Dollar General Franchise Cost and Opportunities: Startup Information and Fee

Dollar General Franchise Information and Ownership Startup Cost + Business Plan

How to start a dollar general franchise
A Dollar General Franchise refers to a network of stores where all merchandise is sold at highly reduced prices technically called a closeout which is very popular in the United States. Thus, most dollar general franchise opportunities involve a closeout of both branded and generic merchandise in the same store.

Is dollar general a franchise? Although it has the word "dollar" in the name, a dollar general franchise is not limited to the strict definition of its products being sold at $1.00; some goods are sold at a higher or lower price. However, merchandise are usually sold at fixed prices ranging from half a dollar to about 60 dollars. They usually serve populations not large enough to have a Walmart store
Dollar General Franchise Store
Dollar general franchise cost 

A general dollar store franchise, sometimes referred to as a “small box” retail or “deep-discount retail” shop started in the 1950s. The concept evolved as a model of the ancient-styled general stores: small stores that had an exhaustive stock created to meet the daily demand of the typical consumer. The unique selling point of this franchise is the affordable dollar general franchise fee.

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Yahoo Small Business Solutions: Mail, Hosting, Domains and Listings

Yahoo Small Business Solutions: Web Hosting, Domain, Email Accounts, Directory Listing

Yahoo! , a popular search engine in competition with Google, has grown to a height where it does not compete anymore but focus on improving it product and satisfying it customers. Yahoo! Started back then in 1994 at Stanford University by two guys, Jerry Yang and David Filo who were graduate of Electrical Engineering.

It started first as an internet portal with a search program embedded to it. But now, it has numerous products such as; Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Answers, Tumblr, Flickr, and so many.  The name Yahoo! means "Yet Another Hierarchical Organized Oracle". The name came as a result of what the slang means. Filo and Yang chose the name themselves.

8 Lucrative Woodworking Business Ideas To Start

Profitable Small WoodWorking Business Ideas and Low Cost Opportunities

Are you looking start a woodworking business? Woodworking business opportunities entails the expert manipulation of wood and its derivatives, in order to produce items such as wooden chairs, stools, furniture as well as a gamut of other wood based items. Woodworking  business ideas also includes cabinet making, wood carving, joinery and carpentry.

Starting WoodWorking Business
Woodworking dates back to early civilizations, that found various uses for the raw material. In fact,the advancement of many civilizations were intertwined with the increasing depth of skills employed in working wood.

In the neolithic times, sailing vessels were made of wood. In the bronze age, wood carving resulted in the production of hunting spears in modern day Germany, while tree trunks were worked into coffins in Belgium. Perhaps, no other civilization depicted the vast uses of wood more than the Egyptians, who utilized wood for making furniture such as stools, chairs, tables, beds, chests.

Also their tombs and inner coffins were wood based. The Egyptians refined the art and act of woodworking to the extent that many of today's woodworking tools such as saws, axes,chisels and pull saws. They are also credited with initiating the use of veneers and vanishes for finishing the wood.

The Ancient Roman empire were also early pace setters in wood working, as essentially most endeavors such as building, transportation, furniture making,tool making and household items. Wood also provided base material for pipes, water-proof materials, dyes as well as feeder material for heating purposes.

At present, wood still commands extensive use for both industrial and domestic purposes. Woodworking as a business enjoys levels of viability. With possessing the relevant skills and training as a given, woodworking can be a fairly low cost business to start, especially if one already has the most basic tools and equipment, as well as the raw material itself.

It is not necessary to rent space, hire staff or invest in an expensive product inventory. Woodworking can be started small and grow as demand and client base increases. There are also other opportunities that exists outside of making products. They include teaching the craft to others for a fee, publish books on woodworking as well as sell woodwork designs.

The following woodworking ideas can be pursued by the smart and hard working investor:

How To Start A Roadside Assistance Business

Make Money From RoadSide Assistance

A roadside assistance business focuses primarily on rendering services to motorists , tricyclists or bicyclists, whose vehicles have suffered a  mechanical fault, that leaves the owner in dire straits. This situation becomes more telling if it occurs at night or on a deserted stretch of highway.

Roadside assistance businesses bear their roots from the activities of some motoring clubs established in the early 1900s..These clubs supported their members by engendering a spirit of camaraderie, in assisting members who suffered vehicular problems.

To this end,  a list of members who could be reached for help was kept, in some instances, members paid dues in order to facilitate the hiring of towing trucks, when needed. From 1897 to 1927, more formal associations sprang up, to render quasi roadside assistance to their members, while later extending such help to non-members of the public.

Roadside Assistance Business

They included the Royal Automobile Club (RAC, established in 1897), The Automobile Association(AA; established in1905 ),the Allgemeiner  Deustcher Automobile-Club( founded n 1927) as well as the American Automobile Association(AAA),formed in 1902.

The continued rise in car ownership over the years, makes starting a roadside assistance business, a viable venture. A roadside service business will, first and foremost, require the owner/operator to put in place structures and means, to ensure all-day availability of service.

Customer demands will range from  unlocking their cars to procuring gasoline, to kick starting dead batteries, to changing flat tires or towing vehicles to repair facilities.

The following factors must be given due consideration by an entrepreneur/investor interested in starting a roadside assistance business:

6 Best One Man Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start

Easy Small Scale One Person Business Opportunities and Investment Ideas

What are the most lucrative one man businesses around? Every gigantic business conglomerate started as the vision and dream of the single individual. Microsoft Incorporated, Apple Computers, Google Inc are a few examples of business entities birthed by the unrelenting motivation of visionaries, who took small steps toward achieving the reality of a larger picture.

Furthermore, every business sprung off the dashboard of an idea; a bid to inventively and ingeniously meet demands, needs and wants, in a cost effective manner, in order to achieve profit. The global head winds being experienced by increasing numbers of countries, occasioned by the drop in Oil prices, mean that economies are shrinking with a resultant loss in jobs and job opportunities. Hence one man business ideas can serve as the engine rooms to create employment and to jump start the economy.
One Person Business

The following one man ideas can be started, after careful consideration and planning:


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