Factors Affecting Product Selection Process

Influencing Factors To Be Considered During Product Selection Process

It is widely known that to undertake a business venture requires adequate preparation. The options for an entrepreneur on goods and services are numerous, just as opportunities for investment are uncountable and diverse. Nevertheless, the first step towards success is the selection of essential service or product.

Goods and services are the most significant and visible contact with consumers and represent the mental symbols of the customer’s goals, social patterns as well as private attributes.

So what are the factors affecting product selection process? Products can be defined as any manufactured article or creation which can be offered for sale, use or utilization. Therefore, the following factors which must be considered are some of the factors which affect the process of product selection:


Financing: The size of the amount needed is one of the biggest factors to consider. For proper development, production, promotion, sales as well as distribution, an adequate resource is an essential requirement in product selection process.

The Disparity in The Supply Chain: It is the size of the demand in an unfulfilled market that will determine the selection of a particular product. Business opportunities arise as a result of the magnitude of the demand in a particular niche. It is, therefore, the product which has a high chance of success as reflected in its market that will be selected. The existence of a noticeable demand for the selection of a product is paramount.

Accessibility and Availability of Raw Materials: Since different products require the use of various raw materials, the source, quantity as well as quality of the materials are some of the factors that affect the process of product selection. Are the raw materials easily obtainable within a few hours or days? How much is the magnitude of the materials and is the source of the raw materials impeccable? Can you readily access the location where the raw materials are situated? Answers to these and many other questions must be amply provided and be satisfactory.

Nature of The Product: The nature of the product is also one of the factors to be taken into consideration. The physical characteristics of a particular product will determine its means of distribution. The type of distribution channel for perishables will not be the same for imperishable products. Perishable products have to utilize a shorter channel to reach customers in the shortest time possible to maintain its quality.

Marketability and Profitability: The product that has the highest potential for profit is most often, the product that is selected. On the other hand, if a product can be sold as an accompaniment to an existing product and is marketable, then it is a wise option to consider.

Technical Issues: Another factor that affects product selection is the technical process of production. It is important to take cognizance of the technical effect of creating the product and its implications on the production line already in existence as well as the accessible technology required. The manual workers that will be on hand to see to the smooth production of the product are factors that must also be considered as well. It is the selection of a particular product that determines whether the available types of machinery will suffice or if there will be a need to procure new or refurbished machinery to handle the production process. How satisfactory and acceptable the product will be for the consumer and its technical acceptability will go a long way in meeting the requirements in the product selection process.

Qualified Employees: How many of your employees or workers are professionally qualified to handle the production process as well as the promotion of the product when it is ready to hit the market? The availability of skilled human resources will go a long way in determining the profitability of the product as the costs of creating the product will be kept to a minimum. There will be a drastic reduction in some wastage since professionals are the ones handling the production process.

Policies of The Government: There is so much one can do regarding this factor, as it is one factor that is totally uncontrollable. The focal point of public policy can inadvertently influence or affect the selection of the product you want to produce.

Company Objectives: One more factor that affects product selection processes is the realization of the organization’s short as well as long-range goals and objectives. Is the creation of the product going to contribute to the accomplishment of the company’s objectives? If not, then the product may have to be revised.

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Teaching Young Adults How To Save: 5 Tips For Parents


The biggest mistake you can make is to assume that your kids will learn to save by themselves once they reach a certain age. Like all other habits, saving is also something that is inculcated in young adults by conscious effort from a young age. They see you saving, they will save. You insist on the importance of saving, they will understand and realize the importance of it as well.

The central idea is to make them realize that living pay check to pay check, or pocket-money to pocket-money right now, is not an advisable option and having a backup is extremely necessary.

Read through the following five tips, designed for parents, that will help you a great deal in making your young adults learn how to save effectively;

Lead by Example

Words have to be accompanied with action in order to be effective and bring results. Leading by example is the embodiment of this rule. No matter how many inspirational lectures regarding the importance of saving you deliver to your children, it is going to be rendered ineffective if your own actions are not supporting it.

If you are spend-thrift yourself, it is this habit of yours that will determine the action of your children rather than the words. As such, be an active saver yourself. Show your kids the ways you actually employ to save and fully communicate to them the actual benefits that you have reaped by saving

Familiarize them with banking; focusing on savings account

The best way you can familiarize your young adults with banking, specifically in context of saving, is to open up a savings account for them and encourage them to deposit their set aside pocket money in that account to ensure that they’re not ending up spending it on some unnecessary thing. They cannot learn in isolation; give them as much exposure to account types and their purposes as possible. The more mainstream you take them in, the better they learn.

Talk to them about major house expenses

What makes young adults unable to learn saving is the fact that they’re not aware of the practical realities functioning in the house such as expenses of varied types, like bills and groceries. One of the very effective ways to teach them saving is to involve them as you sort out bills, set aside the required amount of money of each and talk about it alongside as well. You can even hand over some of the bill sorting responsibility on their shoulders like noting down the amounts and making comparisons from previous months’ bills and expenses.

Keep a family saving jar

Apart from the formal banking methods, you should also keep a little family saving jar inside the house to be filled through the month. As you put in small amounts of money in there on regular intervals, encourage your kids to do this as well. Since this is a collective activity and is being done right inside the house, it will prove to be quite effectual in the long run. It is the small savings that turn out to be most useful when done a long-run basis. This family jar is what teaches young adults the effectiveness of small savings.

Emphasize the importance of needs over wants

This is the cornerstone of teaching saving to young adults. They need to know the difference between both and what it means to not have needs fulfilled as compared to wants. When they know that needs are what drive the daily life and they simply cannot be compromised upon, they will automatically save up the major amount that they spend on wants often purchased on impulse rather than thoughtfully.

8 Profitable Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities in Alabama

Most Lucrative Small Business Opportunities To Start in Alabama

Starting a business in Alabama is not an easy task but it is worth it if there is a focus and readiness to face the challenges that comes with it. The process is really rocky. It requires much time, patience and extra effort.

Alabama is a state in the southern part of the United States of America which is also referred to as the heart of Dixie. Alabama is a state that is blessed with so many natural resources such as timber, water bodies, wide life and a very good soil for agriculture and 70 percent of the state is covered with forest and it is the second largest commercial forest in the United States of America.

Alabama is also called the cotton state because in the 80s about five million acres of its landscape was used to plant cottons. Alabama is the 30th largest of the 50 states in the United States of America. The rivers in the state include Chattahoochee, Tombigbee, Tennessee and Alabama River.

The natural resources found in a particular area determine the type of business that with strive there. With Alabama natural resources, it is automatically a home for tourism due to wild life in the area and a home for hunters too and fishermen.

Here are business ideas in Alabama that can really generate good income if you take action.

1. Farming: The soil is a very fertile for crops like cotton, vegetables, fruits, peanut etc. people must eat no matter how poor they are the raw materials for industries can also be produced through farming. Farming is a very good business that will strive in Alabama. Farming natural agricultural products is 100% profitable in Alabama because people are now more conscious of the health risk on consuming industrialized products.

2. Industry: Building a cloth making industry will strive in Alabama due to the presence of cotton in large quantity. They can easily be processed into different types of clothes such as jersey, under wares, socks, t-shirts, velvet. Though it can be capital intensive but it can be done and there is great profit in doing this. Timber is another crop that can be processed into different finished products such as furniture, condoms and lubricants, hampers, papers etc. processing timber into those finished products is an idea that can generate a lot of money.

3. Fishing and livestock: Due to the presence of large water bodies in the state, fishing is a very good business in Alabama. Fish for human consumption and fish can also be processed into canned food, foot wares, swimming goggles, fish leather, belts, toothpaste, dental products etc. livestock business such as cattle reserves and poultry can also strive in Alabama.

4. Freelancing: People are now aware about the advantage of advertising their business online. It attracts customers. People don’t go from place to place to look for product anymore; they just search through the internet so business owners in Alabama make sure that customers find them. Therefore businesses such as web designing, social media managing and search engine optimization strategist are good business ideas that will succeed in Alabama.

5. Buying and Selling Smartphones: This is a business idea that will strive very well in Alabama. With the invention of smart phones, tablets; i-pad etc. people have been relieved of the burden of carrying heavy gadgets around. Business and life evolve around the internet this days therefore selling and fixing smart phone devices is an idea that will strive in Alabama.

6. Restaurant Business: Running a restaurant is a type of business idea that will succeed in Alabama because people hardly have time to cook their meals and cooking nice meals make life easier for them. All they need to do is safe time by eating in a restaurant and make more money with the time they would have used to cook at home.

7. Pet Care Center: Americans loves dogs generally and see dogs as part of their existence. Citizens of Alabama spend a fortune on feeding, training, medication and veterinary services. Therefore establishing a pet care company in Alabama is a very good business idea that will succeed

8. Dry Cleaning Business: Dry cleaning is a good business that will succeed in Alabama. Due to the fact that people in Alabama always want to look good and have little or no time to do their laundry, they look for an alternative to cover up for their demanding jobs. Having a laundry service that will help make life easy is a very good idea.

These are great business ideas in Alabama that one can venture into and stop relying on monthly paycheck.

13 Good Business Ideas and Opportunities in Indiana

Best Small Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities in Indiana

Indiana is part of the United States of America with the 15th largest population in the country.  With the type of population in Indiana, business will succeed if the right ideas meet a determined heart.

Indiana is blessed with so many natural resources like crude oil and natural gas as it rank 23rd and 26th respectively in the production of crude oil and natural gas. It is also endowed with coal, different types of plants and animal’s species, water bodies and forest.

There are different types of businesses that will succeed in Indiana but we are going to discuss some:

1. Hotel Business: Indiana is a home for both local and foreign investors due to its resources and it is also a home for tourism in the United states of America with places like Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, Science Centre, Brauer Museum of Art, Brown County Park etc. Investing in building a hotel is a business that will earn a lot of cash because visitors comes in for business trip, tourism etc.

2. Restaurant Business: Investing in a restaurant that will cook intercontinental dishes is another type of business that will succeed in Indiana because people from all over the world visit the state of Indiana. Even though they will love to experiment with new dishes, they will be glad to find their local dish in Indiana and this will make them feel at home.

3. Website Designer: Venturing into website designing can be a lucrative business idea in Indiana. Due to constant demand for goods and services online, businesses will always employ the services of web designers. Learning how to build a site will help earn a lot of cash in a state like Indiana

4. Pet Care Center: Breeding and training dogs is a very good business that will grow in Indiana. Americans love dogs and they take dogs as good pets. If you are good at cross breeding and training dogs, then this is a very good business you can do in Indiana.

5. Insurance Business: Building an insurance company is capital intensive but it is a business that will succeed in Indiana. Investors in Indiana want to secure their assets. They will always employ the services of an insurance company so that they will not lose their investment to unforeseen circumstances.

6. Transportation Business: Due to the way strangers troop into Indiana, investing in a transport company is a good idea. Strangers do not know their way around and will want to see around town therefore strangers will either want to hire a car to move around. But because they do not have the license to drive on American roads, they will definitely employ the services of a transport company.

7. Travel Agency : Becoming a travel agent is good business in Indiana because people travel everyday either for business purposes or for holidays. Selling travel tickets and other necessities for travelling will be a success

8. Photography Business: This business idea is not capital intensive unlike the rest. When people travel on holidays or go for tourism, they want to keep images and memories of such trips. It is a great idea to become a photographer in Indiana

9. Selling Jewelries: Making jewelries is a great business idea that will succeed in Indiana.  The interesting part about this type of business is that you do not need huge capital to start. In making jewelries, the material needed varies in price and once you can make something that can capture the eyes, it will attract customers. Making jewelries for women and children is one good business that will succeed in Indiana

10. Real Estate Manager: Managing properties is another type of business that will succeed in Indiana.  Investors move from one project to the other. Once a project is done with and rented out, they move to the next project. It is now the job of property managers to ensure that the property is not been misused by tenants.

11. Interior Decoration: Interior decoration is good business. Citizens of Indiana have high taste. They love good decorations in their homes, offices, churches, schools etc. doing a very good job in decorating will earn you good money in Indiana.

12. Organic Farming: Organic farming is a business that makes one a great farmer. People love natural food to stay healthy. If you have the patience you will succeed in organic farming because it takes time to yield but its products are in high demand.

13. Pest Control: In Indiana, there are reptiles, rodents and harmful insects in homes and farms. Controlling these pests with insecticide is good business because people want to be comfortable in their homes and they also do not want any harm to their farm produce therefore your services will always be needed to control pest in their environment.

14 Lucrative Business Ideas and Opportunities in Arizona

Most Lucrative Business Ideas and Small Opportunities To Start in Arizona

There are several businesses you can start in Arizona, the business can be a sole proprietorship business, corporation, limited liability partnership, limited partnership and so on.

Some of the businesses you can do in Arizona are:

(1) Property Maintenance Business: This is a business that have to do with taking care of people's property i.e. houses, environment, e.t.c. You can take care of the person's property by guarding it(especially when the owner of the property is unavailable), taking care of the gardens, mowing the lawns, and so on. You can even hire employees to help with the business and its a business you can start with small amount of money.

(2) Photograph Business: If you have the skills for taking pictures and you can afford to buy a camera then you have got yourself a business. You can take pictures of tourists and citizens that have big events.

(3) Online Tutoring Business: It is far easier to connect with people online than physically, you can tutor people online on courses and subjects you have full and detailed understanding of. You can even teach people who are not in the same geographical area, everything will be done online including payment. For instance, you can tutor people on how to become better writers.

(4) Bookshop business: Even though we are in the era of e-books, there are still some areas where we need hard copies of books. You can base your bookshop on a particular field of knowledge, it could be on female matters, religious matters, culinary matters and so on. It can also be books for children, blogging, publishing, e.t.c.

(5) Arts and Crafts Business: If you have talent and passion for arts, then you can turn it into a business by showcasing and selling your artistic work and piece at places where it is possible to be sold.

(6) Marking and Grading Business: it is a business in which you mark and grade scripts(answer booklets) submitted to you by several schools and exam centers. In this business, it is necessary you are accredited by recognized bodies.

(7) Computer Training Business: You can train people who don't have but needs adequate knowledge of computer. There are several people who needs to use computers but don't know how to operate them, this type of people fall under the category of people who needs computer training.

(8) Courier Business: You can easily do this business once you have a truck, all you need to do is to be recognized by transport services and other people involved in sending of packages. All you just do is to pickup and deliver packages, documents, pets and even human beings. It doesn't require any education or special training, once you can drive or have a driver then you are good to go.

(9) Cleaning Business: It is basically for people who don't have high capital, lots of business organizations, companies and private residences hire people to render cleaning services in their outlets by keeping it clean and neat. In this business, you only spend little money on advertisement and some cleaning tools. There are even situations whereby the company or residence provides what you will use to clean and then you don't need to buy any thing.

(10) HVAC Installation Business: For this business, you need to be trained before you will know how to install or repair HVAC. Buildings are constructed in Arizona from time to time, this is a business that thrives a lot due to this reason. Once you acquire the required skills then you can go on with the business.

(11) Event Planning Business: In Arizona, you can plan events for corporations and also social events. For this business, you need to advertise yourself very well in other to have big corporations and people of the high class as clients.

(12) Financial Planning Business: Several people lose money or find themselves in debt because they cannot effectively manage their money, you can work as finance manager by planning how your clients can spend their money wisely and effectively without any wastage or debt.

(13) Auto Repair Business: You can help repair cars and other machines. To do this business in Arizona, you need to come up with a brilliant and beautiful concept that will help attract people to your business. This is because we have many automobile repair shops in Arizona.

(14) Restaurants: You can set up the business that has to do with restaurants, your restaurant can either base on one specialty or several specialties. You can focus on only burger, coffee, Chinese food, e.t.c. or all of them. This business is basically for people who have knowledge of cooking or have connection with good cooks.

In all the businesses listed above, you need to have the required capital, knowledge, good strategy and passion for it before you can proceed with the business idea. These are the basics of an achieved business idea.

How To Become an Educational Consultant

Becoming an Educational Consultant

Are you a teacher? Do you love the educational sector and would like to start a business as an educational consultant? I do get messages from many people (mostly teachers) on how to become an educational consultant. They see themselves providing professional educational support to school owners, coaching teachers in a variety of ways.

Educational consultants provide counseling services to students, teachers, parents, school boards as well as other educational associations or groups especially on matters concerning academic undertakings.

As an educational consultant, you could work with school boards and teachers to evaluate the areas that call for improvement in classrooms, use of technology, curricula or student accomplishments.

You may combine some social learning or building of skills in the classroom to aid academic progress. Working directly with students who have need of extra learning support outside the classroom is also part of the services you could render.

But if you plan to go down this career path, you need to discern your passion. Do you have a passion for disclosing the best procedures in specific subject areas? Do you enjoy integrating technology to assist teachers in their daily teaching schedules?
Do you feel excited teaching educators about other ways to enhance the learning abilities of students with disabilities? If you can answer the questions listed above positively and truthfully, then you are ready to become an educational consultant.

The chart will give you a hint of what you need to know about launching forth in this field:

*  Master's degree
*  Education, curriculum and instruction

Key Responsibilities: Counseling, innterpersonal skills, cultural competence, assessing, knowledge of best practices, ethical licensure required in some states.

Depending on your interest, an educational consultant can offer all-purpose consulting services or concentrate on a particular area of specialty as an independent consultant.

You can also provide the same services as an employee of educational firms that specialize in consulting.
In this line of educational consulting, you could review the educational guiding principles of a subject matter and then provide suggestions that will serve to improve the grade level of the school districts.

Your help would be invaluable when you assist in developing the curricula for special education tutors or academic subdivisions.
As an educational consultant, you can recommend and establish academic goals for teachers as well as students and carry out plans to accomplish them.

The following are some of the services you may offer:

Online education procedures.
Plans for social education.
Refining the drop-out rates of students.
Plan of action for combined learning.
Designing of middle and secondary school.
Being involved in the selection and application to colleges.

Will you require formal training to be able to offer the services of an educational consultant? Yes, although academic prerequisites vary from one state to another and from one employer to the other.

If you own a bachelor’s degree, it is good enough for you to begin on the path to becoming an educational consultant, though employers have been known to favor people with graduate-level tutelage.

On the other hand, if you have acquired sufficient experience as an administrator, a teacher/tutor, educational director or curricula originator, then you may need these attributes as part of your requirements to becoming an educational consultant.
Developing teaching skills via classroom learning as well as practical teaching procedures is usually part of the training that comes with a bachelor’s or masters’ degree programs.

The following topics are covered in the courses:

Problems in education
Psychology of learning
Program evaluation
Curriculum theory
Educational research
Instructional analysis

Some states may require that you receive a license for you to work as an educational consultant. The requirements for licensure along with the service you will carry out are regulated by the state where you intend to work.

If for instance, you plan to offer your assistance in teaching, you will probably need to get hold of a state teaching license.
The duties that come with your job or your job description also falls under the counseling category while some states require that you obtain separate licenses that distinguish you as a teacher and a school counselor.

To get more clarification, you may have to check with the licensing bureau or the board of education in your state to confirm if your profession calls for you to meet certain licensing and academic criteria.

I hope these information has quench your taste on the question of how to become an educational consultant anywhere in the world. If truly this is what you have the passion for, you can start gathering necessary skills that will help you in this line of business as an educational consultant.

Good luck!

9 Profitable Sport Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start

Types of New Small Sport Businesses To Invest In

The world of sports is a large industry that attracts huge sponsorship and marketing   revenues annually. Usually, this revenue stream is associated with notable clubs, popular leagues, sponsoring institutions, as well as high earning players. However, small businesses can also cash in on the trend in the sports world and make handsome returns on investment.

Sports afford a lot of small business opportunities to investors, which do not centre on any athletic ability whatsoever. As a matter of fact, there are a number of businesses that are another means of marketing known businesses to a sports clientele base.

The following sports business ideas can be fully exploited by the investor, employing the right strategy and marketing drive:


Sports Retail Shop

Starting  a retail store is a great way  to enter the business end  in the sports world. Whatever you decide to sell-a professional football team’s jerseys, equipment for amateur wrestlers, or gym gear, you're sure to attract a great client base in most locations. All that the savvy investor requires are a good business plan, a suitable location, an effective marketing strategy and a passion for the sports chosen.

Sports Bar

If one already is experienced restaurateur, then starting a sports bar could be the perfect idea for an additional stream of income. One could make available ample space for sports audiences to enjoy a sports game while they are served delicious food and cool drinks.

Sports Memorabilia Store

There is a growing demand for jerseys and other outfit worn by players like Leo Messi, Serena William and the like. The savvy investors can start a business amassing autographed jerseys, gadgets, equipment and photos of athletes and offering the same for sale either online or at a physical location. A bit of traveling might be involved to obtain the memorabilia of desired sports persons, so this cost can be factored into the start up expenses.

Sports PR

Professional and amateur players frequently make sports headlines with their skills, but they also need to have their public images portrayed properly. Many of the highly rated athletes are also business people and/or philanthropists, who require the services of knowledgeable public relations consultants to project their images in the public domain. With the appropriate training in the mass communication field, as well as the ability to manage and organize, the savvy investor can rake in handsome returns managing the public profile of sports people.

Sports Nutritionist/Dietician

Sports men and women need to remain fit and in peak condition all year round, and an important part of that drive is to ensure that athletes consume a healthy, nutritious diet. These athletes are in need of nutrition handlers/coaches to bring up healthful menus and keep their food intake on track. These nutritionists will also keep such athletes from consuming banned performance enhancing substances. The investor will be required to have trained as a nutritionist and must also be grounded in the business end of the venture.

Personal Trainer

In addition to  the requirement of a wholesome diet, sports persons  also need to observe a strict workout regimen to stay fit and agile, especially  when the season has come to a close. Becoming  a certified personal trainer. Will afford one the opportunity to work closely with sports practitioners, with the chance to earn handsome money doing so. The investor will first have to build up a reputation for solid work and advertise to sports organizations and teams.

Sports Photography

Guardians of school children on sports teams would want to  capture those memorable moments of their kid’s sporting life. Same goes for amateur and professional athletes; many of whom have people who capture every moment of their sporting activities and achievements. Turning this need into a successful business, will require that the entrepreneur is well trained in the art of photography, has a sound knowledge of the game and possesses suitable camera equipment such as a good single-lens reflex (SLR) camera

Sports Camp Organizer

The duration of Sports Camps can range from one day to a week or longer. These serve as specialized training sessions usually held during end of season months for players of a game to hone their skills. Also sports camps can also be organized for children who have closed off on the school year. The investor may or may not be a sports athlete, should have the necessary gear and equipment and can also partner with well know athletes and sports organization, in order to gain credibility and boost attendance.

Sports Psychology Services

Sports is just as much as the athlete’s physical exertions, as well as the mental..Psychologists play the important role of conditioning the athlete’s mind in order to synergize with the athlete’s physical abilities. There is usually a lot going on in the sports person’s mind, especially at big games and events.

The investor Psychologists can commence a marketing campaign that targets athletes. Such efforts should also be targeted at coaches, who also need confidence, assertiveness, and leadership counseling, from time to time

Best Business Ideas and Opportunities in Washington State

Top Small Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities in Seattle Washington DC

There are many businesses one can engage in Washington. Are you looking for business ideas in Washington? If yes, then, this is for you. Washington is a place for business. Washington is a place that is known for cut-throat policies and power players.

What many don’t know is that Washington is a place for business innovation. Washington is a place where different people from all walks of life stay such as politician, innovative minds, technicians, bankers, economists, accountants, economists, environmentalists, biologists, scientists, engineers, mechanics, etc. It is best to describe the business environment of Washington as healthy and young.

According to some statistics, the economy of Washington grew by 3.1% in 2014 which was faster than the nation’s overall economy. This is an encouragement to those who want to do business in Washington. Some entrepreneurs report that the growth in technology is spilling to boost small businesses.

Some small business owners, when they were asked said that they were encouraged by a large support network, strong talent pool, and great opportunities to do business with bigger companies like twitter, Facebook , Microsoft, amazon, etc.

Moreover, it can be difficult for young entrepreneurs to favorably compete with business based in Washington where their economic activities is increasing which affects the costs of labor and real estates.

Also, there is a lot of wealth to be acquired, but the popular complain most entrepreneurs do have is a lack of sufficient capital which some investors are not willing to invest in new businesses. But this set back does not stop some industrious business entrepreneurs to do business as they always have an eye for future benefits.

So, if you are thinking of starting any business in Washington, just make the capital available and develop that zealousness to work. It is no doubt that there are already established businesses in Washington.

Therefore, to make your business successful, you must find ways to do business differently from others, build a healthy customer relation, innovate in future-forward ways, be customer-centric and be unique from your competitors.

I would have love to share so many business ideas but I will take my time to share few businesses that is making it big and you can start up in Washington:

TECHNOLOGY: The world is going technological. Owning a technology industry in  Washington will in no small way, boost the state of the economy and attract new talents.
Massive growth has been recorded in the technological industries in Washington. This has been accompanied by higher incomes which have a huge impact in many ways. Some people now have discretionary income.

RESTAURANT: Starting up a restaurant business in Washington is a very nice idea. If you are thinking of starting a restaurant business in Washington, but unsure of your future earnings, then, I’ll advice you execute your plan. Starting up a profitable restaurant business in Washington entails you do the following;

Streamlining Your Chain of Supply: This is how streamlining your chain of supply works. Instead of buying from vendors and farmers through third parties, you go to the producers/sources directly to get what you want. By doing this, you will be able to impact on the quality long term and how growers think about their standards.

You can also impact on cost and accessibility and subsequently, pass those savings on to your customers. You can only do this if you are very committed to owning a relationship with your customers, farmers, vendors and growers directly as opposed to through layered relationships and third parties.

Putting on a Smile:  Just put on a smiling face every time. Develop what is called Local Relationship Marketing(LRM).  Through this , you will be able to creatively engage in your local community, a process which includes professional development that can be used to boost your brand exposure.

Local Relationship Marketing manifests itself only by employee hospitality and charitable giving. If you have employees, make them be the faces of the restaurant. Employees are very important part of a business. This is why you should enlighten and train your employees on how to freely converse with customers and give out free food when appropriate.

Giving your Restaurant Some Character: Giving your restaurant some character will give you an edge in the restaurant business. This is done by getting a sense of neighborhood personality, snapping photos and interviewing locals so as to get a good sense of what defines a neighborhood. You then look for different ways of incorporating the existing real estate bones.

Put these business ideas just explained above in mind and venture into the one you see fit and lucrative in your mind eye.

6 Profitable Business Ideas and Opportunities in the Philippines

Best Small Businesses and Opportunities To Start in the Philippines

Many people are in their bed all day long, many in their room sipping the taste of available drink, so idle to the core, without any means of daily income from their own business.

Here are cool business ideas you could do in your local setting right in Philippine.                                                                              

SALES OF FRIED CHICKEN: This is one big business in Philippine. There isn't any need to panic, while poverty and idleness is striking your existence. Selling packed fried chicken is a cool option for you to make cool cash in Philippines.

You could be the next celebrated entrepreneur by investing in this multi-thousand business. If you felt, you are the type that Could rock the world with the power of cooking, basically frying, this will be a very nice and cool idea for you.

If you need start this business, get some token, depending on your choice of expansion, you can order for live chicks from reliable poultry, meet an oil dealer to supply you when needed, get a shop where you can fry and market your good in a marketable environment.

Investing in this business will fetch you cool cash to pay your rent and fill your intestine, also the profit, you will make from it will always be dependable.                                                                      

SALES OF CLOTH AND ACCESSORIES: Every dude in the world want a classical attire on them. Have you observe that owners of boutique in Philippines are living with big money? This business idea flourish whether there is an economic melt down or not.

You could own a local or international boutique in your area. Selling suits, polo, blouses, skirt, trousers, shoes, necklace, caps and hats could be your deal.

To commence this business, get some cool token, own a shop in a market place, be connected to high ranked boutique both local and international client. And you could offer the best sales at all cost with the aim of reaching everyone with high class products. Doing this business will not just earn you cash but also get you connected to like mind in your business enterprise.                                                

SALES OF LUGAWAN: You could open a shop, probably a Canteen for selling lugawan. This food is marketable probably around evening in Philippines as people love to use it as midnight snacks.

To start your own lugawan business, prepared some token, get a shop in a marketable environment, be connected with like mind who can supply you the recipe, you can employ an helper- probably when you felt the business is booming , and the person could help you sell while you prepared the product. You must be ready to prepare the food so as to make consumers come for more, also you need to schedule and consider the time in which people call for your product. As time goes on, you will be making your could cash daily.                                                                                        

OWN A BANANA STALL: Just if you don't know, banana is not really popular I  Philippines, so that make the fruit relatively scare and a little expensive. Banana sales is a specialize fruit sale. Banana is a nutritious fruit that helps generate percent of vitamin into the body. You can also specialize in the sale as most people love to eat it.

To start this business, get a token, get marketable place- for your stall, buy bananas as much as you think you can sell, make sure they healthy and non-infected ones and as time goes on you will be raking in your cool cash as invested.                                                          

REPAIR OF PHONE: ICT is rocking the world of technology. Everyone is using cellphone. If you are an expert or you love it as a profession and would love to make money from it. Everyday, phones develop impromptu fault and needed to be repair.

You could be their targeted engineer. To start this business, receive months of training from an expert, after when you become your own master, get some token, rent a shop in a marketable place, buy equipment, be determined and dedicated as it is a new business and people are not well enlighten about your shop. But don't be discouraged as your service will rake in daily customers and as time goes on you can build assets from it and be celebrated as an entrepreneur.              

CAR WASH BUSINESS: Due to the rush hour of going to the office early in the morning and coming back late at night, busy people hardly have time to clean their car. You can be their trusted option. Anyone can do this business, but it depend on their strive for good services. You can rock your world by doing the cleaning as nice and possible.

To start this business, get a marketable environment- probably near  junction where cars do pass, get a large container to store water- probably a reservoir. You don't need any formal skill or education.  Develop your skill by practising this with a relation's car and if you do it to satisfaction, then you can make your cool cash as you will be doing it for customers and through this you can cure the sickness of poverty and idleness.

Best Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities in Belgium


Belgium is a small much developed and densely populated country (with over 10 million nationals) at the intersection of Western Europe. Belgium is one of the establishment members of the European Union, and its capital city, Brussels, also doubles as the capital of the European Union.

Belgium's rich history sees it feature monumental churches, elaborate town halls, castles and spectacular works of art, dotting the cities and hinter land.

Belgium boasts of a high quality of life  amongst its peers and this evidenced by its delicious food,  affordable housing, excellent  health care, education and infrastructure,  high productivity and low poverty, and the hospitality meted to  foreigners resident in Belgium.

Both the Federal and regional authorities also offer an array of business support and pro-small business tax incentives, in order to ease the process of setting up and operating  any business idea.

The following business ideas can find  great fortune in the business climate of Belgium:


At present, there exists over 140 biotechnology companies operating in Belgium, servicing a ever expanding market, noted for its emphasis on more affordable and environmentally friendly products. Biotechnology companies in Belgium are responsible for 16% of Europe’s gross turnover and contribute almost 10% of the total European expenditure on Research and Development.

The continual development of the biotechnology sector in Belgium has created an array of several biotechnology clusters consisting of universities, companies and organizations.
The savvy investor can enter into the ever expanding market with this business idea.

All that will be required is for the entrepreneur to have the requisite expertise and training, an understanding of the demands of the market, as well as adequate financing, to become active in the biotechnology industry in Belgium.


Belgium remains a major player in automotive production and  assembly.  Several  notable car makers  such as Opel , Ford , Audi , Volvo Europet, Van Hool (buses) and Truco, have production and assembly parts in Belgium.

In 2008, Belgium produced around  724,498 vehicles, most of them exported to foreign markets.  A breakdown  of vehicles made in Belgium showed  that  434,875 were private cars, 245,256 were vehicles employed for transporting people/goods, 43,068 were  designated utility vehicles  and 1,286 were coaches.

The business idea that can stem from this numbers is that the strategic investor can set-up an automotive spare parts sale and/or a repair facility, in order to meet the growing demand for such services in Belgium.

The would-be investor would be required to have the requisite training or should look to engage the services of qualified repair technicians or personnel, in order to make a success of the business idea.

Also the entrepreneur can take advantage of the presence of effective network distribution services, availability of power, research centres and the application of emerging technology, to turn this business idea in a viable venture.


Belgium continues to ensure that its citizens enjoy a high quality of life. At the centre of this drive is the presence of a booming pharmaceutical industry,  that churns out affordable and qualitative medicines and drugs. Employing over 30,000 personnel in Belgium, the Pharmaceuticals sector accounted for over 10% of Belgium's total exports.

The business idea that can come in handy for the investor is to set up a small cluster drug manufacturing unit,  that can produce niche drugs and medicines. An example could be drugs that can maintain a healthy lifestyle for consumers.

What will be required for this business idea to hit the ground running will include factors such as obtaining relevant permits and regulatory approvals, possessing the required training and expertise, identifying market demands and trends, as well as having a feasible business plan, backed up with adequate financing.

This business idea can take advantage of the friendly operating climate being created by the Belgian Government, whose policies and programs encourage research and development, as well as the inflow of investment into the sector.


The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in Belgium is experiencing rapid growth and development. Its share of Belgium’s gross domestic product stands at over 4%, just as the sector accounted for a sixth of the country’s growth in GDP, over a five year period.

The IT Industry Competitiveness Index 2009 rates Belgium as possessing the eighteenth most competitive It Sector in the world.

The business idea that can be started will focus on offering ICT consultancy, repair and installation services, as Belgium boasts of close to 70% of her population being able to download files at speeds in excess 20Mbit per second along with 80% of Belgian households having access to internet facilities.

The savvy investor can set up shop with the business idea of offering to repair systems, install software and proffer general IT related consultancy services for a fee.

New Small Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities To Start in Ireland


When you want to mention one of the countries that are business-friendly, the list would not be complete if Ireland is not part of that list.

Of the top ten companies that are listed on Forbes’ List of The World Most Innovative Companies in 2014, six of these companies have operations in Irish locations.

Companies like Ericsson, IBM, and PayPal, have bases in Ireland and have been there for several years. This underlines the success that Ireland has had in magnetizing front-line multinational investments across several sectors and also aids them in expanding their business operations.

The question of how to start a business in Ireland has been around for some time, given the level of success that lots of high-profile companies have succeeded in breaking boundaries.

But then, a lot of businesses have been springing up in Ireland since the days of old, with or without financial assistance. Starting any business requires finding someone who had walked down that road before and succeeded.

Entrepreneurs need some basic skills which are:

A positive attitude
Go-getting outlook
People skills
Marketing, and 
the ability to understand financial plans.

Another useful factor to be understood and put into consideration by entrepreneurs is the associated snags they could encounter such as the change that could occur during and after becoming the owner of business in addition to other types of support that is available.

The rewards entrepreneurs receive for creating a business is profit. If you must create a company, then it must be an activity that will yield financial rewards or profit, for, without it, the business will crash.

Therefore, never start a business with the wrong reasons for firms that do not make a quick profit go bankrupt very fast.
This article will be looking at various business ideas that, if implemented the right way and with the proper funding and support, can be anyone’s breakthrough in the world of business.

You do not need to have lots of money or big ideas like Facebook or Google, but if you start small and persist, then the following business ideas could launch you to limelight:

1. Cleaning service: One of the booming businesses in Ireland nowadays is the cleaning service. The cleaning industry, which covers commercial, residential and carpet cleaning, makes several million every year. It is an industry that has withstood the recession and is fairly stable.

Although there exist several varieties of niche markets within the cleaning industry, the leading categories are commercial and domestic cleaning. You have the options of focusing your attention on carpet housework, washing of windows, local maid services, enhancing driveways, cleaning of ceiling tiles, or offer concierge service for commercial establishments. If you have sufficient funds, you can also opt for the purchasing of franchises from other organizations like Cleaning Doctor, Nationwide Cleaners, etc.

2. The food industry: The food industry is a very prominent and widespread activity that has positive impacts on the economy of Ireland. As a matter of fact, the industry accounts for nine percent of Ireland’s economy.

Fast food service options like Asian takeaway, coffee shops, Smoothie and Juice Bars, pizzas have enormous business possibilities in Ireland. You can launch your food business in Ireland with a small staff and as the demand begins to grow, proceed to hire more hands. You can also purchase a franchise from organizations like Subway, Insomnia, Wok&Go, etc.

3. The sports Industry: Recent data has revealed that a lot of people are participating in sporting activities, some for leisure and others for commercial reasons.

This is a profitable industry that has enormous potentials of bringing in massive profits for those who engage in the sport and fitness business. A lot of individuals have recognized the dangers of obesity and desire to cut down their weight; others just want to relax and have fun which is a trend among Irish citizenry.

So why not open a sports and fitness center to cater to the needs of sports enthusiasts? You can also ride on the shoulders of giants by purchasing a franchise from companies like My Gym Children’s Fitness Center, Curves, etc.

4. The automobile industry: The automobile business is one profitable business idea in Ireland. If you delight in cars or a car aficionado, then this is a viable industry you can launch into for profit. The automotive/auto industry is rising rapidly and shows no sign of slowing down.

There are more or less thirty million cars on the road in the United Kingdom which should give you a clue to the business potential in the industry. You can offer your services in areas like tire repairs, automobile insurance sales, cosmetic repair and minor damage, etc.

Big organizations like Lock Doctor, Snap-on Tools, etc. sell franchises, so you can also take advantage of this and launch your business to the world.

7 Lucrative Business Ideas and Opportunities in Norway

Norway, which is also known as the kingdom of Norway borders with Sweden, Russia, Finland and Denmark. Oslo is the capital and largest city in Norway. Their official languages are Norwegian and sami.

 Norway is a place for many business idea venture. I didn't say that, statistics did. Global statistics has it that Norway is the fourth in rank of highest per capital income earning country in the world, fourth in better life index, they are the second wealthiest country in the world as regards monetary value, they have a very high standard of living, they are the highest producer of oil and gas, they have the highest human development index in the universe.

I think with all these statistics, an individual who desires for riches will be willing to explore the opportunities in Norway. There are many businesses one can venture upon in Norway provided there is that required capital in hand. I'll introduce us to some of the few business ideas in Norway. They are:

NATURAL OIL AND GAS: Though Norway is not a member of the OPEC, it is unarguably among the largest and highest producers of petroleum in the world. In fact, petroleum contributes to about 25% of Norway’s domestic product. If you have been effectively demanding to invest or establish one or two  oil servicing companies but unsure about the geographical area, Norway is the place.

Establishing oil and gas servicing company  will require one obtaining a license from the government of Norway. There are jobs waiting to be taken in the petroleum servicing companies. Go grab yours.

REAL ESTATE: Real estate sector is a sector where billionaires are made apart from the petroleum sector. The real estate business is a business that is flourishing in Norway and still available for investors. Anyone who is willing to increase in wealth should consider establishing a real estate business in Norway.

TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS: The world is radically going technological. Almost every happenings in the world now is as a result of technological advancement which makes it another eye-catching area of business that should be embarked upon.

Another fast-growing business idea in Norway is the sales of technological products. If you have an outlet occupied with different types of smartphones, tablets, computers, ipads, ipods, printers, photocopying machine, video cameras, Bluetooth device and every other technological appliances, then you are guaranteed to regularly attract customers. As a source of added income, you can also add installation of appliances to your regular sales of product.

SHOPPING LOUNGE: This is one great business ideas in Norway that requires huge but not too huge capital for establishment, shopping malls is a very profitable establishment to be made in a commercial place in Norway. In today’s world, celebrities and high profile people embark on shopping regularly so as to follow up their name in the economy. Shopping lounge will be a very good establishment for someone with huge capital and is familiar with celebrity likes.

SANDWICH AND CAFÉ BAR: One who has visited Oslo or any other cities in Norway would have noticed that there are appreciable numbers of sandwich and cafe bars scattered all over. It is a very interesting and profitable business idea especially when one is creative and well-positioned in the way one runs the venture. One truth is that if it is not a good venture, investors won’t waste money investing on them year by year.

AUTOMOBILE REPAIR AND SERVICING: A very good auto servicing and repair garage in Norway is a very profitable business idea for an auto mechanic who is trained and looking forward to becoming his own boss. The only things needed to be done to get the best out of it is to get that required capital available and situate the business in an easily accessible place.

An automobile and repair servicing business have been known for fetching huge sums of money especially to those who know how to go about it well. If you aspire to become one of these but lacks the technical know-how, I advice you go get that knowledge and cash in on the opportunity.

GYM CENTRE: One who is accustomed with the gym will know that most people will always like to keep fit for different reasons known to them. Opening a gym centre in Norway will be a very prolific venture for one who is ready, especially when the business is situated in a commercial and wealthy place.

It is also advisable for one who is just starting the venture to start big at an affordable price so as to attract customers and subsequently increase the price. Norway is the place for an industrious person to make it big.

How To Make Money From Bulk SMS

How To Make Money Sending Bulk SMS

I am pleased to introduce you to this world of silent millionaires. A world of distinguished millionaires and entrepreneurs in Africa who make lump sum amount of money daily, weekly, monthly partaking in different kinds of legitimate bulk sms business. I call this world the bulk sms world.

Bulk sms business is a business which involves you providing an avenue for people to send sms in bulk with an assurance of having a profit in return. Bulk sms can also be defined as the act of reaching thousands of people with one click at a more affordable price compared with the telecom service providers.

The demand for bulk sms has been on the increase for quite some time now. Making money using bulk sms is easy, just that some people don’t understand the process while some others who understand the process are not fully utilizing it.

People now use bulk sms to connect to their loved ones, compliment during festive seasons, buy and sell goods. Companies even use it to communicate to their customers. Some market women use it to reach their customers, international businesses use it in reaching their prospective customers, various organizations and associations use it in communicating with their members, some politicians use it for campaigns, etc.

It has taken control of the sms world. If you are the willing to start up a profitable business with little capital, then, a bulk sms business is just standing by the door waiting for you to invite it into your house.

One thing about this business is that it can only be sent through the internet. Nevertheless, being in this business does not require any formal qualification, you only need nothing more than a pc or an internet enabling device. Being part of this profitable business is quite easy, it is important for one to first understand how it works.

Understanding how it works gives you an insight. It is just a matter of logging in, typing your message and clicking on the send button. Forming this business is simple and profitable, and one who wants to form such business should follow these procedures:

KNOWING YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERS: If you are looking to start your own bulk sms business, the first step to take is knowing your target customers who are the church, the mosque, market women, business men and women, companies, associations, organizations, university students, lecturers, computer teaching schools, etc. Knowing this gives one something to look out for in the business one is trying to embark upon.

ADVERTISE: You can’t start this type of business and just sit at home doing nothing. Advertise your product so as to create that awareness in the market. Start printing handbills, booklet. Start with a minimal price so as to attract customers. Your ability to advertise and relate well in this category of business will determine how many customers you will have.

CAPITAL AVAILABLE: This word “capital” has always been the excuse for most of the dead dreams of today. Imagine how painful it will be when somebody tells you of this wonderful idea he has been having for a long time now then you ask him why he hasn't started, then, the next thing that comes out of his mouth is“no capital".

It is appalling! What many people fail to realize is that starting any business does not necessarily require having that large capital. You can start a bulk sms business with the little capital available to you. So if you have that little sum and you are looking for a lucrative venture, this is a better option for you.

COST OF SERVICE: After you must have start up this lucrative business, the next step for you to follow is to discuss your cost of service with your potential customers. You must address this issue. If for example, you buy at 70kobo/sms, it is not a bad idea selling at 1.50kobo/sms. It means that for every 10,000 units sold, you get #8,000 profit. Isn’t it lucrative? Sure it is.

BUYING THE SMS UNITS: After discussing your sms units with your potential customers, the next step is to purchase a load of the sms units for the future because you may get an order anytime. It is advisable you buy in large quantity.

LOCATE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS: Yes, pitching potential customers increase your chances of profitability. Pitching them involves you reaching out to them, informing them about your business and explaining how bulk sms can ease their stress of sending sms to a large number of people with a large sum. The secret here is to inform them of the benefits attached.

Making it big in this area of business involves having many customers and having very big customers.

Snap Fitness Franchise Cost Fee, Locations and Opportunities

Reviews: Snap Fitness Business Income, Ownership Profit and Membership Centers For Sale

Snap Fitness Centers operates 24 hours a day and offers the sale of memberships that permits access to exercise tools comprising cardio-vascular, body building and other selected equipment. Snap Fitness has instituted a business structure and method for running  a fitness and  exercise club  that features modern exercise equipment; 24-hour personal keycard permit for members, a web based training portal; personal fitness consultancy service, a wellness regime and web  portal; automated customer  costing and collection processes and services; web- based video security surveillance; and other confidential information.

Franchise Offer

The franchise of a Snap Fitness Club featuring modern exercise equipment and 24-hour call card permit for registered members. The franchiser grants the right to a franchisee to run and operate a Snap Fitness exercise and fitness center. The franchisee’s business will cover the sale of Memberships and running his/her Center. A Membership confers on the individual the right to access and use the Snap Fitness Center and any other centers on the affiliate network.

Financial Assistance

 Snap Fitness puts on offer, directly or  via a selected financing institution, the following financing  modules: the Lease Servicing Center/Matrix Seller Program for new applicants starting a first Club or older  franchisees starting  an additional Club, the Snap Fitness In-House schedule  for already running Snap Fitness franchisees to  obtain financing for  equipment and machinery  to commence the next Snap Fitness site , and the Re-Snap drive  for existing Snap Fitness franchisees extending the franchise  agreement for another term.

The Snap Fitness franchise program also possesses eligibility for SBA loan schemes by being listed on the SBA Franchise Register. In addition to the  above programs , Snap Fitness Center may, from time to time, reach an agreement with  third party finance institutions or banks to offer financing to franchisees.

Training Schedule

 Snap Fitness Center offers an initial training schedule to at least two people in the franchisee’s business team (including the Business owner/General Manager), with an obligation on the attendees to successfully complete to the satisfaction of the franchiser. This training program has duration of 4 days. There are no charges for this training, but the franchisee will shoulder the cost of travel and living expenses and other costs for personnel to be trained.

Without notice and periodically, Snap Fitness Center may offer additional training programs, with the possibility of charging a fee for attending these programs. Training will be held  at  either Snap Fitness headquarters in Chanhassen, Minnesota, or at  the franchisee’s site, just before commencement of operations.

Snap Fitness Franchise Locations and Territory

Snap Fitness Centre does not accord the franchisee any exclusive territories. At the signing of the Franchise Agreement, the franchisee will choose a general geographic location in which he or she proposes to run the Club. Snap Fitness Center will  grant approval to  the franchisee’s choice of location unless it is determined, at the behest of Snap Fitness Center, that opening such a club may adversely impact on the operations of another Snap Fitness franchisee. At the minimum, a Preliminary Considered Area will comprise one city block and, for a   rural and suburban location, such a designation could span a three-mile driving radius from the intended location.
 Agreement and Renewal
 The franchisee agreement will span 10 years at the start, with the option to renew for an infinite number of additional 10-year terms, if basic requirements are observed.
Obligations and Restrictions
 For the duration of the Franchise Agreement, the franchisee or business owner must accord full attention and best efforts in the running of the Center. The franchisee is obligated to stay updated as touching the franchisor’s organizational goals, plans and long term vision, ensuring regular retrieval and assimilation of information sent to the franchisee via electronic mail and other media.
The franchisee will be obligated to provide direct on the spot supervision at the Club. The franchisee must put on offer at the Club all of the product listings, tools  and associated  services that Snap Fitness Center mandates and may not put on display at the Center  any unapproved items or employ the premises for any purpose other than the activities of the center.

Breakdown of Franchise Costs

Here is the cost of snap fitness franchise:

Commencement fee: 25,000 USD
Trademark kit: 8,255USD
Fitness and exercise Equipment: 38,000 USD
Freight ,haulage and Installation: 17,000 USD
Door Permit, Security and Monitoring System: 6,780 USD
Mirrors: I,060 USD
Property Improvement: 125,000 USD
Installation and Flooring: 7,295 USD
Rent:  18,000 USD
Security Deposits: 5,800 USD
Insurance: 900 USD
Training program Expenses:  2,000 USD
Professional charges: 4,000 USD
Miscellaneous funds: 20,000 USD

Other charges include a continuation charge at 509 USD per month,  a national marketing pool fund put at 135 USD per month, as well as a Corporate advertising charge set at 200 USD  per month.

7 Profitable Small Manufacturing Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start

Small Manufacturing Business Ideas

One of the major planks upon which the economy of any nation is built upon is the manufacturing sector. Countries that are industrialized, developed and economically sound are nations with an active and thriving manufacturing sector.

Without a doubt the manufacturing industry is an industry, whose effects is multi-tiered and all encompassing  simply because manufacturing possesses the potential to employ on a massive scale through direct and in direct engagement of workers. Manufacturing entails the production of goods, equipment, chemicals, machines, processed foods, sports equipment and so on.

In reality, all other industry sectors are dependent on the manufacturing industry to function optimally. The medical and health sub-sectors are reliant on the manufacturing industry to produce virtually all their equipment, tools and supply materials, needed for them to function effectively. The same can be said of the Agricultural industry , which needs the inputs from the manufacturing industry to carry out  agricultural tasks; the equipment, the fertilizers and other chemicals, and other tools.

If you are considering going into the manufacturing industry,  it is highly recommended that  one commences on a  small scale (production of tools, homemade materials,), n order to garner valuable experience and to assess the market.

The following small manufacturing business ideas are worth the time and attention of the savvy investor:

1. Production of Children’s Toys

Children have an affinity to and can easily relate with toys, regardless of tongue, tribe or race. The market for toys and associated products is a large one and it is anticipated to keep growing, especially in the light of the world's population heading northwards. Already a business in Nigeria is receiving huge patronage, by manufacturing Barbie dolls, with a local theme.

So, with a good business plan, utilizing skilled hands in the design and conception stage and evolving a robust marketing plan, this small manufacturing business idea could just provide a handsome return on investment.

2. Production of Papers and Notebooks

Although the drive for the preservation of trees is now receiving global attention from the government and other interested bodies, with individuals being encouraged to cut down on the use on these resources. The fact remains that there is still a large demand for paper-based products. Items such as note books and pads are still in high demand, especially by offices and schools.

The savvy investor can employ the use of recycled waste paper materials in deference to preserving the environment, possess a detailed business plan and have in place a robust marketing strategy, in order to turn this small manufacturing business idea into a profitable venture.

3.Drugs Production

Another business that the savvy entrepreneur can consider starting is the manufacturing of drugs. This presupposes that is either grounded in the manufacture of drugs or will engage the services of professionals who will tend that arm of the business.

There are several kinds of drugs; generic and non  generic kinds, that can be manufactured.  It must be noted that the drug manufacturing sector undergoes   regulation and it is required that the business obtains required business and health license and permits before commencing operations.

4. Blocks Manufacturing

If you are looking towards starting a small manufacturing outfit, a business that requires minimal start up capital and the most basic of technology, then a block manufacturing company is the way to go. The construction industry is expanding at a breath taking place, with new development of estates, residential apartments and commercial sites coming on stream. Therefore a block manufacturing concern is guaranteed a market that is thriving.

5. Shoe Production

This is another small manufacturing business idea that an investor can venture into. Individuals have a need for footwear, both for work and fashion purposes. With the correct mix of expertise in churning out  shoes that are trendy and durable, as well as having the right attitude towards marketing and attracting customers, a shoe production business will in no time begin to experience growth and expansion. A major attraction of this small manufacturing business idea is that it can be started  with just the basics in terms of materials needed for making the shoes and a little startup capital.

7. Manufacturing of Plastic Bottles and containers

The food and drinks industry, as well as the chemical industry place huge demand for plastic bottles in order to package products. When you consider that a hefty proportion of both consumable and non-consumable products come in plastic items, than you will realize that there is huge market for this product. The savvy investor can turn this demand into a small manufacturing outfit based on the production of plastic bottles and other kinds of items.

How To Start A Museum Business


Starting up a museum business is bureaucratic. It is a venture with serious stewardship, trust, legal, and public obligation. Starting a museum business requires many things. It requires time for learning everything concerned with museum. One who wants to start up a museum should familiarize himself with museum environment.

Most famous museums are the ones controlled and managed by governing staff and authority who are engaged in professional organizations and connecting with peers so as to be current with trends and standards. One who wants to start up a museum business should;


There are various types of museums, there are the science museums, the arts museums, local history museums, the international history museums, the children museums, etc. One who wants to start up a museum should give a brief or total description of the kind of museum that is to be set up.

Another step to be taken after this is to create a board of directors who will hire an executive director who will also hire the staff. The essence of doing this is to bring in people [board of directors] who will contribute their professional ideas and contribute their experiences in the kind of museum to be established and ways of running such museum.


I tell you, starting up a museum is very expensive. It is necessary to compute the numbers so as to estimate the total budget for starting up a proper museum. Many museums have gotten into trouble by the use of optimistic attendance figures.

It is also advisable that when estimating the expenses for starting up the museum, one should also consider having an estimate for the subsequent years, so as to prevent unpleasant unforeseen circumstances.


Sounds absurd right? It does. It is a very nice idea that should be acted upon so as to make its generosity known and increase its popularity. Most of the best museums are those that emanates from community needs. Organizing a board of directors which include business men, politicians, investment experts, real estate experts, school superintendents, teachers and experts in the field.

The purpose of organizing a board of directors which include those people is to create an avenue for making income through donations and contributions for running and administration of the museum since the museum will be a non- profit making organization.

An extra income can also be made from grants and donations from other individuals, bodies, associations and organizations since the popularity of the business might have been known from its generosity.


If you want to start up a museum business, you  should make efforts to meet real estate experts around you. Real estate experts in one way or the other, motivates the formation of a museum. Meet them, liaise with them, let them know about your idea and you will be surprised how well the idea will resonate with theirs. It is also advisable not to make agreements of any sort with real estate developers before making the capital available.


Starting up a museum involves having a large capital in hand. By sharing you ideas with elites in the society, you may meet sponsors and donors who will want to assist. As you plan to establish a museum, make fliers, handbills, booklets containing your potential ideas and innovations, who knows, you might end up getting a site for erecting the museum for free.


It is wise to create a preview facility of the museum you are about to establish. Talk with exhibition designers and architects. This preview facility may be small and temporary. It is good for talking with potential donors after which you can carry donors through a small chapter of the completed museum.
Tell them of your ideas, tell them something like “currently, our resources are limited, but if you assist us with our preview facility, you will definitely be awarded the contract for the museum”.


As part of setting up a museum, it is advisable to visit a good number of the type of museum  you are about to open. Take notes, keep experience and take lots of pictures. Take notes like how much does their ticket costs, what their yearly attendance is, the type of ticketing detail they use, what the staff wears. Notice the smallest details. Register in any museum organization and start doing.

Museums are limited in the country. A person who wants to make it big should stop contemplating on how to go about it and cash in on this advantage. I bet you, there are a lot of cash waiting to be taken in museum business.

How To Start A Tree Farming Business


Starting a tree farming business is quite stressful but profitable. Tree farming is also known as tree nursery. If you are a type of person that have an eye for conserving the environment, then tree farming will be a very good venture for you.

One of the reasons of establishing a tree farm is because of the continuous depletion of the forest which reforestation is not enough to keep. Trees are important parts of our physical and physiological environment.

Some people are concerned about conserving trees while some others are concerned about establishing it for profit making. Whichever you belong, just do it for the betterment of man’s health. One who wants to start up a tree business should ensure to meet all the requirements provided by the government of the place and also work with some other tree growers for a successful venture.

There are different areas you can specialize on if you don’t have the required capital to startup a tree plantation such as tree cutting, branch trimming, stump removal, e.t.c. Having knowledge about different types of trees that can be grown in certain places also help increase your chances of success since you won’t waste time and effort growing those trees that are not supposed to be grown in your area and environmental condition.

With proper planning, organization, having physical and financial resources, starting a tree farming is close to actualization but below are some factors to be considered before embarking on you venture. They are;


Preparing a forecast for the plantation of trees is simple. In doing this, foresters and soil conservation service are the best people to rely upon. The type of soil and topography play great roles in determining the location and type of trees to be planted in some areas. It is best you identify the kinds of trees that can be grown in the type of environment you reside. Those who live in localities close to the polar regions will benefit more from trees like apple, evergreen and pear trees.

Also, for those who live in warmer places, growing trees like citrus leaves, peaches and plums would be advisable. Accessibility to water, exposure to sun, soil content can also serve as factors to be considered when determining the kinds of trees to be grown.


You will agree with me that before a proper  business plan is among the start up phase one should take into consideration when planning to start up a tree business. Having a proper business plan is an important criterium for the establishment of a tree farming as it will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Among other fundamental components, a proper tree farming business plan should contain an in-depth competitive analysis that goes beyond just identifying competitive companies. A proper business plan should also contain not just the current year budget but the budget of the proceeding years.

There should also be an inclusion in the business plan, the required equipment, spacing, number of staff, capital, business time, customer relation, creditors, cash in hand, etc.


This is also an important factor to be considered when planning to start up a farming business. Your accessibility to a particular area will not only make you understand the type of area but also creates an avenue to spend more time with your tree plantation. In this respect, the quality of landscape and topography come into consideration.


Having a layout is also important as this will help to know the number of trees to be planted , the spacing between rows and columns. Having more space will encourage faster growth. For a plantation, six, seven and eight foot spacing are mostly chosen.

This decision is best made when the forester has checked the site and recommended what to plant. When the forester has not made any recommendation, it is advisable to compromise on a seven foot spacing. Twelve foot spacing has occasionally led to rapid growth but this figure does not seem generally acceptable.


This is relatively simple. The fastest method consist of a two and narrow space. A slower method which is said to produce a high survival rate may be considered if there is a heavy sod or if the ground is very dry. In this case, using a round-nosed shovel is an advantage. Planting can be done using a mattock or a special type of spade called a planting bar or dibble. This method, rather time-consuming, offers a  theoretical advantage of compacting the soil and protecting the roots.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with fellow growers is crucial for success in tree farming. Before commencing that tree farm, try meeting those already in the business and gather tips with regard to growing seasons, irrigation concerns, soil contents, e.t.c.. Get up and start doing something now.


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