The Multi-level network marketing otherwise known as MLM is type of Network distribution that is two or more tiers deeper. Many of the MLM allow you to generate money as many times as five or six more tiers deep.

Though it is not only or main business you can enroll or engage in the 21st century there are many of them. The Amway are good example, the likes of Trump Network, Magnetic Sponsoring and others.

If you have the intention or passion to start a business and rely solely on Multi-level marketing of any kind you could imagine, ensure and make sure that you are having sales marketing team which is important to your company or organization. If your base marketers are very strong you will surely excel.

However, it's very crucial and Paramount for you to take your precious time in carrying out a survey and research of the law regulating your environment regarding network marketing so as to have a business full of compliant. If care is not taking deceptive network marketing or practices can land you in rough legal mud and as such spoil your business.

How To Make Money With Song Lyrics - Write and Sell Songs


Write and Sell Your Songs
We see and read about artistes that release great albums or singles that make waves across the country and even beyond. We see or read about the type of lifestyle they lead; always flaunting wealth in both their videos as well as their private lives.

This lifestyle is attributable to songwriters or lyricist if you like. So, technically, songwriters write or create lyrics for another artiste with the possibility of making a hit.

Many artists have become world celebrities as a result of a song they sang or released, but some of those artists may not have been the ones who composed or wrote the song in the first instance. For example, Michael Jackson’s song ‘Thriller’ was performed by the renowned artiste, but he was not the person who composed or wrote the song.

Up till today, that album still makes money for his family even after he has passed on to the great beyond. In his later years, the pop musician also released a single titled ‘You Are Not Alone.’ This song, performed by him was also one of the songs that he, Michael Jackson, did not compose, yet the song went on to top the charts for several weeks and made the pop singer a lot of money.

If you are a great songwriter, you stand to make a lot of money in this profession. Songwriters are not necessarily musicians or even recording artistes.

There is a difference between a songwriter and a lyricist; songwriters not only write the lyrics for a song, but they also create the melody for that song. The work of a lyricist is to writes songs and not concerned with the music for the written piece. Knowing how to make money with lyrics is important.

Here are some tips to follow if you plan to make real money with song lyrics:


Write a Song with Emotional Lyrics

There is almost no song that does not convey emotions. Whether you want the song to be a relaxed song or tense and full of paranoia depends on how much emotion you can pour into the lyrics.

Think About Prevailing Situations

When writing the lyrics of a song, you need to call to mind the current situation around you. It could be that you just went through heartbreak, and this emotion could fuel your creativity in constructing lyrics that pertain to anyone suffering heartbreak. Or perhaps, it may be the prevailing situation in your country; endeavor to write the words about it.

The point is to be able to connect with anyone who listens to such songs, for songs that people connect with makes the top charts. For instance, when Paul Walker passed on, a song was composed by Whiz Khalifa in his honor and it served as part of the theme music for the Furious & movie that was released last year. That song remained on the Top 10 charts music billboard for months afterward because people all over the world were able to connect with the song and the late actor. If you are good at this, you will always be able to sell song lyrics online for a good price.

As a songwriter, you get to earn what is called ‘royalties’ each time your song is sold, streamed or downloaded online. There are two primary ways by which you as a songwriter make money via royalties: you could make money that is generated from the old school music industry which is known as ‘Physical/Analog Songwriter Royalties’ while the other is the ‘Digital Songwriter Royalties’ which is generated via the contemporary digital music industry.

Let’s take a look at each of them:

Physical/Analog Royalties: This revenue is usually generated from the sale of CDs or cassettes. The royalty you earn here is known as mechanical royalty which is created from the reproduction of your song. The people behind the payment of this type of fee are the record companies as well as other individuals that manufacture products for your song.

Royalties from Public Performance: You make money every time there is a public performance of your music piece. Public performance, in this sense, is when your song gets to be played on a radio station or at the local pub; it could be performed in a salon or restaurant. The radio and television stations, restaurants as well as bars, movie theaters, and offices are responsible for paying this royalty.

License Royalties: This type of royalty, which is from the ‘Distribution’ copyright, is paid when a television studio or production company or any individual desires to use your composition in a movie, television commercial or a television show. They have to pay for the synchronization license.

Print Royalties: This type of royalty is generated when printed materials such as lyrics and sheet music. When sheet music is created, and an organization of music publisher decides to print some T-shirts with your music lyrics on them, you get paid a print royalty. The government does not take part in such dealings for it is a one-on-one negotiation.

List of Banks in Nigeria - Commercial Banks, Head Office Addresses and Websites

List of All Commercial Banks in Nigeria and Their Websites and Head Office Contact

The African Banking Corporation was established as Nigeria's first bank in 1892. Nigeria had no banking legislation except for three foreign Banks which were the Barclay's Bank, the Bank of British West Africa and the British and French Bank until 1952.

The only two indigenous banks Nigeria had were the African Continental Bank and the National Bank of Nigeria. But today, Nigeria has countless number of banks which are of operation presently and approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Nigeria is growing impressively in the sector of banking. It has being able to produce trusted and guaranteed banks over the years. Between 2006 and 2015, Nigeria banks had reduced, left with the efficient and qualified ones all over the country to compete with their counterpart all over the world. Below are list of banks in Nigeria.                                                                        

Basically there are different sectors of banks in Nigeria. Below are lists of banks in Nigeria.                                                                        

Commercial Banks
This type of bank is embedded with the commercialization duty. It is a form of financial sector that provides the services, such as investment products, making business loans, deposit of money and other valuable materials.

There are several and anonymous numbers of commercial banks in Nigerians, but below are list of notable ones;                                                                                        

Access Bank Plc.
Access bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria. It was founded in 1989 and acquired intercontinental bank in 2011. Access bank has it branch in 9 African countries.
Plot 99c, Danmole Street,
Off Adeola Odeku/Idejo Street,
Lagos State.
Email: contactcenter@accessbankplc.com
Tel No: 0700-2255-2223-77.                                                                  

Citibank Nigeria
Citibank Nigeria was formerly named Nigeria International Bank before it was officially changed to its present name. The company operates with 12 branches in every state in Nigeria.

Citibank Nigeria is a subsidiary of Citigroup, USA and incorporated on May 2, 1984.
Charles S. Sankey House,
27, Kofo Abayomi Street,
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria.
Website: www.citigroup.com
Tel No: 01-279-8400                                                                

Diamond Bank
Incorporated on 21 March, 1991, Diamond bank is a universal bank that offers full range of banking products, services and experiences for customer’s satisfaction.
Plot 4, Block 5, BIS Way,
Off Lekki-Express Way, Lekki, Lagos
Website: www.diamondbank.com
Tel No: 0700-300-0000
Fax: 01-261-9728                                                                    

A Pan-African bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria with operation in almost all the African countries.
Plot 21, Ahmadu Bello Way,
Victoria Island, Lagos.
Website: www.ecobank.com
Tel No: +2348003262265, 07005000000.                                                                        

Enterprise Bank
Formerly known as Spring Bank, It was founded in August 5, 2011 when the Central Bank of Nigeria revoked the license of operation from Spring Bank and gave it to Enterprise Bank to begin operation.

The bank offers various banks services like granting loans, investment services, savings, debit and credit cards etc.
143, Ahmadu Bello way,
Victoria Island, Lagos.
Website: www.web.entbanking.com
Email: enquiries@entbanking.com
Tel No: 07003682265.                                                                        

Fidelity Bank Plc
Fidelity Bank Plc started as Fidelity Union Merchant Bank Limited in 1988. It is known as one of the fastest growing bank in Nigeria. It was given license to begin operation as a commercial and financial service by the Central Bank of Nigeria in February 2001 when it name was already changed to Fidelity Bank Plc in 1999.
2, Kofo Abayomi Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos,
Website: www.fidelitybankplc.com
Email; info@fidelitybankplc.com
Tel No: 080034335489.                                                                      

First Bank of Nigeria
First Bank was established in 1984 and since then won so many awards as the largest financial service institution in Nigeria. This bank has international presence with over 750 branches across Nigeria.
They are tested and trusted based on strong liquidity, leadership and good customer’s services.
35, Marina,
P.O.Box 5216, Samuel Asabia house, Lagos.
Website: www.firstbank.com
Email: firstcontact@firstbanknigeria.com
Tel No: 07080625000                                                        

First City Monument Bank (FCMB)
Just like every other banks, First City Monument Bank offers banking services like investment banking, providing financial services, loan assistance, trading etc.
Primrose Towers,
17A, Tinubu Street,
Lagos Street.
Website: www.firstcitygroup.com
Email: corporateaffairs@firstcitygroup.com
Tel No: +234(0)12793030                                                  

FSDH Merchant Bank
Founded in 1992, it provides merchant banking services, foreign exchange, investment banking and trade finance services in Nigeria to corporate and structured businesses.
5th floor, UAC house,
1/5 Odunlami Street,
Marina, Lagos.
Website: www.fsdhgroup.com
Email: fsdh@fsdhgroup.com
Tel: 01-2702880                                                                                    

Guaranty Trust Bank
This bank is popularly known for its online services that it offers. They use technology in making banking very easy for their customers. With your phone and an internet connection, you can transfer money from your account into any account and also cash your money from Western Union into your local bank account.

It was founded in 1990.
635, Akin Adesola Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos.
Website: www.gtbank.com
Email: enquiries@gtbank.com
Tel: +234700482666328.                                                              

Heritage Bank
One of the most innovative banks in Nigeria that support small, medium and big businesses by providing loans and other normal banking services to their customers.
292B, Ajose Adeogun Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos.
Tel: 01-8447731.                                                        

Keystone Bank
It is a commercial bank owned by AMCON (Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria), approved and license by the Central Bank of Nigeria on the 5 of August, 2011. With subsidiaries in Uganda, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Liberia, Keystone Bank is offers effective solutions and services to its customers.
1, Victoria Island,
Website: www.keystonebankng.com
Tel: 07080605000                                                      

Skye Bank
Skye Bank is one of Nigeria’s leading commercial banks offering premium banking services to their customers. It was founded in 2006.
3, Akin Adesola Street,
Victoria Island,
Website: www.skyebanking.com
Email: info@skybanking.com
Tel: 0024312701600

Stanbic IBTC Bank
Stanbic Bank Nigeria Limited and IBTC Chartered Bank Plc merge to become Stanbic IBTC Holdings. Stanbic IBTC is a member of Standard Bank Group, a financial service gaint in South Africa.
IBTC Place,
Walter Carington Cres,
Website: www.stanbicibtc.com
Email: customersnigeria@stanbicibtc.com
Tel: 070022557826242.                                                              

Sterling Bank 
Sterling Bank is popularly known as, “the one-customer bank” and they do stick to it. They deliver solutions that enhance stakeholders’ value. It is one bank with premium banking experience with their customers. They do listen to their customer’s voice.
235, Ikorodu Road,
Oshodi Isolo,
Website: www.sterlingbanking.com
Email: customercare@sterlingbanking.com
Tel: 01-4484481-5                                                      

Union Bank of Nigeria 
Union Bank of Nigeria is one of the oldest, respected and largest banks in Nigeria and West Africa large.  They provide all banking services you can ever think of which treasury services is not out of it. They are also listed in the stock market.
Stallion Plaza,
36, Marina,
Website: www.unionbankng.com
Email: info@unionbanking.com.                                                        

United Bank of Africa (UBA)
United Bank of Africa also one of the largest financial institutions license by the Central Bank of Nigeria. It has offices in 20 African countries and subsidiaries office in United States, United Kingdom and France.
UBA House,
57, Marina Street,
Victoria Island,
Website: www.ubagroup.com
Email: cfc@ubagroup.com
Tel: +23416319822.                                                                      

Unity Bank
It is known as the largest employers of labour in Nigeria. It has it headquartered in Abuja. Founded in 2006 with the merging of nine financial institutions to form Unity Bank Plc.
Plot 785, Herbert Macaulay Way,
CBD, Abuja.
Website: www.unitybanking.com
Email is we_care@unitybanking.com
Tel: +234(0)7080666030.                                                              

Wema Bank
It was founded May 2, 1945 and granted a commercial banking license that same year to commence banking activities. It is a trusted bank in terms of saving money and granting of loans. They allow anyone to use their Western Union irrespective whether the person is their account holder in the bank or not.
54, Marina, Lagos.
Website: www.wemabank.com
Email: purpleconnect@wemabank.com
Tel: +2348039003700.                                                              

Zenith Bank
Zenith Bank is popularly called, “The big boys bank” because of their high terms and conditions. It is among one of the largest commercial banks in Nigeria. It was established in 1990, and it is listed in the stock market as the biggest tier-1 bank in Nigeria.
Zenith Heights,
Plot 84, Ajose Adeogun Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos.
Website: www.zenith.com
Email: zenithdirect@zenithbank.com
Tel: +234-1-2787000.                                                    

Best Email Marketing Platforms For Small Businesses


Are you looking for most effective email marketing platform for your small business? How much do you know about this? Do you really need email platform to market your product?

All what you need to know concerning email marketing platform shall be explain vividly to you, all you need do to kick start this marketing strategy and the various platform we are having shall be discussed in this post you are reading.

Email marketing based on findings is an effective way a small business manager or owner can use to reach his potential and current customers, look for new catch, and at the same time convert those catch into customers.

Small Business Email Marketing Ideas, Options and Software
They are different options you can go for as a small business manager or owner in the world of email marketing platforms, there are various varieties of them for different businesses but I shall pick randomly on the best ones you can trust irrespective of your business niche.

Email marketing also gives your customers that opportunity to be seeing your latest development as such influence by the mail to make the purchase of the particular product.

As I said earlier, I have compiled some A+ list of the popular and most effective email marketing platform for small businesses. They shall be in similitude to other though they may have little peculiarities in there features.

Here are however the final cut of the affordable and most effective choices of small businesses email marketing and how they can actually be utilized.



This platform has everything you need as a small business manager in terms of email marketing solution. It gives room for neat and fine designs and creation of professional-likes emails with many designs template you can trust.

Enable the use of drag and drop in editing.
It has a detailed analytics.
Nice support dedicated for customer representatives.


This is an email marketing platform that has host of powerful and easy-to-use email marketing equipment and tools, more than 150 marketing template and lot more. Aweber is a well-established platform that gives great deliverability. It is one of the most reliable, well known and oldest email marketing platforms.

There is room for email personalization options.
It has auto responders.
It has live support services.
Availability of complex personalization options.
The tools enable more messages to be delivered to the subscribers
It has customized templates and forms to sign up for the support of owners brand.


This email marketing platform is a solution platform for small businesses. It was developed with a simple tool that can offer nothing less than 1,200 possible sets of email variations.

It's track able i.e. it sees who clicks, open and read your emails.
It has targeted email auto responders.
Customization enablement


Emma is another email marketing platform that has a very stylish simple way to get in touch with the potential and available customers, members and fanatics. It is very great for small businesses, franchises, retailers and other business oriented platforms.

Features include;
Availability of drag and drop editor.
It has real-time analytics.
Present of delivery advice when the need arise and other consultation.
There is room for research, survey, and many other ways of gathering information about subscribers.
Unlimited 60 days trial for free.
Beautiful and confirm user interface.
Image hosting spaces are unlimited.
It has automated email.
Customizable templates.

However, despite all these features Emma is having, there are some lapses contain therein and they are;
It doesn't report spam messages.
A/B testing automatic splitting.


If you are having difficulties with other email marketing, Icontact is a platform you can count on. It is user friendly and easy to operate, and the pricing is basically on the size of the list of subscribers.

It has a great deliverability rate.
It has contact segmentation
Mobile phone supportive, email and chat.
Various options for contact management
Availability of message layout.

Despite its features it also has a little loophole and they are;
24/7 mobile phone usage or support.
10,000 and more lists of user.

Constant Contact

It actually focuses on how to get small businesses engaged with email marketing. It doesn't base on this only but also help in growing businesses, making adequate and constant contact a great weapon for basically offline businesses who really want to utilize the pleasure of online marketing.

It is also at the same time multi-channel marketing strategy, it has newsletters, announcement, promos etc. in its content.

Drag and drop editing
Social media integration.
Free 30 days access.
Multiple applications options.
It has nothing less than 400 email template that are customized.
Mobile phone supportive, email, FAQs, tutorials and more.

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5 Best Business Ideas and Opportunities in Minnesota

Home Business Ideas and Small Business Opportunities in Minnesota

Do you live in Minnesota? Have you been thinking about starting a business that will make both you and your family financially free and not depend on paycheck?

The best time to start a business is now, the internet has made it so much easier that anyone can source for information and even free business plans. With the way the world economy is going right now, it is quite obvious that paycheck can’t cover all our expenses any longer. So, starting a business is the only trusted option for now.

As the ninth largest economy in the United States of America, Minnesota boats of an array of business opportunities that the savvy investor can exploit.

These business ideas in Minnesota are either existing, hence the investor can seek ways of refining and improving or these ideas are yet to be started but possess the needed viability to guarantee business success.

These business ideas in Minnesota are as follows:

Tourism Agency

The state of Minnesota boasts of a rich variety of tourists sites that include the over 11,842 lakes covering an area of over 10 acres in size. In addition, it is estimated Minnesotta plays hosts to 6,664 natural rivers and streams that flow for a cumulative total of several thousands of miles.

The state also has hundreds of animal and forest reserves that house so many species of birds and animals. As a result of the natural endowments, Minnesota plays hosts to millions of visitors from around the world, who come to enjoy the splendor and beauty of nature.

The savvy investor can key into this business opportunity/idea by providing bespoke tourism services such as flight and hotel booking, knowledge camps and courses on Minnesota, sightseeing tours, as well providing other services related to Tourism in the state.


Minnesota has traditionally been a dominant provider of agricultural inputs for the manufacturing industry in America and abroad. Minnesota ranks as the number in the production of sugar beets, sweet corn, green peas as well as farm-raised turkeys, as production inputs for manufacturing concerns.

This business idea in Minnesota can be tapped into by the savvy investor, by setting up agricultural farms, whose size will depend on level of operation as well as financing. The business owner can invest in modern agricultural farming equipment and inputs in order to boost yield and to guarantee a handsome return on investment.
Wood Logging and Milling

Minnesota, because of its abundant forest reserves, plays hosts to a large number of wood logging and processing businesses. Saw mills are usually sited close to river banks, in order to ease the process of transporting them to the end market.

The savvy investor can exploit this business idea in Minnesota in order to service the needs of industrial and energy companies in need of the fuel and other by-products of wood.

The entrepreneur can set up a wood logging and milling plant, employing the latest affordable cutting edge in processing timber into forms that can be used in the production of pencils, furniture, pulp wood and other wood based products.


Minnesota plays host to large deposits of high grade iron ore, an industry which kicked off with the discovery of iron in the Vermillion and Mesabi Ranges in the late 1880s. There are also large deposits of other valuable minerals such as taconite.

The investor can take advantage of this business idea in Minnesota, to commence the extraction and beneficiation of iron ore and other minerals. What will be required  from the business owner will be the use of requisite technology, the availability of trained personnel, affordable channels of transportation and a sourced market to receive the products of the beneficiation process.

Real Estate

 Minnesota has rapidly developed and boasts of some of the most advanced infrastructure in the United States of America. Overtime, because of industrialization and mechanization, there has been a steady rise in the rural to urban drift; an incident driven by the search for jobs and newer opportunities. This has opened up the housing market in Minnesota.

The savvy investor can utilize this business idea in Minnesota to provide affordable and bespoke housing units to various income brackets ranging from low to medium to high. The entrepreneur will seek to utilize the latest trends and technologies in putting up both commercial and residential housing units and accommodation, to cater to the needs of the market. It should be noted that the population of Minnesota has continued to grow in the urban areas over the last two decades.

These business opportunities/ideas just listed above is proven to generate $10,000 and above on a monthly basis. So, don’t wait behind while people are cashing this money into their account. You can make it if you give it a try.

5 Most Lucrative Business Ideas and Opportunities in DR Congo

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Congo DR

Starting a business in DRC
I'm here again, as usual to nourish your taste and quench your thirst on successful business idea you can cope and liberate with in DR Congo.

Are you looking for attractive and palatable business ideas in Congo? Are you tired of sitting down idle doing nothing? Do you need to change your taste and try other business in Congo? Oh yes! You can't just take it anymore, you really need to stand on your own to avoid the mess you've always been shown by your boss, welcome home my blood, it is business ideas hour in Congo, Follow me explore!

You actually need to find out the best and most successful business idea you can venture in and make way within twinkle of an eye, do I just exaggerate? No, I mean everything I say and I say everything I mean. Try and ferret the reality of my words by sailing through this precious article.

I pray the ugly incidence shouldn't repeat itself again, after the sabotage and destruction of Congo that left it in shambles and scrambles, the country is now on a mission though still under development or construction.

Doing Business in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Starting a business in DR Congo is not the problem because environment is adequate and conducive for business but what to start is the major problem. I shall therefore explain vividly to you those business opportunities you've been battling with, no charges required, free of charge! But don't forget to comment later when it works out for you.

The following are however the successful ideas that has been so profitable in Congo brazzaville;

Estate agent


Field cultivation, rearing of animals and planting of different spices of crops in Congo is a business one can rely and reckon on. You can achieve almost two things here, you sell your farm produce as well as consume to your own satisfaction.

Modernize your own agriculture and generate something huge. Seize this business opportunity to break the jinx of idleness.

Congo is a country that people don't believe in agriculture that much but the reality is that the business can never suffer in the market because everybody wants to live, and without food there will be problem.

Let's talk poultry, people imported frozen chicken and eggs into this country with huge population and they sell them in an agape amount of money.

Start up one and see if you will make it or not. Venture into agriculture in DR Congo, buy modern tools for your productions and see the glory of the lord!


The impact of Telecoms cannot be over emphasized in this modern day of ours. Study shows that telecom and ICT in Congo is very poor compare to their ratio, you can however seize the opportunity to establish phone center, business cyber cafe and to start making reasonable amount of money.


The mining sector is a very lucrative business sector in Congo. DR Congo is a place you can tap your wealth from through mining. The country is blessed with natural resources such as precious stones and minerals.

You need labor force and equipment to grab the millions gold and diamonds that are beneath the surface in Congo.

Estate Agent

As I said earlier, Congo is a country that is still under construction. You may have heard about the war incidence and poverty ordeals of Congo before, but I will implore you to travel down to Kinshasa to explore and have a look at things you will surely wish to rewrite the book of history. Real estate is just a business idea I will give you to go for in Congo.

Starting an estate agent business does not need you buying a house, just like the word, “Agent”, you are the middle person between renters and owners. If you can successfully link house buyers or renters to the owners, you get a commission after transaction is made.

Commission ranges from 20% to 30% depending on the kind of deal.


This is where goods can be kept till the need arises. Importation of construction and agriculture materials is very high in Congo and poorly housing is given to these good. Goods warehousing is something important and necessary to avoid shortage and loss.

Venture into this business, lease or rent warehouse to various organizations and seal a legal agreement with them, this doesn't mean you are not safe with them but just in case thing goes out of hand.

These are the most profitable businesses one can venture into in Congo and make millions on the long term. Remember, these businesses are not get-rich-quick business, they involve dedication, persistence and patient to scale through the difficult times you might experience during the early stage of the business.

5 Most Profitable Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Maryland

Most Lucrative Small Business Opportunities and Home Business Ideas in Baltimore, Federick Maryland MD, USA

How much do you know about Maryland? Have you been running up and down looking for great business opportunity you can venture into in Maryland? Maybe you are actually thinking of small businesses ideas that will pave way for you within this second quarter of the year in Maryland, whatever your case maybe I shall with pleasure unpack some best business ideas you can trust on and start in Maryland.

Starting a business in Maryland doesn't require much energy nor strength but it require the real and well explanation on what to kick start, undoubtedly, I shall in my best knowledge expatiate better on those fine business ideas that can make you millions of dollars in Maryland.

The fine business ideas in Maryland that I cooked for you are as follows:

Coffee Bay

If you are looking forward to starting up coffee shop in Maryland I think you've made a right choice. There is little or no challenges at all in this regard all you need is to gather strength and little penny to run the business as a first timer and before you know it your business might have gotten to the climax.

You need to carry out a brief research and some help from those that are into the business for so long, meet them to garner strength on your business plan, manners and ways to design your shop and other important things to put in place to avoid fines from the law of the land.

Places like Baltimore, Ocean city! Rockville, Annapolis and many more in Maryland are fantastic and promising places you can make huge money as a Coffee bay. Serve your customers with the best of all services in your care and you will be happy realizing that your dream as a successful businessman or businesswoman has been fulfill through this small but mighty business idea given to you.

Real Estate

Maryland ranked second on 'Money Magazine' as America's best places to live in the 2010. If you are planning to be a real estate agent in Maryland - congratulations! This is a business idea that you can venture into in Maryland and make way within Nano seconds because of it reasonable prices for homes and estates, people tends or even prefer to stay in this part of America because there business grows well.

Maryland has scooped different notable positions on series of ranking in America, like the safest place, most livable cities name them. Going into real estate in place like this is not a bad idea.


This is not a bad business idea at all, it is no brainier if you rush and establish this recreation center with up to date facilities like well-furnished and polished lodging, good entertainment center, relaxation environment, gymnastic center and the likes in Maryland.

Maryland is a city with low rate of crime and disaster, job security is intact so everyone is happy, there is a need for them to catch fun and play safe, so coming down to a resort isn't the next option when one work for hours? Indeed, such a quality of life is been used there so grab this opportunity now before it is too late.

Business Writer

Yes! Like the one I'm doing. Maryland is nearer to Washington DC and this made any form of business establish there to thrive well. Day in day out people need business ideas and plans to startup a business. If you are skillful in sending words an errand then you can venture into this and write for different organization on how they can improve their business, how they can cope under frustrations and you can as well as write for to-be business managers.

To make all these possible you will have to get a blog where your write-ups will be celebrated by the readers.

Business Consultant

Are you surprise seeing this? No, it doesn't mean the same thing with business writer.
As a business consultant, you help business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs solve business issues, help draw business plans, give business advice and coaching. You can still make more money by hosting business seminars in various cities in Maryland.

You will need to get an office so you can be getting booked by your clients. Mind you, you need to have wider experience if truly you want to start this in Maryland.

Lastly, if you are Science or Engineering graduate, there are great business opportunity for you in many universities and colleges in Maryland that can pay your price irrespective of the qualification you are having.

Be it to lecture, assistant lecturer, Physician, guidance and counseling etc. Maryland is known for business and it's widely accepted as well in term of giving sound education to students.

What are you waiting for, this is your year of breakthrough just pick one and give it a try.

5 Best Business Ideas and Opportunities in Switzerland

Small and New Home Business Ideas and Opportunities in Switzerland

Have you been considering starting up a business in Switzerland but lack the ideas on what to do? Are you searching for small business ideas to do in Switzerland? If your answer is Yes, then, I advice you continue reading this post as it will be very helpful for you. You need a place that is customer friendly to start up your business, and Switzerland is definitely the place.

According to a foreigner who owns businesses in Switzerland, when he was asked how his business continued to flourish, he said that one of the main reasons is because Switzerland is ‘entrepreneur friendly’. Even if you ask me, I will tell you that this is the first thing you should look for in a place before starting up any business in that place, because to be frank, not all places are customer friendly.

I have decided to research on interesting businesses that could be explored by people who are considering establishing in a place like Switzerland. These ideas I am about to share with you are not just formed, they have been well researched and confirmed. They are guaranteed to bring you satisfaction and income.

Therefore, without wasting much of our time, let us dive in the businesses you can do in Switzerland.

Travel Consultant

Switzerland is a place where people from all over the world travel to and fro regularly for different reasons such a s business, food, money, health, vacation, school, etc. If you are familiar with traveling things, and even if you are not, you can consider looking into ways to make these visitors stay a more comfortable and profitable one.

You can help them find travel deals and tickets, and this might be for local travelers and international travelers. For as long as you continue to employ solid marketing strategies, you are guaranteed to make good money.

Nutritional Consultancy 

You can engage in nutritional consultancy. Nutritional consultancy involves helping people in selecting the right type of food for their health and well being. People need nutritional consultants for various reasons. For example, a person diagnosed of diabetes would need a nutritional consultant to help in planning meals that would help in alleviating the medical condition.

An obese individual would need a nutritional consultant to help administer the kinds of meals to take if he wants to reduce in size. An aged person would also need a nutritional consultant to help and give advice on the kinds of things to be doing and the types of food to be eating healthy living.
Many people need nutritional consultants in their lives. Even healthy people too need nutritional consultants if they want to stay healthy. So, it is left to you to decide if you want to become one of these consultants and make your money from it.

Data Analysis

All companies need data to operate. And these data can only be well calculated by a data analyst. From larger businesses to smaller businesses, there is always a need for data collection. These data collection are used for making decisions and changing strategies. If you are related to this field, and have been looking for business to start up in Switzerland, then, this is for you.

If you now take this business online, then, you would be guaranteed extensive patronage which would not limited to Switzerland alone. You can also register on freelance websites in order to get more customers.

Office Supply Sales

One other idea to consider establishing is selling of office supplies. There are various companies in Switzerland and you can make money from sales of materials like photocopiers, paper, fax machine, stationeries, inks, computers, and other office supplies. You can also look for companies in need for supply contractors and register with such companies.

You can become an official supplier of different items and get monthly payment or on a pre-agreed basis. It is also advisable you consider selling your products online as the internet is fast becoming the order of the day.

Freight Forwarder

Switzerland is a very popular place for so many items which people troop in to buy. For example there is this group of people who own clothes material stores in Africa that buy their goods from Switzerland. One thing here is that these people cannot be travelling to and fro Switzerland whenever they need stock.

This is where the freight forwarders come in. freight forwarders help people source for products at reasonable prices and help them with shipping so as to save them the time, stress and money involved in travelling to and fro. If you are considering going into this type of business, you would find lots of customers online.

5 Swift Ways to Receive Money From Customers Abroad Without Using Paypal


As more individuals and businesses are coming to terms with the reality that the world is now a globalized village, in which business transactions take place on the spot and between persons that are, more often than not, separated by far distances.

These transactions will involve the rendering of a service or the sending of a product from service provider to client receiver. The means for payment could be achieved over several thousand of miles via a number of channels. PayPal has for long, been the medium of choice for traders, merchants and individuals alike, who run and operate website. With a presence in many parts of the world, PayPal has held sway in the provision of online payment system platforms globally.

However the use of PayPal as a payment medium has been fraught with a lot of challenges, especially for users outside North America and the European Union. The major complaints have been the high commissions that are charged for transactions, which usually run into substantial sums at the end of a business period.

Secondly, there are still many regions in the world that currently enjoy limited services from the PayPal platform that restrict their capacity to send and receive funds. There have also been cases where PayPal account holders have been denied access to their accounts for various reasons; some tenable, others inexplicable. Such disruptions do not augur well, especially for businesses that deal in real time trade transactions.

Hence the need arises for other payment options aside PayPal, where money can be received from foreigners. These options present opportunities and options that are either not available or restricted on the PayPal payment platform. The other alternatives are as follows:

Safest and Cheapest Way to Receive Money Abroad Without Using Paypal


Formerly referred to as MoneyBrokers, Skrill has emerged as a viable alternative to Paypal. This is because the rates obtainable for both individual and merchant are reasonably priced on Skrill, the platform is easy to use and the platform balance almost immediately transferred to a prepaid credit card. In clear terms, the fees for individual transaction are pegged at 1% (with a maximum commission put at 10 Euros, although these rates differ from country to country.

In addition to notable websites and merchant channels like Skype, Odesk   that employ Skrill for payment transactions, receivers do not pay a processing fee to receive funds. For merchants based in the EU, the processing fees are charged at 1.5% + 0.20 Euros for transaction volumes reaching 50,000 Euros, while non EU transactions reaching volumes of  2,500 Euros, are charged commissions in the region of  3.9% + 0.35 Euros.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet, formerly referred to as Google Checkout, is gaining traction and credibility as an alternative payment platform to Paypal. Google Wallet does not boasts of all the features that Paypal may have, but its fees for both individual and merchant transactions are in the region of affordability.

Google wallet does not charge any fees for sending money from one’s bank account or from the Google Wallet platform but commissions are charged when money is transferred to a credit card. Google Wallet does impose certain limits such as a 10,000 USD per transaction and a 50,000 USD transaction limit over a 5 day work period.


Payoneer is another viable alternative to Paypal, in receiving funds from foreigners. In addition to the features offered by Paypal, Payoneer also offers individuals and merchants the opportunity of operating a virtual US bank account, which has proven to be a huge attraction, hence its growing acceptability worldwide. Payoneer charges an annual fee of 29.95 USD, while withdrawals using an ATM card incur a cost of 3 USD.


Formerly called AlertPay, Payza is being embraced by increasing numbers in the global business community, as a viable alternative to Paypal. Payza payment platform offers all the features available on other options. It is available in close to 200 countries worldwide and its processing fees are amongst the lowest amongst its peers. Payza is also an attractive catch because it offers certain payment services free of charge.


2checkout is another viable alternative to PayPal. It has solid presence in many countries around the world and offers individuals, merchants and businesses very attractive payment services. The capabilities of the  2checkout payment platform includes  a pre-integrated payments window, a dedicated merchant account, fraud detection and prevention as well as ease of use across a large number of international shopping sites  and platforms.

Since 2002, 2checkout has actively supported transactions in over 100 countries, in 87 currencies, accessed by over half a million merchants and individuals. For the African market, 2checkout charges a commission of 1.5% for funds received from abroad.

How To Manage Your Boss Effectively At Work


It is common knowledge that majority of the people who work as employees have issues with their superiors or bosses. If you are one of the people in this category, then be rest assured that you are not alone. A lot of people love their jobs, but hate their immediate boss, and this could lead to them making the decision to resign from their jobs or continue to with the job and endure the misery that comes with it.

Your boss is as human as you are, and it doesn’t matter whether he/she loves to take all the credit for a job you did, is egotistical, unreasonable, a micromanager, clueless or even indecisive, there are steps you can take or follow that will help you manage such a person.

Steps for an art of an effective boss management are outlined below:

6 Powerful Ideas To Design Your Boss Management Strategies

Checklist for managing your boss:

i.    Be Observant – You need to observe and take note of the type of person your boss is. Is your boss a slow thinker or fast-paced in thinking? Is he/she someone who likes to make decisions on the spur of the moment or someone who takes some time to think about an idea before reaching a decision? Once you take note of all these, you may have to compliment your style of communication to theirs. Another thing to pay attention to is how your boss is perceived within the organization. Is your boss someone that is well-liked or just being tolerated or even hated altogether?

ii.    Adjust your Attitude – It’s all good when you complain to your friends or family members about how crude your boss is as it is a good way to vent any pent-up emotions you may have carried all through the day from work. But whenever you are at work, endeavor to stay focused, positive and engaged. If you can, avoid sharing your feelings or opinions about your boss in the office. Remember, walls have ears, too.

iii.    Effective Communication – To communicate effectively, you need to know how your boss prefers to get informed about the progress of your day-to-day activities, depending on the section of the organization where you work. Your boss may or may not know everything; that is why you are working under him/her. Is he/she the type of person that prefers fine details about any work assigned to you, or do they prefer you to give them the 'general picture' kind of information?

Do they prefer to receive your reports via email, written reports or face-to-face communication? Then, how often do they expect to receive updates about work in progress? The way you communicate or present ideas to your boss matters a lot.

Ensure you use simple, easy-to-understand language when talking, as against using technological jargon that may be infuriating. If you can do this effectively, you will have no need to repeat yourself and could even engender trust. Every human under heaven has a weak spot or is passing through issues. If you notice that your boss is the type that is frazzled, disorganized or forgetful, then take it as your duty to help them out. You need to support and assist them to succeed, for if he/she succeeds, you will succeed, too.

iv.    Avoid Information Overload – Do not encumber your boss with too much information or statistical data that makes no sense to him/her. You need to be able to evaluate the information you pass across as well as provide relevant feedback. Before taking the report to him/her, be prepared, so you don’t punctuate your statements with ‘uuhmms’ and ‘aahhs’ and appear confused or incompetent. If the pros and cons need to be outlined, then describe them; present every key objective about your job. Answer any of the questions your boss throws at you to the best of your ability without using unnecessary words and any observations or recommendations you may have must be presented accordingly.

v.    Decision-making – You are not probably the only person your boss is managing. Therefore, any time you need a decision to be made that will affect your work, do take your time before approaching your boss. Yes, indeed, timing is of the essence when it comes to decision-making. Whether you get a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ concerning that decision, be prepared to back up your requests with data and facts.

Ensure that you stick to the aims and objectives and be prepared to accept the outcome of any decision your boss makes in the long run. Whether the decision is a wrong or right one, as long as it is your duty to work on the outcome, then make sure you run with it.

vi.    Finally, if you want to go far in your chosen career, going above your boss to put an end to issues is not the way to go. The complicated behavior of your boss may have nothing to do with his/her personality.

How To Make Money Writing and Selling Ebooks Online

Make Money Selling E-books

Can you make money online creating and selling digital downloads and information products like Ebooks? Do you know what e-book is all about? Are you interested in creating one? Do you have something to offer the world but don't know how to go by it? Here comes the answer to them all and other numerous questions that you've been brainstorming over for some time.

What is an e-book? Going by the name it is an electronic book containing information on different topics that worth write up and publish basically online and ready for consumption when it’s get to the portable document form known as PDF. Do you get that now? Yes, it consists of table of contents and usually has a cover page.

Creating an eBook file is one thing and selling it is another thing entirely, I shall however base on my knowledge explain thoroughly on how to get the two done without any or much stress.

One of the interesting things about selling eBooks is that you need only a copy or you write once and still sell it numerous times, eBooks are indeed an inexhaustible amount of inventory. As I said earlier, this electronic book is in file format which can be printed and also readable. The little discrepancy between this and the normal book we read is just the physical form and the former intangible form.

Creating and selling of eBook can be done by anybody in as much as you know what to actually write about, put pen to paper and market them to anybody on the INTERNET.

Let me at this juncture expatiate on how you can create an electronic book. To create an eBook the following basics need to be taken cognizance of.

Technically, there are two ways you can take to create an eBook and they are;

1. Meet a professional on this field who can create eBook very seriously, let the person do it all, you pay him money and commission your project. Don't let your cover page contents different from the words the eBook contains therein.

2. Basically you can create it yourself through the following guidelines I will give you for free.

Steps to Creating an EBook

Write tremendously and helpfully on that artistic skill you are good at or implore someone to write on your behalf if you cannot command language that easily converts your thought to meaning information.

Convert the typed content on Microsoft word to portable document form known as PDF when necessary.

Design a cover page of your choice after it is being converted.

After the cover page has being designed, and it is okay with you to decide on the price you will love to sell it.

How much should I sell this? That depends on you. Most eBooks that are priced between the ranges of $15-$25 sells faster.

After all has been said and done, the next thing to do is to upload and do the publishing of the project.

Where can I really sell my eBook?

The opportunity of where to sell an eBook on the internet is great and I would endeavor to list and probably explain some to you. You can also make money writing ebooks for Kindle.

The first place is Amazon KDP

Make Money Selling Ebooks on Amazon
This is a popular place to sell eBook on the internet for more people to buy, better still if you decided to sell your eBook to Amazon KDP that means people from other part of the world won't help but read your work.

This site gives room for creating and publishing your book after that you can tag your price. They are commissioned from the sale of your eBook and signing up and uploading your eBook is free. We have numerous writers out there that make money from this little for this reason, and you needn't to be left out.

You can also make money selling your ebooks on Ebay.

Create your own website

Your eBook can also be sold on your website if actually you have one. You only need to undergo the aforementioned steps in creating eBook, like deciding on what to write about, converting it to PDF format, creating the back page/cover, the amount to sell it.

Once you are done you just need a payment processor that is very secure. You own the website and the website is yours for this reason you won't have any problem in selling the proclaimed book or content.

The last place you can sell your eBook is on others site

I mean you will need to inform third party about your project and through this you can make sale. The third party here is no other than other website that is not yours, you get them involve and you will need to reach out consensus with them regarding legal tender.

The major problem you can actually encounter here is finance because the site admin may request you to pay some certain amount for hosting your stuffs. If I were you I wouldn't look at this third option twice I will rather go for the first two.

How To Make Money Online in Nigeria in 2016

How To Make Money Online in Nigeria into Your Local Bank Account using the Best Internet Businesses That Can Earn You Millions as a Nigerian PDF

What are some practical ways to make money from the internet in Nigeria for free?
In this post, I am going to orientate and enlighten you all on how you can actually make cool money online in Nigeria. This discussion is partially in conjunction with one of my previous post on 'How to make money from home' and I shall however take my time to ferret out the techniques it involve to make money online in Nigeria fast with little or no stress.

Are you so engross and can't wait to earn money online? Have you been trying different stuffs online and couldn't make any difference? If actually you care and want to make money online in Nigeria without paying money to start then you are on the right track by coming down here.

Online Jobs To Earn Money From the Internet in Nigeria
There are many website out there that have wrote series comprising step by step write-ups on how to make money online in Nigeria but at the end you wouldn't see any different but today I will make sure my point are elaborate and even clearer so that you will get the picture of what I'm saying in essence once and for all.

How do I Make Money Online From Nigeria?
Without mincing words and much ado, it's apparent that average Nigerian spent more than 5 hours with their phone clutched to their hand pressing, and some busy watching their laptop screen surfing the net on how to make money online as Nigerians but the reality is that none of them are ready to expose the secret for you.

In a nutshell, here are the top 6 ways of making money online in Nigeria with or without a website.



You only know how to buy products online, right? Have you shop on konga.com or the likes? Okay, you actually don't know they buy stuffs online? If you don't know then I'm telling you now, if you are versed in any artistic skills but don't know how to make real sales, it's advisable if you can visits some online hub for the sales of your precious work. We have many places like Olx.com, jiji.com, and others, visit various media outlet that specify their niche, sell your stuff to them and you will count your money in peace.


There is no gain saying the fact that sport betting is now a trend between young and older youth of Naija these days. Thanks God the popular football leagues in the world we soon commence and you can happily place your money on any of your choice with nothing less than ₦100 and if you are lucky, with that token you incur in the betting, you can scoop ₦100,000 or there about.

Funny enough, just a prediction of scores, corners, saves, foul loss and other jargons you can think of in sport, predict it correctly and have your money, not negotiable. I would love to discuss with you some other day on how to place money online for sport betting, are you in for this online business in Naija? Wow! I know football lovers will surely go for this.


You can make money online in Nigeria through websites. Don't you think and ask yourself that what is the reason behind Azeez Makinde the chief executive officer of Naijaloaded success, how does Linda Ikeji start her blogging? Why does Nairaland keeps leading other online forum and host of other website ? Their success is as a result of definite niche they specialized on.

Sorry you are lost, right? I mean Linda Ikeji base her blogging on celebrity stunts, Nairanland is basically a forum discussion and the likes, so if you actually want to make money online through blogging, then you need a unique niche that is rare to venture into.


Do you know how to dye and tie so well and at the same time you can go thus far by putting your skill into writing? If yes, you could create an electronic book know as e-book to reach people how to dye their clothes.

Do you know any business idea that can make one hit a jackpot in a Nano seconds? Put it into writing and create an e-book before you know, you are in money.

I know the idea of how to create one will be bothering your precious mind by now, I would have love to pinpoint on how to create one, if time call for, I shall discuss this fully in my next write up. However, creating an e-book is another way you can really make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime.


You get that, right? Yes, I will love to talk about this again but it will be brief, why? You can earn up to ₦50,000 online from home in Nigeria here, writing to get paid is what the concept of freelance actually mean. You can be a freelance writer for a media houses by furnishing them new story or news event as it's happening in your environment and you will be getting your pay per story.

On the other hand, you can be an online freelancer for blogs owners whereby you will be writing those articles, I mean plagiarize free contents before you know it, you would have hit a jackpot.

However, though not exhausted the above explanations if not the best are one of the best ways you can trust to earn money online in Nigeria without capital.

Stay cool!

Moving and Storage Franchise Opportunities and Startup Cost

Private and Public Mobile Portable Container Moving and Storage Franchise Cost, Startup Ideas and Opportunities

Do you want to start a Moving or Storage Franchise? Businesses, as well as homeowners, need help anytime they need to move or manage their possessions like furniture or junk. The moving storage franchise is one of the most lucrative industries in the country.

It is a broad niche that any entrepreneur who wishes to go into the moving storage business can succeed at easily. Buying a franchise from brands that are already established and are well known will enable any budding entrepreneur to have an edge over people who start from scratch.

The moving storage business, by all standards, is an industry that has come to stay. It is a twelve billion dollar industry which experts have given the estimates of growing at a minimum of eight percent every year in the next decade.

It is a given that one out of every six American citizens will move or change locations within the year and will ultimately need the services of a moving storage company to handle the moving of their prized possessions.

Most of the units moving and portable storage franchise operate in different ways, so choose the one that best suits you as an entrepreneur. There are some that provide movable storage containers for long distance or local moving clients and public mobile storage franchise coast-to-coast.

It works this way: any time a customer wants to move, he/she contacts you, and you deliver a movable container to the client’s home or office. The container gets filled with the customer’s chattels and returned to the warehouse where it waits in storage until the time the container gets shipped to the client’s new office or home anywhere across the nation.

Clients have several choices to make regarding the portable storage containers moving company they want to work with that will help them to move their belongings from one locale to another. They would naturally be inclined towards brands that are recognized in the moving storage industry since they want a consistent and dependable service.

We are in the technological age right now, and clients will expect a higher level of quality service when compared to the old school methods of moving possessions. You should be able to answer satisfactorily questions which may arise: questions like, ‘have you undergone professional training and have received certification to work in this industry?’; ‘will you pack fragile and unusual items separately and guarantee their safe delivery to its destination?’; ‘are the movers honest and free of drugs?’ etc.

These are just a few questions you may end up answering, and if you purchase a franchise from a reputable company, then you are rest assured that the power of that brand will help your business.
There are numerous franchising opportunities to take advantage of if you are planning to start off a career or business in the moving franchise industry.

Different moving storage companies have different plans for franchisors. There are several streams of revenue depending on the area you want to put your focus.

Below are the several categories:

Corporate relocation and office moves
Local moving and long distance moving
Packing services
Short-term and long-term storage
Moving boxes and packing supplies

When searching for the best moving storage franchise opportunity to invest in, the best ones are those that offer the following:

Small initial investment capital
Superb potential for growth
Moving experience not necessary
Striking logo as well as brand name
Big and safeguarded franchise territories
Advanced selling and programming software
All-inclusive mover and sales training courses.

Buying a moving storage franchise is a no-brainer because of the following factors:

Memorable and friendly – If you purchase a franchise from a moving company of good repute not minding it cost such as go mini's portable storage & moving franchise, your brand will stand out and can easily be called to mind anytime your services are required. Word-of-mouth advertising will work well in your favor as clients you have worked with satisfactorily will recommend you to their neighbors and friends who plan to change locations.

Recession proof – Moving storage business never bows down to a recession. When the economy is up, people also move up; when things are not looking too good, people economize. So, no matter the economic situation in the land, people will always move.

Starting from home – It is a business that one can start from home and because it is scalable, you can expand it to an extent significant enough to rent a commercial space for the firm.

Those are the benefits of purchasing a moving storage franchise from a reputable franchisor.  Only the courageous can take the bold step to make the transition from a government job to a private (entrepreneurial) freedom.

How To Start Up A Manufacturing Business


Starting up a manufacturing business is one business that has been making millions of dollars around the world though it consists of a lot of work to do. The first few days of starting up this business will be occupied with researching the market to help you understand it, seeking for finance and how to save cost but still achieve more, looking for ways to contact some already established manufacturers.

Convincing these manufacturers to probably invest in your business or convincing them to work with you may be difficult as a startup manufacturer, nevertheless hard work, commitment and determination would definitely guarantee you success in your business.

Manufacturing is one field that gives you independence to be your own boss especially when you want to start your own manufacturing business at home.

How To Start Up A Small Manufacturing Business

Below you would find some few tips that could be helpful in starting up your own manufacturing business with some that you can employ with no money.

How To Start A Manufacturing Business

Create a partnership strategy

You need to put into consideration that a partnership should have mutual benefits for the parties involved. Although it will be difficult to partner with top notch manufacturing companies, your proposal should be quite catchy and convincing to compel such companies to partner with you. It is imperative to create and intensive for the manufacturers to partner with you.

Take little steps

As a manufacturer you should try by all means to avoid mistakes because this business requires a lot of time and money. At the beginning of this business, you must avoid mistakes because the mistakes made at the beginning tell a great deal at the end. But mistakes are to be learnt from, the ability to pick up a mistake and improve upon it, guarantees for success.

You should be careful how you spend your finances, invest more and grow. Making hasty decisions without proper scrutiny may spell doom to the business even from the beginning.


Embarking on research is the key, and it is a guarantee for success. It is a medium where by you get firsthand information about your business. Finding out what is entails in general will help you understand the clothing manufacturing business. It is through research that you will identify your prospective customers and manufacturers. Figuring out how to provide the needs and requirements of both parties, will in turn boost your manufacturing business in India, and increase your profit.

Create a line of multiple partners

Like the adage that says “do not put all your eggs in one basket” so also should you not partner with just one company? I know you should by all means give the best in your services, but the truth is that there is always completion and having more than one partner will help build your experience which will be to your advantage. And it can be a tool by which you can boost your food manufacturing business in South Africa and other parts of the world.

Understand Necessary Legalities

You need to find out if there is a license required in your country to run your business or certification, then you need to take care of these and then you can began to rent or build, buy equipment and employ your staff.

Know your Team

Your team determines your success in manufacturing business. The number of staff is not a determinant for success but you should try to build a cordial relationship with your customers. This awards you the opportunity to have firsthand relationship with your clients, giving you the opportunity to provide the requirements of your clients and know what areas you need to concentrate more to be able to meet the needs of your customers.

There are a few laws that could help you in establishing a successful manufacturing business.  James Womack and Daniel have outline some laws that serve as guidelines in starting a manufacturing business, they are referred to as the manufacturer flow  these rules include:

1. Flow of raw material.
2. Flow of operators.
3. Flow of machines.

The flow of the materials 

This flow requires that you pay attention to details for example the logo of your business, the colors that represent the business, the packaging of products. It also requires that you understand the technicalities of manufacturing, little things that may not seem important but go a long way in determining the growth of the company

Operators flow

This rule suggests that you observe the work capacity of your staff, and this will help you with statistics and understanding the manufacturing business in general. And also helping you care for a present.

Machine flow

This rule emphasizes and dwells on the machinery available for use. The machinery used in production is quite important and it is through this means that products are created and also the produced. Therefor maximum care and attention is to be given to the machines. Continuous maintenance is required.

Manufacturing business is quite lucrative and although it requires so much time and commitment it is always worth the while at the end of everything hereby making all the efforts put into it worth it by all standards.

3 Highest Paying Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs For Publishers in 2016

Best Pay Per Click (PPC) Affiliate Marketing Sites For Ad Publishing: Get Paid Per Visitor

There are many high paying pay per click affiliate (PPC) programs outside there that allows various bloggers to earn their money online through blogging from each click generated through advertisement codes. These codes are inserted into the blogs of the bloggers. Traffic is one very important criterion for making from this kind of business. Without having a good number of traffic, you might not make the money that fast and easy, and this might lead to frustration.

So, it is very necessary and compulsory that before applying for any good pay per click program, you should ensure that blog of yours has a lot of traffic. And when it comes to the best converting pay per click affiliate programs traffic, search engine should be dealt with seriously.

There are different posts out there telling different ways of generating free traffic for your blog. There are also numerous posts and write up on the various means one can create Facebook ads if one intends to use the social media to generate more traffic.

Below is a list of the best pay per click affiliate programs which anybody including webmasters and bloggers can easily generate and make their money from.



Recently, as I was browsing through the internet, I came across a pay per click company which allows one to make money from just blogging. Adcmedia Company, through their platform, allows owners of blogs to make money from every click generated from their (Adcmedia) ads placed on the blogs of bloggers.

Adcmedia is a pay per click affiliate program which pays you an instant 10% of the income they generate for every member referred by you. So, you see, pay per click affiliate program is another way of making money online. Also, their application is fast and easy. It is an instant approval. You just need to fill the application form on their application page, then, you get accepted into its pay per click affiliate program.


Chitika keyword pay per click affiliate program is also among the very best pay per click affiliate programs many webmasters and bloggers apply to. It allows one to monetize their blog by converting every keyword in their blog into another link, probably external.

Now, for every click generated from the link, you will get paid. That is it! If you have a blog and you are looking forward to making money from it, this is a great move for you! Register now and start making your money from it.

According to Chitika, most readers do suffer from what is called banner blindness and one sure way to cash in on this and make money from it is to replace these banners with pay per click links within your post.

It is quite easy to generate a higher click though rate from CHITIKA than from GOOGLE, but in terms of cost per click, GOOGLE sure has a higher cost per click compared with CHITIKA.
There was a time I used them on my blog, but I just had to just remove them. I didn’t remove them because they are not good, no. I removed them because they were increasing my bounce rate.


Many people who are familiar with this kind of business will agree that GOOGLE ADSENSE pay per click program is the easiest and best way bloggers can earn good money from their blog(s) through Google pay per click affiliate marketing.

This is a program that is being administered by the world’s largest search engine which is GOOGLE. It is solely aimed at assisting bloggers make money through pay per click business. It was in the past people easily get access to Google AdSense account.

Currently, due to the enormous volume of application Google AdSense receives almost daily, the rules are now becoming more strictly than before. Sincerely, getting an AdSense account these days might be really hard. Moreover, there is still a way I will advise. Make your site well structured one and easily navigated so as to help you get an approved Google AdSense account.

I will advise that if you are not a very good or excellent web designer, you should do well to hire one to create that interesting, well-structured, and easily navigated blog or site for you. Also, do well to ensure that everything in your site or blog is original and not just lifted another’s blog or site.
These are some top pay per click affiliate programs I will advise you to apply for if you are looking for one.

5 Lucrative New Business Ideas in Massachusetts

Profitable Small Business Ideas in Massachusetts MA

Have you been looking for a way to start up a business in Massachusetts that has been disturbing you for some time now? Look no more as I am here to assist. There are many businesses waiting to be established in Massachusetts. But, before you go on in your plan, to invest your time and money, make sure that your plan will work.

You can make sure that your business plan will work by doing intensive market research, understanding how your business will work, and talking to your customers, knowing the possible ways your business will make money. These things are worth doing. Just validate your business plan and make sure it will work.

Before you commence any major business operation in Winchester and other parts of Massachusetts, it is important you register and get the approval of the state. Before you start a business and make it official, use the comparison guide to check the pros and cons of each entity, it will go a long way in impacting different aspect of your business, so choose wisely.

If you have known the kind of business structure that is right for you, it is important you use LLC or DBA guide to help you walk through the process of registration. You will sure need some money for the starting up process in Massachusetts. Nearly all start up has some expenses to start. There are many ways to bootstrap or finance your business.

There are many options involved when opening a bank account for your business in order to keep your personal and business account separate. Bear in mind that by opening a bank account that is separate from your personal account, you will keep your personal liabilities as a Massachusetts owner of a business at the nearest minimum. This is what is called separate legal entity of a business.

Massachusetts is a place where the government value tax a lot. So, before you start up any business, bear in mind that you will be paying tax. Currently, Massachusetts has reduced the corporate tax rate that was 8.75% in 2010 to 8.25%. This is expected to save businesses in Massachusetts a great sum of money in a fiscal year.

Now, I will be taking you to some interesting business ideas to start up in Massachusetts. Below are some top small businesses to embark upon in Massachusetts.


Online Marketing Service

Since the world is rapidly going technological, there is now an increase in the rate at which people buy things online. Businesses are now left with no other choice than to set aside a part of their budget for online marketing. There is enough proof that many businesses are making enough money via sales in the internet.

So, if you have been thinking of possible ways to start a business, you can start one that attracts different customers through the internet. Online marketing business is a continuous growing one which will continue growing until the internet cease to exist.


This is another profitable business to do in a state like Massachusetts. According to Inc.com, e-commerce industry has been projected to continue growing annually at a rate of 8.8% throughout 2017. This is not a surprise as many people feel safer buying product via the internet.

If you have been thinking of a good business opportunity in Massachusetts, consider launching your own e-commerce store where you will market your products and services, then you sit back, fold your arms, and watch the sales come. If you don’t have much capital, you may need to start in a small way by offering a few products at first, and then expand the range of your product. Most big brands started small.

Pet Care 

Do you know that as of 2012, it was recorded that Americans spent more than $40 billion dollars on just pet care? Pet care industry has enjoyed enormous growth for a long time now which will not decline for a long time to come.  This is one of the most profitable business opportunities in Boston Massachusetts.

If you are a person who loves pets a lot and you are still deliberating what to venture in, deliberate no more as this is a nice business to venture in. Even though you do not have a degree in Veterinary medicine, it should not bother you, as you can work with someone with a qualification or learn the basics and start up your own.

Environmental Consulting

“Green living” is currently among the most commonly words in the United States as more people are getting to understand the negative effects of chemicals and combustion fuels that are produced in industries and homes. Environmental consulting is a sure business to venture on in Cape Cod Massachusetts if you want to take advantage of the current situation and make profit from it.


There is a fact that restaurants employ more than 10% of the population in the United States labor force. This is a proof that restaurant is a very good business venture. Since people all over the world will always eat regardless of the economic situation, establishing, or buying, or owning a restaurant business is a stepping stone in making money in Massachusetts. This is one of the top 100 women-led businesses in Massachusetts.


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